Christmas Cards for All Your Friends and Family

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It’s never too early to start finding the right Christmas cards for the festive season. Particularly if you want to send Merry Christmas greetings overseas. When sending by Sea Mail – which is Australia Post’s cheapest option – cut-off dates for mailing cards and gifts to countries like the US and the UK are during late September.

There’s no need to panic, however. We’ve rounded up all the Christmas cards available online for you to order – right now if you want to. Whether you want to send charity Christmas cards to support a cause that’s close to your heart, would like funny Christmas cards to raise a smile or are after personalised Christmas cards with the wow factor.

From affordable boxed Christmas cards to one-off handmade Christmas cards, this guide will help you find all the finest cards to suit your festive greeting needs.

Whether you require a generic Christmas greeting card for the whole street or religious Christmas cards for committed church-goers, read on to find all the best Xmas cards for the 2022 festive season.

11 of the best Christmas cards for the festive season

From Australian Cancer Research Christmas cards or cheap Christmas cards featuring funny designs to printable or e-Christmas cards, here are 11 of the best options for December greetings.

Funny Christmas cards

Set of flat modern hand drawn Christmas and New Year greeting cards design.Trendy Christmas Design Set. Holiday Themed Collection. Vector Illustration

If you want to find a funny Christmas card or two, then you’re far from alone. Humorous Christmas cards are one of the most perennially popular types. Who wouldn’t want to try and raise a chuckle during the season of goodwill to all?

Let’s face it, a Merry Christmas card designed to make them laugh is always going to be a winner. There are plenty to pick from too, available to buy from Amazon or Moonpig Australia. Amazon, for instance, offers great value multipacks printed with cure creatures and slogans saying the likes of ‘Fleece Navidad’, ‘Have a Beary Merry Christmas’ or ‘There’s Snow Place Like Home for the Holidays’.

Moonpig, meanwhile, offers everything from a simple ‘Merry Christmoose’ to the Divinyls-esque ‘When I Think About You I Touch My Elf‘ or even ‘Christmas Panic Buying, Drunk by Lunchtime, Stuck in a House with your Family – It’s Basically Lockdown’!

Click here to search for funny Christmas cards on Amazon

Click here to see Moonpig’s selection of funny festive cards

Personalised Christmas cards

When it comes to custom Christmas cards – or any other kind of personalised greeting cards – there’s no better place to look than Moonpig. The range of Moonpig Christmas cards comes with so many options to pick from.

Once you’ve chosen Christmas cards to look at, you can filter the results in all sorts of ways. Pick who it’s for – such as a an Auntie, Best Friend or Colleague – or select by age, photos, layout, brand, style, topic or language. So if you really want to wish someone in Mexico or Spain a ‘Feliz Navidad’ then you really can do just that, in their own mother tongue!

Not all Moonpig cards require a photo, though of course this kind is one of their most popular card ranges.

Click here to view Moonpig personalised Christmas cards

Photo Christmas cards

When it comes to photo cards, Moonpig also excels. Their range of Christmas cards you can add one or more photos to includes around 700 cards.

Around 400 of these feature one photo, while there are about 200 you can add two, three or four pictures to. About 100 of their Christmas cards with photos will let you add five or more images to the design.

As well as adding a photo – or several – you can also personalise the text. If you want, for instance, ‘Merry Christmas to you Nanny’ rather than a generic Grandma card, you’ve got it! The same goes for a family name or a more personal message.

Click here to explore personalised photo cards at Moonpig

Charity Christmas cards

Show you care for your favourite cause by buying boxed Christmas cards that include a charity donation with every purchase. Many Hallmark Christmas cards, for example, offer this and when you buy money may go to causes like UNICEF, Breast Cancer Now or Barnardo’s.

Hallmark isn’t the only brand offering good charity cards. You can also buy ‘Fairdeal for Charity’ cards, Museums and Galleries charity cards or opt for a lesser-known make like Papyrus, the Almanac Gallery or Paperhouse.

All of these are available to buy via Amazon and include all sorts of designs to please everyone on your list. If you want cards with the feel-good factor, then charity Christmas cards for 2022 and beyond are the ones to plump for.

Click here to check out charity Christmas cards at Amazon

Religious Christmas cards

Whether you’re religious yourself or can count a keen church-goer among your family, friends, colleagues or neighbours, then you might be interested in buying religious cards to convey your festive greetings. After all, the birth of Christ is what started off the whole celebration of Christmas in the first place.

Cards with a religious theme are often subtle, and may include a sentiment such as ‘Joy to the World’ or ‘Peace on Earth’. Even a committed aetheist would surely find it hard to argue with those!

For the more religously inclined, you can choose messages like ‘For Unto Us a Child is Born’, ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ or ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’. These are also great for those who have a favourite hymn or carol.

While there aren’t too many to choose from, Moonpig also offers a small selection of Christmas cards with a religious theme.

Click here to shop for religious Christmas cards at Amazon

Click here to discover religious cards for Christmas at Moonpig

Homemade Christmas cards

There are several types of handmade cards offering Christmas greetings for 2022 and beyond. You can buy handmade cards that are ready to write in and send, which have already been made partially or fully by hand.

You can also buy make-your-own Christmas card kits to create your own. These range from high quality blank white cards with matching envelopes to Christmas card making kits that contain all the embellishments you need.

Whether you want a set of 40 plain cards, a pack of 24 complete handmade cards or a kit cto create 30 of your own, you can buy them all from Amazon Australia. Why buy the usual high street or Costco Christmas cards when you could go for something unique?

Click here to buy handmade or make-your-own Christmas cards

Pop-up Christmas cards

When is a card… well, so much more than just a piece of pretty, folded-over cardboard? Why not send a pop-up card to your nearest and dearest? That way they can use it for decoration too.

You can buy pop up cards at Amazon in all shapes and sizes. These really are the ultimate in luxury Christmas cards, and much more exciting for the kids than your average family Christmas cards.

Send a pop-up card and you’ll be at the forefront of their minds all festive season: every time they catch a glimpse of the card on the mantelpiece, sideboard or shelf they’re sure to think of the person who sent it. If they fold it away carefully with the Christmas decs, it might even be used during Decembers yet to come!

So what are the options? You can pick simple slogan pop-up cards saying ‘Merry Christmas’, or choose an appropriately festive design such as a Christmas tree decorated with bows and with presents beneath, or select one featuring a ute, a traditional cottage or even Snoopy.

For beautiful Christmas greetings, it’s hard to do better than a pretty pop-up card that can also be used as a festive decoration.

Click here to see a selection of pop-up Christmas card options

Australian Christmas cards

Christmas cards
Koala christmas. Happy animals with gift boxes. Cute merry christmas cards with koalas. Little australian bear in winter holiday vector set. Illustration cartoon koala postcard, holiday xmas card

If you are sending Christmas greetings overseas, what better way to do so than by buying cards with an Australian theme?

There are so many Christmas cards available that feature wintry scenes – both in this country and across the world. But cards with summery images or native creatures on the front introduce a far more authentically Australian appearance.

At the time of writing, Moonpig‘s only Australian Christmas card option featured the slogan, ‘Have a B’Ute Christmas’ and characters dressed in summery clothes. But it’s worth checking back as their range changes and widens more-or-less constantly.

Amazon currently has more to offer. You can buy cards decorated with Father Christmas riding along the beach in a sleigh pulled by kangaroos instead of reindeer. Or go for a simple, eco-friendly ‘roo card with the creature in the centre of a festive wreath.

Click here to find Australian Christmas cards at Moonpig

Click here to browse Amazon’s range of Australian cards

Christmas postcards

If you want something different this festive season – perhaps to send to those who don’t celebrate Christmas and therefore would be unlikely to display a happy holidays card with that theme – then why not send a Christmas postcard or two in the mail?

Christmas postcards can also be a great way to decorate – simply pop them into some affordable frames and display wherever you’d like to. Sending a postcard rather than the usual kind of Christmas card stands out, so doing so can also ensure you remain in the recipient’s memory for longer.

Kids love writing postcards too, as it comes with a real sense of adventure. This style of card is also really easy to display on a pinboard, so you could even inspire a whole new way of showing off their annual haul of Christmas greetings cards!

With a simple design and no envelope, Christmas cards can also be quicker to write than a stack of conventional cards. Moonpig also offers some great festive thank you postcards for sending after opening gifts – simply search for ‘Christmas postcards’ to find these on the site.

For speedy, sweet and short Christmas greetings, it’s hard to beat a seasonal postcard.

Click here to take a look at Christmas postcard options at Amazon

Click here to view Moonpig’s Christmas thank you postcards

Printable Christmas cards

If you want to order printed Christmas cards featuring a design of your choice, then of course you can shop at Moonpig. But there are another options for those who want printable Christmas cards to make at home.

There are various platforms and websites you can use, but few beat Canva when it comes to getting creative with graphic design. It’s free to sign up to, and there are a fair few free templates to use as well as options for those on the paid plan.

Grab some photographic paper and you could soon be printing off your own batch of unique cards to send to family and friends.

Click here to shop for photo paper at Amazon

Virtual Christmas cards

If you really want free Christmas cards without even paying for paper, ink or postage, then why not consider sending virtual Christmas cards this year?

Digital Christmas cards are also much more eco-conscious, as there’s no card, envelope or postage stamps to consider. As they don’t need to be sent interstate or overseas by plane or boat, that also lowers their carbon footprint.

Free Christmas ecards are available at platforms like 123 Greetings or Blue Mountain, or simply trying search the term to see what you might find. New options are popping up all the time!

Which Christmas cards will you be sending?

From new charity Christmas cards for 2022 to postcards plus personalised, printable or photo cards, there’s lots of choice when you’re shopping for cheap, luxury or unique Christmas cards.

With designs ranging from vintage Christmas cards with a traditional theme to pop-up cards that double up as decorations, which Moonpig or Amazon Christmas cards will you choose this year?

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