Christmas Tree Stands and Skirts – A Complete Guide

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If you’re planning to put up a festive tree this year (and who isn’t?) then you may well be looking around to see what sort of Christmas tree stands or skirts are available to buy.

As the tree does tend to be the decorative centrepiece in most homes, a well-chosen Christmas tree holder can be the perfect finishing touch when it comes to celebrating the festive season.

Whether you have a real or artificial one, you may need a Christmas tree base to place your green, gold, white or fibre optic tree on. You may also be wondering about Christmas tree skirts, where to find them and what they do.

When you want to find the best real Christmas tree stand, a tree skirt or a good quality artificial Christmas tree stand to complement your festive decor, this guide is here to help you decide which type to buy – as well as to track the perfect product down.

So stay with us to find out all you need to know about Christmas tree stands and Christmas tree skirts!

The best Christmas tree stands for the festive season

From a simple replacement tree stand for an artificial tree to a rotating Christmas tree stand that really shows it all off, read on to find the best Christmas tree stand for your home.

A real Christmas tree stand

There are two main types of real tree stand. The first is a stand for a cut real Christmas tree, such as the classic Krinner Christmas tree stand. (Secondly there are live Christmas tree stands, which are covered below.) You can buy this type of Xmas tree stand at Christmas Warehouse or on Amazon.

A Krinner tree stand is a perennial favourite and often the top choice for those who display and decorate a real cut tree. This is a Christmas tree stand with water reservoir, which Christmas tree stands for real trees need if the tree is to stay healthy and looking its best for several weeks.

Whether you go for one actually made by Krinner or not, these stands often feature the same kind of design. In the centre there is a water bowl so your cut tree has a water supply – it’s just like placing cut flowers in a vase.

Around that there are normally four or five sturdy ‘fingers’ that hold the tree in place. When using this, do make sure the bottom of the tree trunk sits below the water level. The position of these is adjusted by means of a pedal or pump on the outer edge. Powerful springs then hold it all in place.

If you have a cut Christmas tree, then you will need to invest in one of these stands. Otherwise it will be just like placing flowers in vase with no water in! Your tree needs to drink to keep it fresh and fragrant.

Real Christmas trees look beautiful and smell heavenly, so if you’re bringing one into your home each year it’s well worth buying a high quality stand that will last for many festive seasons yet to come.

Click here to see a selection of Xmas tree base options at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to find the ideal Christmas tree water stand on Amazon

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A live tree stand

A live Christmas tree stand is fairly similar in design to the type detailed above for cut trees. This type of Christmas tree holder stand differs slightly due to the fact that it has a plant pot built into the base. Again these are sold on Amazon and at Christmas Warehouse.

Your live tree can thus sit in soil just as it would when growing outdoors. This can be watered just like any plant container, so the tree can draw both vital moisture and beneficial nutrients from around its roots.

As with any living tree, the plant will then transport the water and food to the tree’s branches and greenery, keeping them strong and healthy.

Once the festive season has passed, you can then plant the tree outside if you wish to, either directly into the ground or into a larger pot to allow for growth. That way, you may even be able to reuse it next year.

Click here for a small or large Christmas tree stand for a living tree on Amazon

Click here to find a real Christmas tree base at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to source an outdoor Christmas tree pot for your live tree

A rotating tree stand

If you really want to bring the wow factor into your home this summer, then you need a revolving Christmas tree stand! A rotating Christmas tree stand can be bought from either Amazon or Christmas Warehouse.

Although a heavy duty rotating Christmas tree stand may come with a high price tag, other models are far more affordable. So it should be possible to find one, whatever your budget.

The size or weight of tree the stand can hold is stated for each product listing, and of course this can affect the cost. Continually turning a large decorated Christmas tree is a pretty tall order!

Styles include a simple, flat rotating base that’s capable of supporting up to 100kgs. This is suitable for almost any kind of tree, and you will also need some sort of steady stand for the tree to go in before placing it on this revolving base.

You can also purchase a relatively small Christmas tree stand to turn your artificial tree. These are much more inexpensive, and are ideal for homes that don’t require a real or extra large Christmas tree stand.

Click here to see a range of rotating Christmas tree stands on Amazon

Click here to view an affordable revolving tree stand at Christmas Warehouse

An artificial tree stand

A fake Christmas tree stand is made for supporting an artificial tree rather than a real one. As well as the rotating type detailed above, there are others available from Christmas Warehouse and Amazon.

Your artificial tree may of course have come with a built-in stand, but these products give you the option of buying a nicer one. They can also be used to replace a broken or damaged base.

Christmas Warehouse, for example, stock a gold wood grain effect stand that looks a whole lot more decorative than a cheap plastic model. Even their very affordable plastic stand features sleek legs arranged as an appealing star shape.

As for Amazon, they offer a range of rotating, folding and heavy duty Christmas tree stand options. Some of these even come with wheels, which are ideal should you wish to move your tree around the room, hallway or house.

Click here to find a fake tree stand at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to buy an artificial Christmas tree base on Amazon

A cast iron Christmas tree stand

A good cast iron tree stand is super strong and sturdy. With slim coated metal legs, it also lends a sleek look to your festive decor. Amazon stock a range in various sizes, suitable for a range of artificial trees.

Whether you want a Christmas tree stand for an artificial tree or an outdoor Christmas tree stand, a metal tree stand is a long lasting and classic option that should see you through many festive seasons.

These stands tend to be dark green to match the evergreen tree they are supporting, and as they’re slimline in design they also work well with a Xmas tree skirt.

Click here to explore the metal Christmas tree stand range on Amazon

Christmas tree base

The top Christmas tree skirts to enhance your festive decor

A Christmas tree collar or skirt can really dress up your decor. If you’d like to use one this year, read on to find the best large or small tree skirt for your home.

While we’ve covered the most sought-after options below, that doesn’t mean you can’t find your dream pink tree skirt, gold Christmas tree collar, black tree skirt or fur Christmas tree skirt. Simply click the link below and you can find the right Amazon tree skirt for you!

Click here to browse Christmas tree skirts on Amazon

A white Christmas tree skirt

Lots of people are looking for a white tree skirt, it seems, and they really do bring that wintry feel to your festive decor.

You can buy a sunburst, sequinned or velvet one at Christmas Warehouse, or opt for a faux fur tree skirt at Amazon. There are also white and gold tree skirt products to choose from, comprising a white fur tree skirt decorated with delicate feathers or snowflakes.

Click here to see white Christmas tree skirts at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to explore Amazon’s range of white tree skirts

A grey Christmas tree skirt

A grey tree skirt is also a popular choice, and this neutral tone complements either traditional or more modern interior decor very well. They also add a dash of Scandinavian style to any room.

Amazon have a good range, made from a variety of materials, to please those seeking a grey or silver tree skirt. Many are decorated, featuring designs like a fair isle pattern, red plaid trim, white snowflakes or red hearts. Thick faux fur with a white trim is also a popular option.

Click here to find a range of grey tree skirts on Amazon

A red Christmas tree skirt

A red tree skirt is another festive classic. Whether you want a large tree skirt or a mini tree skirt, both Christmas Warehouse and Amazon offer a good range.

Some designs offer the chance to buy a red and green tree skirt, or you can opt for one with a white faux fur trim to look like a Santa hat.

A variety of materials and other colour combinations are available too, so whether you want luxury Christmas tree skirts like a faux fur Christmas tree skirt or velvet tree skirt, or have your heart set on a red and gold Christmas tree skirt, it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for.

Click here to discover red tree skirts at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to see Amazon’s selection of red Christmas tree skirts

A blue tree skirt

Who knew there were so many blue Christmas tree skirt options out there? Not us – until now. Again both Christmas Warehouse and Amazon come up trumps.

If you hanker after a plaid tree skirt don’t miss seeing what Amazon have to offer, as there are various blue checked options to pick from.

From a star-spangled, snowflake, sequinned or even a nautical style tree skirt, there are plenty to enhance a Blue Christmas theme.

Click here to view Amazon’s blue Christmas tree skirts

Click here to see blue tree skirts at Christmas Warehouse

A burlap, hessian or wicker tree skirt

If you love natural materials, why not go for a wicker Christmas tree skirt or a hessian or burlap tree skirt?

Options include a solid rattan tree skirt in grey from Amazon or a pop up hessian or burlap skirt available at Christmas Warehouse.

Click here to find a rattan Christmas tree skirt on Amazon

Click here to see burlap or hessian tree skirts at Christmas Warehouse

A Disney tree skirt

We should have guessed – of course a Disney Christmas tree skirt is a thing! While the choice isn’t vast, Amazon do stock several options. Options include a Kurt Adler Christmas tree skirt featuring Mickey and Minnie.

Click here to view Disney tree skirts on Amazon

Which Christmas stand or Christmas skirt will you buy this year?

Whether you were picturing a Christmas tree basket skirt in wicker or simply wanted to find a replacement plastic Christmas tree stand, we hope this guide helps you track it down.

From a real Christmas tree holder or rotating Christmas tree base to a silver Christmas tree skirt or a cosy Christmas tree blanket, an attractive stand or skirt really does offer the finishing touch to your festive tree!

While you’re here, why not check out our guides to finding the finest Christmas tree topper or the best baubles to decorate your tree with?

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