Where to Buy a White Christmas Tree

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It’s strange how in most parts of the world, Christmas is generally seen as a time to huddle up near the fire and watch the snow fall. But almost half of the world spends Christmas in the warmth of the sun. 

Christmas in the summer is marvellous for many reasons. Whether it’s because you get to spend the entire day barbecuing in the backyard, or splashing at the beach. 

But there is a but.

After plenty of summer Christmases in Australia, there is something magical about the idea of a white Christmas. Winter Christmas decorations can add a touch of wintery wonderland to your home. So, paint the windows with fake snow, make yourself a plate of warm cookies, and put up a beautiful white Christmas tree that appears to be coated in snow.

If you’re looking for a white Christmas tree to chill up your summer holiday, then look no further! We’ve put together a list of where you can find a dreamy white Christmas tree for your summer December. And we have another article about all the best white Christmas tree decorations too!

Where to buy a white tree

Of course in the northern hemisphere, it’s a lot easier to stumble across an authentic pine tree to brighten up the Christmas season inside your home. However, those of us in the southern hemisphere rely on artificial Christmas trees. 

The beauty of online shopping is that you can find a tree that has stolen your heart anywhere in the world, and it can be delivered right to your door. Some of the Christmas trees below can be purchased on Amazon; all of the snowy trees can be delivered to Australia. 

We’ve also included some white trees from Christmas Warehouse, which is Australia’s largest Christmas store and features the top treats for decorating your festive space.

7 Best white Christmas trees to light up your room

Looking for a tree a little different? Why not let a white tree shine in your living room this festive season. They can be just as beautiful as your standard pine, but create that extra special cosy and wintery feel. 

Pre-lit white Christmas tree 

This stand-alone white Christmas tree adds that extra bit of sparkle to your room; which creates the perfect festive atmosphere. With 1144 tips and 550 dual-colour LED lights, it can light up any room without the hassle of unwinding tangled Christmas lights.

The fluffy, white flaked tips create a stunning, snowy appearance. And standing at 7,5 ft (2,3 m), your snowy tree will be the centrepiece of a magical holiday season. 

7 ft white Christmas tree (1,1 meter)

The bigger the better right? Especially when it comes to Christmas. This tree stands on a metal stand and can be assembled indoor or outdoor; which can come in handy if you’re having a summer Christmas and want to see the tree during all the festive action. 

This full-bodied tree, with 640 tips and 1,500 lights, is especially beautiful when it’s all wrapped up in colourful tinsel. Watch as the sparkling tips of the tree light up the tinsel to create a dazzling display.

Affordable white artificial Christmas tree 

Perhaps you’re looking for an affordable tree to pack along for a Christmas vacation? Many families love travelling over the festive season, and the idea of compromising on a tree isn’t too appealing.

This white tree is lightweight, easy to stand and reaches 5 ft (1,8 m), so not too big or too small. The easy to fluff branches can be stored compactly, and then fluffed up again to create a full-bodied tree that is perfect for twinkly lights. 

Small white Christmas tree

If you’re like us, and you’re always counting down the days until Christmas, we get how important creating a festive spirit is. Dusted with sparkles, snow dust and a beautiful Christmas star, these small Christmas trees can add a touch of the festive spirit to any of your rooms. 

They’re small and unobtrusive enough to be placed on office desks, bathrooms and your workspace.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for friends and family, this one is sure to add some joy to their space. 

Best white Christmas tree for a snow appearance

This tree transports you to a white and snowy Christmassy destination. Originally an authentic dark green, this artificial pine is coated in a frost. The tall pine looks just like the snow-capped trees you’d find in a winter wonderland.  

This lush and fluffy frosted tree reaches 7,5 ft (2,3 m) and has 1144 branch tips. So it is a dense and happy Christmas tree. 

White Christmas tree with twig branches

Standing at 5 ft (1,5 m), this joyful white tree is a little different from your standard Christmas tree. Instead of bushy pine leaves, this tree features sparkly white branches complete with multi-colour LED string lights.

The spacious branches allow your white Christmas tree decorations to shine just as beautifully. Wrap around some bright tinsel and fill the tree with shiny ornaments.

Collapsable white artificial Christmas tree

For those of you who already have the classic green tree that you can’t dream of parting with, this collapsible pop up white Christmas tree can be the perfect companion. Taking less than 5 minutes to assemble, they can fill your room with the festive spirit. 

Being tall and narrow, these trees are also great for homes which don’t have much space or are very crowded. 

If you are looking for a Christmas tree stand or skirt, we know that too!

A Merry Christmas with your new white tree 

White Christmas trees have the ability to turn your sunlit living room into a cosy and warm space for a winter-inspired holiday. Decorate your tree with all kinds of wonderful and colourful ornaments and watch it light up the room.

Even better, get yourself a frosted tree to create the picture of a snowy frosted tree. Along with your tree, you just need a little imagination to turn your summer Christmas into a snuggly, white Christmas. 

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