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Being an adult shouldn’t get in the way of festive fun! Having Christmas clothing is always handy. After all, Christmas celebrations call for a cheerful spirit, and that means showing off a sparkly reindeer or twinkly Christmas tree t shirt. 

If going all out isn’t your thing, adorable reindeer antlers can add a touch of Christmas magic. Or perhaps you are looking to buy a Christmas gift for someone else?

Below you’ll find an array of Christmas clothes for adults. From Santa’s little helper hats and shirts for all occasions to the classic reindeer jumpers. When you have found your Christmas clothes, click here to add your festive Christmas earrings.

9 Christmas outfits for jolly adults

What’s great about Christmas clothing for adults is that you don’t need to be purchasing new items each year. Of course, it’s also always fun to add new additions like funky headbands or cosy sweaters. 

Be inspired by these pieces that can easily be shopped online and delivered in no time!

Christmas shirts for adults

We love Christmas clothes so much that we have compiled a whole article dedicated to Christmas shirts. Whether you are looking for a Christmas t-shirt of a button-up Christmas shirt, take a look at this article with the best Christmas shirts available this year in Australia.

Christmas shirts for adults & kids here.

Christmas dresses for adults

Christmas is a great time to dress up. Whether you are going out for a Christmas lunch or hosting at home, it is so much fun to dress up in a Christmas dress. We have compiled a range of gorgeous Christmas dresses to choose from to suit every taste.

Find Christmas dresses for adults & kids here.

Santa Claus Christmas suit

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that having a Father Christmas suit is a necessity. But it’s not only kids that get a kick out of Santa arriving at the party. It’s an excellent appearance for an office party, a Friendsmas or a dinner party. 

Father Christmas is the star at any holiday party, so your suit has got to make a statement. This coat is velvety soft to give you that luxurious Christmassy feel. Complete with seven pieces, from beard to buckle, this classic outfit brings jolly to any party. 

Plus, it’s a one-size-fits-all suit, so each year, there can be a new Santa without any additional costs.

Shop the Santa Claus Christmas suit here.

Matching Christmas onesies for couples & families

If you want Christmas onesies so the whole family matches or you’d like to find a matching onesie the two of you can wear at the same time, there are plenty of matching Christmas onesies for couples and families to pick from.

Choose between all in ones with a black and red check, blue onesies with a snow scene print and red onesies with a reindeer or Santa pattern. There are family Christmas onesies to suit all shapes and sizes, from the newborn baby to an elderly grandad.

Christmas onesies for couples and matching onesies for a family provide you with the perfect lounge wear for those long, leisurely December days.

Click here to view a range of matching Christmas onesies

Elf hat with bells

Headpieces require absolutely no effort at all, but they can quickly transform your outfit into a festive masterpiece. The gold-coloured bells on this elf hat add an element of whimsical charm! 

If it’s your turn to host the Christmas dinner, a fantastic way to perk up the party is to get each one of your guests an elf hat. They’re unisex and one-size-fits-all. Get the grandparents, children, aunts and uncles involved for a magical festive party.

Shop for the elf hat here.

Christmas tree headband

If elf hats are not your thing, fear not because a Christmas tree headband is the perfect alternative. This headband brings together all the holiday season elements, with a shiny tree decorated with ornaments and dressed with dazzling tinsel. And it wouldn’t be complete without the touch of a bright gold star. 

Shop for the Christmas tree headband here.

Brown velvet reindeer antlers 

Reindeer outfits are go-to pieces when it comes to dressing up for the Christmas season. Antlers also have the potential for telling an enchanting festive story – bring along your Santa suit, elf hat and antlers, and it’ll feel just like Christmas at the North Pole

These reindeer antlers aren’t an ‘in-your-face’ piece that’s going to attract too much attention – making it an excellent option for those looking for a subtle Christmas piece. 

And for those looking to go full out, the antlers are brilliant when paired with a rainbow jumper

Shop the brown velvet reindeer antlers here.

Christmas clothes for women: Reindeer jumper

Speaking of reindeer… Nothing screams it’s Christmas time more than seeing the first person wearing a reindeer jumper! 

If you’re living in Australia, the idea of a jumper might seem strange. However, these are wonderful for spending a Christmas Eve outdoors or embarking on a white Christmas holiday overseas.

This stylish knitted jersey features a 3D reindeer nose which is beyond adorable. They also come in a variety of colours and patterns. Spend some time browsing and find the perfect addition to your Christmas wardrobe. 

Shop the reindeer Christmas outfits for women here.

Christmas apparel for men: Reindeer jumper

Perhaps you and your partner are looking for matching cute Christmas outfits? You couldn’t find anything as cute as these sweaters. As well as being stylish, they’re also super comfortable for snuggly nights-in. 

But that’s not the only reason for purchasing a funky sweater. If you live in Melbourne,you know the weather can be unpredictable so this jumper might be a handy addition. So if you think you might be get a little chilly, this is the perfect excuse for bringing out your festive jumper!

Shop the men’s reindeer jumper here.

‘Ugly sweater’ Christmas wear

Have you ever heard of an ugly sweater competition? It’s a chance for people to go out in their cosiest ‘at-home’ jumpers and have a laugh. 

Even when the festive season has gone and passed, this is a fabulous jumper to keep around for cosying up in winter. Made with soft-knit fabric, it’s comfortable and has a great fit. 

Shop for the Christmas pullover crewneck here.

Funky Hawaiian Christmas shirt for men

This shirt is bright and colourful, allowing you to get in the mood for the summer Christmas holidays. It’s decorated with funky festive illustrations to add joy to the season. 

The shirt’s light material makes it the perfect fit for a lunch that’s set out in the sun. Keeping with the Hawaiian theme, it’s also a great Christmas shirt for wearing to the beach. 

Shop the Hawaiian Christmas shirt here.

Women’s Christmas summer pyjamas

Christmas celebrations don’t just have to last one day. Get excited for Christmas the month before by sleeping in these light and airy reindeer pyjamas. They’re fantastic for lounging around during the summer holidays and getting some downtime before the business of Christmas.

If you’re on the hunt for last-minute Christmas gifts, this is a great stocking filler. Choose from a variety of patterns and colours, making it ideal for women of all ages. 

Shop the women’s Christmas pyjamas here.  

Wearing the best Christmas clothing 

Christmas themed costumes don’t require any effort, yet they create a wonderful and jolly festive spirit. 

If you’re wondering what Christmas accessories to wear to a casual dinner, consider the subtle reindeer antlers. Looking for something a little bolder? Perfect! A reindeer sweater or a funky Christmas shirt is the way to go.

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