Christmas Bedding in Australia | Here is Your Complete Guide

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Most of us love to decorate the house during December to mark the festive season, but what about those parts of the home that lie beyond the shared living areas? Treating the family to some Christmas bedding is surely the simplest way to bring that seasonal feel into the adults’ and kids’ bedrooms.

Whether you go for something bright and obviously festive or opt for a more subtle design, a Christmas doona cover, complete set of King size Christmas bedding or a Christmas comforter extends that festive theme into your more private living space. A set would also make a good gift for each person’s Christmas Eve box.

It’s so easy too – just swap everyone’s regular sheets for a Christmas bedding set each year and you can honestly say you’ve decorated the whole house for December. Without taking up even a centimetre of floor space, cluttering the windowsill or getting sticky tack or tape marks all over the walls and ceiling.

There are so many options out there, from a Christmas duvet cover featuring Santa and a red colour scheme to wintry themed bedding in much more subtle tones. Some of this bedding is also suitable for use at other times of year, such as during the Halloween season or the southern winter months of June, July and August.

If you want to find the best Christmas quilt cover for every room in your home, stay right here for a rundown of all the top options!

11 of the best Christmas bedding ideas for your December decor

From Christmas bedspreads to throw over the doona to luxury Christmas bedding that feels like a yearly treat to sleep in, here are 11 of the best Christmas bed sheets and covers to invest in this December.

Nightmare Before Christmas bedding

What comes before Christmas? Halloween. Buying Nightmare Before Christmas bedlinen kind of combines the two, if you want that to be the case. With a suitably spooky theme, a Nightmare Before Christmas duvet set could be used from October right through to January.

In fact the Jack and Sally bedding sets are suggested as suitable for Valentine’s Day too – at this rate they might well end up staying on the bed for at least half the year! This is the ultimate gothic twist on Disney Christmas bedding – the movie was actually released under the more grown-up Touchstone Pictures label as it was thought to be too dark for mainstream Disney.

There are lots of options to choose from, whether you’re seeking deep green, purple or black, or would prefer cool grey Christmas bedding. You can buy them as a set with Christmas duvet cover in King, Queen and single bed sizes.

If you don’t want to go the whole hog – or would love a throw you can use all over the home – there’s a range of Nightmare Before Christmas blankets to pick from too, which would work well as fleece Christmas bedding to place over your usual doona cover.

Click here to view Nightmare Before Christmas bedding sets and throws

Santa bedding sets

You really can’t go wrong with jolly old Saint Nick, and there are plenty of Father Christmas bedding sets to choose from, for all bed sizes.

Whether it’s a life size Santa Claus himself – with or without the sleigh – or a design featuring other characters or associated icons like a red Santa sack or hat, there’s lots of colourful Xmas bedding options in red and white.

Some are full-on in terms of colour with lots of bright red and other striking hues, while others feature a Santa design set against a plainer white backdrop. Whichever you pick, it will certainly make a festive impact as soon as you enter the bedroom.

Click here to see a selection of Santa Claus bedding sets

Grey Christmas bedding

Not everyone is into brights. If you hanker after something more subtle yet suitably festive, a stylish set of grey Christmas bedlinen might just float your boat.

You can pick Nordic style stripes printed with classic Christmas symbols like trees, stars, deer and snowflakes in grey on a white background, or opt for incredibly low key designs featuring miniature stylised fir trees and a monochrome palette.

The more grown-up styles include grey stags heads printed against a checked background, while kids will love the festive designs featuring llamas or other characters and bright shades against a snowy grey backdrop.

There are also plenty of cosy grey blankets and throws to choose from, should you wish to add just a small dash of Christmas style.

Click here for a range of grey Christmas blankets and bedding

Christmas duvet cover

Snowman Christmas bedding

Snowman bedding is another option for those who want to feature a character theme in the bedroom during December. Whatever your colour scheme, there’s a snowman duvet cover to suit your home.

If you or someone you know can’t resist bringing that chilly feel into your home during the heat of the Australian midsummer, then snowman bedlinen is surely the ideal choice.

There’s a snowman with a lit-up tree and top hat on a red background, jolly designs with snowmen, trees and a deep blue, starry night sky, or traditional Christmas bedding with snowmen and old-fashioned scenes. And then some.

Click here to view a choice of snowman Christmas bed covers

Reindeer Christmas bedding

Reindeer bedding seems to be a great option – whatever you want. No other iconic symbol of the festive season seems to offer such a range of Christmas bedding for Queen, King and kids’ beds, whether you’d like cheap Christmas bedding or don’t mind paying a little more.

Styles range from subtle country and Scandi patterns to purely black and white Christmas bedding to those with a little – or a lot – more colour. Pick between black, red, grey and white squares; and stag’s heads on cream checks; lines of deer in grey, teal and red; or Nordic designs with bright, cool blue and warm festive red.

Whether you want classic green and red or something a little more contemporary, reindeer bedlinen is the ideal seasonal choice.

Click here to see a range of reindeer Christmas bed linen

Christmas tree bedding

Whether the look you want to achieve is minimalist and modern or merry and bright, Christmas tree bedlinen also offers a lot of choice for kids and adults alike.

There’s pastel fir trees on a charcoal background, grey and gold lines of trees or even a traditional style set with a green Christmas tree on a cream doona cover.

Unlike character styles, bedding decorated with Christmas trees will never go out of fashion, and there’s a look to suit the style of every bedroom.

Click here to view an array of Christmas tree bedding sets

Snowflake bedding sets

A set of snowflake bedlinen can be every bit as Christmassy as you want it to – and also just as bright in colour as you’d like. Even some of the red options offer more unstated style, in deeper tones with subtle lines of snowflakes.

Again you can select a Nordic theme if you like, or go for patchwork or plaid patterns featuring other classic Christmas symbols as well as snowflakes. Kids may also like the bedlinen decorated with the main character from Love Live! Snowflake, a Japanese anime series.

Whether you prefer an even snowflake pattern in aqua and grey against white or a midnight blue sky scene with snowflakes falling from the sky, a snowflake bedding set is a great bet for dressing up your bedrooms during December.

Click here to see an assortment of snowflake bedlinen sets

Christmas quilt cover

Disney Christmas bedding

For a twist on the theme, why not go for a set of Disney Christmas bedlinen? It doesn’t necessarily have to feature a festive design. Sleeping between sheets decorated with their favourite characters will really ramp up the excitement while waiting to see if they receive the toys they really want this year.

Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess designs are ideal for those looking for pink Christmas bedding, while Frozen bedding is a festive classic. Mickey Mouse Christmas bedding also comes in a choice of bright shades, monochrome or grey and red.

For primary colour schemes, you can’t go wrong with Cars, while Moana, Lilo and Stitch or Finding Dory bedding comes as fresh blue Christmas bedding that reflects the Australian summer season perfectly. Then there’s the Nightmare Before Christmas too, of course.

Click here to explore a selection of Disney bedding sets

Nordic Christmas bedding

Nordic Christmas quilt sets can add a splash of Scandi style to any bedroom. While they’re wintry in design, the cooler colour schemes are ideal for the Australian summer. Red and white is of course a classic choice too.

This Scandi Christmas bedding is ideal for older kids or adults, especially those who may tire of a brighter design before December’s out. There’s certainly more than a nod to Christmas in the shapes printed on the fabric, but it’s more wintry than in-your-face festive.

Whether you want children’s Christmas bedding that will see them through many summers or require Christmas quilts in King size for a more grown-up bed, Scandi style bedding is a sure fire winner. You can also buy blankets and throws featuring this simple theme.

Click here to find a range of Nordic Christmas bedlinen

The Grinch Christmas bedding

If you want Christmas flannel sheets with a difference, how about hiding a set of Grinch sheets beneath the doona? Whether that’s under a Grinch duvet cover, red Christmas bedding, a snowflake duvet cover or something else entirely.

The Grinch theme offers the perfect Xmas duvet covers for those who are either seriously or jokingly a bit ‘bah humbug’ about the festive season. It’s also great, of course, for anyone searching for lime green Christmas bedding!

Whether you want Grinch bed sheets, a Grinch comforter set or would prefer to add a Grinch throw or cushions to the top of the bed, everyone’s favourite grump is a a festive classic.

Click here to check out The Grinch Christmas bedlinen

Christmas plaid bedding

Checked bedding sets are ideal for Christmas, especially when you want something you could use at any time of the year. A plaid pattern will complement that set of family Christmas pyjamas beautifully, and goes with any kind of home decor or festive theme.

You can pick a plainer design that’s stylishly subtle, or the combination of plaid and stag’s heads is a country-style classic. While red, grey and monochrome are the easiest to find, there are plenty of other colours available too.

Plaid Christmas bedlinen is ideal when you want to give your boudoir a more mature or masculine look during the festive season.

Click here to see a selection of Christmas plaid bedlinen

Which Christmas bedding sets will you go for?

There is certainly plenty of choice when it comes to festive bedlinen, from a complete Christmas comforter set to throw Christmas blankets you can use around the home every December.

Whether you wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas bed set, a Nordic style set of Christmas sheets for a King bed or to find some elegant Christmas bedding for an adult, we hope this guide has helped you source the right product. Sweet dreams!

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