Custom Christmas Stockings – The Ultimate Guide for Families

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If you think about it, every Christmas stocking is different. Unless you have two kids – such as twins – whose stockings are identical, each person’s stocking is highly likely to contain a unique mix of festive gifts and treats. Meaning no one else will receive that exact same combination.

So custom Christmas stockings could refer to taking that a step further by buying a personalised stocking for each member of the family. Or it could refer to the unique custom stockings given, meaning no two people receive that same mix of gifts that has been tailored to their tastes.

A stocking is usually given on Christmas morning. Some like to hang them by the tree or fireplace, while others prefer to sneak in and hang them from the bedpost or place them at the end of the kids’ beds. If you’re into the Christmas Eve box tradition – complete with festive PJs – then this is like part two – a second collection of little gifts before any big ticket items are opened later in the day.

If you want to find some creative ideas for filling those personalised stockings, then check out this post. Otherwise, stay right here to find out about all the best personalised Christmas stockings your hard-earned dollars can buy – from custom made Christmas stockings for kids and adults to a personalised dog stocking for the family pet.

While some of the stockings featured here are not already personalised holiday stockings, it’s so easy to do this yourself to create unique custom family stockings. Yes, you too can cheat your way to personalised embroidered Christmas stockings by using some of the clever tricks we’ve included towards the bottom of this article.

Whether you want to find personalised needlepoint Christmas stockings or are wondering if you should look for custom stockings on Etsy, this post will take you through all the small and large personalised Christmas stockings you could ever need!

10 of the best custom Christmas stockings ideas

Let’s get stuck into Christmas stockings! Here are 10 of the top ideas for making, buying and filling personalised Xmas stockings this December.

A custom needlepoint stocking

Nothing says personalised more than making your own, and this can be easier than you might imagine if you buy a needlepoint personalised family stockings kit.

Basically you’re buying personal stockings for Christmas that become personalised family stockings when you take up the needle and thread that comes with the kit. All you normally need to do is to add the name of your loved one at the top of the oversized Christmas sock. It’s simple to do, and then you can honestly claim it as your own creation!

Beneath the name, the stocking is already printed with a festive scene, and various designs are available. Pick between a range of fun and traditional designs featuring characters like Santa Claus, a snowman, teddy bears or cute animals wearing Santa hats.

Personalised knit Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings

Don’t worry – giving personalised knit stockings requires no crafty skills whatsoever, as there are lots of ready made knitted Christmas stockings out there to choose from.

Nothing gives your home that authentic wintry feel – even during the Australian summer – than a set of knitted stockings hanging by the festive tree or fireplace. They come in a range of designs and colours, and can be bought separately or as a pack containing two, three, four or even more.

Pick between plain coloured cable knit stockings and those featuring Scandi style Christmas images such as fir trees and reindeer. Any are guaranteed to give your home that coveted homespun look – and all it takes is the click of a mouse.

Some packs contain a set of identical stockings, while others comprise a range of colours or designs so that each family member can have a personalised family Christmas stocking.

A red Christmas stocking

If it’s choice you want, then be spoiled by going for a personalised red stocking. It’s not all about the classic red stocking with white trim – although of course it can be if you want it to.

There are so many options when it comes to a red personalised Christmas stocking. Make it reflect them by going for a shade of red that suits too, from a bright festive tone to a deeper colour that’s more like their favourite Australian wine.

Whether you want a red paw print stocking for the family pet, a set in red and black checks for a homely feel, Nordic designs in red and green or a contemporary style set to use as personalised burlap Christmas stockings, choosing red gives you limitless options.

Colour your own Christmas stocking

Did you know that colour your own Christmas stockings are a thing? Such a great idea, especially when you want to keep the kids busy during the run-up to the big day and school’s out.

It’s also the ideal way to create unique, cheap personalised Christmas stockings for all the family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents in particular would surely love to receive a stocking no one else will have, hand decorated by their very own grandson, niece or neighbour.

There are packs of various sizes, comprising one, two or three fabric pieces so you can create those personalised family Christmas stockings. Designs range from fun characters that will appeal to kids to more grown-up scenes such as ‘Silent Night’.

A personalised pet stocking

Whether it’s a personalised dog Christmas stocking or personalised cat stocking for a four-legged friend, there’s no reason why your furry pals shouldn’t get in on the act. If you have small children in your life, then their little faces are bound to light up when they see the family pet being presented with their very own custom dog stocking or cat stocking.

You can buy pet Christmas stockings to stuff yourself, thereby making a personalised dog Christmas stocking containing all their favourite treats. Then, it’s a simple matter of selecting things they’ll love to put inside.

My Pet Warehouse is a great source of items to stuff the stocking with. They offer a range of themed pet treats ranging from a cat advent calendar or a ready made dog stocking to pair of festive ring doughnuts for the dog to chew or a cute set of cat toys featuring icons like a gingerbread man and a Christmas pudding.

The site also has lots of cat and dog toys and treats that are the perfect size for putting inside a pet Christmas stocking.

personalized Christmas stockings

Christmas Warehouse stockings

From My Pet Warehouse to Christmas Warehouse… This Australian online retailer offers a great range, and if you want unique family Christmas stockings that are personalised to the recipient’s tastes then look no further.

Their range includes all sorts of designs and colours, so you can pick something that makes a complete change from the usual festive red. Such as white Christmas stockings decorated with a sparkly, sequinned starburst pattern that also come in pink, champagne, silver and gold.

Christmas Warehouse also stock a range of stockings that are ideal for young kids. Options include a ‘Baby‘s 1st Christmas’ stocking or a red Christmas stocking decorated with Santa driving a green toy train. There are also ‘Santa Paws’ and Santa Claws’ stockings for pets, and a jolly snowman on a sky blue Christmas stocking.

They even offer other stocking themed items too – such as a mini jute stockings advent calendar and mini hanging stocking decorations to complete your festive decor.

Personalised Disney stockings

If you want Disney Christmas stockings that are personalized, then one of the best options is to go for an heirloom needlepoint personalised Christmas stocking that you can complete by adding the name.

Dimensions offer personalised embroidered Christmas stockings featuring Disney favourites like Pluto and Mickey Mouse, so all you need to do is sew on the name of your choice. With a neutral background, these can complement any festive colour scheme.

There are other Disney stockings to pick from too, including Frozen and Disney Store products. Custom Christmas socks featuring movie themes are also ideal for stuffing inside, giving your giftee personalised Christmas socks as well as the stocking itself!

A white Christmas stocking

A white personalised Christmas stocking makes you and them stand out from the crowd. You might expect many options for those buying a personalised stocking in red, but there are lots of cool white Christmas stockings to choose from too.

You can buy these individually or as sets, and designs include classic knitted stockings, faux fur Christmas stockings decorated with sparkling silver snowflakes and packs containing rustic stockings in creamy white with gingham trim.

White ones can be the best personalised stockings to go for when red, green or other bright colours might clash with their colour scheme too. Whether that’s in the kids’ bedrooms or an open plan living area.

Initial Christmas stockings

There’s no simpler way to little or large personalised Christmas stockings than purchasing those already decorated with the initial of their first name. There are lots of these available in a variety of designs and colours.

You can pick a traditional style red plush Christmas stocking that has a large letter on the main ‘leg‘ section, or go for a knitted monogrammed stocking with the initial on the cream coloured band around the top. Some stockings are fairly simple, while others are more colourful, but all will give your home a traditionally festive look with a nod to the modern world at the same time.

Initials are big news in home decor right now, so why not embrace that trend by featuring it on your customised stockings?

Make a custom stocking with names or initials

If you want to create your own take on Personal Creations stockings or Etsy personalised stockings, why not buy a pack of unadorned stockings to decorate yourself? There’s not necessarily any need to reach for the needle and thread, as you can pin or iron on one or a series of letters to spell out the owner’s initials or name.

Use this idea for adults and you could use something more grown-up like an ladies’ faux gem encrusted brooch in the shape of their initial, or a men‘s monogrammed tie clip. That way they have something they can also wear later, and there are so many initial pins to pick from.

Another way to approach this is to buy a pack of sew or iron-on letter patches. This way you can apply them exactly as you’d like, and if you opt for the iron-on type you could have those personalised velvet Christmas stockings made in moments.

Using the recipient’s initials rather than their name is ideal for adults, giving the stocking that luxury, five star hotel kind of feel.

Which custom Christmas stockings will you go for?

As you can see, it’s easy to buy or even create your own cheap personalised stockings – whether you want them for kids, adults or are even seeking personalised pet stockings. Even one-off stockings with names embroidered can be achieved by means of pin, sew or iron-on items, ensuring they have a stocking quite unlike anyone else’s.

From custom name Christmas stockings or personalised cable knit Christmas stockings to red and white Christmas stockings that will also enhance the home, there are lots of ways to get your mitts on custom Xmas stockings for all the family.

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