Cat and Dog Christmas Costumes for the Festive Season

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We all like to dress up during the festive season, whether that means dressing the baby in a super cute Santa Claus costume, grabbing yourself and your daughter matching Christmas dresses or buying Dad a festive shirt to gift as part of his Christmas Eve box. Or – a Christmas dress for the cat.

Yes, cat and dog Christmas costumes mean your pets can even get in on the act too! Why not – it is Christmas after all, and only happens once a year. Just think of the photo opportunities, which you could even frame and use as part of your Christmas decor in the future. Then Christmas pet costumes for cats can become part of your family’s festive tradition.

What about felines? Are cat Christmas costumes really a thing? Oh yes indeed. From a range of kitten Christmas outfits to a classic cat Santa costume, seeing cats dressed up for Christmas is guaranteed to make you want to grab the camera!

A cat or dog Christmas outfit also makes a great alternative present for a dog lover. From a classic dog Santa costume to puppy Christmas outfits for the new addition to the family, all the top cat and dog Christmas costume ideas are covered right here. We list all the pet Christmas costumes you could require.

Buying a dog or cat Christmas outfit need not cost very much, and makes for some superb photo opportunities. Whether you choose a cat reindeer costume, cat Santa outfit or cat elf costume, seeing your canine or feline friend in its cat Xmas outfit should make everyone smile – and may also elicit a few giggles.

You might well be surprised by how many Christmas clothes for dogs and cats are out there. If we’re honest, we were too when we started doing our research! From a dog Christmas dress or cat Christmas costume to festive movie themed small and large dog Christmas outfits, there are plenty of super cute options to choose from.

If you want to see dogs, puppies, kittens and cats in Christmas outfits this year, read on to discover all the best dog and cat Xmas costumes Australia has to offer for the festive season. Why not curl up with your furry friend while you take a look?

cat christmas costumes

7 of the best cat and dog Christmas costumes they can wear this year

Let’s go… From a classic Santa Claus dog costume for a big dog to a small dog Christmas outfit, let’s get those puppies and dogs in Christmas costumes. As for cats – whether you want kitten Christmas costumes for pets who weren’t even born last Christmas, or a cat Santa suit for an older tabby, we’ve also included all the top cat and kitten Xmas outfits you could ever need.

To find the ideal dog or cat Christmas outfit on Amazon, simply click the links below each listing. Be warned, though – witnessing a puppy or cat in a Christmas costume could give young children in particular a serious case of the giggles…

Sometimes cat Christmas costumes available in Australia are harder to find, but one designed for a little dog will often work for a fully grown cat. If you really want to find cat Christmas clothes, there’s always a way!

A classic cat or dog Santa suit

A cat Santa suit or dog Santa suit is the classic option when it comes to dressing up your pet for the festive season. It’s both instantly recognisable and widely available. There are plenty of cheap Christmas costumes for pets with this theme.

You can buy a kitten or puppy Santa costume that’s just like a little dog’s vest, or opt for a full-on Santa riding dog costume. These have a little toy Santa that sits on the back of the pet as if riding it. This kind of dog Santa outfit is guaranteed to give any small children a fit of the giggles – if not the grown-ups too!

Some small and large dog Santa costume options are more like a hooded jumper, and are best worn indoors with the air-con on rather than outside during the Australian summer. Much as you might want to share the sight of your cat or dog in a Santa costume with the whole neighbourhood…

Whether it’s a Mrs Claus dog costume for a female spaniel or a large dog Santa costume for a male German Shepherd, seeing a cat or dog in a Santa suit is sure to entertain everyone – while ensuring the pet gets lots of love, attention and cuddles.

Click here to find the right Santa Claus outfit for dogs

Click here to choose a Santa Claus cat costume

A cool cat or dog elf costume

A cat elf costume or dog elf outfit is also guaranteed to introduce that festive feeling. Kitten, cat, dog and puppy elf costume options feature lots of fresh green, so they make a welcome contrast to the red of those Santa themed dog Xmas outfits. Ideal if you have more than one pooch to dress and you’d like each to wear something different.

You could, for instance, put a small dog in an elf costume while making the cat or larger dog Christmas dress up outfit a Santa Claus one. The contrast of red and green in the cat elf outfit and dog Santa costume would make for some ultra colourful festive images to capture for future summers.

You can grab an Irish leprechaun dog Xmas outfit, or go for a plain green or striped poodle or labrador Christmas outfit. Most come complete with a hat, but beware of your pooch trying to shake this off so he or she can chew it…

Click here to see a range of elf themed dog and puppy Xmas outfits

Click here to find a Christmas elf costume for your cat

A cute cat or dog reindeer costume

A feline or dog reindeer outfit is another festive classic, and more subtle than the bright red and green of a Santa or elf option. Some of these are based around a dog antlers costume, where the headwear is the main feature and may be teamed with a scarf, bow tie or snood.

Other Rudolph dog costume choices include a Christmas jumper for a pet, or a hooded Santa style outfit complete with antlers.

From a puppy reindeer costume to a large dog reindeer costume, these are great ways to show off your dogs dressed up for Christmas. There aren’t many reindeer Christmas costumes for cats, but you can buy antlers to create similar cat and dog Christmas outfits for your pets. Or pick out an outfit designed for smaller dogs.

Click here to discover a range of reindeer dog Xmas costumes

Click here to see some Christmas costume for cat options

dog christmas outfit

A cat or dog Christmas tree costume

Whether you want chihuahua Christmas outfits or a dachshund Christmas outfit, festive tree themed little or big dog Christmas outfits are also a popular choice, also some of the most sought after Christmas outfits for dogs on Amazon. Again there aren’t as many cat Christmas tree costume options, but many for smaller dogs would work as a Christmas tree cat costume anyway.

These cat, kitten, older dog or puppy Christmas outfits typically feature a festive tree, complete with colourful baubles and other decorations. Most comprise a dog Christmas tree costume that is simply a tree shaped garment, while one is a dog Santa coat with a decorated fir tree on the back.

Other alternatives include a Christmas tree print bandana or headdress – providing owners with a more affordable and subtle range of little and large dog Christmas costumes. Cat and dog Christmas fancy dress doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult.

Click here to check out a range of cute dog Christmas outfits with a tree theme

Click here to view the best cat Christmas tree outfit choices

A chilled cat or dog snowman costume

Give your pet that wintry look by buying them a cat or dog Christmas suit with a snowman theme. There are jumpers or dresses to choose from, as well as a range of other holiday outfits for dogs.

You can purchase a snowman print bandana, or opt for a full-on, fluffy white snowman suit complete with black buttons, hat and scarf. Again, that’s definitely one to don indoors with the air-con on!

For a change from a dog Christmas elf costume, dog in a santa suit or pug reindeer costume, why not dress your dog in a snowman outfit this year? Ditto the felines – simply opt for an outfit made for little dogs if you can’t find a specific cat snowman costume.

Click here to view a selection of snowman dog Christmas costumes available in Australia

Click here to see some cool snowman Christmas cat costumes

A Nightmare Before Christmas dog costume

For twist on the cutesy kind of Santa’s little helper costume, why not buy a Nightmare Before Christmas dog costume? It’s a less obvious way to dress your pet dog in a Christmas outfit. While a Nightmare before Christmas cat costume is harder to find, a small dog one might well do the job.

Other than being a welcome change from all that festive green and red, the other advantage of this kind of boy or girl dog Christmas outfits is that you can also use them at Halloween. Why wear them just once a year when they could be used twice?

Options include a Jack Skellington dog costume – which may also be worn as a Jack Skellington cat costume – or a Nightmare Before Christmas Zero dog costume. You can get accessories too – and even similar styles for the kids.

Click here to see a range of ghoulish cat and dog costumes for Christmas

cat Xmas outfit

Matching cat or dog and owner Christmas outfits

So we’ve covered a range of cat and dog costumes for Christmas – but what about their owners? You can also buy matching Christmas outfits with a dog costume included, meaning the entire family can go all matchy-matchy. Some include a cat Christmas sweater too.

Most of these are not actually Christmassy in an obvious way, which means you could all wear them at other times of the year too. Such as during the Australian winter, when cosying up in co-ordinating pyjamas may be a more attractive idea.

Typical choices include black and red checks, Scandi style Fair Isle print or red and green tartan. If you want everyone to join in with the whole dog Xmas costumes thing, these matching sets include cute dog Christmas outfits as well as clothes for the kids and adults. Some allow you to dress up the cats in Christmas costumes too.

Click here to choose from a selection of cat, dog and human matching Christmas outfits

Which cat or dog Christmas costumes will your pet be wearing?

As you can see, there it lots of choice when it comes to finding a kitten elf costume or a terrier, golden retriever or pug Christmas outfit for your pet. Or to give as a gift to an animal lover. From a kitten Santa outfit, puppy reindeer costume or small dog elf costume to a Mrs Claus dog dress or funny dog Christmas outfits, there are plenty of ways to dress cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in Christmas outfits this year. If you want to buy your fur baby their own baby, check out this range of Christmas teddy bears they will love!

We also know where to get pet Santa photos across Australia this year!

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