15 Top Christmas Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

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If you’re wondering what is a good toy for a 3 year old boy at Christmas, then you need this guide! Covered here are all the top Christmas gifts for 3 year old boys, which are ideal for boys who are no longer toddlers but are yet to reach school age.

3 year old boys are developing their fine motor skills, while their parents may have their eye on educational toys that will give them a head start when it comes to attending school in a year or two. The average 3 year old has a good imagination and is becoming increasingly interested in how the wider world works. So any toys for 3 year old boys that can zone in are that are sure-fire winners!

Whether you want to find educational toys for a 3 year old boy or are more about them having fun at this tender age, this guide will help you decide what to buy for the little boy in your life. Whatever your budget.

Continue reading so you can choose the ideal Christmas gifts for any 3 year old boys you know. You might even get some ideas for girls around that age at the same time. From art equipment and toy trucks to character toys and even a mode of transport, this list really has got the lot.

15 of the best toys for 3 year old boys

Let’s make a start. However much you want to spend and whatever sort of toy you’re thinking of, the right plaything for a small child you know is to be found somewhere on this list!

A toy kitchen

Now that we’re well into the 21st century, all kids need to learn to cook for themselves one day. So what better way to get them started than by buying them a toy kitchen for Christmas?

These make some of the best Christmas toys for 3 year olds as they’ll last them for years. Just make sure there’s space to store this within their home – and that they don’t have one already – before clicking that buy now button!

Kids aged up to around eight or nine love to prepare pretend meals and picnics for their parents and friends. So try to choose a model that will grow with the child, rather than being toddler-sized.

Models like the KidKraft vintage play kitchen in white will look good with any colour and style of decor, and will provide years of rewarding role play for youngsters. If you like you can buy all sorts of accessories to go with these toy kitchens too, including saucepans, utensils, cutlery, crockery, shopping baskets and food.

Click here to see an array of toy kitchens

Number Blocks toys

Based on the mega-popular TV series, Number Blocks toys from Learning Resources are among the top educational toys for boys aged 3. This is one the parents will love you for buying too, as it can give him a head start when it comes to mathematical ability.

The clever Number Blocks cubes appeal to the fact that kids this age love to construct, and the bright colours also make them attractive to small boys and girls. There are further options from other toy manufacturers too, including plush soft toys and even stamp activity sets for creative young minds.

If he loves the Number Blocks show and his parents would appreciate a present that helps him to get ahead in maths, then a giving the gift of a Number Blocks toy is surely a no-brainer.

Click here for a choice of Number Blocks toys

Paw Patrol toys

If the three year old you know is into the show featuring Ryder and everyone’s favourite pups, then a Paw Patrol toy has to be the way forward. You can choose various characters and vehicles, and as most kids seem to stay keen on this TV show until they’re at least five or six, it’s also a gift that will last a while.

Trucks and other vehicles can be bought in sets, or as one along with the character it’s associated with. So you get a chunky truck or other vehicle plus the character that goes with it. Or you can buy bigger play sets in various guises.

If the best gift for a 3 year old boy you know a set comprising half a dozen die cast cars, or Marshall’s bright red fire truck? Perhaps it’s even the V-Tech learning tablet, Touch and Teach word book or learning phone.

From Everest and her winter-ready vehicle to the Paw Patrol video game, there’s lots of fun to to be had with Paw Patrol toys for 3 year olds.

Click here to see a selection of Paw Patrol toys

A toy Dyson

The huge British vacuum cleaner brand has also taken charge of the toy sector, via mini versions of its bestselling floor cleaners. At age 3, kids love to imitate their parents, and top toy brand Casdon is cashing in on this fact.

You can buy a child-sized version of a cordless, upright or cylinder Dyson vacuum cleaner so little ones can be just like their parents. If you or their grown-ups are keen to discourage gender stereotyping, then this has to be one of the the best Xmas gifts for 3 year old boys or girls.

These cleaners are just like the larger Dyson vacuums and can even suck up small bits of rubbish. Ideal for training the kids to tidy up after themselves, or for following mum or dad around when they really need to get on with cleaning the house but have the kids getting under their feet.

Click here to take a look at toy Dyson vacuum cleaners

LEGO® Duplo sets

LEGO® Duplo is the Christmas gift for young kids that you cannot go wrong with. There are so many sets you can buy, so it’s ideal for a range of budgets too.

These chunkier LEGO® bricks are designed specially for little hands, so they’re much easier to hold and build with. Kids of this age are so into construction, and will play with these bricks for years to come. Often way beyond their fifth birthday, in our parenting experience!

The LEGO® Duplo sets with an included storage brick are super cute, and may be used for many years. Even once they’ve outgrown the bricks themselves. You can also buy sets with all sorts of themes, from a festive gingerbread house or a Wild Animals of the World set to a steam train or space shuttle.

Whether you opt for a specific set or to buy them a box of bricks so they can build anything, LEGO® Duplo is without a doubt among the top Christmas gifts for 3 year old boys (and girls).

Click here to check out LEGO® Duplo sets

Thomas the Tank Engine toys

Like Paw Patrol, anything related to Thomas the Tank Engine is a hot favourite among preschool kids. So if you’re seeking the best things to buy a 3 year old boy for Christmas, why not consider Thomas and his friends?

As with Paw Patrol vehicles you can buy just one train on its own, or opt for a set with more pieces. Choose Nia if he loves orange, for example, or the stacker train if he’ll be unable to resist building up those bricks on the back.

You can even buy an Around the World six pack, motorised engines or various sets where he can also construct a track.

Click here for an assortment of Thomas the Tank Engine toys

A Toniebox

Toniebox toys for 3 year old boys are ideal as Christmas gifts. So what is it? A Toniebox is an all-in-one audio box for kids than plays music or can read them a bedtime story. It’s ideal for tired parents, or children who love to dance around the bedroom.

A Toniebox is really simple to operate, and has no screen that could get broken. In fact even 3 year olds can learn to use it with ease, which is exactly why this is one of those really good gifts for a 3 year old boy.

Tonieboxes come in all sorts of colours, from cheery red to pale blue or bright pink. There are characters you can buy to go with them too, giving you great scope for future gifting once they have the box.

In fact kids simply place a character on top of the box to start it, or remove it to start the music. Tap on the side and they can skip a track they don’t like, or a parent might come in to press the ears if the volume gets turned up too loud.

You can buy all sorts of characters to complement a Toniebox they may have already, or even a bag to store and carry it all in – it’s a great toy to take on long car trips with small kids.

Click here to browse the Toniebox range

Christmas presents for 3 year old boy

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Trucks are always a great bet for young kids – and of course among the best 3 year old boy Christmas presents you can buy. One of the best things about Hot Wheels Monster Trucks is that you can find an item, or set, to suit any budget.

Monster Trucks can be bought individually, and are also sold as complete sets. Gift one vehicle, a twin pack or a whole set depending on how much you’re able to spend. For a great value gift to keep him guessing, there’s the Hot Wheels ‘Colour Reveal’ truck with a surprise inside the tub. Or choose a truck that you know he doesn’t already have but is guaranteed to love!

If you’re considering a set, then among the best gifts for a 3 year old boy is the T-Rex Volcano Arena, the Blast Station or the Swamp Chomp play sets. Or treat him to a bigger Mega Construx truck, or even a pack containing a dozen trucks to keep him busy for years!

Monster Trucks from Hot Wheels make great gifts for 3 year old boys who love rugged vehicles.

Click here to view Hot Wheels Monster Trucks


Magnatiles provide are the perfect pick among Christmas presents for 3 year old boys as again they appeal to the builder in him. A set provides him with a new way to put things together, and you can buy various versions as stand-alone or complementary sets.

The safari animals box will appeal most to any little animal lover, while if he needs to learn to keep things tidy then perhaps the 84-piece bundle with a storage bin might be most suitable.

There are plenty of options beyond the original Magna-Tiles brand too. Makes like PicassoTiles, Megagon and Steam Studio also provide some highly-rated construction toys for 3 year old boys.

Click here to shop for construction tile sets

A 3-wheeled scooter

Many small scooters are made to suit kids aged 3 plus, so buying one for a 3 year old at Christmas is timing it just right. That way they can get to grips with the fun sport of scooting at a young age, and also get maximum use out of the toy before its outgrown.

The promise of a faster ride on their very own means of transport can go a long way when it comes to getting young kids to move. And if you buy one that’s suitable for children aged up to the age of eight or older, they’ll have many years of fun ahead of them too.

Surely anything that encourages young kids to get fresh air and exercise has to be a winner? There are so many models to choose from, too, including those with flashing wheels or detachable seats. If they live some way from a local park and will need to pop it in the car, it’s good to know that many are folding models too.

From the Globber 4-in-1 ride-on with a seat to a Radio Flyer Lean ‘n’ Glide scooter in red, purple or blue, there’s guaranteed to be a scooter he’ll adore – and use for a number of years yet to come.

Click here to explore kids’ scooters

Crayola washable markers

It’s never too early for kids to get to grip with using pens properly – but what about the mess? The Crayola range of washable marker pens does away with all the worry, as the scribbles can be cleaned up in no time.

An extremely affordable pack of 10 markers makes a great stocking filler, or a small gift for a neighbour or the child of a work colleague. If you’re feeling generous, you can buy a much bigger pack containing 100 colours, or opt for the chunky ones that are easier for little hands to hold.

Whether it costs a few dollars or considerably more, a pack of washable Crayola markers is ideal for stimulating young minds – and is thus among the best presents for a 3 year old boy you’re going to find anywhere.

Click here to find out about Crayola washable pens


Even kids who are almost into double figures find it hard to resist a Squishmallow. So if you’re going to buy a 3 year old boy Christmas gift that he’ll love for years to come, simply make it one of these. Or if you’re feeling generous, a set.

A surprise set of three supplies that exciting air of mystery for everyone when he unwraps the gift. or you could go for a miniature set of Squishmallow soft toys with a theme, such as the Sealife Squad.

You can of course buy Squishmallows separately too, so it’s easy to find his favourite (real or mythical) creature. Whether that’s an axolotl, a cute cat, a grey dog or a bigfoot. Or even a guacamole dip complete with a tortilla chip.

Click here for a choice of Squishmallow soft toys

A BBQ grill

if mum or dad loves to fire up the barbie and the little one you know is desperate to join in, then a toy BBQ grill makes a great Christmas gift for a 3 year old boy. Plus you’d be hard-pushed to find a more Australian present!

Buy an affordable Melissa and Doug set complete with wooden food items, or opt for the Smart Sizzlin’ BBQ grill from LeapFrog that’s really highly rated for the interactive, hands-on play experience it offers. This one will announce the food item’s name and colour as it’s placed there to cook, and all the pieces can be stored on board when it’s not in use. They can also count down along with this speaking toy.

There are ample other options to choose from too, including a Play-Doh set which will let him make his own items before getting stuck into the cooking.

Click here for a range of toy BBQ grills

Doctor play set

Engender a caring nature while warding off any fears about seeking medical attention by buying the boy you know a doctor themed play set. You can buy these in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Go for a big set shaped like a doctor’s consulting area if the family has plenty of space to spare in the playroom, or buy something smaller like a case containing toy medical equipment plus a doctor’s jacket for dressing up.

With options from tens to hundreds of dollars to choose from, a doctor play set is among the top gifts to give 3 year old boys. It’s great for encouraging role play and imaginative games too.

Click here to see doctor play sets for kids

Etch a Sketch

An Etch a Sketch is a classic that the 3 year old’s parents or grandparents may well remember from their own childhoods. It’s still a great toy for creative children, as they can wipe away whatever they’ve drawn or scribbled before starting again.

Let’s face it, kids do tend to come with a lot of waste and mess. This present tackles that problem, saving on paper and tidying up after every art session.

You can buy a classic Etch a Sketch, or a travel-sized one that’s a lot smaller and great on the go. There are many similar products from other brands too, including the Cra-Z-Art MagnaDoodle and various LCD drawing tablets.

Click here to buy an Etch a Sketch art toy

Which toys for 3 year old boys will you buy?

We hope this list of Christmas presents for a 3 year old boy has provided you with some gift-giving inspiration regarding the little kids in your life! Whatever your budget, a well-chosen toy will always be a treat for a child to open at Christmas, and may also provide many happy years of play into the bargain!

Want to find more awesome gifts for kids? Then why not check out our guides to Christmas games, festive teddy bears or presents for Harry Potter fans?

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