Corporate and Work Christmas Gifts for Colleagues

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Corporate Christmas gifts can sometimes be a challenge. What do you buy that will really show your appreciation to colleagues, partners and staff? It needs to be business-like, yet memorable and fun too if at all possible.

Whether you’re looking for employee Christmas gift ideas or business to business Christmas gifts, this guide should help you out. We’ve sourced all the best corporate gifts for 2021 and beyond, potentially saving you so much time.

Whatever the budget, the ideal company Christmas gift ideas for employees, customers and the businesses you work in partnership with are covered, so you can spend your precious time in other ways.

From corporate Christmas hampers or company Christmas gifts for hardworking staff to fun corporate holiday gifts to keep your business fresh in the minds of your clients or customers, all the top corporate Christmas gift ideas can be found right here.

Continue reading so you can easily find all the best branded Christmas gifts, company holiday gifts and unique corporate Christmas gifts for showing you care this year.

The best corporate Christmas gifts for the festive season

Looking for corporate Christmas gift ideas for employees, clients and fellow businesses? Then let’s get started on this list of all the best company Christmas gifts money can buy.

Gourmet corporate Christmas hampers

Yes, it’s an oldie, but it’s packed full of goodies if you choose carefully. Edible gifts are often some of the wisest to buy, as they offer the recipent the chance to try memorable new flavours. Their use is also guaranteed; this is a gift that won’t collect dust at the back of a cupboard in their home office or workplace.

Even if they’re not a foodie as such, a Christmas gift that can be eaten can be shared with their friends and family, or even their work colleagues. For everyone who dislikes Christmas pudding, for instance, there’s someone who absolutely loves it.

There are various companies specialising in corporate holiday gift baskets. Here are the details of those offering the finest corporate Christmas presents around.

Gourmet Basket

Gourmet Basket have been selling premium corporate hampers for Christmas for over 15 years, and they deliver throughout Australia. For those who want to order one of their hampers, it’s worth checking out several options.

You can browse the range in general to find a hamper to match the tastes of the recipient. Options range from breakfast, cheese and wine or tea and coffee to picnic baskets, health and wellness or cocktails and spirits.

Click here to view Gourmet Basket’s entire range of hampers

Gourmet Basket Christmas gift hampers

The Christmas gift hamper section is full of seasonal hampers to give during December. With around 25 options to choose from, there are hampers featuring ‘office party’, ‘Christmas treats’ and ‘luxury’ themes. And a whole lot more besides.

Typical contents found in these corporate Christmas gifts for employees, customers and other businesses include savoury nibbles, gourmet fudge, truffles, mince pies, red wine, French champagne and much more.

Click here to see the range of Christmas hampers from Gourmet Basket

Gourmet Basket corporate gift hampers

Gourmet Basket can also deliver a corporate style gift hamper to suit any season, not least the festive time of year. There are over 20 of these to choose from, featuring themes such as ‘Aussie produce’, ‘Whisky Connoisseur’ or ‘Cheeseboard celebration’.

Click here to check out corporate hampers at Gourmet Basket

Gourmet Basket corporate gifting website

Gourmet Basket also operate a dedicated corporate gifting website. This offers all kinds of options, including promotional items, branded boxes and ribbon and personalised gift cards. You can access the Gourmet Basket corporate gifts site directly by clicking the link below.

Click here to access the Gourmet Basket corporate gifts site

Macarthur Baskets

Macarthur Baskets is another Australian company offering top quality corporate Christmas gifts for 2021 and beyond. Again they offer various general categories, including cakes and cookies, the cellar selection or fruit and flowers.

Click here to discover the Macarthur Baskets range of hampers

Macarthur Baskets Christmas hampers

Like Gourmet Basket, they also have a comprehensive range of Christmas hampers to offer. These include ‘Chocolate festival’, ‘Christmas sparkle’, ‘Deck the Halls’, ‘Dasher’, ‘Dancer’ and many more. The hampers vary in size and price, containing anything from a couple of items to a vast array of gourmet goodies.

Typical contents include cheeses, biscuits, preserves, chocolates and alcoholic drinks. Whatever your budget or requirements, there are around 100 options to supply you with lots of corporate holiday gift ideas.

Click here to find the ideal Christmas hamper from Macarthur Baskets

Macarthur Baskets business gift hampers

Macarthur also offer an upmarket range of gift hampers to give your colleagues, clients and staff. These hampers can be customsied to feature the company logo, or be decorated with a branded ribbon.

Their company holiday gift ideas include ‘glowing gourmet’, ‘ruby red’, ‘perfect party’ and ‘chocolate cork’. These and plenty of other options make perfect corporate Christmas gifts for clients, associates and employees alike.

Click here to see the business hampers range at Macarthur Baskets

corporate Christmas gift ideas

Edible Blooms corporate Christmas gift ideas

Another edible or quaffable alternative is the range of corporate Christmas gift ideas for clients, business associates and employees available at Edible Blooms. These are just as the name suggests – bouquets made from delicious treats.

The recipient can display their pretty gift proudly in their home or office, before giving into temptation. Whether they scoff the lot by themselves or share them with family or their colleagues is entirely down to their own discretion.

Chocolate bouquets are surely among the best corporate Christmas gifts around, but there are other ideas too. Some also contain drinks such as premium beers or fine champagne, and all include a complimentary gift card and wrapping.

Many also come with a stylish keepsake bucket that could be repurposed as a planter or wine cooler. The type of contents included range from luxurious Lindt chocolates to the finest French Moet champagne.

Click here to browse the Edible Blooms gifting website

Edible Blooms corporate Christmas gifts

The selection of festive corporate gifts available from Edible Blooms is impressive. There are 30 options to choose from, including red or navy poinsettia bouquets made with Belgian chocolate stars. They also offer Christmas trees in various sizes and even Lindor wreaths in red, rainbow or blue colour options.

Click here to see Edible Blooms’ corporate Christmas gifts range

Edible Blooms personalised corporate gifts

As well as a comprehensive festive range, Edible Blooms has a dedicated area of the website dealing with branded corporate Xmas gifts. You can access this directly by clicking the link below.

Click here for the Edible Blooms personalised corporate gifts area

Macarthur Baskets chocolate bouquets

Macarthur Baskets also sell a range of chocolate and lolly bouquets that is well worth checking out. From ‘jungle jellies’ or ‘melting merlot’ to ‘flowers of Ferrero’ or ‘first class bubbles’, some of these are suitable for giving as corporate holiday gifts for employees, associates and customers.

Click here to view sweet bouquets from Macarthur Baskets

Gifts Australia corporate gifts

You can always count on Gifts Australia to provide a great range of covetable gifts. For a present your staff, colleagues or associates will love, why not check out what they have to offer this year?

Gifts Australia Christmas hampers

Their general selection includes hampers containing gourmet food and wine, beers or spirits, and there’s a good list of ideas if you check out their Christmas hampers range. These contain nibbles, sweet treats, wines and lots of other gourmet treats.

Click here to see Gifts Australia’s Christmas hamper range

Gifts Australia personalised gifts

Why not customise a gift so it reflects the business branding, or pick one that suits each specific recipient in some way? There are some lovely luxury items, and if you opt for one they will use often it can certainly help to keep you or your company at the forefront of their mind.

Whether it’s engraved cufflinks, a monogrammed leather wallet, toiletries bag, cosmetics pouch, luggage tag set or keyring, customised company Christmas gift ideas are best for those who want to give a present with the personal touch.

Click here for a selection of personalised corporate Christmas gifts

Gifts Australia presents for co-workers

Gifts Australia also has a section containing suggested gifts for co-workers. These are among the best corporate holiday gifts around.

There are ‘beers of Australia’, a Brown Brothers sparkling wine in a presentation case, aromatherapy candles and even unique corporate holiday gifts such as a gorgeous glass cocktail shaker set. It’s a great place to browse for business christmas gift ideas.

Click here to see Gifts Australia’s corporate Xmas gift ideas

corporate christmas hampers

Pamper hampers

Pamper hampers make a great alternative to an edible hamper or bouquet, and you can buy these from various suppliers. Again Gifts Australia come up trumps with their selection of beautifully presented gift boxes, or Amazon also supply some attractive products ready packaged. Simply add a company sticker and you’re all set to make them smile!

Gifts Australia pamper hampers

The pampering gift boxes sold by Gifts Australia are deeply indulgent, and contain deluxe products made by respected brands like L’Occitane and Jurlique. Some also include tea, chocolates, cocktail ingredients and items made from the finest mulberry silk.

Click here to find the right Gifts Australia pamper hamper

Amazon pamper hampers

Amazon also offer a range of options, including various bath bomb gift sets. We love the Bliss Bay Australia gift boxes, which attract very high ratings and positive reviews. These contain items like clay masks, bubble baths and scented candles.

Options available at Amazon range from simple boxed sets of gloriously scented bath bombs to a bulging basket of full-sized, fragrant coconut, tuberose or jasmine products.

Click here to view a variety of pamper hampers on Amazon

A scented candle

If you need something that will delight the recipient – yet doesn’t cost too much or take up too much space – scented candles can make great corporate Christmas gifts for staff, clients and associates. Again you can simply pop on a sticker with your company logo if you want to brand the item.

Gifts Australia scented candles

Gifts Australia have a pleasing range of beautifully fragranced candles to offer. The range includes various options by Nektar, such as ‘island bloom’, ‘caramel sky’ or ‘sea foam’.

Other featured brands include Aery Living, Ecoya and The Cove, and the names of the scents are just about as appealing as they could possibly be. ‘Happy space’, ‘daybreak’, ‘lotus flower‘ or ‘vanilla bean’, anyone?

Click here to find the ideal scented candle at Gifts Australia

Amazon scented candles

Amazon also have plenty of fragranced candles to choose from. Brands available via their Australian online store include Serenity, Scentalicious and Aroma Naturals.

They also sell scented treats made by some of the biggest names in the candle world, including Yankee Candle, Village Candle and WoodWick. The latter sound like a crackling fire when lit, so they’re ideal for creating that fireside ambience during any season.

Click here to discover Amazon’s scented candle range

An adult advent calendar

Make sure they have you in mind throughout December by presenting your giftee with an adult advent calendar. That way they’ll receive a gift from you for 12, 24 or 25 consecutive days, making the occasion far more memorable.

For some great corporate christmas ideas for advent, check out this article. It’s packed with advent calendar options for grown-ups.

Click here to read our post on grown-up advent calendars

Experience corporate gifts

And finally – if you want to give unique corporate gifts in Australia, why not buy your colleague, client or business partner an experience rather than a physical item? It’s sure to make for a most memorable day or evening out. Scoopon in particular offers lots of choice.

Scoopon gift experiences

You can search by location or type on the Scoopon Australia site. The kind of experience you can buy includes foodie options like high tea to a three course dinner or tasting menu. There are also beauty, travel and fitness experiences, plus adrenaline-fuelled activities.

It’s also worth browsing Scoopon’s gift section, as they also offer personalied items and an ever-changing range of shopping deals. The options available include dining options, health and wellness, one-off experiences and even holidays.

Click here to discover the ideal gift experience at Scoopon

Which corporate Christmas gifts will your clients, colleagues or staff receive?

We hope this guide gives you lots of inspo when it comes to finding corporate holiday gifts for clients, employees or business associates. Whether you pick corporate Christmas baskets or more offbeat Christmas gifts for executives, there are lots of generous and inexpensive corporate gifts to choose from.

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