Fabulous Christmas Tinsel for your Festive Celebrations

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Christmas tinsel is such a versatile type of festive decoration. You can add it to your fir tree for instant sparkle, or drape it just about anywhere in your home during December to spread the joy of the season.

Whether you’re thinking of tinsel for your tree, have your heart set on glamorous silver or gold tinsel, are wondering what lametta tinsel is all about or want to source some thick, chunky tinsel for a dramatic impact, this guide is here to lead the way.

So settle down with your favourite cold, hot or alcoholic drink (why not, it’ll soon be Christmas) while we take you through all the top tinsel decoration options. From white tinsel or black tinsel to a tinsel Christmas tree, every option you could hope for is covered here.

Some of today’s tinsel goes way beyond the traditional length with lots of shiny strands attached to it. If you want to know about all things tinsel in the 21st century, read on to find out more.

Let’s get stuck into all things shiny and sparkling!

13 of the best Christmas tinsel options

Here we go – 13 of the finest options for anyone who wishes to buy tinsel. From cheap tinsel to more luxurious choices in all the colours of the rainbow, you’ll find some great ideas here.

White tinsel

White tinsel is one of the most searched for options here in Australia, and that’s not really surprising given that Christmas takes place during summer. Tinsel in white looks great against a sunny blue sky, while injecting a hint of that wintry magic into your surroundings at the same time.

You can even buy a white tinsel Christmas tree if you’d like to, which can be used as well as or instead of a traditional real or fake fir tree.

Both Christmas Warehouse and Amazon stock lovely white tinsel. The former offers some pretty white iridescent tinsel with holly leaves, for instance. You can also buy tinsel curtains, tinsel garlands and white tinsel trees from Amazon.

Black tinsel

While we’re on a monochrome theme, let’s take a look at black tinsel. It’s also one of the most sought-after tinsel colours, and is ideal for those who want to create a smart, grown-up space for the festive season or a party.

Tinsel in black is also popular at Halloween, and some options come as black and orange tinsel. You can buy anything from a pop-up slimline black tinsel Christmas tree to a black tinsel curtain, wreath or garland.

Gold tinsel

If you want a colour that people tend to instantly associate with Christmas, then you can’t go wrong with golden tinsel. It also adds glamour to any festive look.

Again Amazon and Christmas Warehouse both come up trumps. Christmas Warehouse has thin or thick tinsel in gold, plus golden holly leaf tinsel and even a pink and gold option that looks like rose gold tinsel.

Amazon, meanwhile, offers sequinned gold garlands, golden foil door curtains, gold tinsel wire and much more.

Silver tinsel

Silver tinsel is another popular festive pick – and there are certainly some more unusual options to choose from in this metallic shade. You can of course buy regular tinsel in silver too, in various lengths and widths.

The more out-there options at Amazon include party headbands decorated with tinsel in silver, a star-spangled silver garland that you can twist and turn however you like and silver tinsel embossing powder that’s ideal for crafty types.

Christmas Warehouse also stock silver tinsel as thin, medium and thicker tinsel lengths, or you could choose a starry garland or some silver lametta.

Lametta tinsel

Lametta for the Christmas tree provides you with another popular way to use tinsel. This fine angel hair tinsel comes as a pack of separate strands rather then being attached to a garland, and it can be hung from the branches to create a glimmering effect.

It may also be referred to as icicle tinsel. This thin tinsel in individual strands comes in a variety of colours. Christmas Warehouse stock some glorious shades of purple and fuchsia alongside gold, silver and red tinsel.

Check out these similar shades and also offer lametta as white, iridescent, ice blue or green tinsel as well as the usual hues. If you want to put tinsel on a tree, lametta is a subtle and sophisticated option well worth thinking about.

Holly tinsel

Tinsel decorated with holly is a good choice, as it makes the usual string of straight, sparkling strands more interesting. Holly leaves add another dimension to a twinkling Christmas garland, even when it’s in a plain colour.

Christmas Warehouse have a range of good options to choose from, including pure white iridescent or all gold holly tinsel. They also sell black or red and green garlands.

At Amazon you can get Brite Star holly tinsel in green with gold stars or silver with red and green stars. You can also buy two metre lengths by Toyland in royal blue, bright red or metallic shades of silver and gold. Plus plenty more besides.

Chunky Christmas tinsel

If old fashioned tinsel or vintage tinsel is more your bag, then you may like to take a look at thicker, chunky tinsel garlands. Use this tinsel on a Christmas tree and you’ll need little else, or hang some wherever you like.

It’s certainly a simple way to decorate for December, as one you’ve pinned some in place your home is clearly all ready for the party season. This type of tinsel also comes in a multitude of colours.

Pick multicoloured tinsel in red, green and gold for a classic feel, choose an interesting shade like copper, go all-out with rainbow tinsel or pick your favourite plain colour.

A tinsel Christmas tree

If you’re already considering Christmas tree tinsel, how about taking that a step further and opting for an artificial fir tree that’s actually made from the shiny stuff?

Amazon stock lots of tinsel Christmas trees in various colours. As they tend to be very slimline, these are also ideal for those who are short on space for festive decorations. Some come as a fairly plain tinsel tree that’s ready to embellish as you wish, or you can opt for one that has sparkling stars, LED lighting or even multi-coloured oversized sequins added.

Whether you want a silver tinsel Christmas tree, a red tinsel Christmas tree, a gold tinsel Christmas tree, a pink tinsel Christmas tree or even a more tree-coloured green tinsel Christmas tree, there are lots of products to pick from.

A tinsel wreath

Tinsel wreaths are also popular at Christmas and you can buy these from Amazon in various sizes, colours and styles.

In fact a tinsel wreath doesn’t even have to be just for Christmas. There are heart-shaped red tinsel wreaths for Valentine’s and even shamrock-shaped green tinsel wreaths for St Patrick’s Day. These are available as a set with a matching tinsel hat and a round tinsel wreath.

Some tinsel wreaths also have Christmas baubles added, or you can buy an Easter wreath in pretty pastel shades. Plain and multi-coloured options include a black, purple and gold, green and red or pink tinsel wreath.

Tinsel pom poms

Pom poms made with fluffy tinsel make a great alternative to the usual kind of tinsel. These come as individual fluffy balls or as a series strung onto a garland. They’re ideal for kids and crafters who’d like to make their own decorations from them.

You can buy packs of multi coloured tinsel pom poms or a set in one colour such as red, green, blue or white fluffy tinsel balls. Or opt for a three meter garland that you could wind around a banister, drape over picture frames or hang above the fireplace.

These individual pom poms or fluffy tinsel garlands are great for creating and decorating at any time of the year.

Tinsel hats

Tinsel headwear such as hats and headbands are ideal for parties during December. They’re great fun to put on, and the best part is that it barely matters what you wear. Every eye will be trained on your head.

Again you can buy tinsel headbands to use at other times too, such as birthday parties, New Year or Halloween.

Designs and colours vary. Pick a Christmas tree hat or headband with baubles and stars from Christmas Warehouse or Amazon, or go for a St Patrick’s Day set complete with hat as a costume for your pet. Yes, really.

Tinsel with lights

Light up tinsel or tinsel decorations with added lights are also a thing. You can pick between the likes of light bulbs with tinsel inside, a pre-lit green and gold tinsel tree or various outdoor decorations made using tinsel.

Kurt Adler is one of the go-to brands here, and available at Amazon are pre-lit tinsel garlands and a string of 10 LED light bulbs containing tinsel in a range of colours.

Go for a pre-lit tinsel tree to make life easy, or if you want to put on an outside show opt for an outdoor tinsel decoration shaped like Santa, a robin or a pile of Christmas presents.

A mini tinsel tree

As well as larger options you can also buy a small tinsel Christmas tree to use as a stand-alone decoration. These are compact enough to display on a shelf, table, sideboard or mantlepiece, and come in various colours.

Some are available as a multipack containing four little tinsel Christmas trees in red, gold, silver and green, or they can be bought individually or in smaller packs in a range of festive shades.

Which Christmas tinsel will you decorate with?

As you can see there’s plenty of tinsel for sale here in Australia. Now the question is – which kind will you decorate with this year?

Whether it’s a gold or silver tinsel tree, a party hat or lametta hanging tinsel to drape on the branches of the Christmas tree, there’s nothing quite like this shiny stuff to make the festive season come alive.

Have a sparkling Christmas!

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