Gold Christmas Trees in Australia | 15 Pre-lit, Unique & Collapsible Trees

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Christmas is getting closer which means it’s time to go tree shopping. This holiday pastime signals the start of the festive season, one of the best times of the year! Although you could go for the more traditional options, why not get something a bit more exciting this year, like a gold Christmas tree.

Gold Christmas trees come in a wide variety of styles, suitable for many different households and uses. There are the pre-lit Christmas tree options or collapsible ones that can be stored easily once the season is over. You will also be able to find some unique options as well as miniature tree sets, which are great for decorating your home this Christmas. 

Whatever your fancy, you will be able to find it in a gold version. This list has all the best gold Xmas trees that you will need this festive season – so get shopping! 

Gold pre-lit Christmas tree

Pre-lit Christmas trees in Australia are a very popular choice. Although you might still need to buy outdoor Christmas lights, these trees will help lighten up your house’s interior. Most of these are your traditional, tall Christmas trees that are perfect for placing gifts around, but we have also included a unique option. 

Vickerman pre-lit 2m tinsel tree

If you’re looking for a large and traditional gold Christmas tree in Australia, then Vickerman has a perfect choice. These pre-lit Christmas trees are 2m tall and just over 1m wide, the perfect centrepiece for your family holiday.

It comes with 450 clear mini Dura-lit lights to brighten up any house. These lights are fitted with microchips, so even when some bulbs are broken or missing, the rest of the lights will remain lit. You won’t have to worry about your Christmas tree sparking all holiday long. 

Shop for this Vickerman pre-lit 2m tinsel tree here. 

Vickerman pre-lit white & gold tinsel Christmas tree

Vickerman has come through with another fabulous pre-lit gold and white Christmas tree option. It has 200 warm white Italian LED lights covering the tree, creating a beautiful, shiny Christmas effect. 

This tree is slightly shorter than the previous option, standing at 137.2 cm tall and 68 cm wide. However, it’s still more than big enough to be your main Christmas tree this festive season. Its size makes it a great choice for people looking for a slightly more compact tree for smaller rooms or spaces. 

Shop for this Vickerman pre-lit white & gold tinsel Christmas tree here. 

RJ Legend pre-lit champagne gold ceramic Christmas tree

Tall trees aren’t the only pre-lit options available. If you’ve got a smaller space or just prefer decorating with a mini Christmas tree, then this RJ Legend tree should be considered. It’s only 25 cm tall and 13 cm wide and comes in a stunning champagne gold colour. 

This miniature tree is covered in 50 colourful lights and has a beautiful pointed star on top. There are three star toppers provided per tree, each in a different colour for your preference. All that the tree needs are three AA batteries in the base, and you’ll be ready to go. 

Shop for this RJ Legend pre-lit champagne gold ceramic Christmas tree here. 

Collapsible gold Christmas trees

Once Christmas is over, a collapsible tree is a super convenient option. These trees can be stored in a box and easily assembled when it’s time for Christmas. They’re also quite tall, which makes them great holiday centrepieces. 

QTIVY 150 cm pop-up slim Christmas tree

The QTIVY brand has an easy-to-assemble gold pop-up Christmas tree available this festive season. It grows into a 150 cm tall by 35 cm wide tree that’s perfect to use as your main holiday tree. It is a dazzling gold option with a creative design made using high-quality PVC and tinsel decorations

The tree has a plastic base, which makes it a great lightweight option. Apart from the gold tinsel, the tree is covered with green, red, and gold confetti-style decorations. This adds a lovely colour-scheme to your already beautiful golden Christmas tree.

Shop for this QTIVY 150 cm pop-up Christmas tree here. 

Turn Me On 150 cm pop-up Christmas tinsel tree

One of the things that remind many people of Christmas is ball ornaments. This 150 cm tall gold Christmas tree is covered in red and green ball ornaments and has string lights attached to bring it all together. 

There are 50 LED lights that have three modes: flash, steady, and off. It’s these small things that help add a special festive element to your tree.

Shop for this Turn Me On 150 cm pop-up Christmas tinsel tree here. 

Rose Gold Warehouse folding luxury Christmas tree

This is a unique collapsible tree that you won’t find anywhere else on this list. If you’re looking for a tree that’s completely different, then this is a great option to choose. It’s made from a strong and durable kraft paper material that makes for a great talking point during your Christmas festivities. 

This collapsible tree contains three foldable parts, which makes it easy to take down and store for the next holiday season. It is 150cm tall and has a beautiful gold and white colour scheme.

Shop for this Rose Gold Warehouse folding luxury Christmas tree here. 

Doyolla collapsible artificial Christmas tree

Doyolla has also released a collapsible tree with a sparkly slim style. It is 150cm tall and 36 cm wide and folds in on itself, which is great for storing. The large size is enough to be the centre of your Christmas celebrations, with plenty of space for all your gifts to fit around it. 

You can rest assured that your Christmas tree won’t fall over thanks to the strong metal support structure with plastic feet. The addition of Christmas-coloured decorations wrapped around the tree really adds to the holiday atmosphere.

Shop for this Doyolla collapsible artificial Christmas tree here. 

Joy-Leo shiny gold fireplace Christmas tree

This is the perfect option for someone looking for a fully gold Christmas tree. The tinsel is gold, like the other options, but the added decorations are also the same dazzling hue. This gold-on-gold look will make your tree stand out – especially when lights start shining on it. 

The tree’s dimensions are 150 cm x 30 cm making it a great choice for a small space without sacrificing any height. Although gold is probably what you’re looking for, there are also different colour Joy-Leo collapsible trees available, including blue, red, silver, and multi-colour. 

Shop for this Joy-Leo shiny gold fireplace Christmas tree here.

Unique Gold Christmas Trees

The trees you have looked at up until now have mostly been traditional tree shapes and sizes. This section is filled with the most unique options available. 

They aren’t tinsel trees but they will still add a great holiday spirit to your home. Many of these are quite miniature as well, helping you add some extra Christmas flare around the house.

NaTursou display Christmas tree stand

This unique Christmas tree is just shorter than 30cm in height and 10cm wide. It is a great Christmas decoration that can fit on tables, desks, or even above your fireplace. It’s made of metal that is painted gold and is topped with a beautiful gold star.

To decorate this tree, NaTursou has covered it with different colour Christmas bells (green, red, and gold). You can, however, also hang your own decorations on one of the 14 spiral hooks that adorn the tree.

Shop for this NaTursou display Christmas tree stand here. 

Ferm Living gold & brass decorative Christmas tree

This stylish golden tree is perfect for a modern home. It has a pine Christmas tree shape and is a great size to use as a decorative piece this festive season. It is only 19 cm tall, which makes it suitable for most indoor spaces.

The minimalist design is the main attraction of this tree – all that you see is the tree’s 2D outline. Its golden colour is very elegant and will keep things classy this Christmas. 

Shop for this Ferm Living gold & brass decorative Christmas tree here. 

K&K Interiors gold holly leaf Christmas tree

K&K offers the only gold holly leaf Christmas tree on this list. It is made from 100% polyresin and is a unique and beautiful Christmas tree decoration. The height is 40 cm and it has a diameter of 15 cm, which means it is big enough to be a gorgeous tabletop attraction.

The golden leaves are very shiny and have small pinecones decorating them, giving the tree a more realistic feel. Accessorise your home in modern Christmas decor with this unique gold tree. 

Shop for this K&K Interiors gold holly leaf Christmas tree here. 

Mini Gold Christmas Tree Sets

If you’re looking for small Christmas trees online to scatter around your home or to create a cute Christmas-themed display, you need one of these tree sets. These gold sets range from two trees up to as many as 42. 

Binen tabletop mini Christmas trees 

This set includes two miniature pine Christmas trees. They are made with artificial sisal fibres, PVC material, and wooden bases which help support the 40cm and 35cm tall trees. 

The best place to use these small trees is on a table or somewhere at eye level where they can easily be spotted and enjoyed this festive season. Their size also makes them easy to store; just pop them in a box and get ready for the next Christmas holiday. 

Shop for this Binen tabletop mini Christmas tree here. 

Kubert 10-piece miniature bottle brush Christmas trees

These Kubert-made Christmas tree sets come with ten bottle brush style trees made using synthetic gold sisal fibres. They are 12.5cm tall, but the sets come in various sizes.  

These cute trees are a great way to add some Christmas spirit to different areas of your home. They have wooden bases, which are perfect for keeping these little decorations stable.

Shop for this Kubert 10-piece miniature bottle brush Christmas trees here. 

Pangda 42-piece mini Christmas tree set with wooden bases

The biggest set available is the Pangda 42-piece mini Christmas tree set. The trees are made using gold synthetic sisal fibres with glitter powder added to create that Christmas sparkle. The wooden bases help the trees stand steadily. 

If you are a fan of recreating Christmas-style settings, then these trees would be perfect for an enchanted forest. There are four different sizes, with between 2 – 20 trees of each. 

Shop for this Pangda 42-piece mini Christmas tree set with wooden bases here. 

Giftcraft 2-piece champagne gold Christmas trees

This 2-piece Christmas tree set is stylish and comes with a beautiful champagne gold colour scheme. The trees do not use tinsel and are instead made up of shaped metal pieces.

Both trees are 40cm tall, and each is topped with a champagne gold star. The glitter sprinkled over the trees adds the perfect touch to these miniature Christmas decorations. 

Shop for this Giftcraft 2-piece champagne gold Christmas trees here. 

Inxens 12-piece mini glitter pine Christmas trees

These twelve bottle brush-style Christmas trees come in three different sizes. There are six 4.5cm trees, four 6.5cm trees, and two 8.5cm trees. This collection comes in both gold and silver colours and resembles typical Christmas pine trees.

There are more than enough trees to create a lovely Christmas tree forest to decorate a table or to place around a larger tree. 

Shop for this Inxens 12-piece mini glitter pine Christmas trees here.

Juvale pack of 2 gold mini Christmas trees

Juvale has two beautifully decorated mini gold Christmas trees available. They are each just shy of 30 cm tall, and with their firm plastic bases, you should be able to place them anywhere you want this Christmas.

The trees are made with gold wire that is wrapped around the trunk in a conical shape. This is a wonderfully unique design that looks beautiful when placed under adequate lighting. The addition of a gold wire star is the perfect finish to this already great product.

Shop for this Inxens 12-piece mini glitter pine Christmas trees here.

If you are looking for a Christmas tree stand or skirt, we know that too!

Final thoughts on these gold Christmas trees

With the Christmas season fast approaching, it’s time to start looking for Christmas tree sales. There is a wide selection of gold Christmas trees available, whether you’re looking for pre-lit options, collapsible trees, unique designs, or entire tree sets. 

Whatever your preference, these trees will help fill your holiday season with a little more festive spirit. 

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