Harry Potter Presents to Give at Christmas

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When you know someone who’s a big fan, don’t Harry Potter presents make the best gifts to give at Christmas? Harry Potter gift ideas go so much further than the seven books and eight films of the series. So stay right here, as we’ve tracked down all the best Harry Potter gifts.

Whether you want Harry Potter gifts for girls, boys or a grown-up fan of J K Rowling‘s young wizard, there are plenty of Harry Potter Christmas gifts to pick from. For example, you can choose a present featuring their favourite character – such as Draco Malfoy gifts – or house – like Hufflepuff gifts.

Gifts for Harry Potter lovers give the purchaser so much scope – whatever their budget. Read on to discover the perfect Christmas gifts for the Harry Potter fans among your colleagues, family and friends. From Harry Potter gifts for kids or Slytherin gifts to Harry Potter presents for adults, you can find all the top gifts for Harry Potter fans right here.

The best Harry Potter presents for Christmas

Here they are – all the best Harry Potter Christmas presents anyone could wish for. Accio, all you cool gifts for Harry Potter fans!

Hogwarts acceptance letter

Can you imagine the look on your nearly 11 year old’s face when the receive their very own Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter in the post! Well, I can tell you, it is awesome! I gave my Master nearly 11 this thrill one year and it was worth absolutely every penny (and it didn’t even cost that much!)

I wrote about how to get a Harry Potter Acceptance Letter here.

Harry Potter Funko pop vinyl figures

We love the range of Harry Potter pop vinyl toys. For those aren’t familiar with these, they comprise a cool and very collectable series of figures, made in a funky cartoon style. What’s great is the range of options – as well as the fact that buying one or more won’t break the bank.

They’re also among the most versatile Harry Potter present ideas. They can simply be displayed as Harry Potter ornaments, or played with as toys. Even if you’re seeking, for instance, Draco Malfoy Christmas presents, there are several options including a Quidditch player figure and one with a large spider.

Whether they adore Dobby, Ron, Dumbledore, Hermione, Snape or Hagrid, it’s easy to find the perfect Harry Potter pop vinyl for them. There are also animal figures, like Hedwig the owl, Fawkes the phoenix and even a range of Patronus Funko figures.

Carefully selected pop vinyl figures make unique Harry Potter gifts for the festive season. Or you might prefer to buy a set.

Click here to see a great range of Funko pop vinyl Harry Potter figures

Harry Potter Lego sets

Wow. There are so many Lego sets that make ideal presents for Harry Potter fans. Again, these make perfect Harry Potter gifts for boys and girls of any age. True enthusiasts can even build their own mini replica of Daigon Alley – just make sure they’ll have space to display it somewhere once complete.

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that, there are lots of smaller options. So many available that even the most avid collector is unlikely to already have them all. There are numerous Hogwarts options alone. Then there’s the Knight Bus, the Room of Requirement, the Burrow and Privet Drive.

From the Hogwarts Express or Hedwig to the Whomping Willow or Forbidden Forest, there are lots of Lego sets that make ideal Harry Potter themed presents to give at Christmas.

Click here to check out a selection of Harry Potter Lego

Harry Potter gift ideas

A Harry Potter mug

From a Harry Potter coffee mug to a Harry Potter travel mug, you can buy them all. Who couldn’t use a new mug for their morning brew at home, or a stylish new travel one to drink on their way to work? They’re certainly among the best gifts for Potterheads in Australia.

Choose between a Marauder’s Map Harry Potter heat changing mug that reveals its secrets once filled with hot liquid, or a Ravenclaw mug for someone who belongs in the blue house for brainy folk.

There is even a cauldron-shaped soup mug complete with spoon, a Gryffindor travel mug or sets featuring all 4 houses or the 3 key characters of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Then there are Quidditch, Leaky Cauldron and even Honeyduke’s mugs – and more.

Mugs make practical and interesting Harry Potter gifts for adults, teens and tweens. Whether they’d prefer Slytherin presents or are crazy about Gryffindor.

Click here to discover Harry Potter mugs in all sorts of styles

A Harry Potter box set

Yes, we know your friend or family member will probably already own all the Harry Potter books. But in what form? A mismatched, dog-eared collection that’s seen better days? Wouldn’t a brand new boxed set look so much better on their shelves than that? If they’re proud of being a Potterhead, then this makes a great Harry Potter gift set to give at Christmas.

A well-chosen Harry Potter gift box of books is surely one of the best gifts for Harry Potter fans. There are so many styles to choose from, and they’re available at various price points. Those seeking Slytherin gift ideas or Ravenclaw gifts will love the house-themed complete sets.

You can also buy special edition paperback sets, a 3-book illustrated collection or a set with hard covers. Whichever you choose, a new box set is one of the best Harry Potter presents you could go for.

Click here to see all the available Harry Potter boxed sets of books

Quidditch gifts

If the wizarding fan you know is all about Quidditch, then gifts based around the magical game make some of the more unique gifts for Harry Potter fans. There are books, such as various editions of ‘Quidditch Through the Ages’, including illustrated versions or a Hogwarts library one.

There’s a lovely collectible Quidditch set. This comes as a beautiful, lockable box containing a golden snitch, a quaffle and 2 bludgers. There is also a poster included. Mini playsets and other figures are also available.

For those who like to dress up, Quidditch costumes make great Harry Potter gifts for him or her. Other Quidditch gifts include Lego, puzzles and games.

Click here to view various Harry Potter Quidditch gifts

Harry Potter Christmas gifts

Harry Potter wall art

If you think they’d like to reflect their love for the world of magic within the home, then some sort of wall art might be one of the best Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas to buy. There are decals and murals as well as canvas art and calendars.

An Albus Dumbledore quote about dreams is ideal for the bedroom, or you could buy a wall sticker in the shape of a signpost, pointing to Potter spots like Hogsmeade, Gringotts and Hagrid’s Hut. There is even a decal for inside the toilet lid, directing anyone using the bathroom to the Ministry of Magic.

There is some Lego wall art to put together themselves, a Platform 9 & 3/4 mural or a quote about self-belief from Harry himself. All of these would be ideal to give as Harry Potter themed Christmas gifts this year.

Click here to find a range of Harry Potter wall art gifts

Harry Potter stationery

If they love to record their most magical ideas and thoughts – or to share them with others – then there are some pretty cool Harry Potter gifts in the form of various stationery items. There are sets, notebooks, pens, journals and more to choose from.

Anyone after Slytherin Christmas gifts is sure to love a high quality deluxe stationery set. This also comes in Deathly Hallows, Gryffindor or Hogwarts themes. As officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise, the set contains a journal, writing paper, a wax stamp with sticks, envelopes, and even a paperweight.

Smaller sets area also available, containing letter-writing paper with envelopes, a journal and a quill-style pen. You can also buy a collection of sticky note pads, a golden snitch pen or notebooks in a range of designs.

Any piece or set of stationery is surely among the top Harry Potter themed gifts to give at Christmas.

Click here to check out some cool Harry Potter stationery gifts

Harry Potter t-shirts

Another way to show the world their love for all things Potter is by wearing a themed t-shirt. Whether you want Harry Potter gifts for men, women, teens, tweens or kids, there are lots of long and short sleeved designs to choose from.

There are simple t-shirts featuring only their preferred house crest, or one that marks you out as a ‘Muggle’. From a Hogwarts or ‘Wizard in Training’ t-shirt to a Hufflepuff Quidditch shirt or one saying they’re waiting patiently for that Hogwarts letter to arrive.

Whether they prefer rich burgundy, deep blue or a neutral hue like grey or black, there are Harry Potter t-shirt products in all shapes, sizes and designs.

Click here to discover a comprehensive range of Harry Potter t-shirts

Harry Potter Christmas presents

Harry Potter socks

Staying with the clothing theme – a set or pair of magical socks are among the more budget-conscious Harry Potter stuff to buy. There are single pairs or sets of 2, 3 or 5 or more.

A set of cute chibi ankle socks is among the best Harry Potter gifts for her, or opt for a pack of 2 pairs of knee-high Slytherin socks. For men there are the Hogwarts houses sets of 5 pairs, available for all 4 houses, or a pack of 2 featuring the school crest.

Kids might like a pair of Gryffindor magical school uniform socks, or a Marauder’s Map or Diagon Alley set. Whichever you go for, socks are among the top Harry Potter present ideas for summer in Australia.

Click here to see lots of Harry Potter themed pairs and sets of socks

A Harry Potter wand

Harry Potter wands are some of the most sought-after Harry Potter gifts on Amazon. Like the Funko pop figures, these make great personalised Harry Potter gifts, as you can pick the wand of their favourite character.

Kids can play with the wand, while adults may prefer to store it safely as a keepsake. Either way, your recipient should be delighted to own a wand just like Dumbledore, Hermione, or even Voldemort. Or perhaps they’d prefer to get their mitts on the sought-after Elder Wand.

There are also sets of smaller wands – these make good Harry Potter presents for kids in particular as there’s enough to shre when playing with their friends. More adult versions, meanwhile, come in velvet-lined boxes that could well become an heirloom one day.

Click here to view various Harry Potter wands to give as gifts

Harry Potter jewellery

There is perhaps a surprising selection of Harry Potter accessories out there – none more so than jewellery. Ladies who love the boy wizard would surely love to receive a Potter-themed bangle, necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet or charm bead.

Our favourites include officially licensed Dobby earrings or a sorting hat charm bead, as well as a beautiful Alex and Ani women’s golden bangle. There’s also a golden snitch bracelet, owl pendant or a set featuring the Hogwarts crest.

Various charm bracelets are also available in gold, silver or leather look finishes with dangly charms or charm beads already attached. All would make perfect Harry Potter gifts for friends and family.

Click here to peruse a range of Harry Potter jewellery

cool gifts for Harry Potter fans

A Harry Potter keyring

If you want stocking fillers or token gifts – yet would prefer something that’s actually useful – then a keyring makes a great Christmas gift idea.

Harry Potter keyrings come in all sorts of styles and themes. Pick a silver toned Deathly Hallows one, or opt for a little chibi Harry or Slytherin one. There’s also Gryffindor, sorting hat and platform 9 & 3/4 keyrings. And then some.

From the Nimbus 2000 broomstick to ‘Dobby is a free elf‘ or ‘Hw who must not be named’, a themed keychain is one of the best Harry Potter Christmas stocking fillers around.

Click here to see a choice of Harry Potter keychains

A Harry Potter onesie

There are so many Christmas onsies, but did you know you can even get a harry Potter onsie!?

Harry Potter onesies are great to wear as men’s or women’s Christmas onesie pajamas, or there are lots of styles available for kids. There are some super cute sets to buy as gifts for newborns and little ones too.

Pick newborn onesies in Australia saying ‘Snuggle this Muggle’ or ‘I Solemnly Swear that I am up to No Good’, or choose a Hufflepuff crest instead.

There are various kids’ and adults Harry Potter onesies to pick from, and they’re great for dressing up purposes as well as sleeping and lounging.

Click here to check out Harry Potter onesies for Christmas

Which Harry Potter presents will you be buying?

Is it going to be a Harry Potter cauldron mug for the office Secret Santa, or a cool wall decal for the artist in the family? Whether you choose a Lego or stationery set, something to wear or a super cute pop vinyl figure, there are plenty of Harry Potter gift ideas for her, him and them.

Why not check out our post featuring a complete range of Christmas gifts to give everyone this year?

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