Christmas Gift Bags for the Perfect Presents

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Christmas gift bags – don’t you just love them? So easy to use – just pop a gift inside and the job’s done when you’re in a hurry. They can also be used to keep everything for one person or household together – or be used to create a super simple yet stunningly effective decorative display.

You can also combine smaller Christmas bags with large Santa sacks to create the Christmas that all childhood dreams are made of. Or use in conjunction with your favourite festive wrapping paper to build the anticipation once the big day finally arrives.

Whatever you decide to do with them, this complete guide to Christmas bags in all styles, shapes and sizes means it will be easy to get Christmas all wrapped up this year. And you can do so with a clear conscience, too – reusable gift bags that can be used time and time again are a great way to save money while doing your bit for the planet. It’s a far more practical option than reusable gift wrap.

Of course we all know and love the usual paper bags, but what about other types? There are gift bags made from fabric which are available as small, medium or large Christmas bags – as well as every size in-between. You can also buy little Christmas treat bags that are suitable for table favours, or even purchase your Xmas gift bags in bulk to save money.

Whatever your gift-giving needs this festive season, read on to find the perfect reusable Christmas bags to put all your presents in!

14 Christmas gift bags for crafting and giving this year

Here we go. Whether you want luxury Christmas gift bags, budget options to buy in bulk or some to use as Christmas Eve bags, you’ll find them all within the following guide! There are overlaps between various categories, but this gives you a really rounded picture of all the options available when buying gift bags for the festive season.

Christmas paper bags

Holiday gift bags made from paper are often what comes to mind when you’re talking about Christmas gift sacks or smaller bags. These come in various types, so it doesn’t matter what size, colour or style you’re seeking.

The selection of Christmas bags available at Amazon, for instance, includes those with a plain brown paper background plus a colourful printed design. This may be a stylish Nordic or snowflake print, or feature jolly festive characters that will appeal to the youngest people you’re buying for.

Many of these are the usual paper Xmas bags with handles, but some smaller types are ideal as party favour or sweet treat bags. You can also buy plain brown or coloured bags for the kids to decorate themselves – there’s nothing like a gift with that unique personal touch!

For plain brown bags to decorate, try Riot Art and Craft, who offer a great selection.

Click here to shop paper Christmas present bags at Amazon

Click here to buy brown paper craft bags from Riot

Fabric gift bags

Why not opt for fabric Christmas gift bags as more sustainable alternative to paper ones? These will last for far longer than others, so once you’ve bought some you may not need to purchase any more for years to come.

These are mostly sold as multipacks, and the size of these varies widely. Get some holiday treat bags to pop small items in, or go all-out for jumbo Christmas bags made from fabric that can store all your presents in one place.

If you want to create personalised Christmas gift bags, you could also buy some iron-on letters to spell out each person’s initials or name on the front.

Little organza bags are also ideal for giving jewellery or other small items, and the recipient could carry on using it as a storage pouch for many years yet to come. Riot is again a good source of these.

Click here to view fabric gift bags for Christmas at Amazon

Click here to find small organza gift bags at Riot

Drawstring Christmas gift bags

In fact organza bags are just one of the kinds of drawstring Christmas bags you can buy. Other options include a miniature velvet Santa sack of a similar size, or larger bags made from cotton, linen, jute or burlap.

These Christmas wrapping bags often feature a natural brown background with a festive print. They may also be made from colourful, patterned fabrics. For example you can buy red and white sets of five or six containing snowflake, striped, circle and geometric prints, so some are more obviously festive than others.

Some drawstring bags are made from foil, so they effortlessly bring a touch of festive glimmer and glamour to your home during the build-up to Christmas. You can also buy drawstring bags for wine and other bottles, which offer some protection for the glass bottle while wrapping it up.

Riot also sell some cute little hemp bags with drawstring tops. Whatever you go for, the drawstring is such an easy and effective way to conceal the contents within the bag!

Click here to find drawstring-topped bags at Riot

Click here to see a selection of drawstring bags at Amazon

Advent calendar bags

There’s yet another use for small Christmas wrapping bags with drawstrings. You can use them to make your very own advent calendar.

While you could use plain bags to create your own design, there are numbered sets available so you can simply pop in the little presents for each day of December. It’s a really cute way to celebrate advent, and once you’ve bought the bags any readily available lollies or toys will do the trick.

Colour and style options include glamorous gold with spots or stripes, rustic jute-style bags with printed numbers on or those that you need to add the supplied numbers to yourself.

Click here to choose advent calendar gift bags at Amazon

Christmas tote bags

Whether it’s to use as Christmas shopping bags or for giving gifts, affordable Christmas totes are a great way to carry everything around town during December.

You can buy sturdy Christmas jute bags that should see you through many festive seasons. Or opt for foldable ones that can be popped inside a bigger bag for when you need them. These are just like any other packable shopper – apart from the design, of course!

Whether used when grocery of gift shopping or to put presents into before a long trip to see friends or family during December, Christmas tote bags are a great way to inject some fun and colour into everyday life.

Click here to see a selection of tote bags for Christmas

Christmas goodie bags

If you’re throwing a festive celebration this year, then for goodness sake don’t forget the Christmas party bags! Especially when it’s a party for children – imagine those disappointed faces if they left without some goodies to take home and devour or play with.

Christmas sweet bags can also be used to decorate your Christmas table. Pop something sweet or any other kind of treat – such as a miniature of their favourite festive tipple – inside and job done. The table looks great, and you’ve given your guests a little gift to take away and remember their awesome Christmas Day by!

You can also use small Christmas candy bags or cones to make items such as hot chocolate reindeer cones or bags of lollies for selling at the local or school fair. Riot also make some jar-shaped pmes that are ideal for sealing sweet treats safely inside.

Click here to discover Christmas party bags at Amazon

Click here to explore Christmas treat bags at Riot

Christmas cellophane bags

Christmas cookie bags or gift bags may come in paper or plastic, or may also be available in cellophane. Think of when you buy fudge, or perhaps a bouquet from a local florist. That kind of crackly material is what’s often used for wrapping gift items such as food or flowers.

Another similar option comes in the form of the resealable plastic bags sold by the likes of Riot Art and Craft. Whichever you choose, the contents are clearly displayed, and you can pretty up a cellophane bag by tying with a bow. A plastic one could be decorated by using festive stickers, which is another simple little project for children to get involved in.

You can opt for plain cellophone bags here, or go for Christmas ones that are decorated with the usual seasonal symbols such as Santa, bells, snowflakes, poinsettia, stockings, candy canes or stars.

Click here for an array of cellophane gift bags at Amazon

Click here for an assortment of resealable plastic bags at Riot

Christmas bags

Reusable gift bags

Though all gift bags are reusable to some extent, we’re thinking specifically of the kind of Santa gift bags that are designed to offer a longer term life. Plumping for fabric, in preference to paper or plastic, would be a good example, but it’s not the only option.

Some paper bags are made to offer superior strength and therefore longevity as compared to the rest. Just make sure you don’t get those wet, as even the tougher kind of paper isn’t really resistant to heavy rain.

Burlap, muslin, jute, canvas – the choices are virtually endless when it comes to reusable gift bags that can be used time and time again. As are the colours, designs and patterns, which range from a multipack in a plain, undyed shade to packs containing bags in every shade of the rainbow.

Click here to take a look at reusable Christmas gift bags

Christmas bottle bags

Thanks to the advent of Christmas wine bags, the days of struggling to wrap a bottle of red, white or spirits are long gone. Now there are so many bottle gift bags to pick from, the only problem is choosing between them.

The Christmas gift bags at Amazon, for example, are available in organza or hessian as well as paper. It’s great to use the former when you don’t want to hide a pretty or upmarket label, while the latter is ideal for offering a little added protection against breakage.

Popular designs include red and black, black and green or black and white plaid. This may have a pattern printed over the top too, such as a jolly Christmas character. An alternative is a burlap back with a slogan such as ‘Cheers’, ‘Wine Not’ and ‘Sip Happens’. Some of these have a drawstring closure, which helps to prevent the bottle from escaping in transit.

There are plenty of paper bottle bag multipacks for sale too, which offer great value when you buy a lot of wine or spirits as gifts. Guaranteed to supply festive good cheer!

Click here to source all sorts of bottle bags for Christmas

Small Christmas gift bags

If we say ‘small gift bags’, what do you think of? The obvious choices are simply little paper gift bags, but again the options go way beyond this.

Shop with Riot Art and Craft, for instance, and you’ll come across miniature gift bags made from plastic or paper. There are also some super cute plastic bags that are made to look just like a tiny lolly jar. These are resealable and available with various ‘lids’, including traditional checked jam jar style tops and clip or cork fastenings.

Organza or other fabric bags are another option. These are perfectly sized for small but special gifts – such as jewellery – and are highly likely to be repurposed for use by the person it’s given too. Well it’s far too pretty to throw away, right?

Click here to find small festive gift bags at Amazon

Click here for little Christmas gift bags at Riot

Large Christmas gift bags

Jumbo Christmas gift bags are used by many families as Christmas santa sacks for containing all the gifts, but that’s not the only use for extra large Christmas gift bags.

They’re also ideal for wrapping those big gifts that would use up an entire roll of gift wrap. Huge presents can also be unwieldy to handle, especially when you’re trying to perform the task single-handedly!

To find the ideal personalised Santa sack, check out this post. Or use the link below to find what you want at Amazon.

Click here to search for big Christmas gift bags

Make-your-own gift bags

You could of course always decorate your own Christmas gift bags. Buy some plain brown paper ones from Riot or Amazon, then let the kids loose with those colouring pens.

You’re not restricted to using only pens, or course. You could use cut potatoes to stamp paint on in a festive design, or add the type of embellishments used when making greetings cards to create your own unique design.

It’s a great craft project for the kids to get stuck into during those long summer holidays. You can decorate plastic or cellophane bags too by using festive or personalised stickers.

Click here to source craft bags at Riot

Click here to search for brown paper bags at Amazon

Christmas gift bags in bulk

Why not consider buying your Christmas bags in bulk to save a few dollars? This money could then go towards your gift fund – or a special treat for the Christmas drinks cabinet, table or storecupboard.

The key question here is – how many do you want? You can buy 100 bags in plain white or coloured paper to decorate as you wish, for instance. A really easy hack to use here is to tie festive ribbon around it where the handle meets the bag, add a Christmas gift tag and ta-da! The perfect, and more personal, Christmas gift bag.

Buy a 50-pack of party bags with a spotty, striped or other season-neutral design and you might even end up with plenty for every party you’ll be hosting throughout the year.

Click here to bulk buy Christmas gift bags

Bags as Christmas gifts

And finally, don’t forget that you can actually give gorgeous bags as Christmas gifts! There are of course cross body bags, totes, messenger bags and more for men, women and kids. The ultimate in reusable Christmas bags, surely?

You could also choose a new kids’ lunch bag, a washbag or an all-purpose pouch when shopping Gifts Australia’s covetable range. These come in a range of colours and styles to suit everyone you’re giving to, from neutral tan or black leather to a pretty floral, cool animal or cartoon character print.

If you have smaller presents to give, you could also pop them inside the bag. It’s simple to work a theme here, such as makeup in a cosmetics bag or a new purse, wallet or keyring to go with a handbag or ‘man bag’.

Click here to check out bags available at Gifts Australia

Which Christmas gift bags will you be buying?

Whether it’s small or big Christmas bags you want, there are lots of options when it comes to fuss-free festive gift wrapping this year. Many of these are reusable Christmas gift bags that can last way beyond a couple of seasons too!

From making personalised Christmas gift bags to bulk-buying a megapack that are already printed with a festive design, it’s easy to present whatever gifts you choose to give when you have the right packaging at your disposal.

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