All the Finest Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers in Australia

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If you have friends, neighbours, family members or colleagues who are devoted to their feline pets, then you need to to read this guide to Christmas gifts for cat lovers in Australia! It lists all the best gifts for your cat-obsessed friend, from funny cat gifts or Christmas gifts for cats themselves to cat themed gifts available in Australia.

This guide to gifts for cat owners will help you find the ideal presents for all the cat lovers you know in Australia. Or indeed, around the world. Whether you want luxury gifts for cat lovers, cat related gifts like a cat mom mug, or to find cute cat ornaments available in Australia, this article lists them all.

When you want to delight the feline fan in your life this festive season, check out the following list of the top presents for cat lovers. No matter how small or large your budget, or what their other interests are, these cat present ideas will make them purr with pleasure.

The top 14 festive gifts for cat lovers in Australia

Like a cat faced with a feeding bowl full of their favourite fish, let’s get stuck in straightaway! Here they are – all the best gifts for cat lovers you could possibly give them this summer.

A cat themed mug

Among all the cat merchandise available in Australia, a mug is one of the top Christmas gifts for cat lovers. It’s also one of the most affordable options, and there are so many designs to choose from.

You can buy a cat mom mug or a cat dad coffee mug sold as a ‘Best Cat Mom Ever’ mug. Or if you purr-furr, there are mugs emblazoned with ‘You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me, Right?’, ‘Purrfect Brew’ or ‘I Work Hard So My Cat Can Live a Better Life’ (don’t we all?) There are some cheeky ones too, such as ‘Show Me Your Kitties’ and ‘Fluff You, You Fluffin’ Fluff’.

As for a picture cat lover mug, there are smiling cats, artist-drawn cats, angry cats and cartoon cats to choose from. Many mugs are ceramic, but there are other options too. Such as a clear, insulated double-wall mug or a coffee mug with integral phone holder. Some also come as sets, with two mugs, a spoon or evn teas included.

A cute new mug is the perfect gift for cat lovers everywhere, even for those on a tight budget.

Click here to view a range of mug gifts for cat lovers on Amazon

A new set of feeding bowls

A smart new set of cat food bowls isn’t just a present for the animal – it can also add a touch of decorative flair to the owner’s home. If the pet cat you know is being fed from chipped ceramic, scratched metal or cheap plastic bowls, then an attractive new set should be a very welcome gift.

Many modern sets come with a stand, and may also be elevated in some way. This is ideal for older cats – or humans – in particular, as it reduces the need for the bending that can cause spine, muscle and joint strain.

A new bowl or set of bowls is one of the best gifts for cats and their human companions. Choose between a pair of cat-shaped clear bowls on a raised stand, or a smart, highly rated set with a metallic finish from Petkit. There are also double feeders for water and meals, or single ceramic bowls in various designs.

PetSafe even make a pet fountain for cats. This can be very effective in encouraging animals to drink enough fluids, as they love fresh, flowing water.

Click here to check out a range of cat gift ideas for feeding and watering

Light it up with a cat lamp

Who knew there were so many types of cat themed lamps out there? Well we do now! Buyers can choose between 3D illusion lamps or a range of nightlights in all kinds of colours.

The small nightlights make some of the best gifts for cat owners who are kids. As these are available in shades of red, blue, pink, green, yellow and white, there’s bound to be one to complement the colour scheme of their room.

3D illusion cat lamps come in various styles. Some give the illusion of a stylised cat sitting on the table, shelf or chest of drawers, while others feature a funky geometric feline design or a holographic image. All make great Christmas presents for cat lovers – large or small.

Click here to discover a choice of cat lights to give at Christmas

A lucky cat ornament

Lucky cats with a waving arm are big news in Asia. If your feline-loving pal hasn’t yet picked one up from their travels, it’s surely the purr-fect gift to treat them to. There are other types of lucky cat ornament available too, just in case they do already have a waving cat.

Among the more unusual gifts for cat lovers is a small sitting feline crafted from green aventurine stone. There is also a hanging pendant featuring a lucky cat, or an enamel pin – as well as lots of choice when it comes to waving cats.

The selection of waving cats includes animals of all sizes in the traditional gold-effect finish, or they also come in white with colourful accents. A 3D cat puzzle crafted from wood is another option, or you can even purr-chase a Lego Brickheadz lucky cat instead.

There are sets of several cats offered too, or you can even buy a set of cat-shaped nesting Russian dolls. All make ideal gifts for the cat people you know.

Click here to see a selection of lucky cat gifts for cat lovers

cat themed gifts

Purr-fect presents from Gifts Australia

When you’re trying to find unique gifts for cat lovers, Gifts Australia is a great place to start. Their range includes some of the more unusual gifts for animal lovers in Australia – as well as elsewhere in the world.

If you do need to post a gift, why not go for a book that’s simple to wrap, package and ship? There’s titles like the ‘I Am a Cat’ storybook for kids or ‘Catfulness: A Cat’s Guide to Achieving Mindfulness’ for grown-ups.

Also offered is a cat jigsaw puzzle, a lucky cat game or ‘Catch’, a game featuring cats and mice. They both make ideal games for adults and kids to play at Christmas. Gifts Australia also stock a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug and bowl set, a plush cat holding a doughnut, a trinket plate or a cute ceramic cat pot.

If you’re seeking cat gifts for cat lovers in Australia, make sure you don’t miss the options sold online by Gifts Australia!

Click here to check out a choice of presents for cat lovers at Gifts Australia

A cosy cat bed

OK, so admittedly this one’s more for the cat than the owner – but happy cat equals happy owner, right? A new cat bed might also stop them from leaving fur all over the humans’ favourite cushions or throws, or stop them clawing the furniture.

Just a quick look at these super soft and cosy cat beds makes us want to curl up in one and go to sleep, frankly. Especially following all the festive over-indulgence. Some come with some pretty affordable price tags too.

More unusual choices include trampoline like, hammock style and window seat pet beds. An upmarket rattan bed lined with an ultra comfortable padded cushion is purr-fect for those looking for luxury gifts for cat lovers, while plush doughnut shaped beds or covered cat ‘caves’ are among the more pocket-friendly picks.

Click here to discover a range of cat bed presents for cat owners

Cat toys to entertain and amuse

Sticking with the ‘Christmas present for the cat’ theme, a single item or set of cat toy products is sure to raise a smile on their human owner’s face. In fact cat toys are an essential for active and curious young cats, as they help them to develop the skills they would normally acquire when living in the wild.

In a nutshell – cats love to chase and pounce, as it’s exactly what they’d do with their prey if they didn’t have humans to feed, groom and adore them. When seeking cat stuff for cat lovers, one of the best – yet perhaps less obvious – picks is a laser pointer. Cats drive themselves almost crazy when trying in vain to capture the evasive little red dot. Chuckles all round are guaranteed.

Another great option is a fish toy. We all know that cats love to eat seafood, so what better way to tempt them than with a wriggling, life-like fish? Again, hours of amusement for all the family. You can also buy a tower of tracks game for kitty to play, a fluttering butterfly or feather teasers. If you’re still not sure, it’s difficult to go wrong with a set comprising around 30 different toys.

Click here to view a selection of cat toy gift ideas for cat lovers

A cat tree to climb and claw

Another one for the cat here – #sorrynotsorry. A cat tree is a great option among gifts for new cat owners in particular – as well as older ones whose cat trees might have seen better days. If they already own one at all, that is.

A cat tree doesn’t only please the pet, either. It can make the owner happy as it saves their furniture from being scratched. It also helps to keep younger, more active cats occupied – as well as providing another place for cat-napping. When awake, curious cats also love to perch up high so they can see whats’ going on.

There are plenty of designs available in lots of colour options, including neutrals like light or dark grey, cream or brown, as well as more distinctive tones of blue or pink.

A carefully selected tree is one of the best cat items for cat lovers you could buy – at any time of year.

Click here to find a large range of tree gifts for cats and their owners

Cat motif jewellery

If the cat fan you know loves to wear jewellery, then a well-chosen pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring or brooch is definitely one of the most appropriate cat lady gifts you could give.

At the smaller end of the scale, cute cat gifts include little stud earrings or an open sterling silver ring with an adorable cat ear design. There is also a spinner ring with cheeky, cartoon style cat faces all around it or a pair of moonstone studs decorated with cat ears.

Or purr-haps you’d rather opt for a set of colourful, enamelled cat lapel pins or pair of dangly earrings handmade using copper. There are some pretty necklaces too, such as a real silver one with a celtic knot pattern, a rose gold design with Swarovski crystals and a geometric cat necklace with a yellow gold finish.

If they love jewellery almost as much as their cat, then something shiny is surely among the finest gifts for cat moms you could find.

Click here to explore a collection of jewellery gifts for cat lovers

gifts for cat lovers

A smart new cat collar

While cats can’t join in with their human pals in wearing necklaces, they can adorn the area below their heads by donning a stylish or sparkly cat collar instead. You could choose a collar for everyday wear, or pick out a fun design just for Christmas.

The bow tie collars are a fun way to add a dash of festive style to any feline. They come in all sorts of patterns and colours, from checked red, green or blue to a range of fun prints including avocado, star, leopard, watermelon, floral and swirl designs.

For a bit of pet bling, you could buy a collar studded with rhinestones. There are also mermaid print cat collars and ones that glow in the dark, printed with stars and moons. In the interests of safety, it’s best to go for a collar that is adjustable, elasticated and has a bell.

Click here to view a large range of collar gifts for a cat lover

Tasty cat treats

A pack of cat treats makes a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, or can be given as a small present to a neighbour whose cat often visits your garden. My Pet Warehouse has the best selection we’ve seen.

These are some serious gourmet nibbles for pets. Choose between Absolute Holistic air dried mackerel and lamb, chicken and hoki or beef and venison. Balanced Life cat treats come in salmon or kangaroo versions, while Applaws Cat produces single or 18 packs of tuna loin for the ultimate dinnertime feast.

There are budget options too, including the Black Cat, Temptations and Dine ranges. Kit Cat, meanwhile, like to combine a health benefit with a tasty treat, and their range includes ‘breath bites’ as well as hairball, joint care, collagen, skin and coat and urinary care formulations.

Click here to see the collection of cat treats available at My Pet Warehouse

A cat sling carrier

Yep, sling cat carriers for the ultimate in portable pets really are a thing. They comprise a cosy pouch for the cat to sit in, and designs are a little like a cross between a baby sling and a handbag.

They’re ideal for nervous pets that hate being put into the standard sort of carrier – especially when a trip to the vet may be involved. If they’ve ever fancied taking their pride and joy around town to show off to their friends, this sling carrier means they can. Without forcing the cat into a cage-like carrier or making them feel uncomfortable.

Features like waterproofing and breathable mesh are practical touches, while there are all sorts of plain coloured fabrics or patterned prints that both men and women will love. If you’re seeking unique cat gifts for cat lovers, this one certainly ticks that box.

Click here to view a range of cat sling carriers

A cat grooming glove

Not many pet owners would deny that grooming is something of a chore. But help is available – in the form of cat grooming gloves. These can be bought as a single item, or come as a complete pair for added fur removal ability.

These clever gloves are much gentler on the cat than a traditional grooming brush – and even protect the owner’s hands at the same time. Who knows, treat them to a pair of these and grooming time is sure be much more about cat-isfaction than ever before.

There are even longer sleeved versions that are scratch and puncture resistant, and designs come in various colours including pink, blue, black and green.

Click here to see a selection of cat grooming gloves

Cat coasters

Coasters make cute gifts for cat lovers. They come in all kinds of feline designs, and are practical as well as decorative. The ideal companion to a cat mug, or when it comes to cat lover home decor.

Some sets are shaped like a kitty’s face, while others are round and decorated with feline images. There are Hello Kitty coasters, arty cat coasters and even some made from absorbent felt – ideal for those households where people are prone to spilling their drinks.

A set of cat coasters is surely one of the finest – and most affordable – gift ideas for cat owners.

Click here to find a range of cat themed drinks coasters

A Christmas teddy bear

Who says that only humans can enjoy snuggling up with a teddy or soft toy? We know that lots of our fur babies love a soft friend to sleep with too. We have compiled a huge list of Christmas teddies and anyone of them would be purfect for your dog or dog loving friend.

check out the huge range of Christmas teddies here.

A Christmas teddy bear

Who says that only humans can enjoy snuggling up with a teddy or soft toy? We know that lots of our fur babies love a soft friend to sleep with too. We have compiled a huge list of Christmas teddies and anyone of them would be purfect for your cat or cat loving friend.

Check out the huge range of Christmas teddies here.

Which gifts for cat lovers in Australia will you give this year?

Whether you wanted budget cat things for cat lovers or are happy to spend a little more, we hope this guide has provided some gift-giving inspiration. Cat themed gifts for her and him are ideal for those devoted to their feline friend, and you can choose between items that the pet or its human can use!

We also know where to get pet Santa photos across Australia this year!

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