Christmas Dinner Set for your Festive Feast

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Are you looking for a Christmas dinner set to use during the festive season this year? Us too! It’s a special time of year, and investing in some Christmas dinner plates to use only in December can really help to decorate for and mark the occasion.

It needn’t cost you much cash, either. From cheap Christmas dinnerware sets to elegant Christmas dinnerware that might one day be passed onto the children in your life, this guide is here to help you find just the right Christmas dining set. So you can perfect your table set up for Christmas dinner – the easy way.

Perhaps it’s plastic Christmas dinner plates you’re after for a party, Christmas melamine dinnerware sets, a My First Christmas dinner set for a new addition to the family or you’re looking at Christmas dinnerware sets for 12. Whatever sort of festive dinner plates you want, this guide outlines plenty of options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Whether you’re happy to splash out on an elegant Christmas dinner service from a top brand or would rather find Christmas dinnerware sets on sale at low prices, read on to source the ideal Christmas plates set for your requirements.

15 of the top Christmas dinner sets to use during December

From a Santa, poinsettia, snowman, reindeer or snowflake Christmas dinner plate set to stylish Christmas dinnerware sets for 8 made by the biggest names in the crockery business, here are 15 of your finest options.

Melamine Christmas plates

Let’s begin with cheap and cheerful, shall we? Melamine Christmas dinnerware can be a great choice, as it’s virtually indestructible and also very affordable. Being tough yet lightweight, it can also be easier to store than more breakable options.

Modern melamine often looks and feels a lot like ceramic or porcelain. Unless your guests actually carry their own plate and notice that it’s lighter in weight, they may well not even notice that they’re eating from melamine Christmas dinner plates.

The Spode Christmas tree salad plates are a perfect example of stylish melamine Christmas dishes made by a high end brand. These are also available as bowls, dinner plates, large platters and even as a 3 piece children’s Christmas plate set.

Available in both traditional and modern designs, melamine Xmas dinner plates are ideal for the main feast as well as parties.

Click here to check out melamine Xmas dinner sets

Vintage Christmas dinner plates

if you want to ring the changes this year, how about a vintage Christmas dinner set or even vintage style paper party plates for a larger gathering?

You could look out for vintage Christmas dinnerware sets, or instead go for a retro style design that can be used all year round. There are no rules saying your selection must have a festive theme!

Florals are a popular pick, and come in some irresistible shades that will really make your Christmas table stand out. Ceramic options include the likes of the gorgeous Royal Albert Rose Confetti dinner plates or Country Roses side plate.

When it comes to cheap Christmas dinner plates made from paper, Talking Tables offer some fabulous and great value plates that are perfect for parties, or when treating yourself to a mince pie or slice of yule log.

There are designs that hark back to more recent decades too, as well as plates in a plain colour with a pretty vintage style embellishment around the edge.

Click here to view a selection of vintage style plates

Gibson Christmas dishes

Gibson Christmas dinnerware sets are just the first of various brands to look out for, and their festive designs include a traditional style Christmas set with dinner and side plates plus bowls and mugs for 4. If you need Christmas dinner plates in a set of 8, you could always buy 2, as they could be used when catering throughout December for decades to come.

There is also a matching 7 piece serving set comprising salt and pepper shakers plus a milk jug and sugar bowl and a serving platter and bowl. The ‘Christmas Toile’ isn’t the only pattern available; they also offer ‘Poinsettia Holiday’ or ‘Seasonal Gold’.

Other options from Gibson include the red-on-white ‘Christmas Cottage’ or ‘Tree Trimming’ design, also available as a 16 piece Christmas dinnerware set. You could also browse the reat of the Gibson range to see if you can find anything you’d like to use all year long.

Click here to see a range of Gibson plates and serving sets

Christmas dining set

Children’s Christmas dinner set

If it’s a children’s Christmas dinner plate set you’re after, take a look at the range available on Amazon. There are both festive and non-festive designs to purchase, to use during all the months of the year or just during December, as you prefer.

Lenox have a 4 piece set of Christmas crockery on sale, comprising a matching portioned plate, bowl, fork and spoon in a holly theme that looks like a contemporary take on a classic theme. Toyland offer a 3 piece set with plate, bowl and cup with a cartoon Santa decoration that will appeal to small kids, while Spode offer a practical melamine set with a Christmas tree motif.

There are lots of other options too, from a Disney Christmas dinner set featuring their favourite characters to cute animal, Beatrix Potter, tractor and Paw Patrol designs.

Click here to take a look at kids’ Christmas dinner sets

Poinsettia dinnerware

What’s not to love about Poinsettia Christmas serving plates, dinner plates or bowls? Whether you want round or square Christmas dinner plates, there is plenty of choice featuring the pretty red festive flower.

A crowd pleaser for sure, and if you are catering for a number of people the multipacks containing plenty of paper plates and napkins are ideal. Why wash up a ton of crockery when you could eat, scrape and recycle?

Leading brands like Gibson and Noritake also offer Christmas dinner sets for sale featuring Poinsettia designs. Floral, yes, but not as we usually know it.

With its tropical looks, the Poinsettia theme bridges that gap between summer here in Australia and the wintry weather experienced by much of the world during the festive season.

Click here to find a choice of Poinsettia crockery

Corelle Christmas dinnerware sets

Corelle Christmas dishes are another option from a big brand to consider. Their dining sets come in so many shapes, sizes, patterns and colours that you really will be spoiled for choice. The ‘Winter Frost White’ range makes a refreshingly simple change from many of the usual festive offerings.

These Corelle Christmas dinner plates are available as a dinner service for 6, complete with bowls, side plates and dinner plates. The ‘Country Cottage’ design also looks suitably festive, with its subtle floral edge design that resembles mistletoe at first glance.

Some of the best Corelle crockery is not necessarily festive, however. Instead it looks the part for any special occasion, so you could perhaps get it out for birthdays, Easter and Mother’s Day as well as Christmas.

Click here to explore the range of Corelle plates, bowls and mugs

Santa dinner plates

Santa Claus dinner plates are a seasonal classic that can be used by adults and kids alike. They are also surely the best choice when you want to buy a ‘Cookies for Santa’ plate on which to leave the snacks for Father Christmas – and of course his trusty reindeer.

If you want more space, you can also buy these as a tray. Many also come as sets with a bottle for ‘Santa’s milk’ and even a bowl for ‘Reindeer treats’, or a chalkboard so the kids can leave a special message.

You can of course buy Christmas dinner sets in Australia with a Santa theme too. These range from good value packs of cheap paper or plastic Christmas plates for parties to premium quality crcokery that can be used year after year.

Click here for a choice of Santa Christmas plates and bowls

Snowflake dinnerware sets

A set of snowflake plates makes for an elegant Christmas dinner set up, and its never been more popular than since the much anticipated Frozen 2 animated movie was released.

A snowflake design is incredibly popular for parties, so there are plenty of disposable Christmas plates available, along with napkins and tablecloths.

Snowflake Christmas plates come in all kinds of colour schemes too. Pick cool blue and white to reflect the sunny Australian weather outside, or opt for glamorous gold to ramp up the style another notch or few.

An assortment of ceramic snowflake mugs, bowls and plates is also available – as well as lots of matchy-matchy accessories for dressing up the table or your home!

Click here to view snowflake Christmas dinnerware sets

Spode Christmas dinner set

Spode Christmas dinner plates are one of the most sought-after options when you want to invest in a set that will stand up to the test of time. Among all those, Spode Christmas tree dinner plates are probably the most popular.

Whether you’d rather buy one or more statement individual plates or a full Spode Christmas tree 12 piece dinner set to suit the whole family, there are so many options from this premium crockery manufacturer.

The majority do feature the classic Spode Christmas tree design – and what’s not to love about this traditional symbol of the festive season that will never go out of date? We’re rather fond of the two-tiered cake plate with tartan trim, the footed cake plate that really shows off your carefully crafted cake and the tree-shaped serving dish.

Who could resist the red ribbon trimmed canape plate, the nutcracker cheese plate that comes complete with knife or even Spode’s blue Italian designs that could be used long into the New Year?

Click here to browse the Spode range of Christmas crockery

Christmas dinner plates

Snowman dinner plates

Wow. We were quite surprised by what searching for snowman dinnerware sets turned up. There are so many choices when you want to buy a snowman themed Christmas dinner set in Australia – or even when you want something that’s more decorative than functional.

If you’re interested in the former, take a look at the snowman (and Santa) treats holders that act as a serving platter for parties or snacking in front of a festive film. As for the Portmeiron and Anniversary House snowman plates, they look just a little too good to actually use, but we reckon we can manage it.

Paper plates, ceramic plates, serving plates and decorative plates – there seems to be no end to what a snowman can do!

Click here to see a range of snowman plates and accessories

Christmas tree dinner plates

If it’s Christmas tree crockery you’d like we’ve already covered the classic Spode Christmas tree dinnerware – but that’s far from the only option.

You can buy one or more tree-shaped serving platters for canapes, snacks or parties, or even the Spode designs that also come as a melamine Christmas tree plate or pack of paper ones.

The cute ‘Balsam Lane’ 4 piece set of Lenox Christmas plates is also super cute, and at the time of writing it has received hundreds of rave reviews. If you click on the product itself (or here) you can also see the range of options this design comes in. Whether you want mugs, serving bowls or platters or even a tea set, they’ve got the lot.

Click here to check out a range of Christmas tree plates, bowls and more

Noritake Christmas dishes

Noritake Christmas plates are another option worth taking a good look at. This brand is known for its ultra elegant crockery, and Noritake Christmas tableware is no exception.

You can buy ‘Holiday Accent’ plates in metallic gold or platinum, or a more traditional design featuring holly leaves and berries. Their ‘Fitzgerald’ Holiday Accent plates are ultra stylish, with a black and gold rim and a subtle twist of holly to the centre.

If you want to treat the family to an elegant set of Christmas crockery that should last a lifetime, check out the range from Noritake.

Click here to view Noritake Christmas dinnerware sets

A reindeer dinner set

Reindeer dinner plates are another cheerful festive option that can be just as contemporary, colourful or traditional as you’d like them to be.

The range of reindeer tableware doesn’t stop at plates – you can also purchase a cake box with a cute gold reindeer decoration that doubles up as a handle in deep green or brighter red. Or who could resist the bamboo serving board shaped like a reindeer head?

There are reindeer silhouettes in black, typographic designs with slogans such as ‘North Pole reindeer sleigh rides’ or even an upmarket porcelain reindeer shaped plate in white and gold from Meri Meri.

While you’re on the page, be warned. You may be unable to resist the range of reindeer decorations shown further down…

Click here to discover reindeer plates and accessories

Red Christmas dinnerware

If you fancy treating yourself to a set of Christmas tableware but can’t really justify the expense, why not go for a set of plainer red tableware that can be used all year round?

There are square sets with curved edges in black and deep red, such as the Gibson ‘Soho Lounge’, Stone Lain or MiaMio 16 piece sets with plates, bowls and mugs for 4. Gibson also do a smart melamine set that’s ideal for a Christmas barbie.

There’s definitely going to be a red hue, size, shape and style to suit you, so why not take a look?

Click here to explore a selection of red tableware

Christmas charger plates

Last but by no means least – if you want special Christmas tableware but don’t need new crockery, why not add a charger plate to each Christmas dinner table setting?

In case you haven’t come across the concept before, a charger plate is basically an oversized platter that your main dinner plate can sit on top of. It’s often made from lighter materials than ceramics or porcelain, and due to the size also doubles up for use as a party serving platter.

These come in all kinds of festive and more neutral designs, from elegant gold, silver or red to those featuring slogans that are unmistakably Christmassy.

Click here to take a look at charger plates for Christmas

Which Christmas dinner set will you dine with?

As you can see there are plenty of Christmas dinner sets for sale in Australia – the only problem might be choosing what to go with! Picking out stylish crockery really can enhance your table setting for Christmas dinner, and can be used year after year.

From premium brand Christmas dinner plate sets to practical melamine options for outdoor eating, setting the table for Christmas dinner may never be the same again.

While you’re here, why not check out our guides to Christmas candles, festive inflatables and nativity scenes?

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