Christmas Snow Globes for Decorating and Gifting

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If you want to do something a little different with your festive decor this year, have you considered adding some Christmas snow globes to your collection? There are lots of lovely designs available, and they’re ideal for giving as Christmas gifts too.

This guide to finding a great snow globe for Christmas will help you explore the options, saving you time so you can get on with planning those December celebrations. From musical snow globes in all kinds of designs to snow globes for adults and kids, all the finest products can be found right here.

Whether it’s to wrap up beautifully so you can give it as a gift or you plan to use it to decorate your lounge room, a hallway or even a bedroom, this article takes you through all the main options regarding snow globes for sale.

Stay right here to find the right musical, wildlife or automatic swirling snow globe to show off this December!

15 of the top Christmas snow globes for the festive season

Let’s go! Here they are – 15 of the most unique Christmas snow globes you’ll find this festive season.

A Disney snow globe

Is there anything more festive than a Disney movie – particularly a Christmas one? We don’t think so. Nor are any characters more popular with kids than those created by those film-making masters of their craft. All of this makes Disney snow globes a great choice for the festive season.

Available options come from brands like Precious Moments and Enesco. The designs feature characters and movies like Minnie Mouse, Maleficent, Pluto, The Little Mermaid, Elsa from Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins.

A Disney snow globe will always be a favourite – particularly with the younger members of the family. A classic that will bring festive joy for many years yet to come, whether you pick a Winnie the Pooh snow globe or a Mickey Mouse snow globe.

Click here to check out Disney Christmas snow globes

A snowman snow globe

You really cannot go wrong with snowman snow globes. They’re festive, appealing but not overly bright and will enhance any decor without adding too much red and green.

Who could fail to be charmed by a snowman inside a telephone box, a large white lantern or a traditional globe that also plays music?

Whether you’d prefer a design that’s perfect for kids or would prefer one adults will love, there are plenty of snowman snow globes to choose from.

Click here for an assortment of snowman Christmas snow globes

Musical snow globes

Musical snow globes are incredibly popular and there are so many kinds available. You can pick from an array of pretty pink snow globes featuring characters like ballerinas or unicorns, or choose a more neutral-toned option that will enhance any decor.

In addition to featuring a snowy scene and music, some of these unique snow globes also light up or revolve as the music plays. They make a delightful gift for young children (although some are very breakable, so they’re best used with under adult supervision).

A selection of modern and traditional styles is also available. You may pick a ballerina surrounded by pink roses, frills and bows, or opt for a contemporary take in the form of a unicorn snow globe featuring a cleaner, more up-to-date design. There is even the option of a larger music box topped with a snow globe, complete with a carousel and white horses inside and out.

If you’re not crazy about pink, there are plenty of other options too. How about a musical lantern with a snow globe inside the lamp? These tend to be fairly traditional-looking, with a dark metallic case and a typical festive scene. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, however, from mini snow globes that light up to a giant snow globe that will certainly be a talking point during December.

When you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary or a modern design, you may also like a train snow globe, a Christmas tree snow globe or even a New York city skyline snow globe.

Click here to view musical Christmas snow globes

An inflatable snow globe

You’re right – it’s not possible to buy inflatable snow globes quite as you know them. It just wouldn’t work due to all that liquid and ‘snow’ floating around inside, and this would also make a big mess on the lawn if the snow globe got a puncture.

Having said that – you can purchase a giant plastic snow globe that does look like the kind of glass snow globe you might have indoors. This 3 metre blow up snow globe has everything but the falling snow, for precisely the reasons mentioned above. It would certainly make people stop and stare when passing your front lawn – and is guaranteed to make younger children gawp in wonder.

There are other options too when it comes to globe-shaped Christmas inflatables. There are large inflatable baubles shaped just like a Christmas inflatable snow globe, which make a stunning festive display once you place a couple of them out the front.

Click here to see a selection of inflatable Christmas snow globes

A Snoopy snow globe

Who knew there were so many Snoopy snow globes to choose from? Yep, a Peanuts snow globe really is a thing. Some designs are brightly coloured and therefore ideal for kids, while others are more subtle.

Several of the options also play music, so you can listen along while looking at the snowy scene trapped inside the glass globe. They make great Christmas presents or decorations for people of all ages.

Click here to see Snoopy Christmas snow globes

Make-your-own personalised snow globe

If you fancy getting crafty during the festive season, why not go for a make-your-own snow globe kit? That way you can create a custom snow globe each with the kids to proudly display on the sideboard, shelf or mantlepiece each Christmas.

One of the most popular options is a photo snow globe. You really can create personalised snow globes when you go for this type of product, as you can insert an image of a member of the family or even a pet. Alternatively you could add a child’s drawing or an arty photograph instead of a portrait shot.

Other products for sale include kits to create unicorn, dinosaur, sparkling or under-the-sea snow globes.

Click here to explore a range of make-your-own Christmas snow globes

A Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe

Another type of snow globe from Disney is the Nightmare Before Christmas snow globe. All kinds of merchandise featuring the ever-popular festive horror movie always goes down well among those who prefer a more gothic look – or people who are simply a bit ‘bah humbug’ about the season of goodwill. (We all know at least one of those, right?)

Jack Skellington snow globes come in various designs, with the character holding an orange pumpkin, standing in the centre as black bats fly all around or a Jack-style snowman head complete with green top hat.

For someone who loves gothic horror, or wants a decoration they can also use at Halloween, a Jack Skellington snow globe is a great choice.

Click here to take a look at Nightmare Before Christmas snow globes

snow globe

A polar bear snow globe

Wintry creatures make for great festive snow globe designs and polar bear snow globes are ideal for anyone planning to decorate their home in cool, icy shades like white, pale blue and silver.

Some traditional styles feature a polar bear inside a watery globe on a plinth, while others have a polar bear lying on its back with the globe above, or the globe trapped beneath a polar bear statue’s tummy.

Click here to discover polar bear Christmas snow globes

Hallmark snow globes

Indeed, Hallmark is a greetings card company rather than a supplier of decorative trinkets, but their range of snow globe Christmas cards is pretty cool. You could buy one or more to use as decorations in your own home, or to give as cards or small gifts to others.

There are various designs available, ranging from the traditional festive scenes to more contemporary options. These include a snowman snow globe picture and a Santa snow globe image. Another option is also musical, playing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ each time it’s opened.

From a traditional winter village scene to Santa, his reindeer and sleigh making their way across the skies, there are some attractive Hallmark snow globe cards to choose from.

Click here to discover Hallmark Christmas snow globe cards

A penguin snow globe

There are lots of penguin snow globes to pick from. Designs range from those that aren’t necessarily festive – which are thus ideal for display all year round – to happy penguins playing around in Santa hats.

These come in all colour schemes. Some have a rather understated look, and are thus perfect for those who prefer more subtle festive decorations. Whether you prefer icy blue or warm red, there are penguin snow globes to suit your home or recipient.

Click here to take a look at penguin Christmas snow globes

A cardinal snow globe

Some say that when a cardinal is near so is an angel, and this concept has been fully embraced by those companies who make the best snow globes. There are designs available featuring a single red cardinal, or several sitting in a row on a branch.

From a modern snow globe on a square black plinth or a glittery snow globe to a musical snow globe playing Wonderful World, there is a surprising number of these luxury snow globes to choose from.

The colourful bird is native to South America, but is used as a festive symbol worldwide due to how it contrasts so well against a white, snowy landscape. Most designs thus feature one or more of the beautiful feathered creatures perched on a bare branch, though some include green holly leaves or red berries too.

Click here to find a range of cardinal snow globes

Vintage snow globes

There are lots of vintage Christmas snow globes to choose between. This style of snow globe tends to be bigger than the regular kind, and is often shaped like a lantern.

Made with a deep bronze metal finish, these resemble antique snow globes – even if there wasn’t really such a thing during Christmases past. Often this kind of battery operated snow globe lights up and plays music too.

There are options other than round or rectangular lanterns, such as a vintage train snow globe or a red truck and Christmas tree snow globe with a colourful, star-topped tree being carried in the back of a ute.

Click here to check out a vintage snow globe collection

A nativity snow globe

Nativity scenes are always popular at Christmas – for many, this is what the festive season really is all about. A nativity scene snow globe is thus a classic choice, depicting the timeless Christmas story starring Mary, Joseph and the newborn baby Jesus.

Some of the larger options include farm animals, the stable or other key figures like the Three Wise Men as well. They come in all sorts of shapes too, from a round snow globe to a lantern or even one resembling a church.

If a child in your family is learning all about the nativity, this is surely the ideal Christmas decoration to have on display, reminding them perhaps that there’s more to December than Santa, snowy scenes and lots of chocolate.

Click here to view a selection of nativity snow globes

A Santa snow globe

Santa snow globes are another Christmas classic, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From small snow globes to large lanterns, there is a Santa snow globe available that will tick all your boxes.

Many Santa snow globes come as musical snow globes for Christmas, or may feature other iconic images like a British red telephone box or even Santa visiting baby Jesus. Other options include trains, Christmas trees and even a TV.

Whether you want a large snow globe to use as a centrepiece, a small lighted snow globe to put on a shelf or cheap snow globes for the kids to play with, there are plenty of products featuring jolly old Saint Nick.

Click here to choose a Santa Claus snow globe

A Star Wars snow globe

Star Wars snow globes are also a thing. Fans of the sci-fi fantasy movie franchise have several types to choose from.

You can buy a Mandalorian child snow globe, a stormtrooper decorating a Christmas tree by Kurt Adler or even a space slug holding a glittering white snow globe in its mouth.

For a fan, a Star Wars themed snow globe will go down really well as a gift or a more novel kind of festive decoration.

Click here to see a range of Star Wars Christmas snow globes

Harry Potter snow globe

With so many Harry Potter fans across the globe (did you see what I did there?) it is no surprise that you can also get a Harry Potter snow globe this Christmas!

From Hedwig to Ron, Hermoine to harry himself, there is a range of Harry Potter snow globes to choose from in this range.

Click here to see a range of Harry Potter Christmas snow globes

Which Christmas snow globes will you go for?

Whether you had your heart set on a Disney Christmas snow globe – such as a Minnie Mouse snow globe – or simply wanted to see what was around, we hope this guide has helped you track down the right Xmas snow globes for all your festive gift-giving and decorative requirements!

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