Best Christmas Candles to Light Up the Festive Season

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There are lots of reasons to buy Christmas candles. A well-chosen candle makes a great festive gift. You can also buy advent candles, window candles and various themed candles. Favourite brands among Australians include Yankee Candle, Diptyque and and Woodwick.

Whether you want to light up your home, choose a simple but elegant corporate gift, count down to Christmas or buy someone a special gift, there are lots of Christmas candle options out there. Including some gorgeous goodies from Gifts Australia, crackling candles that sound just like a real fire and candles with specially developed festive scents.

If you want to create a heavenly smelling home, give a treasured gift or track down some LED window candles, read on to discover all the most fabulous Christmas candles for 2021. They also make great items to include in any Christmas Eve box for her.

The best Christmas candles for giving and glowing

Let’s get started. Here are all our top Christmas candle suggestions to light up your home – or someone else’s – this festive season.

Christmas candle holders

So where are you going to display those Christmas candles? When you’re not buying a candle in a jar or tin but want to display tealights or long candles, you’ll need somewhere to put them. Investing in a pretty candle holder means having a place to display your candles, year after year.

Some Christmas candle holders have a festive theme, while others are suitable for all seasons – whether it’s summer or winter in Australia. You can choose between candelabras, scroll, rotating or lantern-style candle holders or a set of matching candlesticks.

Candles that are decorated with crystals should do a great job of creating beautiful light patterns around the room, or you can purchase small, intricate surrounds for placing your tealights on the festive table. There are even delicate, white porcelain domes that light up the deer or bird design on the outside once a lit candle is placed within.

Diptyque Candles

While they’re not cheap, anyone who received a candle from Diptyque for Christmas 2020 would surely agree that Diptyque produce some of the world’s finest candles. Any item from their upmarket range makes an ideal gift, precisely because it’s something people are less likely to treat themselves to.

So what can you buy from Diptyque for Christmas 2021 and beyond? Their range includes some gloriously named scents – Mimosa, Oud, Cyprès, Ambre, Tubereuse, Choisya and Feu de Bois. The latter being firewood. Why the French names? Like many of the planet’s top perfume houses, Diptyque are based in Paris.

Any Diptyque candle makes a luxurious and decadent Christmas gift for someone you love. Even if owning one is just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Surely the perfect Christmas candle.

advent candles

A candle making kit

What do you buy that person whose home already appears filled to the brim with festive candles? A candle making kit, of course! The next step for them is clearly getting stuck into creating their own scented delights.

Candle making kits come with everything they need to start making their very own candles. Including tins to make them in, wicks, scents, wax, dyes, a pouring pot, a spoon and full instructions.

The candle making sets for adults are nothing like those kids’ craft gifts you see everywhere. These are proper, professional style kits for those who are serious about becoming a candle-maker. Even if only during evenings and weekends.

Yankee candles

The Yankee Candle ‘snowflake cookie’ scent is one of the most famous festive scents you’ll ever come across. Giving a Yankee Candle for Christmas 2020 was very popular and it will be no different during every festive season – for the forseeable future at least. Yankee Christmas candles in their chunky glass jars are a simple yet very effective way to scent the home.

The Yankee Christmas cookie one is the bestseller, but many more of their Christmas candle scents are also very sought-after. Those most popular during festive times past include Yankee Candle ‘Christmas Memories’, the ‘Frosty Gingerbread’ Yankee Candle, Yankee Candle ‘Christmas Wreath’ and the ‘White Christmas’ Yankee Candle. Then there are the ‘Candy Cane’ candles too.

If you’d rather echo the Australian summer in the candle gift you give, Yankee also make some lighter, fresher scents. Such as the citrussy ‘Sicilian Lemon’ or the floral ‘Fresh Cut Roses’. Other classic favourites include ‘Vanilla Cupcake’, ‘Lilac Blossoms’, ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘Autumn Glow’, ‘Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Pink Sands’. When you need a small gift, the in-car air fresheners make ideal stocking fillers too.

LED window candles

There is a growing trend for displaying window candles across the globe. Although here in Australia we tend to have lighter evenings than those living in North America and Europe, there’s no reason why we can’t get in on this trend.

Kids in particular love to decorate their rooms to mark the Christmas season, but a tree can take up a lot of space and other decorations could easily be broken. Overcome all that by buying a set of electric window candles. As they use LEDs rather than being lit, there’s no need to worry about mixing children or teens with naked flames.

When these are stuck to the window, it can also give the impression that they’re floating in mid-air, Harry Potter style. Typically they come as a set of 6 or 12 tapered candles, which you can display just as you like. Such as by making the shape of a Christmas pyramid. You can also buy larger, wider individual LED candles or a small set of these.

Many of the sets come as window candles with a timer and remote control. Whether you use them as Christmas pyramid candles or to make a unique design of your own, they’re a safe and fun way to light up your life this festive season.

Christmas candle scents

Candle Gifts Australia

There are some gorgeous candles available from Gifts Australia, and these can be sent all over the country. Perfect when you want to send a special gift to family or friends who live interstate. Why schlep around the shops, spend time wrapping, and queue to send a parcel via by Australia Post, when you can easily send a thoughtful and personal gift at the click of a mouse?

The Gifts Australia candle selection includes all kinds of covetable candles. There are sets of three ‘Mindful’ ‘Botanical’ or ‘Feng Shui’ candles in little glass jars, ‘Sweet Pea and Jasmine’ gift boxes that include a diffuser and a ‘Golden Hour’ soy wax candle.

The range also features large, highly scented candles for an instant fragrance hit. The scents we love the sound of most include ‘Sea Foam, ‘Island Bloom’, ‘Sea Salt Waters, ‘Clementine Honey’ and ‘Sandalwood’. If the scents are even half as appealing as their names, then you’re surely onto a winner.

Candle accessories

What do you give the candle fan who has it all – including the aforementioned candle making kit? A candle accessory or two, that’s what. Candle snuffers and trimmers make highly practical gifts for candle lovers, and also make great decorative items to display at any time of year.

A candle snuffer consists of a metal, hand held pole with a bell or dome shaped attachment at one end. The other end has a handle to make it comfortable to hold. The user simply places the snuffer part over the candle to extinguish the flame. With no risk of breathlessness or blowing smoke into their own face.

Candle trimmers are also popular items. These come in the form of a pair of angled, long handled scissors that can be used to trim candle wicks safely and easily. This can prevent the sort of unpleasant black smoke that comes from a burnt wick.

You can purchase candle snuffers or a candle trimmer separately, or buy them as a matching set. They often come with a wick dipper too, which can be useful for coaxing errant wicks back into position. Many sets are very elegant in appearance, in attractive hues of rose gold, bronze, black or silver. There is even a cute Alessi ‘Bzzz’ candle snuffer available – and it’s typical of this upmarket brand’s beautiful and functional range of homeware.

Woodwick candles

A Woodwick candle makes a crackling sound, and to light one in your home creates the ambience of a real wood burning stove. Without the mess, or the heat. They also come in some stylish colours and shapes, and feature some heavenly scents.

It’s not just about the sound – nor is it only about scented candles in glass jars. Woodwick stand out because they offer some unusual and contemporary shapes, as well as lovely fragrances. The crackling fire sound only adds to their appeal. It’s the cherry on top.

From a leaf-shaped ‘Vanilla Bean’ or ‘Trilogy Golden Treats’ candle to a ‘Sand and Driftwood’ or ‘Coastal Sunset’ hourglass jar candle, Woodwick have some delightful scents to stimulate your senses.

night before Christmas candle

Wax melts

You, or they, may seem to have sampled every kind of candle on the market – but have they tried a wax melt yet? These tend to come as little cubes of scented wax, that are then placed into a warmer or melter. Light a tealight beneath and the entire room will soon be filled with scent.

It’s not always hip to be square. Some wax melts come in adorable shapes, such as a tiny teddy bear or gingerbread man. Yankee Candle wax melts are shaped like miniature fruit tarts – and in certain cases also smell just like freshly baked sweet treats.

Many wax melts are made from soy wax and they come in all sorts of pack sizes, scents and colours. A wax melt offers a refreshing change from Christmas tea lights – but do make sure your recipient has a suitable burner before you buy! If not, check out our next listing.

A wax melt burner

If your friend or family member has never tried wax melts before, then perhaps they don’t already even own a wax melt burner. Even if they do, why not treat them to a new one, along with some delicious-smelling melts, for Christmas?

A wax melter is typically made from ceramics or stone, although there are a few metal ones available. Just bear in mind that the latter may be hot to the touch when in use. These make pretty candle ornaments to display on a shelf, sideboard or console table.

There is a larger section to the bottom for placing and lighting a tealight in. At the top, a smaller dish holds the wax melt – or can alternatively be used with aromatherapy oil. Whatever their style, you should be able to find one to suit. Options include floral, animal, geometric and even Bhudda designs.

Which type of Christmas Candles will you buy?

With so many Christmas candles for sale, what sort will you purchase for your family, neighbours, friends and colleagues this year? Festive candles come in all shapes and sizes, including Christmas candle lanterns, Christmas LED candles and Christmas candle jars. You can also buy them as a prettily packaged Christmas candle set, for thoughtful yet effortless giving.

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