10 Best Fibre Optic Christmas Trees for a Glowing Xmas

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Fibre optic Christmas trees (or optic fibre Christmas tree if you prefer) are a great way to add some festive cheer to your joyful season without the hassle of cleaning up tufts of pine needles left on the floor. Whether you’re wanting traditional lighting or prefer something a bit more elegant, these trees create stunning aesthetics to your home with a fuss-free design. 

Readily waiting to beautify your home, these aesthetically pleasing trees come in various styles, shapes and sizes; from pre-decorated to plain, as well as large to small sizes. Depending on your taste and budget, you can go all out with decorating using a full-size optic fibre Christmas tree or opt for a small tabletop one instead.

Let’s take a look at a selection of top fibre optic trees for Xmas available in an array of shapes, sizes, and colours. 

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What is a Fibre Optic Christmas Tree? 

These are trees that have their lights built directly into the artificial branches. They’re different to pre-lit Christmas trees which have strings of LED lights strung on the branches instead. 

Fibre optic lights have smaller bulbs compared to pre-lit trees. Most of these fibre optic strands are surrounded by a reflective coating, resulting in a beautiful show of lights. 

Fibre Optic Xmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a challenge at times. And having to deal with untangling lights can take time from all the fun you could be having instead. To make life much easier during the bustling season, here is the best selection of fibre optic Christmas trees for you to choose from. 

2 ft Small Fibre Optic Christmas Tree 

If you’re looking for a small fibre optic Christmas tree, this adorable 2 ft multi-coloured tree blows all the bells and whistles. 

The tree is pre-decorated with lights in several colours and at least six baubles, and a beautiful gold base. The extra decorations come in an array of transparent lacquers, including pink, purple, and green. And to top it off, it comes with bauble decorations and a star topper. 

This little tree is perfect for placing on a tabletop and filling out a little nook, it’s sure to captivate family and friends during the festive season. 

Shop for this small fibre optic Christmas tree here. 

Blue & White 3 ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree 

Add extra sparkle to your room with this ice-themed Christmas tree. Set a dramatic winter display with these fibre optic blue and crisp white LEDs. The lights are found on each star point and shimmering branches. 

Flip the multi-function control box and select from 8 different effects, including glittering and static lighting. The 3 ft tall tree includes a sturdy white base with three steady feet and a glowing star on top. 

Shop for this blue & white fibre optic Christmas tree here. 

3 ft Rainbow Colored Fibre Optic Tree

Rally up your family and friends to open Christmas gifts around this adorable white fibre optic tree. 

On Christmas eve, let the iridescent glow of the tree liven up the festivities as you sip on some delicious eggnog and enjoy the ever-changing rainbow colours on the tree. At the top of the tree is a transparent star glowing in purple, red, blue, green and orange colours.

The 3 ft artificial tree sits perfectly in any room in the house that’s looking for some Christmas cheer, from a dining room table to a quiet little nook in the study. The product is also light and sturdy, making it easy to move around. 

Shop for this 3 ft Rainbow Colored Fibre Optic Tree here. 

Flocked Fibre Optic & Blue LED Christmas Tree

Enjoy a snow-covered Christmas tree with tufts of fibre optic and LED blue lights dotted throughout the tree’s silhouette and topped with a star topper to complete the look. 

The tree is ‘flocked’ using a process of spraying non-toxic liquid snow to provide you with a life-like snow-covered tree. 

Plug the cord in and watch a continuous display of changing lights on the 3 ft tree with its green base. The tree’s flexible branches are easy to bend into the shape you want. There’s also room for added Christmas tree decorations to spruce up your tree even more. 

Shop for flocked fibre optic & blue LED Christmas trees here

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree with Colorful Stars

Gather the family around to adore this funky green-leafed fibre optic Christmas tree with an LED star topper. The tree’s silhouette is green and decorated with multi-colourful LED fibre optic stars. 

With a click of a button, these stars flash bright colours of pinks, blues, greens, and whites – getting you in the Christmas spirit right away. The tree stands at 3 ft tall and is operated by the power socket’s main switch. 

Shop for this fibre optic Christmas tree with colourful stars here

Multi-Colour 4 ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

If you’re set in the Christmas spirit, there is no way you’ll want to miss out on this beautiful fibre optic tree sprinkled with multi-coloured lights. Choose between 15 different static colours and 23 multi-colours to bring the perfect amount of festive cheer into your home. 

Set the mood using the various light settings, including dancing and static fibre optic lights. Between the spiralling, dancing, glittering fireworks, and rotating bursts, you’re in for a good time around the Christmas tree this year. 

The 4 ft tall tree sits sturdy on its stand. The control box is easy to use and operate the settings speed, dynamic mode, pause, colours, and multiple functions. 

Shop for this multi-colour 4 ft fibre optic Christmas tree here. 

5 ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

Illuminate your home with this traditional, multi-colour fibre optic tree with life-like green branches. Enjoy the ever-changing colours on the body, topped with an LED star. 

The sturdy green base provides reliable support for your beautiful 5 ft tree. The product is easy to assemble. Once you’re set-up, plug your tree into a power socket and watch a marvellous display. You’ll get lots of yellow, green, red, blue, pink, and white lights to spark up your room. 

Shop for a 5 ft fibre optic Christmas tree here

Multi-Coloured Fibre Optic Xmas Tree 

Get into the spirit of the season and light up the house in traditional Christmas colours of red, blue, green and white on a brilliant and eccentric fibre optic tree. 

The 5 ft tall Christmas tree is easy to assemble and powers up with a click of a button. Each blade of fibre lights up to give you a beautiful tree in a riot of colours and various flash functions. From fast bursts of colours to paired lighting, the ever-changing fibre optics on this tree provide a truly spectacular sight. 

Shop for this multi-coloured fibre optic Xmas tree here. 

Snow-Flocked & Multi-Color 6 ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

If you’re on the hunt for a white Christmas tree to create a wintery feel in sunny Australia, this snow flocked tree will tick all the boxes on your Christmas list. Its branches are covered in ‘snow’ and dotted with fibre optics and warm LED lighting. And to top off your stunning tree, there’s an LED star on top. 

The 6 ft tree comes in an elegant design and provides a stunning light-up effect to give you an authentic Christmas feel. There is also plenty of room for you to add more decorations to your tree. The branches are also flexible and easy to bend into shape. 

Shop for this 6 ft fibre optic Christmas tree here. 

7 ft Fibre Optic Christmas Tree – Red, Blue, & Purple LED

For a modern, sheer festive look, get yourself this 7 ft fibre optic Christmas Tree with LED lights and a star topper. Grab your remote control and flip the switch – and, voila, bursts of colour. 

Explosions of red, blue, and purple will send light throughout your household. It’s spectacular to see throughout the day and night. Change the colour or effect using your control box, sit back, and enjoy a festive time with the whole family. 

Shop for the 7 ft fibre optic Christmas tree here.

If you are looking for a Christmas tree stand or skirt, we know that too!

Have a jolly Christmas with your new fibre optic Christmas tree

Fibre optic Christmas trees are the perfect choice for anyone looking to save time during the busy festive period. They also provide an illuminating effect in your home and bring out the Christmas spirit. 

These trees come in an array of different sizes, shapes, and colours to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. And best of all, you can add extra accessories to your tree to make your home even more joyous. It’s the best way to beautify your home during the festive season. 

So, now that we’ve covered a range of stunning fibre optic Christmas trees, it’s time you get your very own; happy shopping. 

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