The Best Christmas Scrubs for Workwear on the Wards

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What better way to show your love for the festive season than by donning a set of Christmas scrubs for work? If your job involves caring for others, then you really can spread a little seasonal cheer by wearing Christmas scrub tops or a Christmas scrub jacket while you carry out your duties.

A carefully selected set of Christmas print scrub tops also makes an ideal festive gift for a loved one. Recent world events aside, any time is a good time to show your unwavering appreciation for the lives the medical profession improves and saves every day.

Whether you want something a little almost anti-Christmas like Nightmare before Christmas scrubs or are willing to go all out with Santa scrubs, Disney Christmas scrubs or snowflake scrubs, you can dress up for the festive season – even when your role requires you to wear medical clothing.

From cheap Christmas scrubs to holiday print scrub tops with a more luxurious feel, we’ve tracked down all the best Xmas scrubs so you don’t have to. So stay right here if you want to find the right Christmas nursing scrubs to use as your workwear during December!

10 of the best Christmas scrubs for the festive season

Here’s our top picks among the best Xmas scrub tops out there. If you want to find all the Christmas medical scrubs you could ever need, simply scroll down the following list to discover your new festive favourite.

Nightmare Before Christmas scrubs

As featured in a number of our other guides, anything festive to do with Nightmare Before Christmas is always a sure-fire hit. It’s a popular theme that works with anything from bedding or pyjamas to a cake topper for the Christmas table.

Likewise with nursing Christmas scrubs. The slightly ghoulish theme can be a refreshing twist on the usual red and green shades that characterise the festive season. If your caring role involves looking after children, then donning winter scrub tops with a Nightmare Before Christmas print is bound to raise a smile.

Options include Cherokee Christmas scrubs with fun ‘Tooniforms’ designs which come in monochrome shades with a splash of orange for women and v-neck versions covered in ghosts and skulls for men.

Cherokee also make other designs, such as the ‘Misfit Love’ print in grey or a brighter option with lots of yellow, orange and pumpkins that would also work for Halloween.

Click here for a selection of Nightmare Before Christmas scrub tops

Snowflake scrubs

Even though we celebrate Christmas during summer here in Australia, wintry designs have always been associated with the festive season. Wear snowflake scrub tops while the sun shines and no one will be in any doubt about that fact that you’re channelling the Christmas spirit.

Koi Christmas scrubs are the ones to go for here. They offer several snowflake scrub designs, and with the way they look there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear them even when away from the wards – such as during the actual Australian winter months.

In deep shades like midnight blue and black that are sprinkled with white or more colourful snowflakes, these scrubs also come in a variety of designs and colours that aren’t solely for Christmas.

Click here to find the ideal snowflake scrub top for Christmas

Red scrubs

Don a set of red scrubs and it’s pretty obvious what the season is. Unless your work uniform is always that colour, of course.

There are lots of options for men and women, and to suit all budgets. Plenty of scope is offered when you go for red, as you can buy trousers and jackets in the bright shade as well as a variety of Christmas scrubs tops.

Pick all plain red if you like, or you could mix it up with a patterned top and contrasting red pants. Prints available include dogs in Santa hats as well as more traditional designs.

Click here for an array of red Christmas scrubs

Star Wars scrubs

Star Wars Christmas scrubs are ideal for those who want to wear something out of the ordinary during December, but would like a style that isn’t obviously festive. If you know a man who gets a bit bah humbug about Christmas, we bet you can win them over with a Star Wars Christmas scrub top.

Again workwear market leader Cherokee comes up with the goods. Choose between a Jedi Master scrub top and a ‘Tooniforms’ top in cotton with handy chest and kangaroo pockets.

Click here to see a range of Star Wars Christmas scrubs for men

Santa scrubs

Nothing surely signifies the start of the festive season more than a jolly Father Christmas design – and these Santa scrub tops look good enough to wear as regular Christmas shirts too.

A red Santa scrub top is of course de rigueur, but you can also buy them in more unexpected colours and designs. Take the tropical print in sky blue from Hawaii Hangover, for instance, that also comes in deep blue and – you guessed it – red.

The Santa theme also offers options for those who want to buy cheap Christmas scrub tops, as there are plenty of affordable designs available to buy for yourself or to give as a gift.

Click here for an assortment of Santa scrub tops

Christmas scrub tops

Disney Christmas scrubs

For something more cheerful, colourful and child-friendly, why not take a look at the range of Disney scrub tops that are available to buy? They come in all sorts of shades and feature various characters from the incredibly popular film franchises.

Pick out super cute Minnie Mouse scrubs decorated with the iconic head and ears silhouette, or go for a scrub top in black, white and red with a Mickey Mouse design. The latter comes as a v-neck or wrap top.

Other options include a Disney design with a fairytale or movie print and contrasting short plain sleeves. This is available featuring ever popular designs like Snow White and Frozen.

Click here to view a choice of Disney scrubs for Christmas

Koi Christmas scrubs

A great way to see all the available options for Christmas scrubs on Amazon Australia is to search by the brand name. That way you can see all the products from that make at a glance.

Koi is one of the leading brands when it comes to Christmas nurse scrubs – or indeed those to be worn at any time of year. Their products range from a Betsey Johnson holiday bell top to the stylish Raquel scrub top that’s good enough to wear for a party. This is embellished with gold print and comes in 16 different colours.

They also offer stretch scrubs that don’t really look like workwear at all, or ombre scrubs in various shades.

Click here to view a selection of Koi Christmas scrub tops

RJDJ Home Christmas scrubs

Another brand that’s worth seeking out is RJDJ Home. If you’re seeking Christmas scrubs that are cheap, this brand has some very affordable options.

Whatever the colour, size and type of pattern you want, RJDJ Home should be able to supply it. There are ‘Chill Out’ scrubs, tops decorated with dinosaurs and bats, snowman scrubs, Christmas tree scrub tops… the list goes on.

If you want something cheap and colourful to wear at any time of year, check out the range of scrubs offered by RJDJ Home.

Click here to see the RJDJ Home Christmas scrubs options

Christmas scrubs

Whether you’re searching for a snowflake scrub to or plus size Christmas scrubs, when you want to buy Christmas scrubs in Australia it’s worth searching for them in general as you get a good overview of the type of garments available.

Pick a scrub top decorated with Santas, snowmen and baubles that comes in a number of colours, or go for one with a reindeer and sleigh, Merry Christmas or fir tree print.

Click here to choose from a range of Christmas scrubs

Christmas scrub caps

Another way to share the fun of the festive season is to purchase a Christmas scrub cap. These are available individually or as a set.

You could wear the cap alone if you’re not permitted to stray from your usual scrub top, or don it as well as Christmas scrubs for nursing.

There are sets of 3, 4, 6, 8 and even 12 scrub caps available, so you’re spoiled for choice. Some are best suited to December wear only, while others can be used as workwear all year round.

Click here to explore the range of Christmas scrub caps

Which Christmas scrubs will you wear?

Whether you’re looking for Christmas scrubs in Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or Canberra, we hope this guide has helped you find cheap, themed or Disney Christmas scrubs in Australia.

Christmas scrubs for nurses all over the land can help to bring a little festive joy into your workplace, and if you’re caring for sick or injured people that could really help to brighten their day. Scrub tops also make great Christmas party wear – whether you’re a health care professional or not!

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