Unique Australian Gifts to Give at Christmas

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If you’re stuck for the perfect festive gift idea, why not check out our range of unique Australian gifts to give at Christmas? You may even be pleasantly surprised about the range of gift options out there – all with a quintessentially Australian theme.

Unique Australian gifts for overseas are ideal, as it gives someone or a family you love a flavour of Australian life. Whether they’re missing home or have not yet even set foot on Australian soil, we have Aussie gift ideas for them here. From Australian gifts for Melbourne residents to gift ideas to be sent from Australia to the UK, we have your gifting needs covered.

There are iconic Australian gifts that give away their source at a glance. Or, more subtle ideas that make ideal Australian made gifts to take overseas, give to your boss at work, send to your aunt in Far North Queensland or are typically Australian gift ideas for your American friends across the street.

Whoever you’re buying for and whatever your price range, we have all the best Australian gifts listed in this guide. Why face the stress of the shopping centre when you can order them all from the comfort of your own sofa, with a cup of tea or glass of wine to hand?

Unique Australian gifts – our top picks for the festive season

So without further ado, let’s launch straight into it. Here are all the top uniquely Australian gifts to post or hand over this Christmas season.

Australian gift hampers

A food and drink gift always goes down well during the festive season. So what better way to spread the love than to buy a selection that includes handmade Australian gifts to devour? Gifts Australia has a great range. While some do include items from overseas – such as French champagne or Scotch whisky – these Australian Christmas hampers tend to include lots of goodies made right here.

While these are not always the best Australian gifts for overseas due to their weight, this Australian gift company offers such a tempting range. How about a ‘Craft Ciders of Australia’ set, one of their Cape Mentelle hampers with wine from the Margaret River region or a foodies’ box containing an Australian-made gin plus lots of gourmet delights?

There are some lighter options for those seeking Australian gift hampers for overseas family or friends. Although Gifts Australia don’t offer delivery outside the country you could always send one of these on yourself. The ‘Sweet Epicure Hamper’, for example, only contains sweet treats, so there’s no heavy glass to contend with. Other options like the ‘Glenmorangie Highball Cocktail Hamper’ only contain miniatures, so they’re also cheaper to post than the likes of the ‘Microbreweries of Australia’ set.

Click here to see a range of gourmet Christmas hampers from Gifts Australia

Australian games

Did you know that there’s a pretty impressive selection of Australian board games out there? As well as various other types. These make some of the best gifts from Australia, as they’re unlikely to be available anywhere else. Not to mention that they don’t weigh too much – and are great gifts that a family can share.

Monopoly Australia is a classic Christmas choice, featuring places other than London. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, either, as there are Australia-wide destinations on the board. From the Whitsundays or Kangaroo Island to Broome or Freycinet National Park, all sorts of iconic locations are present.

It’s not all about Monopoly. Purchasers can also consider ‘Deadly Animals Bingo’, the Aussie edition of ‘What do you Meme?’, ‘Cooked Aussies’, Top Trumps’ ‘Deadliest Down Under ‘ or ‘Australian Menagerie’. Some of these are among the most funny Australian gifts around.

Click here to discover a range of Australian games to give as gifts

uniquely Australian gifts

A pair of Uggs

While it’s true that you love them or loathe them – across the world, most people tend to belong to the former camp. Uggs make great gifts to send overseas from Australia to countries like the UK, where they are incredible popular. As they’re made from sheepskin with lightweight soles, they’re not overly expensive to post.

What if they already own a pair? No problem. Ugg offer a comprehensive range of slippers and moccasions as well as the ubiquitous boots. They come in all sorts of colours, too, from soft or deep shades of pink to more neutral hues of brown,black or blue. As well as the classic chestnut.

There are Uggs for kids and even Uggs for men. If you’re buying Uggs as Australian Christmas gifts for overseas family, a little secret to keep to yourself is that they tend to be cheaper to buy here than they are abroad. Even more reason to opt for this Australian made gift idea.

Click here to view the Ugg Australia range of footwear

An Australian Adrenaline experience

Adrenaline may not be the first company that comes to mind when thinking of Australian gift websites, but what could be more Australian than a gift experience that takes place right here in their own homeland?

Gift experiences also make ideal Australian items to send overseas when your folks in Europe, the US, New Zealand or elsewhere are planning to come over for a visit. What could make for a more memorable holiday than a thrilling tandem skydive, a gentle horseback ride through a vineyard, a hot air balloon trip or a Segway or jet boat tour?

To give an experience is to gift someone a day they’ll never forget. Anything from Adrenaline’s range would surely be among the most unique Australian present ideas they’re likely to receive this year.

Click here to check out a range of Australian gift experiences from Adrenaline

Australian mugs

A new mug is always a great fall-back gift idea. Who doesn’t love to sip their morning brew from their very own brand-new mug? Whether they store it at the office, the beach house or at home, appropriately themed mugs make an affordable, practical and authentic Australian gifts.

It’s not all about clever slogans, the Australian flag or even green and gold either. Many of our favourites feature our native flora and fauna, decorated with beautiful illustrations that really can brighten anyone’s day. Whether given as gifts from Australia to a local resident or wrapped and boxed for sending as Australian presents for overseas, a mug is always a good bet.

If you’re worried about postal mishaps, why not opt for a travel mug instead? These are a lot less breakable – and as they’re lighter in weight they may also be cheaper to post than their china counterparts.

Attractive designs range from Australian sea life to native animals like koalas, wombats or kangaroos. Birds are also featured, or you can opt for a pretty botanical pattern instead.

Click here to see a selection of Australian themed mugs

Australia gifts

An Australian soft toy

Looking for Australian gifts for Americans, Europeans or South Africans? Whether it’s for a young child or an adult, many people would love to receive the sort of soft toy they can’t buy in their own country. Buying an Australian child once can also help to teach them about our native wildlife – such as the cute marsupials with pouches our country is famous for.

Soft toys aren’t only for playing with, they make great decorative items within the home too. Perch a kookaburra on a windowsill so they can look out over the garden, place a plush lorikeet or cockatoo on a shelf to make a room seem more homely or fill an unused fireplace with a selection of stuffed birds and animals.

From bottlenose dolphins to crimson rosellas, there are lots of cute and cuddly Australian soft toys to give as gifts this summer. They make cool gifts from Australia for some adults as well as for kids.

Click here to see a choice of Australian plush animals and birds

An Australian day or evening out

If you think an Adrenaline gift might be a bit much for your elderly relatives due to visit from the US, why not treat them to a day or night out during their stay? Again these gifts from Cudo make great Australian gifts to send overseas to those due to come over in the coming year. As well as your friends in Canberra or Perth or who live on the Gold Coast.

Give a Cudo gift to gain some kudos this Christmas. You can choose between dining, health and fitness, activity, wellness and even educational experiences. Whether they’d prefer a day’s pampering at a stylish spa, a slap-up meal in a coastal restaurant or a Build-a-Bear package, you’re bound to find that ideal gift.

From the best Australian gifts for kids to the perfect gifts for family in Australia and beyond, Cudo has a great range of offers to tick even the trickiest people off your present list.

Click here to see a great range of Cudo Australian gift experiences

A chocolate bouquet

A bouquet made from edible goodies makes a great gift, courtesy of Edible Gifts. If there’s someone in your life who’s always tricky to buy for, why not take a look at their chocolate bouquet range? These are made right here in Australia before being sent direct to the door of your chosen recipient.

These bouquets made from goodies can be ordered as they are, or as part of a larger gift set containing whisky, fizz, wine or beer as well as the chocolate floral arrangement. If you own that special person a thank you for being there this year, this is the ideal way to say it with flowers. Without a real bloom anywhere in sight.

Click here to see the Edible Gifts range of chocolate bouquets

gifts from Australia

Australian books

Books are another of those Australia gift ideas that are ideal for sending as Aussie gifts to the UK. Or indeed anywhere on the planet. Surely one of the best overseas gifts from Australia, when it comes to practicalities like packaging and postage.

What kind of books are they into? There are all sorts of novels set in Australia that could suit fans of crime writing or male or female fiction. If they like to keep busy in the kitchen, then the comprehensive range of Women’s Weekly cookbooks should be a crowd-pleaser. These books are highly regarded all over the world, yet are more difficult to buy outside Australia. Titles include a kids’ cookbook as well as covering pies, slow cooking, birthday cakes, Mediterranean and much more.

Nature books are ideal for those who live here and love to spot the local wildlife. Twitchers would gratefully receive an Australian bird guide book, while ‘Fishes of Australia’ is ideal for any divers or snorkellers.

Depending on their interests, they may also like gardening books for green-fingered urbanites or would-be veggie growers, or a coffee table tome featuring appealing images of the most beautiful Australian homes. There are some great titles on Australian art too.

Click here to view a range of Australian book gifts

Click here to view our Book Lovers Gift Guide.

Billabong clothing or accessories

What better way to reflect our way of life than by giving a gift from another of Australia’a most iconic brands? Billabong are right up there when it comes to quality Australian gifts that are beautiful and useful.

For boys and men you can buy Billabong wallets, backpacks, belts, board shorts and of course t-shirts. Female options include swimsuits, long-sleeved winter tops, boots, thongs and hoodies.

If you’re after unique gifts from Australia to send elsewhere in the world, it’s worth knowing that surf shops are not as easy to find in some countries as they are here. So if they love that relaxed, coastal lifestyle, why not give them a gift that is truly Australian – as well as often tricky to track down elsewhere?

Click here to see a range of Billabong accessories and clothing

‘Australia’ wrapping paper book

This gorgeous little book looks to good to rip up – but the prettily decorated sheets inside can indeed be used to wrap gifts. There are 20 sheets, plus 40 stickers. If you’re looking for novel Christmas gift wrapping ideas, this book could be for you too. Creative types could also use the paper to make their own cards or other artworks.

Click here to see the ‘Australia’ Wrapping Paper Book by Alice Oehr

‘Old Man Emu’ picture book

This picture book will introduce kids, and the adults who read with them, to the exciting world of Australian fauna. Featuring galahs, kangaroos, cockatoos and kookaburras as well as the emu, this colourful picture book adapts the classic song to provide a very funny read.

Click here to see ‘Old Man Emu’ by John Williamson and Simon McLean

Which unique Australian gifts are your favourites?

Which of these uniquely Australian gifts do you think will make the best Christmas presents for your friends and family? Whether you choose edible goodies, games, books, an experience or something to wear, we hope this guide provides you with lots of festive inspiration.

Why not check out our other guides – including a great range of personalised gifts or presents for fans of Harry Potter?

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