35 Christmas Breakfast Ideas for the Big Day

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If you’re looking for special Christmas breakfast ideas for the big day itself – or perhaps for a festive brunch with your inner circle – then look no further! We’ve rounded up 35 awesome Christmas breakfast recipes from the finest food bloggers around. They’re all listed right here in this post for your convenience.

Whether you want easy Christmas breakfast ideas for a sunny morning, a Christmas breakfast menu with the wow factor for a girls’ or boys’ brunch or healthy Christmas breakfast ideas to ensure the 25th December gets off to a good start, this article offers them all. And then some.

In addition to sweet, savoury and simple Christmas breakfast ideas, we’ve included several hot and cold Christmas morning drinks at the top of this post. So why not whip up one of these while you prepare your chosen recipe?

Once we’ve covered a couple of drinks, these great Christmas breakfast ideas are listed savoury first, followed by sweet. If you pick only dessert-like ideas for your Christmas brunch buffet, though, we’re certainly not in a position to judge.

Here are 35 of the finest holiday breakfast ideas for the festive season in Australia.

35 yummy Christmas breakfast ideas to try this December

Let’s get stuck in! Here are 35 of the top Christmas morning breakfast ideas. Or if you prefer, Xmas brunch ideas to ensure a fun and festive celebration. To find out more and read the recipe, simply click the red link within the description.

Christmas breakfast drinks

Easy breakfast ideas for Christmas morning don’t need to be limited to just food! Why not add a delicious drink on the side of the best holiday breakfast recipes? Alternatively, you could use these recipes as Christmas breakfast appetizers while prepping the morning feast.

Non-alcoholic holiday punch

This recipe for a lip-smackingly good holiday punch without alcohol comes from a cookbook author and food blogger with a Master’s degree in nutrition! It’s packed with fruity goodness with a little added fizz, and takes mere moments to mix up. Serve alongside a bacon, egg or sausage sandwich for a really good Christmas breakfast that’s super simple to make.

Christmas Champagne Cocktail


This champagne sparkler is one of the most sophisticated Christmas cocktail ideas out there. What says celebration better than champagne? This drink also contains pomegranate syrup, juice and seeds, plus green sugar for the rim of the flutes.

Did you know we also have a list of our favourite 50 cocktails here.

Christmas morning coffee

Christmas coffee

If you like to start the day with a mugful of something suitably festive, how about this warming Christmas morning coffee? Containing Bailey’s, Cointreau and Frangelico, it’s definitely one of the more indulgent Christmas day breakfast ideas around. A true December treat!

Savory Christmas breakfast ideas

Some of these easy Christmas Day breakfast recipes can be got ready the night before, so you only need to pop them into the oven during the morning. Whether you want Christmas breakfast ideas for two or for twenty, these simple Xmas day breakfast ideas can be tweaked to suit how many you’re catering for.

Make ahead Christmas casserole

The great thing about Christmas casserole ideas is that you can get ahead and prep them in advance. This make ahead Christmas casserole contains sausages, eggs and vegetables for a powerful nutritional hit. As it can be frozen, you could even make it up to two months beforehand. Then you can thaw it on Christmas Eve, before reheating on the big day itself.

Pigs in blankets casserole

One of the most effective savoury Christmas breakfast ideas visually is this pigs in blankets casserole. You’ll require crescent dough plus sausages, cheese, eggs and milk. Throw in a little seasoning, and you have everything you need! Simply wrap, roll and coat in the milky, eggy and cheesy liquid before baking.

Festive potato and leek frittata

Potato Frittata Recipe with Leeks

Frittatas are so darned easy to make, which is one of the reasons why we’re huge fans! This potato and leek frittata recipe can also be served with salad for a substantial brunch dish. If you eat dairy products, this makes an ideal vegetarian Christmas breakfast. You can use onion in place of leek if you like.

‘Wife saver’ Christmas casserole

Dubbed the ‘wife saver’ by its creator, this simple Christmas casserole can be thrown together the night before. Then all you need to do is pop the ham, cheese and bread casserole into the oven on Christmas morning. Some of the other ingredients in this are a little unexpected – such as Worcestershire sauce, mustard… and cornflakes!

Sausage and hash brown casserole

This layered savoury bake is assembled in a similar way to a lasagne, and is also one of the best Christmas morning breakfast recipes for fans of savoury food. As well as the sausages and hash browns, it contains peppers, onion, garlic and chilli. Plus lots of eggs and a cheesy topping. Delish.

Christmas breakfast pinwheel rolls

Grab some pizza dough, pesto, prosciutto, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and an egg and you can whip up these Christmas pinwheel rolls in no time! They’re super simple to make and also ideal for those seeking an easy Christmas morning breakfast with a savoury flavour.

Bread and sausage casserole

If you’re likely to overdo the Christmas eve drinks and will be craving a carb hit as well as some protein, this one’s perfect. This sausage and bread concoction is another of those Christmas breakfast casserole ideas that’s deceptively simple to make. It’s also ideal for feeding a crowd.

Cheese and ham croissant casserole

It’s hot, it’s simple to make and it contains croissants and eggs. What’s not to love about this cheese and ham casserole? So easy to make, yet it looks as tastes so good! If you want savoury Boxing Day breakfast ideas after a sugar-packed day, why not give this one a whirl?

Christmas charcuterie board

If you have a large serving platter or board, this one gives this breakfast dish that stylish brunch joint look – yet minimal effort is required to pull it together. Really, you can add whatever sweet or savoury treats you like. Such as bagels, pancakes, croissants, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, bacon and cheese. For a quick Christmas breakfast, this one’s hard to beat.

Sweet Christmas breakfast ideas

Xmas morning breakfast ideas don’t come much more indulgent than these dessert-like sweet treats! Whether you want easy Xmas breakfast ideas for brunch or an earlier start to the day, some of these yummy concoctions cannot really be described as healthy holiday breakfast recipes. But they sure are lip-smackingly delicious…

Pavlova Boards

Who doesn’t love pavlova? Whether you agree they’re Aussie or think they’re a Kiwi creation, Pavlova is hands-down the BEST sweet treat for any occasion – especially Christmas! And the humble pav has had the greatest makeover in history – move over cheese boards, the Pavlova Board is continuing to win hearts and taste buds around the country!

Cranberry, orange and oat muffins

You’ll need to get ahead a little if you want to make these Christmas breakfast treats, as the oats and milk ideally need to soak for a few hours. Cow’s or a plant-based milk can be used in these cranberry and orange muffins. Other ingredients include wholemeal flour, fruit and dark chocolate.

Spiced cranberry scones

If it’s baked but light Christmas breakfast ideas you want, these cranberry scones with festive spices are perfect. They go very well with a Christmas morning coffee. As well as the usual eggs, flour, sugar, butter and so on, you’ll require fresh cranberries, some honey or maple syrup and a little thick cream to make these.

Orange and cranberry muffins

Cranberry Orange Muffins

While this recipe for cranberry and orange muffins is similar to the one above, it’s far from identical. The real distinction is that this one doesn’t contain oats, so it’s ideal if you’re not a fan. Fresh orange zest and juice plus cranberries give these breakfast cakes a fresh, zingy and slightly tart flavour.

Gingerbread pancakes

If you’re seeking fun Christmas breakfast ideas for the kids, this gingerbread pancakes recipe is perfect! You’ll need a gingerbread cookie cutter to make this delectable recipe. Then it’s all about getting creative with the toppings. Ideas include fruit, nuts, cereal, sprinkles, peanut butter, chocolate chips and more.

Reindeer sweet treats

Another of the best North Pole breakfast ideas for those with children comes in the form of these cute reindeer treats. Essentially this is just an assembly job, but the effect is stunning. All you’ll need are small round doughnuts, edible eyes, mini pretzels and some small tubes of icing for sticking things together.

Gingerbread muesli

This gingerbread muesli recipe is one of the best make ahead Christmas breakfast ideas around. As well as maple syrup, olive oil and spices, this is packed with the nutritional value of oats, almonds and a mix of seeds. It keeps for a few weeks, too, when stored in an airtight tub.

Rudolph pancakes

Christmas morning snacks don’t come much easier to put together than these reindeer pancakes. All you’ll need is some store-bought round pancakes, fresh raspberries, chocolate chips and a little bacon (you could pre-cook this to save time). This one’s ideal for busy families.

Mickey Mouse doughnuts

If you have an air fryer, then put it to good use on Christmas morning or before hosting a brunch by making a batch of these Mickey Mouse doughnuts. They’re pretty sweet, so a glass of milk on the side is ideal with these adorable Christmas breakfast menu ideas.

Nutella pancakes

What child or adult can resist that very moreish Italian chocolate hazelnut spread? No one we know, anyway. These Nutella-filled pancakes are a truly indulgent treat, yet the ingredients list is very simple. The rich centre oozes out most invitingly, and the trick is pre-freezing discs of the filling ahead of time. Among the finest Christmas breakfast dishes for chocoholics, for sure.

Spiced stollen swirl buns

These overnight spiced stollen swirl buns contain lots of lovely warming spices for a truly seasonal sweet treat. It’s one of those festive breakfast ideas you can prep the night before too. Imagine the aromas of of spiced baking filling your house on Christmas morning, or before a brunch gathering. Heavenly.

Pull-apart monkey bread

Ready-made biscuit dough is used to make this festive monkey bread. Decorated with red, green and white sprinkles, it really does look the part. It’s also one of the top Christmas morning brunch ideas for those who have kids to keep happy.

Christmas stollen madeleines

Though madeleines are thought of as French, the preserved lemon, spices and fruit flavours of these sweet stollen cakes are more Middle Eastern. This is another of those Christmas breakfast ideas that will fill your home with the most irresistible scent. Add a light dusting of icing sugar to elevate these even further.

Blintz blueberry souffle

If you want to try something different, this blueberry blintz souffle is surely one of the best holiday breakfast recipes to sample. A blintz is usually a rolled pancake with a filling, but this all-in-one option is much easier to whip up. if you like the sound of a light-as-air souffle for your Christmas Day breakfast, why not give this Jewish-style treat a try?

Croissant bread pudding

This Christmas bread pudding offers a fruity, festive twist on the classic dessert. You’ll need eggs, milk, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla as well as croisssants and fresh or frozen raspberries and blueberries. If you want sweet Christmas breakfast recipes that do contain some goodness, then this could be the one to go for!

Banana bagel casserole

If you’re seeking a sweet version of the make ahead Christmas morning breakfast casseroles, then you need this banana, nut and bagel recipe! You’ll need walnuts, bananas, cinnamon and bagels, plus eggs, milk and vanilla. It’s a great way to use up any ripe bananas too.

Baked festive french toast

French Toast Bake

This French toast recipe can be prepped the night before, ready to bake on Christmas morning or the day of your brunch party. It’s a little like the bread pudding recipe above, but without any fruit. Brown sugar, vanilla and cream ensure this is one of the most luxurious Xmas breakfast ideas you’ll find anywhere. Yum.

Panettone french toast

Yep, it’s another recipe for French toast – but this one contains Panettone, an Italian sweet bread baked with fruit. There’s even an ultra indulgent cake-style crumb topping, which is an optional extra you can add to this panetttone French toast if you want to. One of the best Christmas breakfast recipes for those who love La Dolce Vita!

Croissant french toast

Creme brulee French toast, you say? We’re in! This mouth-watering concoction is actually deceptively simple to make – and oh so worth the effort. If you have a guest who’s a dessert fan, then surely this is one of the top ideas for Christmas brunch you’ll ever discover. Ooh la la!

Chocolate Christmas waffles

If you have a waffle maker that sits on the top of a cupboard unused, then why not dust it down to make some chocolate waffles? You can add whatever toppings you like to this yummy, cocoa-rich Christmas breakfast food.

Christmas breakfast Danish

We’ve done French and Italian, so now it’s time to move onto Scandinavia. Denmark, to be precise. This Christmas Danish recipe is one of the top breakfast ideas for a Christmas brunch – or a delicious start to the day. You’ll need ready made pastry crescents plus cherry pie filling and cream cheese to make this baked delight.

Candy cane Danish

For a festive twist on the recipe above, try this candy cane Danish. It’s sure to bring a smile to young, eager faces – and will make the house smell glorious too! With only five ingredients, these cute Christmas breakfast ideas are ultra easy to make.

Christmas tree Danish

From the same author as the one behind the candy cane Danish comes this Christmas tree breakfast recipe. Looks-wise it’s one of the most impressive Christmas breakfast buffet ideas, yet is so simple to create. The same five ingredients are required.

Overnight Christmas fruitcake

You can quickly whip this one up the night before, so it’s ideal when you want Christmas eve breakfast ideas to prep in advance. This overnight Christmas breakfast contains various dried fruits, crystallised ginger and apple juice or cider. There’s also a baked oatmeal blend and a sweet streusel topping.

Which of these Christmas breakfast ideas will you try?

Whether you wanted a make ahead Christmas brunch or to find the best Christmas Day breakfast of your life, this list of deceptively easy Christmas breakfast recipes should tick all the right boxes. If you want a Christmas breakfast to make ahead, that angle is covered too.

Any of these Christmas themed breakfast ideas is ideal for the big day itself, or to serve up as part of any festive brunch celebration. With so many ideas for your Christmas breakfast menu, the only problem you may have is in deciding which one to try out first!

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