32 Christmas Crafts Ideas for Decorating and Giving

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Whether it’s simple DIY Christmas decorations or beautiful homemade Christmas gifts to give to family and friends, getting creative is incredibly popular during the festive season. This guide lists 35 awesome Christmas crafts to try this December. So we’re saying yes – do go ahead and try these at home!

Many of these simple yet very effective ideas are ideal for making with kids, keeping youngsters occupied while school’s out. They’re brought to you by some of the world’s leading family, home, lifestyle and craft bloggers, so you know you’re in expert hands too.

From DIY Christmas gifts with the personal touch to homemade Christmas decorations to get your home ready for party season, this is the ultimate guide to easy Christmas crafts for both adults and kids.

Let’s get stuck in. Here are 32 of the best homemade Christmas ornaments and gifts to get creative with. Who knows, you may even discover a hidden talent or brand new hobby while trying out these easy yet attractive ideas!

32 easy Christmas crafts to make during the festive season

Here we go – 35 of the finest DIY Christmas ornaments to make and give this year. If you want to know more about a craft idea, simply click on the red text highlighting the name of the item for the full lowdown.

Hanging or Christmas tree decorations

These simple designs sure do beat the likes of cheap Dollar Tree Christmas decorations hands down! Trying out these Christmas crafts for adults and kids means you might even skip the usual bauble collection this year…

Buddy the Elf ornament

You can use the free template provided by Sam at Simple Everyday Mom to make this Buddy the Elf Christmas ornament. Other than that, you’ll need coloured card and red twine plus tape, glue and scissors. Your finished elf can then be laminated if you like. This is one of the simplest paper Christmas decorations to get started with!

Santa seashell decoration

If you dig the natural look, then you’ll love this Santa seashell decoration. Kids will adore the cheery red Father Christmas character too. The first step can even be fun, as it can involve a trip to the beach to find some suitable seashells. Apart from those you’ll need acrylic paint, brushes, twine and a glue gun, plus some little white pompoms. A super cute Christmas tree craft for sure!

Simple Harry Potter DIY Ornament

Do you love all things Harry Potter, especially the magic? Brew up your favorite elixir and feel like you’re a student attending a potion class at Hogwarts when you create your very own potion ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.

Pompom pine cones

Catherine at Growing Family offers a pompom pine cones option. These comprise pine cones rhat are decorated with little pompoms, before adding string so you can hang them on the tree. You can of course colour co-ordinate yours to match your festive decor, and collecting the cones beforehand can also be good fun.

Melted snowman ornament

Fill a clear plastic bauble with the right stuff and what do you get? A clever hanging snowman decoration to put on the tree, of course! What you use for the components is also flexible. You’ll need salt or clear glitter for the snow, plus some nice ribbon for hanging, and job done. These are simple to make in batches, so are great for school fairs or giving as small handmade Christmas gifts.

Hanging pompom ornaments

Bigger pompoms are needed for these Christmas DIY crafts. To create an irresistible hanging pomom decoration, you’ll make your very own pompoms! All you need is an inexpensive pompom maker, a glue gun, some coloured card, yarn, scissors and some small pompoms. When it comes to styles, the sky’s the limit with this. Will it be a single snowman ornament or a group of reindeer ornaments? The choice is all yours.

Rudolph wood slice decoration

Thrifty Jinxy Chrysa has kindly supplied the instructions for this wooden Rudolph the reindeer decoration. To make yours, grab a small, round slice of wood plus ribbon and a few other accessories. It takes mere moments to put together before hanging on your tree. These festive DIY ornaments are super quick to make, so even small kids won’t have a hope of getting bored.

Fingerprint Christmas ornament

You’ll also need slices of wood to make a batch of these fingerprint Christmas DIY ornaments – and every one is guaranteed to be totally unique! Each person’s fingerprint can be used to create various festive creatures and symbols. Other than the wood, you’ll also require items like twine, a glue gun and acrylic paint.

Hard candy bauble

An old-fashioned bauble filled with sweets makes a delightful – and delicious-looking – Christmas arts and crafts project. You only need fillable baubles, some lollies of your choice and a pretty piece of ribbon to put together these colourful, candy-filled tree baubles.

Salt dough ornaments

Looking for salt dough decorations? Then stop right here! Salt dough is cheap and easy to make, and is also pretty durable, making it a great alternative to paper Christmas tree decorations. Baking accessories like cookie cutters plus paints are used to clever effect here. Or for a slightly different approach, try the Crafting with Kids take on these.

Apple cinnamon ornaments

Cinnamon and apple ornaments, you say? We’re sold! The clever trick with this one is that it’s shaped like a reindeer head, yet is made using a gingerbread man cutter. You simply turn the baked biscuit upside down before decorating. So much better than Christmas origami, surely, as you can eat the results of your handiwork.

Homemade crystal decorations

If you fancy having a go at some unique DIY Christmas tree decorations, then why not try making some crystals? It’s a fun kids’ science project, and you’ll need to get started the night before putting these crystal hanging decorations together. Kids will be amazed at what science plus borax, pipe cleaners and some food colouring can create!

Beaded icicle ornaments

Any jewellery makers or beady crafters out there will love these icicle-like hanging ornaments made using crystal beads. They’re far more long-lasting than the likes of an origami Christmas tree, and Angela from Projects with Kids has supplied clear, simple instructions. Creative types may already have the items and tools required, or they’re easy and cheap to buy if you want to start your own collection.

Living Christmas baubles

If you want to teach your kids about the wonders of nature, why not go for these living Christmas baubles? They’re like a miniature garden to hang on the tree! They’re simple Christmas crafts to make once you gather some sand, open-sided baubles and mini succulents – plus a few other items.

Cute craft stick decorations

These cute popsicle stick ornaments are ideal for small children to get creative with, so preschool mums and teachers take heed! Coloured craft sticks are ideal, especially in festive red or green. You’ll also need various decorative items such as small buttons, pipe cleaners, cotton wool, felt, stick-on eyes and pompoms.

Glitter snowflakes

Also from Teach Me Mommy are these pretty glitter snowflakes. There are also instructions to make your own glitter baubles if you’d like to. The simple DIY snowflakes are also made using craft sticks plus paint, glue, glitter and string. Not one for you if you mind getting glitter all over the place, perhaps!

Pipe cleaner festive ornaments

Making a whole bunch of these pipe cleaner hanging decorations is super simple, and using glittery pipe cleaners should keep small kids interested. You can twist them together for a striped effect, or join shapes together to resemble holly leaves and berries or ornate snowflakes. They’re as simple as Christmas paper chains to make, yet a little more creative in scope.

Felt Christmas decorations

If it’s Christmas sewing projects you want, take a look at this one from Stephanie at Swoodson Says. Older kids may manage it by themselves, while little ones will probably need a lot of assistance. These sweet little hanging ornaments are made using felt, and can feature any drawing or piece of writing children have created themselves.

Nordic hanging ornaments

These Nordic-style felt ornaments will last for far longer than paper ornaments. Making them involves mastering blanket stitch, but that’s not too difficult to grasp. These look so cute and can be used year after year, so it’s well worth the effort. They’re one of the best Christmas crafts to sell or give as gifts too.

Peppermint candy decorations

Melting peppermint sweets in the oven is the key task with these candy cane ornaments. Blog author Nettie suggests hanging these peppermint candy ornaments on the tree – or on gifts to give as an extra sweet little present! If you have any festive cookie cutters, grab some brightly coloured peppermint lollies and you’re all set.

Polymer Clay Snowflake Ornaments

These Polymer Clay Wood Slice Snowflake Ornaments are absolutely darling. Find out how to make these polymer clay snowflake ornaments in a matter of minutes!

Button lace ornaments

Get hold of some wide lace, buttons and the right embellishments and you could make these traditional style button lace decorations for the tree. The kind of items you might use in Christmas card making are fine, as long as you like the finished effect. Lots of white lace gives this one an appealing wintry look too!

Cute Christmas gnomes

Christmas Gnomes

These little felt gnome ornaments make a nice change from all that glitz and glitter. Kids will love to see their own creation hanging on the tree, and younger ones can make them under supervision as long as you have some safety scissors. They can be glued or stitched together once you’ve added the stuffing. A ribbon for hanging completes these simple Christmas crafts to make at home.

Crayola Magic Christmas decorations

Crayola Magic is the secret behind these festive hanging decorations. This is a modelling compound used to make all kinds of items, such as cake toppers. It’s also ideal for creating your own hanging clay ornaments. Grab some cookie cutters and you can roll it out like icing, picking your colours to reflect what you’re making.

4 hanging tree ornaments

Crafter Rochelle at Five Marigolds offers four options in her helpful post on hanging tree decorations. For preschool Christmas crafts, there’s the disco bauble, or pick the ‘bringing home the tree’ option that uses a toy car! You can also make a personalised or wintry Christmas tree bauble.

Christmas wreaths

Why buy a festive wreath when you could make one of your very own cheaply and simply? Make your own Christmas decorations doesn’t have to stop at the sort of stuff you might hang on the tree…

Jingle bells wreath

These handmade Christmas decorations take a little longer to put together – but boy, is it worth the effort! If you want to give homemade ornaments to family, friends or neighbours, may we suggest you try this jingle bell wreath? Only three components are required here, namely ribbon, pipe cleaners – and of course jingly bells.

Pipe cleaner wreath

Using bells isn’t the only way when it comes to Christmas wreath making: pipe cleaners can also be surprisingly effective! As well as those in various shades of green, you’ll require buttons or beads, scissors and a tape roll to create your own pipe cleaner wreath. Tie on some string and it’s ready to hang in any dry location of your choice.

Hanging wreath ornaments

Is it a wreath or is it a hanging ornament? Well, it’s kinda both. These wreath shaped ornaments use paper drinking straws strung together carefully to create a Christmas decoration. They can then be hung on the tree or an interior door. To make a candy cane wreath, simply find some red and white striped straws!

Other creative Christmas ideas

From pine cone decorations, flowerpot reindeer, homemade frames, gift boxes or an advent calendar to a Santa-themed alternative to a toilet paper Christmas tree, here are some more clever Christmas craft creations.

Super Cute Christmas Reed Diffusers

These Christmas reed diffusers use fillable Christmas baubles as diffuser bottles and Christmassy essential oils for fragrance. Perfect for holiday gifting.

Find out how to make these Christmas reed diffusers here.

Wrapping paper photo frames

Get crafty with wrapping paper with this idea that comes via the two UK-based mums who run In the Playroom. To make your own personalised Christmas photo frames, you’ll need to pick out some photos or pictures you want to show off. Other items you’ll use include corrugated card, pie cleaners and wooden skewers. These popular Pinterest Christmas crafts come from the Christmas Craft Book by Laura Minter and Tia Williams.

Christmas countdown clock

Learn how to make this simple Christmas countdown clock from an old tree slice. This is an easy way to create DIY rustic Christmas decor.

Pine cone Christmas trees

Come on, you knew pine cone crafts would rear their heads sooner or later, surely? We love these pine cone ornaments created by Growing Family in the UK, as they’re something different to do with pine cones. Little sticky gems make ideal baubles, if you have or can get hold of some. Little Christmas trees in pots – what could be cuter?

Handprint reindeer craft

Handprint Reindeer Craft For Kids

This handprint reindeer craft is an easy keepsake kids can give to mom and dad this Christmas.

Paper Santa Claus

Top among Christmas paper crafts for younger kids is this paper Father Christmas – he’s made from a toilet roll inner! You’ll also need coloured paper, cotton wool, adhesive eyes and gold glitter for the full effect. This freestanding Santa can be proudly displayed wherever you like within your home – or given to a doting and grateful grandparent to decorate theirs.

Flower pot reindeer

Fresh from Easy Crafts for Kids is this clay pot reindeer idea. It also makes a longer-lasting change from the typical origami Christmas decorations that are thrown out or recycled after the festive season’s end. All the materials are cheap and widely available, and the finished piece can be just as bright or subtle in style as you’d like.

Festive treat boxes

Make your own containers for all manner of festive treats using a paper plate and a napkin. Plus a few other items such as a glue gun and some coloured card. Once you’ve done some neat cutting and sticking, you end up with a pretty festive treat box. This is one of those easy Christmas crafts for adults and children that actually has a practical purpose too, as you can use it when giving food items or other small gifts.

Christmas countdown calendar

Make good use of wooden clothes pegs to make a Christmas countdown calendar. This can be used throughout December as the kids count down from advent to the big day itself. Foam sheets, coloured card, red ribbon, glitter, a white pen and a festive embellishment are the other things you’ll need when putting together this craft advent calendar.

Holiday Cutting Board Signs

These Holiday Cutting Board Signs are seriously the most darling craft that you will make this year! They are far easier to make than they look, especially with the free cut files!

Which Christmas crafts will you be making at home?

From Christmas handprint art or a pine cone Christmas tree to a DIY snowman to hang up, there are plenty of Christmas decorations to make at home. Christmas craft kits aren’t required for any of these simple projects.

Some of these Christmas art projects are also easy Christmas crafts to make and sell, so they’re ideal for the local craft or festive fair – or even those with a shop on Etsy. Whether you want paper Christmas ornaments or something longer-lasting, our lovely craft bloggers have certainly supplied lots of lovely ideas!

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