Christmas Decorations: Australia’s Most Festive Offerings

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A big part of Christmas around the world is decorating. Homes turn into bright and colourful spaces, with festivity oozing out of doors and windows. So making sure you are stocked and ready for the season is important. 

And while the Christmas gifts are always nice to have, and the food brings everyone together, it’s often the decorations that get Australians into the mood. The way people decorate and style their houses during the festive season can differ greatly, but there are some essentials that everyone should have. 

So how do you decorate your Australian home with all the must-haves during Christmas? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the decorations Australians should have in their homes.

Australian Christmas decorations

There may be sun instead of snow, and fun beach days rather than skiing, but there are still plenty of ways you can bring festive cheer to your home in Australia. Perhaps you’re looking for the full monty of traditional decorations, or maybe you’re wanting to just bring some cheer to your living space. 

Either way, this full list of decorations will give you the perfect starting point to creating a Christmas-infused Australian home. 

Hanging ornaments

Hanging ornaments for your tree come in so many shapes, sizes, and colours. You can let every family member choose a few of their own, to make it personal. Or you could decide on a theme or colour and have all of your ornaments match.  

You’ll find that there are a number of Christmas-themed hanging decorations, such as Santa, Australia Christmas trees, wrapped gifts, and candy canes. But you’ll also find that there are Australian-inspired ornaments like:

It’s often a lovely tradition to buy at least one more ornament a year, often one that is significant to that year and holds memories. 

Nativity scenes

Putting out a nativity scene is both beautiful and special. And it’s another fantastic way to attract the attention of your children, as well as share what Christmas is all about with them. 

There are many stunning choices of resin figurines and settings that depict baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. As well as the three wise men, shepherds, angels, and all of the farm animals, of course. 

There are small sets, which can fit on a table, and include the whole scene in one. Or you can get a larger set that is meant to be set up outdoors. If you don’t have much display space, but still want to include a nativity scene in your decorating, you can also find miniature sets that will hang on your tree. 

And if the whole set is not what you’re looking for, there are also figurines that you can buy separately and arrange as you like. 

Christmas village scenes

An animated village scene is a wonderful way to bring some wintery magic into your home, while you enjoy the summer season outside. And scenes with lights and moving parts offer entertainment as well – the kids will love them. 

These scenes are made from resin and come in a range of different settings. You can have a miniature winter village with shops and houses, and trains and children figurines moving along. Or a pretty skate pond scene that lights up as the figurines skate across the ice. 

There are also options that depict Santa leaving gifts at the fireplace. And, if you’re giving this as a gift or just want to spoil your household, there are animated, illuminated village scenes that include music as well. 

Artificial snow

Just because Australia’s Christmas season falls in summer, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a white Christmas. If you’re craving some winter wonderland magic or having a themed party, artificial snow is a great way to add some powdered white charm. 

You can get snow blankets, which could go underneath your tree, or perhaps you’d like to decorate a corner of your home in ‘winter’ theme. These are easy to keep tidy and look like real snow. And if you’re wanting a snow-look on your plain green tree, you can get sprinkle snowflakes too. 

For a full snowy effect, there’s snow spray which you can use on your windows, making it look like it’s been snowing outside. 

Snow globes

Snow globes are an awesome decoration for almost any occasion, but they are especially wonderful for Christmas. And they are another great way to add a ‘snowy’ feel to your Australian Christmas decoration strategy. 

You can get traditional-style snowglobes, with snowy Christmas scenes including snowmen, Santa, or other North Pole items. Or you could opt for something more out of the ordinary and choose a lantern with Santa inside of it. 

If you’re a worldly traveller, why not add snow globes with all the cities you’ve been to, or admire. For a more natural approach, there are animal-themed globes, with penguins, polar bears, and even turtles. 


Even if your home doesn’t have a fireplace, stockings are almost a staple in Christmas celebrations. And it’s always fun to wake up to a sock filled with fun gadgets and treats. 

If you have somewhere in your home to hang the stockings, like a staircase, cupboard, or even just hooks on the wall, you can choose from an extensive assortment of these decorative socks. You’ll find patterned ones, plain ones, and stockings with different pictures on them too. 

But the great thing about stockings is that you can get really creative with them, and select something for each family member’s personal preference. Adding a name to each stocking is a lovely way to personalize them as well. 

And if you’re a big fan of stockings, you can even get an advent calendar with mini stockings. 

Table decor

The table where you and your friends and family eat can easily be decorated for a festive feel, while still leaving enough room for all the delicious food. And as with any decorations, you can select the pieces that best fit with the theme you’re aiming for. Or you can just make it bright and fun, especially if you’re planning a Christmas in Australia for kids. 

The most obvious Christmas-themed table decor is, arguably, a table runner. This automatically adds some cheer to a plain table, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything. Placemats with Christmas images and sayings are also great to place under plates. 

A tabletop tree is also a good idea, and they come in different colours and styles. You can have one of these in the middle, or if it’s a long table, place a few of them down the centre. There are also decorative words, like JOY or PEACE made out of plastic, glass, or wood – that make for great centrepieces. And for a very traditional feel, you could just go with an artificial basket or vase of flowers

Australian Christmas trees

In Australia, we don’t need to cut down trees and drag them through the snow to put up in our living rooms. But rather, there is a wide collection of artificial trees that Australians put up in their homes every year. This may not offer the natural pine scent, but it is less messy and just as pretty. 

You can choose from a range of different tree options. There are traditional-looking green pine trees with full branches that you can hang your decorations on. There are also green trees flecked with white to look like they’ve been dusted with snow. And, of course, there are full white trees that create a spectacular look in your home. 

Looking for some snow-inspired decor for your home? Find the perfect white Christmas tree here. 

And check out these amazing fibre optic Christmas trees here!

Australian Christmas ornaments for your tree

If you have a Christmas tree, you’re probably going to want to include hanging ornaments and decorations for it. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of those traditions that is celebrated almost everywhere, and Australia is no exception. 

Gather a selection of your favourite baubles, tinsel, and unique ornaments and enjoy a family night of festive fun. The ornaments you put on your tree are usually quite personal. And many families have boxes of hanging decorations that have been passed down through generations. 

If you don’t yet have a collection of ornaments, you could always start your own. And if you prefer things to be uniformed and themed, you can select decorations that are all the same colour or style. 

Decorate your tree with these white Christmas tree ornaments. 

Australian Christmas wreaths and garlands

Christmas Wreath & Garland Decorations

The Christmas wreath has been around since almost the very beginning of the holiday itself, and for many homes, this is as important as the tree. And while they were originally made from cut-off branches of the trees, today you can get them in many different styles, colours and materials. 

There are the more traditional-looking wreaths that are made from fake pine branches and decorated with stunning balls and ribbons. But you can also choose glitter wreaths that come in festive colours like gold and red. Or try out a more unique option and have a wreath made entirely of artificial pine cones. 

Take a look at our list of beautiful wreaths and garlands for Christmas in Australia. 

Outdoor Christmas lights for Australian homes

Christmas lights are one of the most magical parts of decorating for the season. They offer a soft and enchanting glow and keep the festive excitement going through the night. Whether you go for big, bright and colourful, or the softer and smaller bulbs, lighting up your home is a must during Christmas. 

The great thing about adding lights to the outside of your house is that there are so many places to add them. You can string them up on the actual house, decorate an outdoor tree, or wrap them around your fence. You can also put lights up along pathways to illuminate the garden, and for a really festive look, there are 3D light displays you can add too. 

Find a large selection of outdoor Christmas lights here. 

Australian Christmas ornaments for outside

outdoor christmas decorations

There’s no need to hide your beautiful decorations inside during Christmas. There are plenty of ornaments that you can buy for the outside of your home too. Decorating outside your home is a great idea if you have a neighbourhood that usually partakes in the activity. You wouldn’t want your house to be the only one without any Christmas cheer. 

The great thing about celebrating Christmas in Australia is that you’re able to steer off the usual path and bring a unique touch to your home’s decorations. You can switch up the norm and have a surfing inflatable Santa, a large T-Rex with gifts, or an elf climbing up the side of your house. 

Of course, you can also turn your sandy, summer yard into a scene from the north, and have reindeer, elves, and Christmas trees adorn the outside of your home. If you are keen on inflatables for Christmas, we know that too!

You can find all of our favourite outdoor Christmas decorations here. 

Australian Christmas traditions and decorations

When looking for Australian Christmas decorations, your choices are endless. You can find traditional, northern-inspired decor to create a Hollywood-like look in your home. Or, you can embrace the extraordinary festivities that Australians get to enjoy and use decorations that fit the theme. 

There are artificial trees, plenty of lighting, and gorgeous hanging ornaments that you can choose from to customize your Christmas decorating. And if you want to impress your neighbours, there are some fun and festive decorations for the outdoors too. 

The important thing, when decorating your home, is that you have fun. It’s a great holiday activity for the family and it offers time to create memories and start traditions.

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