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Christmas time is a brilliant excuse to bring out all of your best and most festive decorations. There are plenty of ways to decorate the inside of your home, with traditional and unique options available for every taste. But what about decorating the outside of your house?

Garden and lawn Christmas decorations bring the festivities to your neighbours and your whole community. Whether it’s just to add some fun to your lawn for the people in your street, or you’re competing with the family next door, there’s an abundance of outdoor decor to choose from. 

We found a great collection of these accessories to make the choice easier for you. From traditional and quaint to quirky and fun, this list has something for everyone. 

Outdoor Christmas decorations

Before you select your Christmas garden decorations, it’s probably a good idea to decide on the ‘theme’ you’d like to follow in your garden. Then, take a look at these whimsical ornaments and accessories. 

Inflatable sleeping summer Santa Christmas outdoor decoration

Santa may work hard on Christmas Eve, dressed up in his warm red suit, but we know that when he gets to Australia, there’s a much more relaxed feeling. This inflatable Santa shows the big man sleeping in a hammock, taking the summer break he rightly deserves. 

Mr Claus is also wearing summer-appropriate shorts and a T-shirt, making him look right at home in your Aussie yard. Hang this 65cm x 15cm x 30cm decoration up on your front porch or on trees near your house and entertain everyone who passes. 

Shop for this inflatable sleeping Santa here. 

LED gifts garden Christmas decorations

Match your candy cane light with another universal Christmas symbol – gifts and giving. This set of three gift boxes is 1m x 56cm in size. It’s made up of blue, purple, and orange lights, wound around a wire frame. 

The light set has a low voltage adapter and it’s mains operated. Set it up with the rest of your display, or line a few of the same up for a ‘giving Christmas’ scene.

Shop for this gift box light set here. 

Santa’s sleigh and led reindeer outdoor light display

For a more traditional look, this light display depicting Santa in his sleigh with his reindeer pulling him along brings all of the usual magic of Christmas. The lights are mostly cool white LEDs, with the legendary Santa shining in red and green. 

The whole display is 5.5m x 45cm in size. It all goes well together, but the reindeers can be separated if needed. 

Shop for Santa’s sleigh rope light display here. 

Standing ceramic champagne reindeer

This standing champagne-coloured ceramic reindeer would look beautiful in a traditional Christmas layout. It’s 19cm x 12cm x 32cm tall and will stand solidly in your yard. The colour is quite shiny, which would make it easily noticeable to passers-by.

Set this reindeer up with similarly themed working elves, Santa, sleighs, and Christmas trees for a fantastic Christmas display.

Shop for this standing ceramic reindeer here. 

Solar Christmas decorations outdoor candy cane rope light

Not much says Christmas like candy canes, and this rope light is a bright sign of the festive season. Pitch a few of them up along the edge of your garden and be the reason your neighbours smile each night. 

Perfect to display for the full holiday period, this neon red light is 16cm x 46cm and stands on a stake. The light can be static or flash, and it’s solar-panel operated, so it saves energy as well. 

Shop for your solar-powered candy cane rope light here. 

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3D snowman light display

We may not get snow during Christmas in Australia, but we can still have a friendly snowman sitting in our yard if we like. This 3D snowman light display is 55cm x 55cm x 1.2m big and comes with a 5m lead to be plugged in. 

The snowman has a white wireframe, separated into three parts. There are white artificial crystals on the body and blue for the hands and hat. The entire display lights up, making for a big, bright, cheerful decoration. 

Shop for this collapsible white Christmas tree here. 

Funny standing resin life-size reindeer

Bring smiles and laughs to those passing by your outdoor Christmas display by setting up this goofy reindeer in your garden. This guy is 1.1m x 43cm x 1.4m, and he’s made from durable Polyresin. 

His crossed legs, crossed eyes, and general comic face makes him quite funny and cheerful. And because he comes with a Christmas hat and red ribbons with bells at the end tied around his neck and antlers – you just know he’s there to enjoy the festive season. 

Shop for a funny standing resin reindeer here. 

Inflatable surfing Santa

If you live anywhere near the beach, like the stunning Perth, and think you can’t set up a wonderful outdoor Christmas scene, you’re wrong. Just take a look at this adorable inflated Santa standing at 1.2m x 50cm x 2.1m, complete with his surfboard. 

He’s wearing flip flops, sunglasses and a red-and-white striped shirt, with green board shorts too. The decoration inflates quickly, and there are LEDs inside, so it’ll glow at night as well. 

Shop for this inflatable surfing Santa here. 

If you love outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations, we have a whole article dedicated to that too!

Get your Christmas outdoor decorations early

Whether you’re decorating your garden for a party or simply to bring festive cheer to your community, there’s no reason why your stunning taste and decorating skills should be hidden inside. Take your Christmas decorations outdoors and share them with your whole neighbourhood. Who knows, perhaps next year your neighbours will ask you to help them set up their own yards. 

Simply decide what you want outside your house and select the right outdoor Xmas decorations for you. If you want something that attracts many nighttime admirers, a bright festive light display will be your best option. 

If you’re recreating a winter wonderland on your lawn, large deer, trees, and snowmen will complete the look. And, of course, if you’re looking for more Australian-inspired outdoor decor, you could opt for summer-themed ornaments.

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