Christmas Gifts for Couples You Will Love to Give

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Do you want to find the best Christmas gifts for couples? Then you’re in just the right place! We’ve tracked down all the most awesome presents for couples – and included them in this handy guide. So you can beat the December rush at the shops. What could be easier than sorting all your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own sofa?

Whether you’re seeking practical gifts for couples who’ve just set up home together or Christmas gift ideas for couples who seem to have everything already, this list has got the lot. The selection includes cool gifts for couples and fun gifts for couples – and goes way beyond Christmas hamper ideas for couples. Though of course the best of those are also covered!

When you want great gifts for couples to treat them this December, look no further. These are the best couples’ gifts you’ll find anywhere. We’ve also narrowed it down to a list of 15, so the options aren’t overwhelming.

Continue reading if you want to find Christmas presents for couples that they’ll genuinely love. From Christmas gifts for married couples who’ve been together forever or gift ideas for an elderly couple to cute couple Christmas gifts for those who’ve just got together this year, here are 15 of the best gifts for the couples you want to buy for.

15 of the best Christmas gifts for couples

Let’s make a start. Here are all the top present ideas for couples, you can get your Christmas shopping all done and dusted!

Christmas hamper ideas for couples

Shall we begin with a more obvious one? Hampers are a classic when it comes to joint Christmas presents for couples. But head over to Gourmet Basket and you’ll see that it’s about much more than Christmas puddings, preserves and the usual hamper contents.

Gourmet Basket’s range of Xmas hampers for couples – and in fact anyone – goes way beyond the usual inclusions. Yes, you can of course order a festive themed hamper containing lots of contemporary seasonal goodies. And these can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

If you’re stuck for ideas, though, the Gourmet Basket website even has a handy tool to help you choose: select him, her, them or more and off you go. Or simply browse the range for inspiration and you’ll come across pamper hampers, chocolate baskets, healthy hampers, cheese boxes and all kinds of drinks hampers covering cocktails, wines, beers and ciders plus tea and coffee.

With so much choice, a handpicked hamper has to be one of the best Christmas gifts for couples you’ll come across. It’s one of those really good Christmas gifts for couples who already seem to have everything too.

Click here to view the Gourmet Baskets range

A wine cooler

While we’re on the topic of food and drink… if a couple you know loves to share a bottle of wine with dinner or a fine French fizz for special occasions, then a wine cooler has to be among the top Christmas ideas for couples’ gifts.

With such a variety available, you really can buy a wine cooler whatever your budget is. Treat them to a great value wine cooler sleeve for picnics if your funds are limited, or splash out on a smart silver bucket if you’re happy to spend a lot more. Plus there’s everything in-between.

Whether it’s a Le Creuset cooler sleeve, a Huski bucket or an ice container complete with a lid and tongs, a wine cooler is for sure among the finest joint gifts for couples you’re going to find.

Click here to see a selection of wine coolers

Unbreakable wine glasses

Now we’re expanding on the wine theme when it comes to good gifts for couples for Christmas. Here in Australia we spend a lot of time outdoors, so wine glasses make from actual glass aren’t actually the most practical option.

Plus nothing puts a dampener on the party quite like mopping up after a glass breakage! Especially when there’s the risk of someone sustaining an injury. Romantic that is not.

So a set of unbreakable wine glasses is one of the most perfect gifts for a young couple – or an older one alike. Whether it’s their balcony, back garden or the beach, shatterproof goblets are ideal for wine fans. And can be used for soft drinks too, especially if you pick a set that’s stemless.

Many sets look just like glass, while others are made from materials like stainless steel for a fun twist on the theme. Some even look like the finest cut crystal. So you’re spoiled for choice when you want to give a couple you know this gift at Christmas.

Click here to shop for shatterproof wine glass sets

Pizza oven

If the pair you want to buy for can’t resist a slice of pizza, then why not buy them a pizza oven for Christmas? The options range from outdoor ovens costing hundreds of dollars to more affordable electric ones for indoor use.

The fact that there are few things more romantic than snuggling up by the fire makes this a great choice when you want original Christmas present ideas for couples. Pizza ovens to use outside may use wood or charcoal, so the delicious, appetising smell is an added advantage for any fan of barbecuing. Some are multifuel pizza ovens too.

There’s such a great range of pizza ovens available to buy. Top brands include Ooni, Camp Chef, MasterPro and Costway. The fact that they vary in price and type so much means you’re bound to find the perfect pizza oven for any foodie couple you know and love.

Click here to discover indoor and outdoor pizza ovens

A couples’ game

Do you know how many card games offer a couples’ edition? There are literally tons of them to choose from. Pick ‘Answer This’ so they can see how well they really know each other, or the super funny ‘Servd’ card game for couples.

Games are some of the most affordable Xmas gifts for couples you’re going to find. Other options you might like to take a look at include the ‘King’s Cup Extreme’ drinking game, ‘Love Lingual’ or ‘Talk, Flirt, Dare’. Any of those is sure to keep them entertained during a cosy winter night indoors or a sultry summer’s evening in the garden.

For couples who like watching detective shows, don’t miss the ‘Unsolved Case Files’ series of couples’ card games too.

Click here to check out couples’ card games

Christmas presents for couples

Pair of silk pillowcases

We know that a romantic set of silk sheets may be way beyond the budget of many people, but there is a solution. Did you know that silk pillowcases offer so many of the benefits of sleeping on silk, yet at a fraction of the cost?

Super sleek silk pillowcases ensure they’ll both wake up with smoother hair and skin, every morning. Which will make them appear more attractive to everyone else, as well as one another. And is there any fabric more luxurious than silk? (Answer – no.)

If they live in a part of Australia that’s prone to sweltering summer heat, then they’ll appreciate this gift even more. This is because silk has a natural cooling effect on the skin. In addition to being thermoregulating, silk is also hypoallergenic, entirely natural and antibacterial.

Silk pillowcases can be bought as pairs or individually. Pick two the same if they like everything to be matchy matchy, or pick out a couple of colours from their bedroom that each will prefer. Such as black and pink, charcoal and blue, or even a pretty floral print.

This is one of the more unusual Christmas gifts for couples, but we guarantee they’ll never want to use cotton pillowcases ever again!

Click here to discover silk pillowcases for couples

A fondue set

A fondue set is one of those joint presents for couples that they can also share with their friends and family. Or use when it’s just the two of them for a chocolate or cheese filled evening in.

Strawberries dipped in melting chocolate or cubes of savoury food covered in oozing, moreish cheese. Who could resist? (Not us.) There are various kinds of fondue set available to buy too. Some are very simple – and affordable – with a candle below the food bowl, while others are fully electric for the professional touch. Many of them come with a set of forks included.

Whether it’s a fondue addiction developed during a ski trip to Switzerland or they’re as simply as committed to new foodie experiences as they are to one another, a good fondue set is among the best gift ideas for couples who love to eat. And who doesn’t?

Click here for an assortment of fondue sets

Marshmallow toasting forks

Maybe you’re a child or teen seeking Christmas gift ideas for married couples who just happen to be your parents or grandparents. Or perhaps you just want to give a small gift to the lovely couple who’ve just moved in next door.

Either way, a set of marshmallow forks makes a great gift at any time of the year. These tend come with four or more sticks, so they can share with the family or just use two when they’re out in the garden alone together.

Marshmallows are just the start. They can use these toasting sticks to whip up a sausage sizzle over the campfire, or for toasting a slice of bread over an open fire. This is one of those holiday gifts for couples that ticks all the boxes. It doesn’t cost a lot, it doesn’t take up too much space and it has a practical purpose. What’s not to love?

Click here to explore a range of toasting sticks

A wireless bluetooth speaker

Any couple loves to listen to their favourite tunes. It doesn’t matter whether that happens together or separately when they have a neat little bluetooth speaker at their disposal. Whether Johnny loves jazz or Penny adores pop, surely this is one of the top Christmas gifts for newly married couples who like to create playlists. And older ones too.

If you don’t mind pushing the boat out, a Bose bluetooth speaker is a really solid choice. The Anker Soundcore and Sony options cost less, but are still capable of producing a surprisingly rich and rounded sound.

Whether you want Christmas gift ideas for newlyweds or Christmas gifts for older couples, a wireless speaker is a great bet for anyone who loves music.

Click here to view bluetooth wireless speakers

100… scratch poster

Are they the sort of couple who love planning their next adventure? Then any of the series of scratch posters to suit their interests makes one of the finest and most fun Christmas gifts for young couples or older people. It makes retirement planning, for example, far simpler and more interesting.

The options available include 100 movies, 100 dates, 100 foods, 100 books or even just 100 top things to do. You can also get more specific with 100 horror or sci-fi films, for example. The musically minded might like 100 albums, while food fans will love 100 bakes to make.

For a fun gift that won’t break the bank, a scratch poster with 100 ideas is among the best couple gifts you’re going to find.

Click here to take a look at 100… posters

practical gifts for couples

A set of couples’ mugs

When you want a budget option that is also one of the best presents for couples you can buy, how about a set of His and Hers, His and His, Theirs and Theirs or Hers and Hers mugs?

You can buy couples’ mugs in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The cute cat couple, for example, is irresistable. Particularly if they are feline fans. Remember – a mug doesn’t necessarily need to be easy to drink from. Attractive mugs also make great ornaments or pen pots too!

If they’re new parents, they’re sure to appreciate mugs emblazoned with ‘Mama Bear’ and ‘Papa Bear’. Or for those who compete to be top dog, why not choose ‘The Boss and ‘The Real Boss’, or ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ for those who love to live it up?

You don’t have to go for slogans, of course. A pretty pair of new mugs will enhance any home, whether they’re made from fine bone china or sturdy, affordable stoneware.

Click here to explore a range of couples’ mugs

Mini projector

When you know a pair of film or box set addicts, then a mini projector is a must. Assuming they have a blank wall to use as a canvas, that is! Maybe best to check that first 😉

A compact projector is among the top couples’ Xmas gift ideas because it enables them to have even cosier evenings in together. This is also one of the best gifts for young couples who haven’t got too much cash to spend on cinema tickets. Small projectors also make ideal gifts for old couples who plan to catch up on movies during their retirement.

Decent little projectors cost less than you might think. Most are also 1080P, WiFi and bluetooth compatible for a simple, seamless viewing experience.

Click here for an array of mini film projectors

An outdoor loveseat

They may have indoor seating that’s perfectly shaped for two, but do they have a loveseat to use during picnics at the park, barbies in the garden or during beach days? We’d like to bet not – and these make practical and affordable gifts for couples that have everything.

These seats fold up, just like a regular camping chair. So they’re really easy to take along, wherever they may go. Whether that’s their very own garden, a camping trip in the bush or a relaxing break in the outback.

Kelty make some of the top loveseats for the outdoors, and their range includes low and mesh loveseats. There are plenty of others to pick from too, no matter what their preferences are regarding colour, style and portability.

Click here to find a loveseat for a couple

Olive oils set

If you want to find relatively cheap Christmas gifts for couples who are into food, then how about a set of flavour-infused olive oils? These can be inexpensive to buy, and here you’re giving a gift that may well last them all year long.

Olive oil has so many uses. They can brush the food with it before barbecuing, use it to create a delicious salad dressing or even add it to cakes. A dash of it adds flavour to just about any savoury dish, and there are great health benefits too.

Buy them a set of truffle oils for the luxury touch, or a gift ox containing flavoured vinegars in addition to oils. Alternatively, opt for an olive oil dispenser to give their kitchen a touch of class for many years yet to come.

Click here to shop for olive oil sets and dispensers

A craft beer brewing kit

If the couple you know loves discovering new craft beers, then you know they’re going to adore making their own even more! A craft beer brew kit is surely one of the most unique gifts for couples for Christmas, and it contains all they need to get started.

In fact some of the craft beer brewing kits you can buy even come with a set of bottles, so they can get brewing, fermenting and bottling. There are various makes to choose from, and you can also pick one to suit their drinking preferences. Such as pale ale, Irish red ale or Oktoberfest ale.

Brew-your-own beer kits are available in various price ranges too. BrewDemon, for example, has kits for under $200 as well as some selling for over $700. If you want Xmas presents for couples who love craft ale, then this idea’s a dead cert.

Click here to browse home brew beer making kits

Which Christmas gifts for couples do you love?

From gift baskets for couples for Christmas to really great gift ideas for couples on a budget, there are some truly practical and creative solutions to that annual ‘what to give’ conundrum.

Whether it’s Christmas gifts for a newly engaged couple you wanted or you’re seeking gifts for older couples at Christmas, we hope this list has inspired you to get your present list all sewn up. You see, there are plenty of things to get couples for Christmas once you know where to look!

If you’re seeking gifts for an elderly couple, find even more inspiration in our complete guide to Christmas presents for grandparents.

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