Fabulous Christmas Hats for Every Festive Occasion

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It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing when you have the right Christmas hats at your disposal. Any outfit instantly becomes more festive when topped off by an appropriate Santa hat, Christmas cap or other kind of December headwear. They also make great early gifts for advent.

Yep, pop a Santa Claus hat on and no one is in any doubt that it’s time for party season. Does socialising during early summer even feel right if you’re not wearing some sort of party hat? And a proper piece of Christmas headwear is far more comfortable than a paper hat pulled from a cracker.

Whether you have the office party happening straight after work or you’re popping into the kids’ school to witness this year’s festive performance, a well chosen Xmas hat brings colour and the joy of the season to any occasion.

When you want to find the best Christmas hats around, let this guide lead the way. We’ve tracked down all the finest headgear around, from a luxury Santa hat to funny Christmas hats and Christmas party hats to wow your guests, colleagues, neighbours, friends and family.

Let’s get started!

13 of the finest Christmas hats for the festive season

Here we go. From an infant Santa hat for the newest arrival to Christmas hats for adults, here are all the top Xmas cap, beanie and party hat options.

A Santa hat

Santa’s hat is an unmistakable and iconic symbol of the festive season, so what better way to get the party started than by donning a traditional Santa Claus cap?

That said, there are far more options that you may think when it comes to choosing large or small Santa hats. Of course many consist of a triangular-shaped hat with a white trim and bobble, but other than that designs vary in a range of ways. It’s not only about the archetypal red Santa hat.

How about a plush red and white Santa hat with the addition of an appliquéd Rudolph, snowman or even Father Christmas himself? Or mix things up fabric-wise by selecting a foil print, striped or knitted style hat from Amazon.

Christmas Warehouse offer a good choice of decorated Christmas Santa hat options. The specialist festive retailer stocks hats with a belt and buckle trim, ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ slogans or those adorned with sequins or glitter. If even if you’re desperately seeking a black Santa hat, they can also help you out.

Click here to see the range of Santa hats at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to check out an assortment of Santa Claus hats at Amazon

An elf hat

Whether it’s elf hats for adults, an Elf on the Shelf hat or an elf hat with ears, there is plenty to pick from when you decide to search for elf hats.

Many are shaped like a Santa hat, with red and green stripes, or in they also come in red with a zig-zag trim in green. Either way, they may be topped off by a bell or a pompom. Some come as elf hats with ears attached, while others are part of a set including other items like shoes or striped hosiery.

You can even buy a complete costume, or purchase a dog Christmas hat with an elf theme so the family pet can join in with the festive fun.

Both Christmas Warehouse and Amazon are good places to look for these colourful, crazy Christmas hats. On Amazon there are lots to choose from, some of which are multipacks so you get one for every member of the family at the same time. Or if they’re selling what you want to wear, you may be able to snap up a super cheap elf hat at Christmas Warehouse.

Click here to view elf hats at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to see Amazon’s range of elf Christmas hats

A Christmas tree hat

A Christmassy tree hat makes a striking statement – so much so that no one would barely notice the clothing you were wearing. The size of many of these alone makes them stand out, and they’re available in a choice of styles.

You can buy knitted Christmas tree hats – best, perhaps, for when the air-con’s on – or those crafted from lighter materials such as felt, velour or canvas. Christmas Warehouse, for example, stock a great option shaped like a green Santa hat and decorated with red baubles and green tinsel.

At Amazon you can find all kinds – from full headwear with a cut-out for your face to plush Christmas tree hats complete with colourful baubles and a gold star. They also stock knitted Christmas tree beanies, an ideal fir tree hat for babies and headbands decorated with a Christmas tree.

Click here to look at Christmas Warehouse tree hats

Click here to find the ideal fir tree hat at Amazon

A pink Santa hat

You might be surprised by how many people are seeking pink Santa hats. Whether your outfit is pink, you want to go for a feminine look or it’s simply your favourite colour, why not treat yourself to a luxury Santa hat in deep or pastel pink?

A sequin Santa hat is available in a metallic rose gold kind of pink, or you can purchase one in the palest shade, decorated with a mini tiara. Or to ring the changes, go for a blush-toned Christmas cowboy hat with a silver sequinned trim.

Whether you want a pink Christmas hat for a baby, child or adult, there are plenty to pick from.

Click here to see pink Christmas Santa hats

A reindeer hat

The key thing about reindeer hats is the sheer variety of options available. From a super cute Christmas beanie for a baby or tie-on style for kids to an adults’ baseball cap from Tipsy Elves, there’s something here for everyone.

You can also buy a fluffy brown headband with adorable antler ears attached, or opt for the usual type of red Father Christmas hat – but with the addition of two antlers.

Other options include complete headgear in orange with a hole for your face, a kids’ Christmas scarf with attached reindeer hat or a huge Santa-riding-reindeer hat that no one could fail to notice.

Click here to source the ideal reindeer Christmas hat

A Christmas hat with lights

If a full-on reindeer, Christmas tree or Christmas elf hat isn’t quite enough, why not take a look at the range of lit-up Christmas hats available for purchase? Pre-lit Christmas hats are guaranteed to get you noticed, that’s for sure. Especially after dark.

Lighted Christmas hats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can buy a Christmas beanie cap with LED lighting, Christmas tree hats with tinsel, a star and fairy lights, or one or a set of Mr or Mrs Claus hats in red and white with multicoloured LEDs hidden inside.

Although some of these look like a bog-standard festive hat, it’s when the lights are dimmed and you switch on the power that people will be amazed by your light up Santa hat. Little kids will love it – and be completely mystified at the same time. It must be a special Santa kind of magic…

Click here to take a look at LED Christmas hats

Santa hat

A black Santa hat

A black Christmas hat is perfect for those who want a ‘Bah Humbug’ hat rather than something too jolly. Christmas Warehouse in fact stock black Santa hats with that very slogan emblazoned across the white brim.

Amazon have lots of black Santa cap options, from the usual kind of hat sold singly to a good value pack of 2 or 4. Ideal if you want to buy Santa hats in bulk for a party or other festive gathering of family and friends.

A buffalo plaid Santa hat also makes a good alternative to the regular plush Santa hat in bright red. If you’d like a long Santa hat, you’re alo in luck as some of these black Christmas hats come in an extra long size, topped off by a constrasting white pompom.

Click here to discover a black Santa Claus hat at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to explore black Father Christmas hats at Amazon

A ‘My First Christmas’ hat

If you’re in the market for an infant Santa hat, a my first Christmas Santa hat is ideal for marking a little one’s very first festive season. Carter’s Baby offer a hat telling everyone it’s ‘My Very First Christmas’, for instance, which makes a lovely keepsake for future seasons and generations.

Mud Pie Baby also offer a knitted newborn Santa hat with a ‘My 1st Christmas’ tag, which fits infants aged up to six months. Or if it’s a Mickey Santa hat you want, why not go for the whole shebang with a sleepsuit and hat set for them to wear during December?

My First Christmas hats are most definitely a thing – whether you go for the hat alone or a complete matching outfit is entirely your call.

Click here to see a selection of My First Christmas hats

Mini Santa hats

While we’re on the subject of small… Christmas hats aren’t only for headwear. You can buy the cutest mini hat for Christmas crafts and decoration as well, and and generally they come in packs containing anywhere from 10 to 60 pieces.

Most of these are tiny Santa hats in red with white trim, but some are different. PIck, for example, a pack of small, knitted Santa beanie hats, or go for multiples of the plaid Santa hat style. If you want another colour, such as a mini purple Santa hat, they are also available to buy.

What can you use a mini Santa hat for? Well options include as snug bottle covers, cosy cutlery holders or lolly holders for the kids. Get crafty by checking out decorative ideas on Pinterest, or use them for place settings or to give out as party favours.

Click here to view a range of miniature Christmas hats

A blue Santa hat

It’s not all about pink. Amazon also stock lots of blue Santa hats. These can give a distinctly Australian twist to the festive season, as they reflect the blue skies and deep oceans that are so much a part of our summer.

You can choose from all shades, from the lightest baby blue to royal blue, teal or turquoise. Pick one scattered with silver snowflakes, or a thick plush one if you’d like to wear a comfortable, luxury Santa hat.

As with other colours, you can buy blue mini Santa hats and beanies too.

Click here to see a range of blue Santa hats

Funny Christmas hats

Search for a funny Christmas hat and you can choose between one depicting an upside down Santa Claus; a dazzling, seqinned elf hat; or a not-necessarily-festive ‘Licensed to Grill’ chef’s hat for the Christmas day BBQ cook.

Whether you’d prefer an extra long, plush striped hat, an animal style hat with attached scarf or even a fedora with a Nordic-style print in green and red, there are lots of light-hearted, humorous Christmas hats to choose from.

Click here for a selection of novelty Christmas hats

A snowman hat

Yep, you can buy snowman hats for crafts, or to wear during December as festive headgear. Order a pack of 100 of the former and you can give your handmade snowmen the most professional topping possible – the Christmas top hat.

Otherwise, what to wear? How about a kids’ snowman hat and scarf set that they could also wear in winter, or a snowman baseball cap from Tipsy Elves for a grown-up?

Whether you’d prefer a knitted beanie, a baseball cap or a Santa hat with snowman decoration, there are plenty of options for giving December that chilly, wintry feel.

Click here to find a snowman Christmas hat

A dog Christmas hat

We’ve already covered dog costumes for Christmas and even the perfect presents for dog lovers, but did you know that you can buy Santa hats and much more for your furry friends besides?

Buy a pack of pet Santa hats including sequinned ones in red, gold and silver, or opt for a pack containing one rainbow striped and one red Santa hat. For cats as well as dogs you can even buy an entire costume for those irresistible photo opportunities.

Whether in photo or in person, who can resist a dog with a Christmas hat on? Not us, that’s for certain.

Click here to see dog and cat Christmas hats

Which Christmas hats will you add to your list?

Whether it’s to wear for a party, to give as a gift or to make sure the whole family matches on Christmas Day, there are plenty of options far better than those paper Christmas cracker hats. From a Christmas baseball cap that’s perfect for summer to a Christmas bobble hat introducing a wintry feel, the right festive hat really will cap off your festive season very nicely.

Why not check out more of our guides to Christmas clothing, including all the best scrubs, shirts, dresses and earrings?

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