Christmas Inflatables for adding Festive Summer Colour

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If you want to share the joy of the festive season with those who live around you or pass by your home, then you need Christmas inflatables! There’s surely no simpler way to spread a little magic, while putting delighted smiles on the faces of all the neighbourhood kids. Outdoor Christmas decor just doesn’t get any easier – or more effective.

There is lots of choice when it comes to inflatable Christmas decorations. Pick a stunning set of candy canes for a subtle display, or go for a full-on, oversized inflatable Santa. Whether you want something low-key or want to go completely over the top for once, there are so many Christmas inflatables on sale in Australia.

Which will you choose to help decorate the exterior of your home this year? From typically Aussie variations on the blow up Santa theme to an inflatable Christmas tree or giant Christmas inflatables featuring snowmen or unicorns, there is plenty of festive cheer to be had.

If you want to save time and money this summer, don’t miss the following guide to all the finest blow up Christmas decorations Australia has to offer.

The finest Christmas inflatables for your front garden

Here they are – all the best Christmas blow ups so you can put on a festive show this year. As quickly and easily as possible!

Inflatable Santa Claus

A blow up Santa Claus is a Christmas classic, and there are all sorts of themes and sizes, right up to a giant inflatable Santa in his jolly red suit or an inflatable Santa and reindeer set.

We’ve found that the best places to shop for outdoor Christmas inflatables featuring dear old Saint Nick are Christmas Warehouse and Amazon. Both offer a great range of inflatable Santa outdoor decorations. As well as Santa with inflatable reindeer, the latter includes a set with stable, Santa climbing a Christmas tree, a golfing Santa or even a Santa on a motorcycle inflatable.

You could also choose a giant blow up Santa complete with built-in LED lighting. For a small or large inflatable Santa with a difference, Christmas Warehouse even offers a cricket-playing blow up Santa or a surfing Santa complete with thongs, sunglasses and a surfboard.

Click here to view a range of inflatable Santa Claus options on Amazon

Click here to check out the Christmas Warehouse blow up Santa range

The Grinch inflatable

Also among the most popular holiday inflatables is a ‘The Grinch’ blow up character. This much-loved festive movie delights adults and kids alike, year after year, so it’s not really surprising that The Grinch has made it into inflatable form. So why not have a Grinch inflatable Christmas theme this year?

Amazon have several Grinch blow up Christmas options for sale. There are inflatable Grinch Christmas decorations featuring the character clutching the naughty list from top brand Gemmy Christmas inflatables. They also offer a huge Grinch holding a decorated Christmas tree beneath his giant arm. There is also a similarly tall Grinch with a ‘Merry Grinchmas’ bauble.

As Christmas yard inflatables go, choosing a ‘The Grinch’ Christmas inflatable is ideal for those who are a bit ‘bah humbug’ about the festive season. Especially if they’re only actually pretending to feel that way…

Click here to see a range of Grinch inflatable Christmas decorations

inflatable santa

An inflatable snowman

Another festive classic among Xmas inflatables, a blow up snowman is also one of the most popular outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations in Australia. The wintry look really stands out during summer, while much of the world experiences cold weather in December.

Whether you want a giant inflatable snowman or something on a smaller scale, these are among the best Christmas inflatables around. Many of the options include rotating LEDs, which is ideal if you want to put on a display of festive lights at the same time. For a modern twist on a Frosty the Snowman blow up, there are also Olaf versions depicting the popular Frozen character.

Incidentally, we also stumbled upon some funny Christmas inflatables in the form of blow up snowman costumes. If you want something completely different to wear for a party, then do take a look at those, which you can also see by clicking the link below.

Click here to discover a range of snowman family inflatable options

Gemmy Christmas inflatables

We touched on Gemmy when detailing The Grinch blow ups, and this American company really does offer some of the most unique Christmas inflatables around.

They’re famous as the creators of Big Mouth Billy Bass, popular around the time of the millenium. Their festive inflatables are now sold all over the world.

From a Yoda Christmas inflatable or a Snoopy inflatable Christmas decoration to a range of unusual inflatable lawn decorations featuring Minions, Buddy the Elf or Jack Skellington, taking a look at the Gemmy small or large Christmas inflatables may just give you some different ideas this year. They even offer an inflatable Christmas pig.

Click here to check out the range of Gemmy Christmas inflatables

A blow up Christmas tree

There are plenty of inflatable Xmas decorations featuring the festive tree. Both Amazon and Christmas Warehouse offer a number of options to display as outdoor blow up Christmas decorations.

Inflatable decorations featuring the festive tree add a pleasant touch of greenery to your outdoor space. They’re ideal for those seeking something less obvious, as they blend into the natural surroundings more seamlessly than a bright red or white blow up decorations.

You can purchase inflatable Christmas trees singly or as a set, and some are among the most affordable cheap Christmas inflatables we’ve found. As blow up Xmas decorations go, this is another classic that can be used year after year.

Click here to view a selection of blow up Christmas trees on Amazon

Click here to find the Christmas Warehouse range of Christmas tree inflatables

Animal Christmas inflatables

Whether you want a blow up reindeer or a Christmas dragon inflatable to use as inflatable ornaments for your outdoor space, there are plenty of festive options featuring various kinds of fauna.

The Christmas Warehouse range of animated Christmas inflatables includes a inflatable penguin Christmas blow up, a baby dragon, a unicorn, a dinosaur and an illuminated Rudolph inflatable over a metre tall with a wreath around its neck. The latter is surely the perfect choice for someone searching for a Rudolph blow up or large inflatable Christmas decorations.

Complete with Santa hats, the inflatable holiday decorations depicting a teddy bear, dragon or T-Rex are festive – yet far more subtle than some blow ups. The sitting unicorn in white and pink, meanwhile, has a red and white striped horn, red tail and red ribbon round its neck. Super cute for families with small kids!

Click here to see the selection of animal blow ups at Christmas Warehouse

inflatable christmas decorations

An inflatable nativity scene

If you like to invoke the true meaning of Christmas, then a blow up nativity scene could well be the best kind of inflatable Christmas ornaments to display in your front yard.

These giant inflatable Christmas decorations typically feature the infant baby Jesus as well as Mary, Joseph and the three wise men. An inflatable sheep in also often thrown in for good measure – and why on earth not? It certainly helps to give this type of Christmas lawn inflatables wider appeal – particularly for kids.

With integral LED lighting often included, a nativity blow up should delight those children who are about to act out that very scene for their school Christmas performance.

Click here to discover some inflatable Christmas nativity scenes

Candy Cane inflatables

There are literally heaps of options out there if you want to create a display of Christmas candy canes. As they tend to be smaller than many of the huge Christmas inflatables on the market, they’re ideal for making a pretty scene – indoors or out.

They can also be used as dressing up accessories for festive parties. You could hang a series of them all along the fence, railings or wall, or use them to decorate a large tree in your front garden or backyard. Just make sure the smallest kids don’t try to take a bite!

With their pretty red and white stripes, a set of candy canes makes a great alternative to all those big Christmas inflatables. If an inflatable Xmas tree, Santa helicopter inflatable, giant inflatable reindeer or large inflatable snowman don’t appeal to the minimalist in you, why not go for the sweeter option?

Click here to check out a range of candy cane blow up Christmas yard decorations

A blow up Christmas arch

If you do want to go all out with the exterior decorations this year, there aren’t many big Christmas inflatables than have as much impact as a large inflatable arch.

Arch-shaped, inflatable Christmas yard decorations available include a green and red one with both a snowman and a Santa, or pick one formed like a giant Father Christmas holding two stockings.

Other curving blow up Christmas ornaments include a funky dancing ‘Christmas Night Fever” Santa, complete with LED lights and a candy-striped arch in red and white. Groovy!

Click here to view a selection of arched Christmas airblown inflatables

Inflatable reindeer

How could we miss out Santa’s best friends? Whether you’d like to find a Santa and reindeer inflatable or would rather go for a stand-alone Rudolph, there are various kinds of blow up Santa and reindeer – as well a large animal without Father Christmas.

There’s an 8 foot reindeer with a wreath around its neck. Much taller than any human, it’s not for those seeking small Christmas inflatables. There are several inflatable Santa and sleigh blow ups to choose from too.

Maybe only the brave would go for the 4 foot ‘humping reindeer’ – it’s your blushes that may not be spared if the local kids ask you to explain exactly what it is that your large blow up Christmas decorations are meant to be doing…

Click here to see a choice of inflatable Rudolph and reindeer decorations

Which Christmas inflatables will you display this festive season?

From Star Wars Christmas decorations for outdoor use to a Santa airplane inflatable or Grinch Christmas blow up, there is lots of choice out there. Will you snap up a large blow up Santa, a giant inflatable Christmas tree, a Snoopy Christmas blow up or a giant blow up snowman? Let us know in the comments! Whichever you go for, well chosen big inflatable Christmas decorations are perfect for sharing your love of the festive season.

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