50 Christmas Cocktails to Enhance Your Celebrations

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If you’re looking for Christmas drinks to enliven your festive celebrations, then you need this list of the best Christmas cocktails! With 50 ideas on this list, you won’t be short of ideas when it comes to hosting friends or family for a party in July or December!

Socialising is of course popular at Christmas time, and what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail in hand? Seasonal Christmas alcoholic drinks can really help to enhance any party, whether it’s a small office get-together, a gathering of neighbours or a bigger occasion with your extended circle of family and friends.

Don’t forget New Year’s Eve, too. Seeing in the start of a New Year while sipping a delicious cocktail is surely de rigueur. You can always mix up some Christmas mocktails for anyone who’s under age, driving, pregnant or simply choosing not to drink alcohol.

From festive margaritas or martinis to warming hot drinks, here are 50 easy Christmas cocktails. These recipes will make sure your party is the one everyone’s talking about!

50 of the best Christmas cocktails to shake up the festive season

Here they are – 50 of the best Christmas drinks to make this year. To view a recipe, click on the red text to access the direct link.

White Christmas Margarita

Contains tequila & orange liqueur

With tequila and orange liqueur, this white margarita is bound to make everyone merry! The other ingredients are coconut cream, lime juice and soda. You can also garnish this with herbs or fruit, or create a sugar-encrusted rim.

Grinch cocktail

Contains Midori & Limoncello

This Grinch drink is one of the most sought-after Xmas drinks recipes around. With a red rim, the green Christmas cocktail totally looks the part. For the full visual and flavour effect, you’ll need Limoncello, Midori, Sprite, red sugar, a strawberry and a marshmallow.

Green Christmas shots

Made with green Hawaiian punch & Malibu

This simple shot glass blend also looks rather Grinch-esque, especially with a garnish of green and red sprinkles. It’s just Malibu and green Hawaiian punch served in shot glasses with a decorated rim.

Cranberry Margarita

Made with tequila & orange liqueur

This cranberry margarita is one of the most easy holiday cocktails to make. In addition to tequila and Cointreau, you’ll require cranberry and lime juices, plus lime and rosemary for the finishing touch.

Ginger Beer Mimosa

Contains vodka & ginger beer

This warming blend is a little spicer than many other holiday mixed drinks. To make this mimosa you’ll need vodka, ginger beer, cardamom, ground ginger and orange juice, plus pomegranate to complete the picture.

Cranberry Moscow Mule

Vodka based cocktail

Flavoured with cranberry, lime and ginger, this is a festive twist on the classic Moscow Mule. To whip up a batch of these Xmas cocktails you’ll need ginger beer, cranberry and lime juices and ice. Garnish with a lime wheel or fresh cranberries.

Candy Cane Moscow Mule

Made with peppermint vodka

This is another twist on the Moscow Mule. Peppermint vodka, cranberry juice, ginger beer and lime juice plus fruit and candy canes are required to make these Christmas themed drinks.

Rudolph’s Christmas cocktail

Vodka based cocktail

Inspired by the red-nosed reindeer, these Christmas mixed drinks are based on vodka and tonic. Water, sugar, cranberries, limes and mint complete the ingredients list.

Cranberry Mimosa

Contains sparkling wine

A cranberry mimosa is a fruity, refreshing festive concoction. It’s one of the best holiday drinks around when you don’t want to buy lots of ingredients, as all that’s in it is orange and cranberry juices plus the wine and some fresh fruit.

Christmas Champagne Cocktail

Champagne based cocktail

This champagne sparkler is one of the most sophisticated Christmas cocktail ideas out there. What says celebration better than champagne? This drink also contains pomegranate syrup, juice and seeds, plus green sugar for the rim of the flutes. We love this one to go with our Christmas breakfast ideas.

Christmas Old Fashioned

Whisky based cocktail

This version of the Old Fashioned is less sweet than some other classic Christmas cocktails. Whisky provides the base, and to that you add pine syrup, cranberry juice and bitters.

Cranberry & rosemary cocktail

Whisky based cocktail

This festive combination with cranberries and rosemary contains a fairly short list of ingredients. Whisky provides the alcohol, and you also need cinnamon sticks, rosemary, cranberry juice, sugar, fresh cranberries and water.

Christmas Cookie cocktail

Made with vanilla vodka & Kahlua

High on the list of Christmas cocktails with vodka is this festive cookie cocktail. Containing vanilla vodka, Kahlua, milk, coffee creamer and ice, the rim is decorated with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. To make a smooth, sweet mocktail, use iced coffee in place of the milk and omit the Kahlua and vodka.

Santa cocktail

Vodka based cocktail

A bright red as you’d expect it to be, the Santa Claus cocktail is one of the most colourful holiday drinks with alcohol you’ll find anywhere. You’ll also need grenadine, cranberry juice, corn syrup, Sprite, sugar and cherries to make it.

Cranberry & orange margarita

Contains tequila & orange liqueur

With Cointreau and tequila, this twist on the cranberry margarita also contains citrus sweetness. It’s one of those fun holiday drinks that’s super simple to whip up, once you’ve made the yummy cranberry and orange syrup.

Vodka spritzers

Vodka based cocktail

Any of these three Christmas punch with vodka recipes is super simple to make. You can pick between grapefruit and rosemary, blood orange or pomegranate and lime for a festive treat with fizz.

Raspberry sorbet wine spritzer

Made with sweet white wine

In addition to sweet white wine and raspberry sorbet, these fruity Christmas drink ideas contain ginger ale, and are decorated with fresh berries.

Kahlua-spiked eggnog

Contains brandy & Kahlua

This eggnog with Kahlua also contains brandy, milk and ice. You can also add egg white and nutmeg to your batch of these Christmas themed cocktails if you like.

Bailey’s White Russian

Made with vodka, Kahlua & Bailey’s

The creamy sweetness of this alternative to a White Christmas martini hides a surprising strength! You’ll need milk as well as the alcohol – unless you want a really powerful hit, that is.

Eggnog cocktail

Made with vanilla vodka & Bailey’s

Another twist on the classic eggnog here. This one contains Bailey’s Irish cream, plus vanilla vodka, eggnog and cinnamon or nutmeg.

Bailey’s, whisky & peanut butter cocktail

Contains whisky, vodka & Bailey’s

This is one of those Christmas beverages for those who like creamy drinks. As well as the alcohol, this rich festive drink contains brown sugar syrup, orange bitters and coconut cream.

Bourbon eggnog

Bourbon-based cocktail

All you need to make these delicious Christmas bourbon cocktails is the two drinks, plus some ice and a pinch of spice to decorate. Surely one of the easiest options ever!

Sparkling Christmas Sangria

Red wine based cocktail

This festive sparkler is sure to get the party started – and you can use some lovely local red wine if you live close to a vineyard! The other ingredients required to make this Christmas punch with alcohol are blood oranges, cranberries, apples, cinnamon sticks, sparkling water and orange liqueur. Yum!

Mulled wine

Made with red wine & brandy

Containing brandy and red wine, this mulled wine recipe adds honey, orange and spices into the festive mix. A festive classic, this is the mother of all hot Christmas drinks.

Santa Christmas shots

Chambord-based shots

You only need double cream and sugar as well as Chambord to make these Santa Claus shots. These fun Christmas drinks are like a dessert in a glass, flavoured with raspberry from the liqueur.

Mulled apple cider

Contains cider & dark spirit

You can make this mulled cider recipe with bourbon, rum, brandy or whisky. Spices, lemon and apple add extra flavour to these warm Christmas drinks. Serve in a mug with a cinnamon suagr rim.

Holly Jolly Christmas cocktail

Contains bourbon, nut liqueur & butterscotch schnapps

The Holly Jolly is a great way to use up any Frangelico or butterscotch schnapps at the back of the drinks cabinet. Or why not see it as an excuse to buy some! This is basically a boozy hot chocolate, so it’s perfect for snuggling down on the sofa with. Use regular hot chocolate for an alcohol-free version, then the children can join in too.

Cherry mulled mocktail

Alcohol-free mocktail

This cherry mocktail is made with no alcohol, though there’s nothing to stop you adding a dash of vodka if you’d like to pep it up a little. The mulling spices include cinnamon, cloves and star anise, and you can also add orange, vanilla and honey to create warming Christmas holiday drinks without the alcohol.

Mistletoe Mint cocktail

Made with crème de menthe & crème de cacao

Based on the Grasshopper cocktail – a classic – this minty drink contains crème de cacao and crème de menthe for hints of mint and white chocolate. You’ll also need vanilla ice cream, milk and sugar to whip up a batch of these festive cocktails.

Hypnotiq & Cherry Heering cocktail

Contains gin, Cherry Heering & Hypnotiq

Cherry liqueur, Hypnotiq and gin combine to create this magical mixture. Christmas gin cocktails don’t come much more flavoursome than this. To make one, you’ll also need lemon juice, ginger ale and berry juice, plus silver cake shimmer for the glass.

Fig & Thyme Gin cocktail

Gin based cocktail

With fruit, herbs and a gin kick, this thyme and fig cocktail is one of the most refreshing festive drinks around. Tonic, sugar and water combine with thyme and fig to create a festive-themed, pale pink gin and tonic.

Christmas Punch

Made with rum & sparkling wine

As well as rum or brandy and sparkling wine, this Christmas punch is one of those classic holiday drinks that’s great for a crowd. The other ingredients are pineapple and cranberry juices, plus sparkling water.

Gin and Cranberry holiday cocktail

Gin based cocktail

With cranberry and orange juices, soda and ice plus gin, fresh cranberries and rosemary, this festive concoction is one of the fruitiest Christmas drinks with alcohol you’ll find. The seasonal recipe isn’t too strong either, so it’s good for earlier in the day when you still have a scrumptious dinner to cook!

Christmas morning punch

Made with sparkling wine

If you like to get the party started early, you’ll love not quite so traditional Christmas punch that’s made for morning consumption! You can use French champagne, Italian prosecco or good old Aussie fizz to make it. Peach, orange, ginger and mint give this a fresh, fruity flavour.

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

Contains vodka & orange liqueur

This pomegranate drink for Christmas also contains the ubiquitous cranberries. Fruit juices including zingy lime are combined with Cointreau and vodka to create a refreshing, sweet-sour blend.

Mango Delight

White rum based cocktail

This taste of the tropics is one of the best holiday cocktails to make when you have some frozen mango in the house. The other ingredients are lime juice, sugar syrup, coconut milk and white rum, and you can easily leave out the latter to make a lip-smacking mocktail.

Milk Punch

Contains cognac & rum

If you know someone who loves dark spirits like rum, brandy and cognac, then they’ll adore this Milk Punch! It’s one of the simplest holiday alcoholic drinks to make too, with water, milk, sugar and nutmeg. If you have the spirits and spice, then you probably have all you need to make this without a trip to the shops.

Blue Christmas cocktail

Made with coconut rum, blue curaçao & peppermint schnapps

From party themes to decor, costumes and of course music, Blue Christmas is a thing. If that’s your style, you’ll love this festive version of a Blue Hawaiian. With peppermint schnapps, blue curaçao and Malibu, it also contains pineapple juice, Sprite and ice. The glass is decorated with crushed candy canes, stuck on with sugar syrup.

Poinsettia Punch

Contains orange liqueur & sparkling wine

This poinsettia drink for Christmas has flavours of orange, cranberry and sparkling wine. With only five ingredients, these Christmas party drinks are simple to make and delicious to drink.

Gingerbread martini

If a drink says festive more than this gingerbread Christmas martini, then please do let us know about it! You’ll need to make the gingerbread syrup, but that’s no hardship as it’s delicious and can also be used in various other ways. Gingerbread crumbs and a mini gingerbread man can be used for decoration.

Santa’s Hat cocktail

Made with coconut rum

Santa’s Hat contains coconut rum, cranberry juice and grenadine plus sugar and coconut for the glass rims. You can also garnish these fun Christmas cocktails with candy canes, if you like.

Frosted Pine Gibson martini

Contains gin & dry vermouth

This Christmas martini is a dry drink flavoured with rosemary and garnished with white edible lustre, rosemary and cocktail onions. The ideal festive Christmas drinks for those who prefer something less sweet.

Mistletoe martini

Gin based cocktail

The Mistletoe Martini is a modern festive classic – and is very simple to make too. You’ll need to whip up a batch of pine syrup in advance, but this keeps for ages. Other than that it’s just gin and cramberry juice, with berries or a pine sprig to decorate the glass.

White Christmas cocktail

Whisky based cocktail

Differing from the White Christmas Margarita, these whisky-based, easy Christmas drinks are made with crème de banane, crème de cacao, whisky and double cream.

Shortbread martini

Made with vodka, Bailey’s & butterscotch schnapps

The shortbread martini is a little different from the typical and more traditional Christmas drinks. With a shortbread rim, the martini glass contains a combination of vodka, butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s, plus milk and an appealing shortbread garnish.

Martini Macchiato

Contains vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s

Richer than a regular espresso martini, these holiday drinks with vodka, Irish cream and Kahlua are a really decadent treat! It all starts with brewing up a strong, Italian-style coffee.

Tres leches martini

Made with Pinnacle whipped cream vodka

Tres leches? Three milks. This particular White Christmas drink contains sweetened condensed milk, cream and evaporated milk. You can also add a dulce de leche garnish to the tres leches martini.

Hot buttered rum

Rum based cocktail

Hot buttered rum, anyone? If you like the sound of a drink with one of the most evocative Christmas cocktail names around, you’re sure to adore the flavour of these festive holiday drinks. Butter, brown sugar, vanilla and spices would surely warm the cockles of even the most ‘Bah Humbug’ heart.

Spiked white hot chocolate

Contains rum or Frangelico

You can use Frangelico or rum in this hot White Christmas cocktail. It’s also flavoured with spices and white chocolate, and comes topped with marshmallows for a decadent, warming treat.

Peppermint hot chocolate

Made with peppermint schnapps

This minty chocolate mixture one of those hot holiday drink ideas that’s ideal for winter. As well as peppermint schnapps, it contains milk, cream, chocolate, peppermint extract and powdered sugar. Make it without the schnapps and top with whipped cream and marshmallows to create the ideal Christmas hot drink for kids.

Which Christmas cocktails will you be whipping up?

From a Christmas mojito or holiday cocktails with vodka to a jingle juice holiday punch that’s made for mornings, there are plenty of simple Christmas cocktails to make during December.You could enjoy a cranberry Christmas cocktail while sitting in the Australian sunshine, or make one of the Baileys Christmas drinks to use up your supply in the most delicious way possible!

Whichever of these Christmas drink names or ingredients lists appeals most, one thing’s for sure. For those who enjoy a tipple, a martini, margarita or holiday punch with alcohol will always go down a storm. While for those who abstain, lots of these recipes can easily be adapted by omitting the liquor.

From an easy Christmas punch for a party crowd to sophisticated yet simple holiday cocktails to sip with your best pal or loved one, both chilled and warm holiday cocktails can help to spread the festive joy. Cheers!

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