26 Christmas Presents for Girls

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With so many choices on the market, it can actually be quite difficult to work out the best Christmas presents for girls.  Plus, girls seem to change their mind every 5 seconds as to what they’re into, so how do you find good Christmas gifts for girls that they’ll really like?

Whether you’re trying to find Christmas present ideas for girls that are your nieces, granddaughters, friends or even your own daughter –  the whole task can become quite overwhelming – believe me, I’ve been there!

To help you out with Christmas gift ideas for girls, we’ve compiled this guide which contains some of the most popular Christmas presents for girls.  The guide covers all ages, from Christmas gifts for young girls (including babies and toddlers) to the best Christmas presents for teen girls and all ages in between.  So whether you’re after the best Christmas presents for 10 year old girls or the best Christmas gifts for 5 year girl – you’ll find it in this guide.  

We even show you where you can buy these Christmas presents girls will love right now – online!  You won’t even need to leave home to get it.

After reading this guide on the best Christmas gifts for girls, you’ll be well on your way to buying the perfect gift for the special little lady in your life.

26 of the best Christmas presents for girls

In this good Christmas presents for girls guide, we’ve broken the gifts into age categories.  So we have the best Christmas presents for baby girl and toddlers, followed by the best Christmas presents for little girls, then good Christmas presents for tween girls and lastly, the best Christmas gifts for teenage girl this year.

The various age categories are a guide only and many of the gifts would make good Christmas presents for a girl of all ages. So I recommend you read the entire guide and all the ideas for Christmas presents for girls before making a final decision about what to buy. After all the there is so much joy in giving!

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Best Christmas presents for baby girl and toddlers

Below are our suggestions for the best Christmas gift ideas for baby girl and toddlers.

Activity centres

Christmas presents activity centre

Activity centres are perfect baby girl Christmas gifts as they provide somewhere safe for bubs to learn and be entertained independently.  

There are a range of baby activity centres on the market, all providing baby the ability to explore textures, movements, sights and sounds.  They are perfect for little ones to work on their fine motor skills such as racing, grabbing, shaking and pinching.

Some activity centres provide bubs with a place to sit in, others are a simple play mat, or you can have ones that the baby sits next to while they play with the activity centre.  This means that no matter what your budget you can find the perfect activity centre.

If you’re looking for baby girl Christmas presents, baby activity centres are well worth considering.

Click here to check out a range of baby activity centres currently available.

Lamaze clip toys

If you’re a parent yourself, you’ll know exactly the toys I’m talking about. These Lamaze clip toys are brilliant and are perfect if you’re looking for baby girl Christmas gifts, particularly baby girl first Christmas gifts.  

Lamaze toys are created in conjunction with child development experts to combine both play and learning. They are made with bright colours, friendly faces, crinkly fabrics and various textures to encourage bubs to explore and learn independently.

Plus, being attached to a clip, these toys are perfect for a range of situations. You can attach them to strollers, bouncers, high chairs or just let the baby hold them while at home.

Click here to check out a range of Lamaze toys currently available.

Play-Doh and Play-Doh kits

If you’re after little girls Christmas present ideas – you can’t go wrong with Play-Doh!  Play-Doh is the perfect gift and it’s ideal no matter what your budget – perfect if you’re after cheap Christmas gifts for girls or there are bigger kits if you’re willing to splurge a little.

There are so many great Play-Doh kits on the market.  You can grab some super cool ones such as baking kits, ice cream sets, dentist kits and more.  You can even just grab a few cheap tools and cookie cutters and your little one will be happy for hours.

Play-Doh is usually recommended for toddlers 3+, so perfect if you’re after the Christmas presents for 3 year old girls or similar age.

Click here to check out a range of Play-Doh and Play-Doh kits currently available.

Balance bike

As little bubs start to crawl and then walk, a balance bike makes one of the perfect Christmas gifts for little girls.  Balance bikes are particularly ideal if you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for 1 year old baby girl or the best Christmas presents for 2 year old girl.

Balance bikes are great for toddlers.  They not only get them ready for riding a traditional bike in the future, but they also assist them in building up their strength by getting them to use their arms and legs while moving forward.  This helps with their motor skills, coordination and agility.

Consider a balance bike if you’re looking for the best Christmas presents for toddler girls.

Click here to check out a range of balance bikes currently available.

Baby Born

Dolls are always popular Christmas presents for girls.  It really doesn’t matter what doll you get, but one of the popular dolls ranges these days is the Baby Born.  

There is a range of dolls to choose from, including the ever so popular baby, but there are also older baby born dolls.  Of course, there is also a stack of accessories that you can buy for Baby Born, including a stroller, pets, clothes, carrier, and more.

These real life dolls are cute Christmas presents for girls and are perfect whether you’re looking for Christmas presents for 3 year old girl, Christmas presents 5 yr old girl or other similar ages.  

Click here to check out a range of baby born dolls and accessories currently available.

Tea sets

It might sound old fashion, but it’s true that tea sets are still great Christmas presents for girls.  Little girls love nothing more than setting out a delightful tea party and inviting their parents, siblings or dolls to join them for some creative play.

There is a range of tea sets on the market, from the elaborate sets complete with plates, cutlery and food, to the more simple plastic pot and cup set.  The good news is the toddler in your life won’t mind what you buy; it will no doubt be a hit with her regardless.  Just be ready to play tea parties as soon as she opens the gift.

So if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for 2 year old girl, 3 year old girl Christmas gifts or a similar age group, certainly don’t dismiss a tea set as old fashion.

Click here to check out a range of tea sets currently available.

Water play table

As soon as your little one can stand, one of the top 10 Christmas presents for girls would have to be a water play table.  Water play tables are such cool Christmas presents for girls that love to play outdoors.  They allow them to get outside and experiment with water and quite often, the tables have a spot for sand too.

Like most toys for toddlers, water play tables not only provide hours of fun for the kids; they also help with their development, such as hand eye coordination and scientific thinking. 

There is a range of different water play tables on the market.  Some come with features such as strainers, pieces to make a water maze, and water wheels, among other things, while others are more basic and allow your child to use their own toys with the table.  You can also get ones with canopies on the top to provide shade.

As you can see, water play tables are brilliant for little developing minds and are perfect if you’re after top Christmas presents for girls around 2 to 5 years of age.

Click here to check out a range of water play tables currently available.

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Best Christmas presents for little girls

Below are our suggestions for the best Christmas presents for young girls.


Jumplex trampolines are a great Christmas present

Standing the test of time, a trampoline is the perfect Xmas gift for young girls: whether it is for exercise, gymnastics or letting their imaginations run free. A trampoline is the perfect way to get your children outside and enjoying the fresh air all year round. Whatsmore, this is a Xmas present that will last for their whole childhood. Trampolines like those from Jumpflex have been designed for young children and built from the ground up for safety, durability and fun. All their trampolines offer a lifetime warranty across all parts, making sure that this is one present that will keep young girls happy for years to come!

Click here to see a range of Jumpflex trampolines

LEGO sets

LEGO never goes out of fashion and is still one of the very best Christmas gift ideas for young girls.  LEGO has really evolved over the years and whether you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for 4 year old girl or the best Christmas presents for 9 year old girls,  you’ll be able to find the perfect LEGO kit.

Of course, there is LEGO DUPLO for the tiny tots, and then for the older girls, the choices are endless.  There are LEGO Friends, Trolls LEGO, Frozen LEGO and more.  You’ve got your simple sets that take an hour or so to piece together, right up to sets that will take days, if not weeks, to assemble.

No matter the age, you really can’t go wrong with a LEGO set.  Whether you’re after the best Christmas presents for 6 year old girl, the Christmas presents for 8 year old girl or some other similar age; there will be the perfect LEGO set they’ll just love.

Click here to check out a range of LEGO currently available.

Sticker books

Sticker books might be cheap and simple, but they will provide little girls with hours of fun!  Some sticker books even come with a few other activities or some colouring in, so it really is something that will keep the little ones occupied for hours.

Whether you’re after Christmas presents 4 yr old girl will love or Christmas presents for 7 year old girls, you can find an age appropriate sticker book. You can get sticker books about unicorns, fairies or mermaids.  Plus, there are branded sticker books like Disney Pixar, ABC Kids, Frozen and more.  With sticker books, no matter what they’re into, you’ll find a sticker book right to match.  

Sticker books make great Christmas presents for kids; girls just love them.  Plus, they are perfect for those on a tight budget as they are cheap Christmas presents for girls.

Click here to check out a range of sticker books currently available.

Arts and craft sets

Like sticker books, arts and craft sets are also great cheap Christmas gifts for kids, girls of all ages love.  Arts and craft sets are great for kids’ imagination, creativity and confidence.  These kits allow them to play and experiment with various materials and feel proud of themselves after creating something wonderful.

These make such top Christmas gifts for girls because no matter what the little girl is into, there are arts and craft sets they’ll love.  There are kits for painting, drawing kits, jewellery kits or just general kits where kids can let their imagination run wild. 

Click here to check out a range of art and craft sets currently available.

Barbie dolls and accessories

Barbie dolls are another one of those toys that never seem to get old, making them easily one of the top ten Christmas presents for girls.

There are a crazy amount of Barbie dolls, from travel Barbie to mermaid Barbie, astronaut Barbie, lifeguard Barbie, exercise Barbie – you name it – there is probably a Barbie for it.  And let’s not forget about Barbie’s good friends Skipper, Chelsea and Ken.  Then, of course, you have an endless amount of accessories such as clothes, shoes, houses, cars, planes and more.

Barbie is one of those gifts that the ideas are endless.  Once you buy one Barbie, there are plenty of friends and accessories to add to the collection.

Click here to check out a range of barbies and accessories currently available.


For super cool Christmas gifts for girls, why not get a brand new scooter?  With a scooter on Christmas day, you’ll make any little girl happy!  Whether you get her very first three wheel scooter for a bit of balance or she’s upgrading to a big girl scooter, she will no doubt be keen to get out and show it off to the other kids in the neighbourhood.

The good thing about scooters for parents is they come in all price brackets.  You can get some pretty fancy top of the range scooters, but given they’ll no doubt outgrow them in a few years, a mid priced scooter is all they really need.

Scooter makes super awesome Christmas presents for girls.

Click here to check out a range of scooters currently available.

Boogie board

Boogie boards make such cool Christmas ideas; girls that like the beach will just love.  Kids love nothing more than riding a wave and most kids will spend hours doing this.

If the little lady is happy and confident in the water, she is old enough to own a boogie board.  Sure it might take a while for them to get the hang of it, but she will have fun with it even in the shallows.

So if you’re looking for fun Christmas presents for girls, definitely consider a boogie board.

Click here to check out a range of boogie boards currently available.

A personalised Christmas book

From Christmas books for kids or a version of the classic A Christmas Carol book to tales that tell of the life and adventures of Santa Claus or snowmen at night, a well-chosen tome is something to be treasured – often long after toys and technology have been outgrown.

A book is a great buy for any budget too. Whether you want to buy a single, simple paperback, want to purchase a personalised Christmas story book or to invest in a hardback Harry Potter box set, books featuring fabulous stories, their favourite characters or a hobby will always go down well as gifts.

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Good Christmas presents for tween girls

Below are our suggestions for the best Christmas gift ideas for pre teenage girl.

Oodie – the wearable blanket

Top of the list for pretty much every pre teen girl these days is an Oodie.  Don’t know what an Oodie is?  Then you clearly don’t have tween girls!  

Basically, an Oodie is a wearable blanket – like a huge oversized hoodie – but more like a blanket.  Oodie is a brand name that all the kids seem to want, but the reality is that many brands make similar products at a much cheaper price.

An Oodie (or something similar) would be the perfect Christmas present for 10 year girl or girls of a similar age.  While you’re there, you might want to grab one for yourself; they are actually quite cozy.

Click here to check out a range of Oodies currently available.

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LED strip lights

Another well sought after Christmas present by tweens are LED strip lights.  Why do they want LED strip lights you ask?  To make light up their rooms with multiple colours – duh!

If this is something you’re considering getting, make sure you look for ones that are at least 5 metres long as most girls will want to put them around the cornices of their bedroom ceiling.  So the longer, the better.

The other request is usually one that’s come with a remote so that you can change the colour of the lights depending on their mood that day.

LED Strip Lights do look pretty nice and they’re not overly expensive, so not a bad idea if you’re after Christmas presents for a 10 year girl or a girl around that age. Or how about a gorgeous Christmas candle?

Click here to check out a range of LED lights currently available.

Harry Potter gifts

Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas

If the man in your life is a Harry Potter fan – you are in luck! Harry Potter gift ideas go so much further than the seven books and eight films of the series. We have a huge selection of Harry Potter gift ideas for them in our gift guide. From wall art to wands, to mugs, Lego and more.

Click here for the best Harry Potter gift guide this year.

Air Pods

If you’ve got a tween always glued to their device, then AirPods might be a good Christmas gift for them.  Even if the real deal is not within your budget, you can get some pretty good knock off wireless headphones that will do the trick.

AirPods are certainly all the rage at the moment and they really do make great presents for tweens – perfect whether you’re after Christmas presents for 10 year girl, Christmas gift for 11 year girl or similar age.

Click here to check out the cool range of AirPods available.

Portable speakers

Whether the tween girl enjoys listening to music in her room or likes gaming, portable speakers are another great option if you’re searching for Christmas gift ideas for 10 year girl or girls of a similar age.    

Being portable and having Bluetooth connectivity, they can easily move them around the house, from their bedroom to the living area, bathroom, and outside.  Some portable speakers are even waterproof, so they can be used in the shower or are perfect for having around the pool or on the beach.

Click here to check out the current range of portable speakers available.

Board games

Board games make great Christmas presents for girls of all ages, but once they get around the pre teens, there are some excellent board games for Christmas that the whole family will enjoy.

Some popular games currently on the market include Century, Splendor, Kids Against Maturity, Azul, Sequence, Monopoly Deal, Exploding Kittens and Survive, just to name a few.  These are perfect if you’re after Christmas presents for a 10yr old girl or similar age bracket. 

Click here to check out a range of board games currently available.

Inflatable SUP

SUPs are all the rage right now – it seems wherever you go by the water, there are at least a few people out on them in the water.  Tweens especially seem to love them, so a great Christmas present idea for them is an inflatable SUP.

Why an inflatable SUP rather than a rigid one?  Well, with an inflatable one, they pack down nice and compact so they can be taken anywhere.  No need for roof racks and they don’t take up much space when in storage.

Click here to check out the current range of inflatable SUPs available.

Inflatable kayak

Just like an inflatable SUP, an inflatable kayak is another good Christmas present idea for the tween girl – especially one who perhaps isn’t so stable on her feet!  

Inflatable kayaks can be just so much fun!  You can get single inflatable kayaks or maybe try a tandem one, so the tween can paddle with her best friend.  

And just like inflatable SUPs, the awesome thing about inflatable kayaks is they take up next to no room so they can be taken anywhere – so no need for Mum or Dad to install roof racks on the car – phew!

Click here to check out the current range of inflatable kayaks available.

Best Christmas presents for teen girls

Below are our suggestions for the best Christmas presents for teens, girls will love.

Hair straightener

When it comes to Christmas list ideas for teenage girl, a good quality hair straightener is a no brainer.  Girls are obsessed with the hair and if they don’t own a hair straightener already, no doubt they have been bugging you for one.

Of course, the go to hair straightener is GHD – but if this is simply out of your price range, then there are lots of other good options on the market.  However, you do really get what you pay for (I bought my GHDs almost 15 years ago and they are still going strong!), so do get the best you can afford and avoid anything too cheap.

Click here to check out the current range of hair straighteners available.

Book an experience

The top Christmas presents for teenage girls who pretty much have everything is to book them an experience.  Places like Scoopon have a range of awesome activities like hot air balloon rides, pampering sessions, indoor skydiving, jet boat rides, horse riding and more.  

And if you have no idea exactly what experience to book, you can buy a gift voucher and let her choose her own experience.

Click here to check out all the awesome experiences available on Scoopon.


If you’re looking for big Christmas gifts for teenage girl (in price, I mean), the latest gadgets are always popular, so the newest GoPro will easily be a winner.  GoPros are awesome for teens, no matter what their interests are.  They can video their friends dancing and singing, make videos of the family on their weekend adventures, or even start practising to be the next big fashion influencer- the ideas are endless.

Plus, the great thing about a GoPro – is there’s an endless amount of accessories that go with them – so a GoPro is one of the good Christmas presents for teen girls, which will provide you with present ideas for years to come!

Click here to check out the current range of GoPros available.

If you have more of a photographer than a videographer on your hands, check out our gift guide for photographers here.

Apple Watch

Teenagers are always in a world of their own and never seen to keep track of the time, so another great Christmas presents for teen girls 2021 has is an Apple Watch.  Not only will an Apple Watch help them keep track of the time, but they’ll have no excuse not to answer your calls with it always strapped to their wrist.

If the young teenager is also into fitness, Apple Watches come with a range of apps to help sleep, keep track of workouts and other fitness goals.

Click here to check out the current range of Apple Watches available.


While some young girls would certainly not consider books as great Christmas presents for girl teens, others are complete book worms.  But even if they’re not interested in reading novels, you’ll no doubt find a book on at least one of the interests.

If you really have no idea what they like to read or the topics they’re interested in, then you can’t go wrong with a gift voucher for a bookstore like QBD Books.

Click here to check out the current books available at QBD Books.

Kitchen gadgets or appliances

For the young ones that love to cook or bake, one of the good ideas for Christmas presents for a teenage girl are kitchen gadgets or appliances.  Whether your teen considers herself a beginner in the kitchen or the next Master Chef winner, there is such a great range of kitchen gadgets and appliances that no doubt you’ll find something she’ll love.  

Plus, there is a range of items at all different prices, which is ideal whether you’re looking for expensive Christmas gifts for teenage girl or just after cheap Christmas gifts for teenage girl.

A few cool ideas to consider include smoothie makers, cake stand mixers, cake decorating accessories or even a fancy set of kitchen scales. 

Click here to check out a range of kitchen related gifts

Christmas gifts for girls by age:

Phew – there you have it – our best suggestions for Christmas gifts for girls this year. If that hasn’t given you any ideas, try our HUGE Christmas gift guide here. We also have a very good article showing you all the personalised Christmas gift options available too!

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