Best Advent Calendars 2023 for Kids & Adults

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From the first of December comes the realisation that Christmas Day is just over three weeks away, and anticipation fills the air. What better way to mark the coming of this special day than with a Christmas advent calendar 2023? 

Advent calendars made their first appearance in Germany in the late 19th century, and the word advent comes from the Latin word ‘adventus’, meaning arrival. They were traditionally used to mark the days leading up to the birth of Jesus. 

Today, advent calendar have become a popular part of the Christmas festive season, and they’re no longer reserved solely for children. Many advent calendars now cater exclusively to adults, which means you can share in the excitement too. Keep reading to see some cool and unique advent calendars. 

Kids advent calendars 2023

2023 advent calendars are a festive season essential and create almost as much excitement as a Christmas eve box. And it’s easy to see why, since each passing day, your child will get to open a window and find a new surprise. Below, you’ll find some fun and unique advent calendars that will have your little one beaming. 

Barbie advent calendar

Looking for a children’s advent calendar that will outlast the festive season? This may be just the one you’re looking for. 

Inside this Christmas advent calendar, your child will be delighted to find their very own Barbie doll (on day one). Throughout the rest of the advent season, they’ll unbox a collection of magical accessories, clothing pieces and more! By the time they’ve opened all the windows of this advent calendar, they’ll be able to dress their doll up as a princess, fairy or mermaid – making this a very versatile gift. 

Your child will love having this new addition to their doll collection, and they will continue to enjoy it, even long after the festive season has ended.

Shop for this Barbie advent calendar here. 

BIC stationery advent calendar 

This little advent box is filled with fun, festive stationery items – perfect for any creative child. Inside, they’ll find stationery items ranging from magic felt pens and stickers to a glue stick and graphite pencil. What more could they need to unleash their imagination? 

This calendar also comes with 24 colouring-in cards, which means that they’ll get to create something every day before Christmas. Once coloured in, these cards could easily be used as festive decor or homemade card tags on Christmas presents. 

Shop for this BIC stationery advent calendar here. 

Lego friends advent calendar 

Kids love Lego. The process of putting together the colourful little blocks and designing something completely unique can keep them enthralled for hours. This Christmas advent calendar cleverly combines children’s love for Lego with the advent period. 

It contains 236 Lego pieces, and once each window has been opened, your little one will have several Lego friends and characters with a host of buildable creations. 

One of the best features of this Lego advent calendar is that the set is compatible with all other Lego sets. So, you know that the toys found in this calendar will not go to waste once the festive season has passed. 

Do keep in mind that Lego pieces are small, and it’s advised that this advent calendar only be bought for children aged six and up. 

Shop for this Lego friends advent calendar here. 

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Polly pocket advent calendar

If your little one loves Lego but isn’t quite old enough to play with it, then a Polly Pocket advent calendar is the way to go! This calendar is filled with fun surprises suitable for kids aged 4 and up to enjoy. 

With each new day of the advent season, children will unbox Polly Pocket dolls, pets and other awesome accessories. This includes items such as a reindeer-drawn sleigh, a cute igloo home and wooden cabin, and more. 

The advent calendar also comes with a playmat which makes for a fun winter storytelling scene to get your kids imagination going. They’ll be curating interesting narratives throughout the festive season. 

Shop for this Polly Pocket advent calendar here. 

Harry Potter Lego advent calendar 

As previously mentioned, children love Lego. So, what could be better than a Lego filled Christmas calendar? A Harry Potter-themed Lego set! This advent calendar for kids comes with buildable surprises such as a potion table as well as a little Lego Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and other characters. 

With a backdrop of the Christmas-themed Great Hall to set the scene, your child will be able to recreate several Hogwarts Christmas scenes. The pieces of this advent calendar can also be used with other Lego sets, so your child can enjoy the magic of Hogwarts all year round. 

Shop for this Harry Potter Lego advent calendar here. 

Hot wheels advent calendar

The twenty-four windows of this boys advent calendar contain eight decorated toy cars and other cool accessories. With a Santa’s workshop as the background and foldout playmat to set the scene, your little one will be entertained for hours. 

Shop for this Hot Wheels advent calendar here. 

Dragon Ball Z advent calendar

For Dragon Ball Z themed fun, look no further than this Funko advent calendar. From day one through to twenty-four, your kids will be joyfully discovering pocket-sized versions of popular characters from this Japanese anime series. 

Whether your child is a fan of Goku, Master Roshi, Piccolo or Vegeta, they’ll find an action figure inside. With these mini action figures, they’ll be able to recreate their favourite Goku and Z warrior adventures. 

While these pocket-sized items aren’t as tiny as Lego pieces, this advent calendar is not suitable for children under the age of 3. 

Shop for this Dragon Ball Z advent calendar here. 

Advent calendar colouring-in book

This Christmas advent calendar is unique in that it doesn’t contain any physical toys or surprises. Rather, it holds twenty-four lovely illustrations waiting to be coloured in. The drawings are all Christmas themed. Some of the images you can expect to see are angels, presents and reindeer. 

With each passing day of the advent period, you’ll have a new drawing to bring to life. This advent calendar will not only allow your child to try out their art skills, but it also allows them to create a finished product which they can put on display. While this advent calendar has been grouped with the kids’ calendars, it’s perfect for all ages. 

Shop for this advent colouring book here. 

Marvel advent calendar 

Comic fans will adore this Marvel-themed advent calendar. Filled with superhero fun, the surprises inside this calendar will have your little action hero over the moon. Your child will get twenty-four Funko pop figures which they can play hero games with or add to their collection. 

This Christmas advent calendar also makes for a great gift for a significant other who’s a Marvel fan. 

Shop for this Marvel advent calendar here. 

Jewellery charm advent calendar

Here is another unique calendar that allows you to count down the advent period while making something special. Inside this advent calendar for kids and adults, you’ll discover a necklace and bracelet chain along with twenty-two stunning charms. 

Each charm is different and has its own clasp, which means that you can change up the style of your jewellery any time you wish. These attachable additions range from angels and gifts to reindeers and candy canes. 

Shop for this jewellery advent calendar here. 

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Adult advent calendars 2023

While you might be too old to believe in Santa Claus, that doesn’t mean all the festive fun you had as a child is gone forever. You can now find Christmas items such as festive outfits and costumes tailored to adults, and adult advent calendars are no exception. 

Friends-themed advent calendar 

Iconic quotes, hilarious scenes and themed ornaments are just a few of the special keepsakes you’ll find inside this advent calendar. It’s definitely a must-have for any superfan of this 90s sitcom. 

With over forty items waiting to be discovered, you’ll be reminiscing throughout the festive season. It may even convince you to rewatch the hilarious Friends series for the second (or 5th!) time. 

Shop for this Friends-themed advent calendar here. 

Bomb cosmetics advent calendar

The time leading up to Christmas Day is filled with joy and love but it can also be a time of stress. To ease the tension during the festive period, get this Bomb Cosmetics advent calendar. It’s stocked with handmade soaps made with natural oils and ingredients. 

So, with each passing day, you know that you can look forward to unboxing a new soap to try out. For extra relaxation, run yourself a big bubble bath and enjoy the rich aromas of these soap bars. 

Shop for this Bomb Cosmetics advent calendar here.  

Lindor chocolate advent calendar 

How many people can honestly say that they don’t love a good old chocolate advent calendar? Well, this one isn’t filled with any old chocolate, but rather, the luxurious milk chocolate of Lindor.  

On the front of the box, you can enjoy the festive scene of Santa with his reindeer, heading out through the snow to deliver gifts to children. 

Behind the windows of this advent calendar for kids (or adults), you’ll discover golden reindeer, jolly Santa Clauses, mini truffles, milk chocolate snowdrops and napolitains. You’ll be tasting a bit of heaven every day leading to Christmas. 

Shop for this Lindor advent calendar here. 

Twinkle & shine advent calendar 

Did you know that candy canes did not have stripes until after the 1900s? This is just one of the interesting facts you can expect to learn from this advent calendar. 

It’s perfect for adults who want to enjoy the fun and anticipation that comes with an advent calendar, but also something that’s a little more sophisticated.   

Shop for this glittery advent calendar here. 

Tea advent calendar 

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of tea to soothe the soul. If you or someone you know is a tea lover, then consider getting this advent calendar to countdown the days till Christmas. 

Inspired by nature, this tea filled calendar has been crafted using primarily sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Some of the lovely herbal teas you’ll get to try include ginger, mint, turmeric and cinnamon. There are also several teas tailor-made for certain times or needs, such as the “revitalizing” tea. 

This advent calendar will certainly come with both anticipation and calming relaxation – something that’s much needed during the busy Christmas season. 

Shop for this tea advent calendar here. 

Tool advent calendar 

Does your significant other love tinkering around the house or building things from scratch? This adult advent calendar Australia may be just the gift for them. 

On the front is a comical picture of a muscular Santa Claus fixing his car. Behind each of the windows, you’ll find all the essential tools you need, such as a screwdriver, a utility knife, and drill bits. It also comes with an organised tool kit bag to keep the tools in order. 

Once your husband or partner has this toolkit in their possession, they’ll have no excuse not to fix things around the house.  

Shop for this toolkit advent calendar here. 

The couch potato advent calendar 

Everyone knows that with Christmas comes copious amounts of delicious food and treats, and just a hint of guilt about overindulging in that delicious food. Well, this advent calendar for adults will provide you with entertaining ways to shed some calories before you feel this way. 

With each window comes three interesting and easy ways to exercise – such as doing calf raises as you wash the dishes by hand or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll definitely feel grateful for the guilt-free pleasure on Christmas day, and it might even help you to realise some New Year’s resolutions. 

Shop for this couch potato advent calendar here. 

Make your own mini stocking advent calendar clothesline

If you are keen to put a little bit more love into the creation of your advent calendar, then check out this make-your-own advent calendar for Christmas. The pack of 24 mini stockings on a string can be purchased so you can pop a chocolate or another treat into each one for your loved one to enjoy each day in the lead up to Christmas. A super fun advent calendar for all ages.

Shop for the mini stocking advent calendar here.

Final thoughts on these Christmas advent calendars

Advent calendars are a great way to build some excitement and anticipation in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Whether you’re looking for yourself, your kids or even a friend – these advent calendar boxes will certainly do the trick. 

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