Christmas Wrapping Paper to Suit Every Taste

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Once you’ve bought everyone great gifts and have decided how you’ll be spending the festive season, it’s time to think about Christmas wrapping paper. Rather than just picking up a roll or two when you’re next in the supermarket, why not think a little more creatively this year?

Christmas gift wrap comes in all kinds of colours and designs, and you can use it for other purposes as well as for wrapping presents. If you’re the type that likes to stack up the gifts beneath the Christmas tree, the sort you use can also make a surprising difference to your overall Christmas decor.

So before you set out to buy the usual Christmas wrapping paper rolls from the high street, why not take a look at this guide to find some exciting ideas for wrapping Christmas presents? From luxury Christmas wrapping paper to recyclable Christmas wrapping paper, we’ve listed the lot.

You’ll also find one of our top tips for using Santa wrapping paper under that very heading – a must read if you’re buying for young kids this year who believe in the magic of Christmas.

Whether your preference lean towards Disney Christmas wrapping paper, vintage wrapping paper or you just want to find cheap Christmas wrapping paper, make sure to check out this complete guide before you dig out the scissors and sticky tape!

10 of the finest Christmas wrapping paper ideas

Here we go. From plain brown Christmas wrapping paper or Christmas tissue paper to the most colourful Xmas wrapping paper around, these are our top 10 ideas for wrapping up your gift giving this December.

Gold wrapping paper

Gold is one of the most sought after shade when it comes to Christmas gift wrapping paper – which isn’t really surprising. It enhances any colour scheme, and as gold was one of the gifts the three wise men gave to baby Jesus it’s also very appropriate.

Gold wrap also gives a luxurious look and feel to a gift, and you can even buy gold wrapping apper that’s festive enough for Christmas yet could also be used for birthdays and other occasions too. This is due to the fact that it has no obvious symbols of Christmas included in the design: instead it’s decorated with polka dots, hearts, geometric shapes or stars.

There are lots of options available, from Kraft Christmas wrapping paper in brown with a gold pattern, white Christmas wrapping paper printed with golden trees or multipacks containing blue, white, cream and pink Christmas wrapping paper with gold detailing.

You can combine any colours you like with this look, tying them all together by making sure each has glamorous gold worked into the design somewhere.

Click here to see a selection of gold Christmas wrapping paper

If you think all that glitters is gold, why not read our guide to gold Christmas trees here?

Recyclable Christmas wrapping paper

One negative thing about Christmas can be the amount of waste produced, but the good news is you can keep that carbon footprint to a minimum in several ways. One of the best is by buying Christmas wrap than can be recycled.

Big gift companies like Hallmark have long since cottoned onto the idea that consumers want products that are more sustainable, so they produce some great Christmas wrapping paper rolls. Other brands such as UK-based The Doodle Factory and American Greetings have got in on the act too.

Whatever you want – stripes, deer, snowflakes, trees, holly, pine cones or ‘Merry Christmas’, you can get it. What’s more is the sustainable wrap consists of colourful emblems printed onto plain brown paper, so it’s more subtle than other types. As well as being kinder to the planet.

Click here to view a range of recyclable Christmas wrap

Santa wrapping paper

OK, so here’s where we share a secret. If you want young kids to believe that Father Christmas really does ride around the world in a reindeer-drawn sleigh every year, delivering presents to children all over the planet…

Then you need to buy different children’s Christmas wrapping paper from that you use to wrap all the grown-ups’ gifts!

Using the same paper (or handwriting on the tags) is a dead giveaway. Young minds can often surprise us with what they tune into, so if you want to keep the magic going for another year then it’s best to wrap the kids’ presents ‘from Santa’ in different paper.

What better choice, may we ask, than Santa Claus wrapping paper? From white to black Santa wrapping paper and every shade in-between, it’s surely the ideal choice for secretive parents everywhere.

Click here to check out Santa wrapping paper products

Brown gift wrapping paper

If you’re a fan of the more rustic festive look – perhaps inspired by homespun Nordic Christmas style – then why not order some rolls of plain brown paper to wrap your presents in?

It doesn’t need to be boring – the paper is only the start. You could print it at home with festive stamps, or use lots of colour in your tags and ribbon to liven things up.

Alternatively, buy brown gift wrap that’s already printed with a colorful pattern to strike a great balance between subtle and stylish and suitably festive.

If you fancy getting creative this Christmas, why not order some packs or rolls of brown wrapping paper and see what you can come up with?

Click here to find an assortment of brown Christmas gift wrap

wrapping presents

Luxury Christmas wrapping paper

There’s no better time of year to bring a little luxury into your life than during December. So why not go for some luxury wrapping paper? Beautiful presentation is also a great way to make even the smallest, most inexpensive gifts seem much more generous.

What makes for the best Christmas wrapping paper? Deluxe versions of festive wrap are often thicker, meaning they’re less likely to tear. Foil Christmas wrapping paper is a firm favourite, and this comes in all shades and styles from black Christmas wrapping paper to metallic gold, silver or rose gold Christmas wrapping paper.

Whether you want blue Christmas wrapping paper or more traditional red or green Christmas wrapping paper, Hallmark again make some of the best options. Some of the multipacks contain rolls that could be used for all occasions, as they’re patterned with more neutral prints like stripes or spots.

Click here to discover an array of luxury wrapping paper for Christmas

Christmas tissue paper

If you’re seeking more unique Christmas wrapping paper, then why not think about using delicate tissue paper for wrapping Christmas gifts? It’s great for smaller items such as jewellery boxes, or for wrapping presents like food and drink items.

Just like local bottle shops sometimes do, wrap a bottle of wine in a sheet of tissue paper. You can then tie a piece of ribbon around the top to secure it – and so it looks prettier too.

Slightly sheer tissue paper is also ideal for those items that already come in an appealing box – but you want to make them look even better while masking what’s hidden beneath.

If you’re making up a hamper or gift box, wrapping each item in tissue makes the opening of the basket seem like even more of an occasion. Or you could wrap items in tissue before placing inside a gift bag.

There are so many ways to use Christmas tissue paper – and it can also be purposed for kids’ seasonal crafting too.

Click here to see a range of tissue paper with Christmas prints

Disney Christmas wrapping paper

Another fun and colourful alternative to Santa wrapping paper is Disney wrapping paper. Again Hallmark Christmas wrapping paper comes up trumps by offering packs containing various designs. American Greetings also offer a Mickey Mouse pack.

We love the colourful Mickey packs – Hallmark’s contains rolls in black, red and gold, while American Greetings have gone for green, red and blue. For those who want pink or purple Christmas wrapping paper, you can also buy Disney Princess Christmas wrapping paper.

Another Hallmark product that comes up with this search is The Grinch wrapping paper, or pick other themes like Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars or Frozen 2. We also came across Harry Potter Christmas wrapping paper in this category.

If you want cute Christmas wrapping paper for kids or adults, surely you can’t go wrong with Disney.

Click here to explore a range of Disney and other character wrap

Vintage Christmas wrapping paper

If you like traditional Christmas wrapping paper, why not go for a more vintage type of design this year? It calls to mind festive seasons past, perhaps prompting a happy trip down memory lane for your loved ones to share.

Whether you want red Christmas wrapping paper, Snowman or snowflake wrapping paper or would prefer a Christmas wrapping paper set containing checked or plaid designs, there are lots of old school styles to choose from.

You could even pick out something that really isn’t you at all, and use it as funny Christmas wrapping paper to raise a chuckle!

Click here to find vintage or traditional style Christmas wrap

Kraft Christmas wrapping paper

A modern take on the idea of more traditional Christmas wrapping paper is kraft wrapping paper. It’s much more subtle for those who aren’t big fans of bold colours, and it brings to mind cool Scandi style too.

You can buy brown and white gift wrapping paper, or brown and black. There are also lots of brighter options too. Some are obviously festive and thus ideal for December use, while other patterns are not necessarily Christmassy and could thus be used all year round.

Whether you like your Xmas wrapping paper rolls to be decorated with trees, snowflakes, antlers, stars, stripes or dots, Kraft Christmas wrap is a great way to go. Some is more sustainable too, or can be recycled.

Click here to look at Kraft Christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping paper books

If you really want to find something other than the usual character, star, snowflake, Santa or Christmas tree wrapping paper, why not browse through the range of wrapping paper book products on the market?

Festive options are limited, but otherwise the world is your oyster. The Japanese Kimono and Chinese Silk books contain lots of red paper, or go for something entirely different like Cool Blue or Blue & White to reflect the Australian summer.

You can also buy gold and silver wrapping paper books for a twist on the usual silver Christmas wrapping paper or gold wrapping paper for Christmas.

Choose red and gold for classic festive colours in refreshingly different designs, or you may prefer Persian Designs, Rainbow Watercolours or Indonesian Batik. The latter must be ideal for those who love to holiday in Bali!

Click here to see a collection of wrapping paper books

christmas gift wrap

Christmas wrapping paper accessories

While you’re looking, don’t forget to order some of the essential accessories that you’ll need to go with that Christmas gift wrap!

Christmas tags

Available options include pretty tags with string ties, practical stick-on labels and plain brown tags that are easy to customise. These make great place markers for the table too!

Check out a range of Christmas gift tags here

Christmas ribbon

Festive ribbon really can provide the perfect finishing touch to your carefully wrapped Christmas presents, and it comes in so many different styles, widths and colours.

Check out various Christmas ribbon options here

Christmas bows

There’s no easier way to dress up a hastily wrapped gift that by adding an attractive or brightly coloured bow. Kids love them too!

Check out a choice of Christmas bows here

Christmas tape

Of course you can use ordinary Sellotape for wrapping gifts, but festive tape adds interest and is also great for kids who like to get creative.

Check out an array of Christmas tape here

Christmas pens

Come on… we know you don’t need a special Christmas pen to write those tags with – but you’ve got to admit that a gold or silver pen does make things look rather fabulous!

Check out gold and silver pens here

10 other uses for Christmas wrapping paper

Whether you have lots or just a little bit of Christmas wrap left over once December’s done, why not take a look at some innovative ways to use it up? We love this list from Instructables, which includes decoration-making, creating paper dolls, origami and more.

Which Christmas wrapping paper will you go for?

From Star Wars Christmas wrapping paper to eco friendly Christmas wrapping paper, you can see there’s lots of choice when it comes to giving gorgeous gift wrapped presents this year. Just don’t forget to grab those Christmas wrapping accessories too – that way you’ll be all set for the festive season.

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