20 Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Festive Season

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Once you’ve decided on the big ticket items, it can sometimes be surprisingly tricky to find great Christmas stocking fillers for all the adults and kids in your life. The same can also apply when you want to give a small token gift to an acquaintance or work colleague.

Having already covered Secret Santa present ideas, we now turn to those all-important stocking filler ideas. All it takes is a few creative ideas plus a little savvy online shopping, and soon your child and adult stocking fillers will be sorted!

Whether you want to find stocking fillers for him, cheap stocking fillers, stocking fillers for her or funny stocking fillers, this guide is here to help. We run through all the top ideas for all your family and friends, from small stocking fillers to the best stocking fillers out there.

Why not stick with us so you can save time and money this Christmas, while finding all the adults’ and children’s stocking fillers they’re guaranteed to really appreciate?

20 of the best Christmas stocking fillers to give this year

From cheap stocking fillers for him or the kids to luxury stocking fillers for your wife, here are 20 of the best stocking fillers for 2021 and beyond! Do you hang your Christmas stocking on the end of your bed at Christmas? Or in the living room near your Christmas tree?

Top Trumps

Top Trumps card packs make great games for all the family, so they’re ideal as stocking filler ideas for him, her and the kids. With so many varieties available, you’ll be completely spoiled for choice.

There are several Australia themed options, including ’30 things to see in Melbourne’, ‘Deadliest Down Under’ or top Australian sights. We can’t quite decide between Harry Potter, The Wonders of the World, Sports Cars and Dinosaurs. There are even themed Top Trumps that make ideal Star Wars stocking fillers.

Click here to check out the Top Trumps collection

Odour removal bar

If there’s a keen cook in your life or household, then an odour removing bar such as ‘Rub Away‘ from Amco makes a great gift. It gets rid of lingering odours as if by magic, which is perfect for fans of fish, garlic and other smelly edibles. Surely among the best husband or wife stocking fillers ideas when your other half loves to get creative in the kitchen.

Made from stainless steel, cooks can simply rub the soap-shaped bar over their fingers and any remaining odours will vanish. With no water required, it’s a mess and fuss free way to ensure clean, fragrant hands. Even after cooking up a garlicky fish stew.

Click here to find out more about odour removing bars

A scented candle

Best Christmas candles

From unwanted odours to delightful fragrances now. A scented candle is a classic gift item, because who doesn’t want to fill their home with a relaxing or reviving aroma? (That’s exactly why we’ve written an entire article on the best candles for Christmas.)

Whatever your budget and whatever they’re into, there’s a scented candle out there with their name on it. Whether they’d like a gin and tonic scented candle made from soy wax or a Woodwick Trilogy candle that makes a crackling sound like an open fire, fragranced candles make perfect affordable or luxury stocking fillers.

Click here to discover a range of scented candles

Water reveal colouring pad

This one’s great for small children. These little stocking fillers will amaze them, as the application of water reveals an appealing image for them to uncover.

Melissa and Doug’s Water Wow range is impressive, and you can pick between lots of options such as Under the Sea, Jungle, Sports, Dinosaurs or Fairytales. And then some.

Click here to pick a water reveal pad for kids

Light saber chopsticks

Novelty stocking fillers surely don’t come any better than this. Especially for fans of sci-fi and rice or noodle based dishes. If you want men‘s stocking fillers… well maybe you should start right here. Boys and their toys, right?

These light saber chopsticks are fitted with brightly coloured LEDs, so they’re guaranteed to make a meal of any dull weekday evening. At weekends, you can also bring them out at dinner parties to impress your friends.

Click here to view a range of light saber chopsticks

Make up eraser

If someone you love is concerned about the use of disposable face wipes and would love beauty themed, eco friendly stocking fillers, then take a look at the magical make up erasing cloths you can now buy.

These clever cloths come in various colours, and remove all traces of makeup by using only water. If they do like to look glam each day, we recommend going for a black cloth, as it won’t become soiled by make up stains over time.

Click here to check out the make up eraser range

BBQ scraper

Another one for keen cooks here – but this time it’s the outdoor chef we have in our sights. A BBQ scraper will be much appreciated by anyone whose job it is to clean the grill – and we have to admit, we are thinking husband stocking filler ideas here.

You can choose between various highly rated designs. Some are made from wood, such as the Famous BBQ scraper, while others are crafted from metal, such as the Wiltshire bar scraper. There are brush attachments on some too, as found on Cuisinart’s grill cleaning brush.

Click here to see a range of BBQ scraper products

Mini scratch art

Scratch art is great for kids and grown-ups alike, and we love the mini scratch art ideas available to buy. Such as the stack of mini notes from Melissa and Doug, all ready to add your chosen message to.

The top toy brand also offer a version containing a selection of mini notes shaped like cakes, hearts, peace signs, flowers and butterflies. Other manufacturers also sell some sets with stencils included.

Click here to discover mini scratch art options

Reusable portable straws

Have you ever tried to drink a thick milkshake or smoothie through a paper straw? Yep, us too. Let them say goodbye to collapsing straw woes with a set of portable, reusable drinking straws. It’s one of those christmas stocking fillers for her or him that they’ll wonder what they ever did without.

The most portable options come in a tube for carrying which has a keyring, carabiner or clip attached. So it’s super easy to stash in a bag or pocket. There are lots of colour options too.

Click here to see a selection of portable reusable straws

Hair claws

First it was scrunchies… now the hair claws popular during previous decades are also back after featuring on a TikTok video. These are ideal stocking fillers for 10 year olds and upwards, as anyone from a tween to a grown woman with longer hair can twist it up and out of the way in seconds.

Go really retro with a pair of tortoiseshell grips, or opt for a big pack of seven or nine and they’ll really be spoiled for choice.

Click here to view a collection of hair claw grips

stocking filler ideas

Bathtime finger puppets

This one’s for the little people in your life, although we won’t tell if you decide to play with them too. Whether they’re into dinosaurs, princesses, animals or even Paw Patrol, you can buy the perfect set of finger puppets that can be used in and out of the bathtub or shower.

If you want stocking fillers for 2 year olds and up, this could be the one. They normally come in packs of 5 or 10, and you can opt for a set of Christmas finger puppets if you want to.

Click here to browse a range of bath finger puppets

Airpods case

If a set of Apple airpods is to be their big gift this year, then airpod cases to protect and store them in make ideal stocking fillers for teenagers or adults. As well as keeping the pricey airpods in pristine condition, you can pick out a colour or theme that suits them.

Options include sleek, compact cases in black, white, soft pink and a range of other shades, or you can purchase one shaped like a classic portable gaming console. There are even cases decorated with a bubble tea theme, or made to look just like a pack of Sour Patch lollies.

Click here to explore a choice of Airpods cases

Himalayan salt nightlight

Pink-hued Himalayan salt has been making waves in culinary circles for some time, but have you seen the trend for Himalayan salt lamps? Lovely as they are, they’re a little too large to give as Xmas stocking fillers, but you could go for a pink salt nightlight instead.

The idea is that the salt helps to purify the air, leading to a feeling of mental and physical wellbeing. This is achieved as the distinctive pink salt helps to restore the ion balance of the environment. It also helps to give the home a calming, spa-like feel and zen-like atmosphere each evening.

Click here to discover a pink salt nightlight

Shower steamers

Bath bombs have been a big thing for years, but why should those who prefer to take a shower miss out? Well now they don’t have to, thanks to the great selection of shower bombs than are now on the market.

These round, flat discs will transform any shower into a spa-like experience. Simply pop one in the corner and let the hot water do the rest. Packs typically contain six or eight steamers, featuring a range of floral, citrus and herby fragrances for a great start to every day.

Click here to browse a selection of shower steamers

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

Speaking of showering… whether it’s for their daily shower or a surfing session, a waterproof portable bluetooth speaker means listening to their favourite tunes even when there’s wet stuff around. This is one of those perfect Christmas stocking fillers for him, her or the kids.

There are so many options for all price brackets, right up to a flashy Bang and Olufsen option costing several hundred dollars. But don’t panic of your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that – there are far cheaper alternatives available too!

Click here to explore a range of waterproof bluetooth speakers

Grow your own kit

A grow your own kit offers so many options when it comes to unique stocking fillers – and many are very sustainable stocking fillers too. Whether it’s for a kid or a grown-up, there are so many to choose from.

How about a flower, succulent, herb or salad growing kit for foodies, or a crystal growing lab by National Geographic for curious kids? Your recipient could grow their own oyster mushrooms, botanics for gin, alfalfa or even create a mini terrarium.

Click here to see a selection of grow your own kits

Volcanic face roller

Another one made popular by TikTok – and also another top pick among beauty stocking fillers. The idea of the volcanic face roller is that it can remove excess oils from the surface of the skin for a matte look – even when going make up free.

Revlon made the original, and it’s also one of the most affordable options around. This is one of those products that has the ability to revolutionise skincare, and frankly we are so sold.

Click here to choose a volcanic face roller gift

Magnetic wristband

A magnetic wristband is a must for any keen DIY-er. They’ll wonder what on earth they did before they stored all their drill bits, screws and such right there in the handiest place possible.

If you’re trying to find stocking fillers for your boyfriend, husband or dad who works as a tradesperson or is renovating their home, then a magnetic wristband will really impress their inner nerd.

Click here to find the ideal magnetic wristband

Cactus candles

So we’ve suggested scented candles as one of the most traditional stocking fillers around, but if quirky stocking fillers are more your scene, then how about treating them to a set of succulent candles instead?

These are ideal for those who wish they had green fingers, yet manage to kill even the hardiest cacti. Most come in contemporary metal or classic terracotta pots, and can be bought individually or as a set of six, 12 or even 18. They vary in size, shape and design too, so it doesn’t matter how much – or little – space they have to fill.

Click here for a choice of cactus candle options

A funny notebook

Have you seen the trend for funny notebooks that’s popping up all over social media? These funny stocking fillers for him or her are emblazoned with some kind of eyebrow-raising message, giving all those at work or home a good giggle.

What about ‘I’m fine, it’s fine, everything is fine’, ‘You don’t have to be crazy to work here – we will train you’ or ‘Notes from another meeting that should have been an email’? Or maybe you’d prefer ‘Have you tried explaining it to the rubber duck?’

Click here to see a range of humorous notebooks

Which Christmas stocking fillers will you buy?

We hope these Christmas stocking filler ideas have helped to inspire your gift-buying this year. Whether you want children’s stocking fillers, unusual stocking fillers, cheap stocking fillers for her or him or teenage stocking fillers ideas, there are so many cool stocking fillers out there.

Giving good stocking fillers can really help to make it a festive season to remember, and you don’t even have to spend a huge amount of cash to get the best and most talked-about stocking filler presents around!

For more gifting inspo, why not check out our guides to Christmas Eve box fillers for him and her?

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