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A Christmas tree topper really does add the finishing touch to your festive decor. Whether you prefer brightly coloured or more subtle baubles, a twinkling tree topper crowns it all off beautifully.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a gold, fibre optic or white Christmas tree, or prefer to buy a real one every December- this guide will help you track down the right Christmas tree star or angel tree topper for the festive season this year.

Did you know that you can buy a white or multi-coloured LED lit Christmas tree star topper, or a 3D pixel star tree topper? They offer a fun and contemporary twist on the classic gold star, recalling the three wise men who made their pilgrimage to Bethlehem to see newborn baby Jesus.

You can also crown your Christmas decor with Father Christmas, a crown or hat, a snowman, an oversized bow or even a glittery silver light projector snowflake for a delightful display that will wow the kids as well as your guests.

So grab a hot chocolate – whipped cream and marshmallows are a must – and settle down to find the right Christmas tree topper for your festive celebrations this year.

9 of the best Christmas tree topper options for your yuletide celebrations

Here they are. 9 of the finest, handpicked Christmas tree toppers to help you show off your sparkling festive decorations this year.

A Christmas tree star

Let’s begin with a classic. Who doesn’t love to see a twinkling star at the top of a Christmas tree? It’s a timeless type of festive decoration, and there are plenty of traditional styles to choose from in sparkling gold or silver.

Yet there is also a range of contemporary takes on the metallic star tree topper. You can choose a starburst tree topper from Christmas Warehouse, for instance. These are available as a gold tree topper or a silver tree topper, and combine modern and long-established styles to magnificent effect.

Amazon‘s range is also impressive. While they offer lots of styles that call to mind the time-honoured gold or silver stars used for decades, there are the latest types to choose from too. These include the likes of warm white LED lit rattan stars for a more rustic look, modern metallic five-pointed stars and contemporary stars in various shapes from designer Kurt Adler.

If you like to live a colourful life, then there are also several red – and thus more unique – Christmas tree toppers in the shape of a star. One is sequinned and the other is lavishly decorated with glitter – surely a must for fans of Dancing with the Stars.

Click here to see the star tree toppers available at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to check out Amazon’s range of star Christmas tree toppers

A Kurt Adler tree topper

As touched on above, the Kurt Adler range includes several star Christmas topper options. But did you know he’s also the go-to designer if you want a Disney tree topper or Star Wars tree topper? If you check out the selection, you’ll also see a whole lot more star and angel Christmas tree topper choices.

The ones that really stand out include the Mickey Mouse tree topper. This has poseable arms and can also double up as an eye-catching table centrepiece, which is bound to get conversation started at dinner. If you can’t decide how to use it, why not alternate each year?

Sci Fi fans, meanwhile, will love the Yoda and Darth Vader options, which are certainly among some of the more unique tree toppers around. Both hold LED lit light sabers – the essential finishing touch. There is also a Doctor Who weeping angel topper.

Other Kurt Adler tree toppers include a contemporary snowflake tree topper in crystal with 30 integral lights plus Arabic, Jewish, starburst and sputnik style toppers. Whether you want to browse luxury Christmas tree toppers, see the Disney Christmas tree topper find a light up tree topper or a blue or red tree topper, it’s well worth taking a look at this varied and interesting range.

Click here to view a selection of tree toppers by Kurt Adler

Christmas tree star

An fairy or angel tree topper

Another festive classic here – but again, there are various more modern takes on the traditional Xmas tree toppers. You can also opt for a vintage angel tree topper if you wish – the Kurt Adler range is again good for finding examples of this style. The Doctor Who weeping angel is also an alternative option.

If you’re opting for a soft, subtle colour scheme for your festive decor, then you’ll love the Soimiss angels that come in duck egg blue, dusky pink or snowy white. Each of these contemporary style angels has a rag doll type face and silver or gold wings, and is also clutching a small wooden star or heart. The fluffy dress is strokably soft, and this comes in the pastel shades mentioned.

Kids will love the Angel Lights Barbie tree topper. This pink tree topper is made in the classic style, with the doll wearing a jewelled tiara, pearl-encrusted bodice and glimmering, flowing skirt. If you want a fairy tree topper, check out the options here too.

For those seeking an ornament in a bolder shade, the Kurt Adler fibre optic Irish figure ticks the black angel tree topper box, while there are also Santa’s Workshop and Windy Hill vintage Christmas tree toppers featuring angels wearing dresses in shades like red, gold, blue and green.

Click here to see an angel modern or vintage tree topper

A projector tree topper

Light up your life with a projector tree topper. It makes a stunning visual display when you turn on the power, yet when not in use it simply sits there like a regular snowflake or Christmas star topper. Great for providing a fun festive surprise!

All you need is a power outlet close by (or an extension lead) and you can wow your friends an family with a rotating light show that’s perfect for parties. Imagine young kids’ faces when they witness an array of shining stars lighting up the walls and ceiling. Priceless.

Whether you prefer a glittery gold star, a sparkling silver snowflake or something a little more rustic or modern, there’s a lighted tree topper to put on a glamorous festive show in your home. They’re available at surprisingly affordable prices too.

Click here to find the ideal projector LED tree topper

A snowflake tree topper

An alternative to the ubiquitous glittery or light up star tree topper, a snowflake design is also a festive classic. These also now come in many styles, from a simple or rustic tree topper to a multicolour LED tree topper in the shape of a snowflake.

This type echoes the fact that much of the world celebrates Christmas during winter, and can be an interesting talking point. Especially, perhaps, for for Australian kids, who might wonder what snow even looks like in real life.

Whether you’d prefer a spiky snowflake or something softer, there are plenty of snowflake tree toppers to choose from. Particularly in silver, gold or white. Kurt Adler’s smoky, haphazard design offers a contemporary take, while the rainbow coloured LED lit snowflakes are surely a must in households occupied or visited by young kids.

Click here to source a multicoloured, gold, silver or white tree topper

A pixel or Mario star tree topper

For a thoroughly modern take on the traditional star toppers, why not go for a contemporary, bright yellow star tree topper? Lighted or not, they come in 3D pixellated versions or as a Mario one from the uber popular computer games.

It’s certainly a twist on the star on a Christmas tree theme, and would particularly suit homes with kids, keen gamers or a modern interior. They vary in size too, so you can find the right one for you whether you want a large or mini tree topper.

Click here to see pixel and Mario star tree toppers

tree topper

A Santa tree topper

If you like to add character to your festive look as well as colour, why not opt for a Father Christmas tree topper this year? Again these come in a range of styles, from traditional red-suited Santa tree toppers to soft toy, funny, LED lit and golden versions. If you want funny Christmas tree toppers, Santa ones can also be a good option.

For a classic look, it would be hard to go wrong with the Santa Claus tree topper from Christmas Warehouse. Decked out in glimmering gold, this Saint Nick comes dressed in flowing, star-spangled robes, holding a golden staff and bearing a gift. Some might say, in fact, that he rather resembles Albus Dumbeldore from Harry Potter.

Amazon, meanwhile, offer some of the best Christmas tree toppers featuring the jolly old festive figurehead. Several of these are soft toys that ‘hug’ the top of the tree with their long arms – ideal for homes with resident young kids. These also come as a snowman tree topper or gnome tree topper.

Other options include a Santa riding on the back of a large bird, or vintage style Santas from Kurt Adler, WeRChristmas and Roman. Or you could combine Santa with Disney by opting for the Kurt Adler Mickey Mouse, who comes dressed in a red Father Christmas suit.

Click here to discover Amazon’s collection of Santa Claus tree toppers

Click here to view the Father Christmas tree toppers at Christmas Warehouse

A Swarovski tree topper

A crystal tree topper from Swarovski – or indeed other brands – really makes a statement. If you’re the type who enjoys stylish city or country living, a sparkling glass tree topper really is the cherry on top of the festive tree.

Be warned, though – you might well find it impossible to resist snapping up other highly collectible Swarovski Christmas ornaments while you’re looking. We won’t take the blame if you cannot help but buy the limited edition Swarovski Christmas ornament for 2021. Such a glorious addition to any tree, and the more colourful 30th anniversary version is possibly even more gorgeous.

In fact there are all sorts of twinkling Swarovski crystal items and sets that would make great gifts or classy enhancements to your festive decor. Or to be used all year round, in fact. The Swarovski Christmas tree topper could just be the beginning of your collection.

Click here to see a range of Swarovski crystal tree toppers

A light up tree topper

If you want to add the warmth of light to your festive tree, what could be better than a lighted star Christmas tree topper? Stars are not the only option, of course – you could choose a lighted angel tree topper or a snowflake design.

Christmas Warehouse offer several lit tree toppers, including a 21cm beaded gold star with subtly glowing warm white lights. They also stock a 3D, five-point star illuminated with multicoloured LED lights. If you like this, also check out Amazon’s BlissLights holiday tree topper with an integral multicolour light show.

Other Amazon options include indoor and outdoor tree topper products with built-in LED lighting. Wherever you plan to place yours, don’t forget that you need either access to mains electricity or to opt for a battery operated tree topper instead.

Click here to see the Amazon range of lighted tree toppers

Click here to view Christmas Warehouse lit tree toppers

Where to buy real Christmas trees

If you are looking for a Christmas tree stand or skirt, we know that too!

Which Christmas tree topper will light up your home this year?

From a black angel Christmas tree topper or white Christmas tree topper to a Star Wars Christmas tree topper or gold star Christmas tree topper, we hope this guide has helped you track down the right one for your home.

It’s up to you – whether you want a large or small tree topper, a classic or modern tree topper or to find more unusual Christmas tree toppers, there is lots of choice. Whatever you go for, the best tree toppers really do add the final, essential touch to any kind of festive tree.

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