Christmas Wreath & Garland Decorations

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Christmas wreaths and garlands can really tie your home decorations together. These green additions to doors, walls, and banisters offer a natural yet striking charm, especially during Christmas. 

Of course, many years ago, people would have to go out and find pine trees and other foliage to make their own wreaths and garlands. But thankfully, today we can find artificial versions and Australians can deck their homes with pine cones and berries.  

We’ve collected a list of the different types of Christmas garlands and wreaths that you can choose from to add to your home’s decor. 

Did you know that in Christianity, the wreath is a symbol of Jesus’ thorn crown he wore when he was crucified? And we add red berries to symbolise his blood? Find more interesting Christmas trivia to impress your friends. 

Christmas wreaths

The legend of hanging a wreath on your door has a long history, and it’s a tradition many people have continued through the years. These are perfect for your front door, welcoming in guests during the festive season. They’re the easiest and most obvious outdoor Christmas decorations you’ll find. 

Here’s a selection of Christmas door wreaths you can choose from to decorate their homes. 

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Natural-look wreath with pine cones

You really can never go wrong with a natural look. This is why this green and gold large Christmas wreath adorned with artificial pine cones and berries is at the top of our list. The wreath is 48cm x 12cm x 48cm big and has 92 tips. 

The sprinkle of gold glitter, along with gold berries and brown pine cones helps the green wreath stand out without looking too overdone. Add this to your door for a simple, rustic decor theme.

Shop for the natural look wreath with pine cones here.

Snow-flocked Christmas door wreath

If you’re going for the winter, snowy Christmas look in your Australian home, this flocked wreath is perfect. It’s simple and plain, 60cm x 16cm x 60cm big and has 120 tips. But if you’d prefer to add a few decorations, you can always do so. 

Inside this wreath are fairy lights, so you can light them up at night for a twinkling, magical scene. 

Shop for the snow-flocked wreath here.

Classic gold & champagne wreath

Of all the Christmas colours, a gold theme has to be the most stunning and luxurious. Show off this gold and champagne artificial wreath and hang it up on your front door. You’ll catch the eye of everyone who comes to visit. 

The wreath has a green pine branch base, and on that is a collection of gold twigs, baubles, ferns, berries and poinsettias. It’s 48cm x 11cm x 48cm and will stand out wonderfully on your door. 

Shop for the classic gold & champagne wreath here.

Glittered bare wreath

Here we have a more modern-looking wreath, but it has the red berries we spoke about earlier. This bare wreath has green leaves on visible branches, rather than pine tips. It’s speckled with gold glitter and the berries stand out beautifully. 

This can be hung outside but is also a great option to have inside, helping to accentuate the rest of your decor. 

Shop for the glittered bare wreath here. 

Christmas garlands

Garlands are usually made of branches and twigs, decorated with flowers, berries, and other natural beauties. They can be hung on your staircase, along the edge of a fireplace, or even wrapped around a pole or column. 

Artificial garlands, of course, bring all of the appeal without any of the mess. Here are some for you to choose from. 

Balsam pine garland

This balsam pine garland is plain, so you can decorate as a family activity. Add your own baubles, ribbons, artificial flowers and berries and then hang the garland in your home. Or leave it as is for a simple green addition to your home.

This garland is 2.7m x 30cm x 30cm big, and the pine tips are a gorgeous bright green. 

Shop for balsam pine garlands here. 

Snow-flocked pine branch garland

Add some winter magic inside your home while the Australian sun shines outside, by simply putting up this flocked garland. It’s 2.7m x 30cm x 30cm big with thick green branches and it’s flocked with artificial snow. 

You can also add some bright ornaments to this garland if you’re wanting more colour in your living space. 

Shop for snow-flocked thick pine garlands here. 

Green pine needle garland with pine cones

Add a bit of natural prettiness, just to enhance your decorations rather than steal the spotlight. This natural-look pine cone garland lets you do just that. The lush green tips are dusted with silver glitter to make it look like it’s been freshly snowed on. 

And the small brown pine cones in between the branches add to the rustic look. This garland is  2.7m x 24cm x 24cm and contains 180 tips. 

Shop for pine needle garlands with pine cones here. 

Pre-decorated red & gold garland

For a more extravagant look, add one of these pre-decorated pine garlands. And what could be more Christmasy than red and gold on green? This garland has a green base with baubles, ribbons, stars, and twigs – all in the traditional festive colours. 

The garland is 2.7m x 25cm x 13cm and will look absolutely stunning on the edges of tables, TV stands, and even along walls. 

Shop for pre-decorated red & gold bauble & pine garlands here. 

Add Christmas wreaths and garlands to your decor

Adding Christmas greenery to your decorations can bring a special quality to your home. Besides the tree, there are other ways to bring in the traditional outdoor feel to your festive decorating. 

Christmas wreath decorations offer a rustic and traditional touch to your home during the holidays. They hang beautifully on your front door and are almost the starting point for your festive decor. 

If you’re looking for something to decorate your space that will tie in with your tree and other traditional ornaments, the artificial Christmas garland is what you need. These long pieces of greenery offer a more natural dazzle to your home than tinsel does. 

So pick out your favourite wreaths and garlands, or have a blend of a few styles, and add them to your home for an even better Christmas feel. 

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