Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Her

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Christmas Eve boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years. While many are aimed at children, grown-ups are now getting in on the act too. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, wife, mother or best friend, this guide will take you through all the best Christmas Eve box ideas for her.

Why a Christmas Eve box? Well, what better way to spread the joy of an Australian Christmas than by giving a carefully chosen selection of festive gifts the night before Christmas? Getting the party started early means she can let her hair down a little. An opportunity which will be particularly welcomed if she’s spent Christmas Eve preparing food or wrapping presents.

This post will take you through all the items we suggest putting into women’s Christmas Eve boxes. From her favourite tipple to new pyjamas, a good read or box of tasty treats, there are plenty of ways to make the perfect personalised Christmas Eve box for your loved one. We have some more unusual ideas too.

The top Christmas Eve box ideas for her

So where do you begin? The first step is to get hold of a box to fill with all the goodies you want to give. If you really want it to be a personalised Christmas eve box, then you need to start with the right container.

Christmas box ideas for her

Got the container, but stuck for what to put in it? Here are our suggestions for filling that night before Christmas box.


A new pair of PJs is a traditional item to include in any list of Christmas Eve box ideas for adults. You could opt for Christmas pyjamas, or perhaps you’d prefer to add something more sensual for a romantic couples’ Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be a pair of long-sleeved pyjamas. There are some sweet sets with shorts and a matching loose t-shirt or vest top. You can opt for smooth satin, breathable cotton or cosy flannel. There are nightdresses and onesies too.

Think loungewear if she’s likely to want to wear the garment during the evening, while watching a Christmas movie, playing a game or reading a book. Is the nightwear you’re considering comfortable enough to wear all day and night long?

A pair of women’s pyjamas is a must among Christmas Eve box fillers.

Click here to see a range of women’s pyjamas and nightwear

personalised Christmas Eve box


What’s one of the first things many people do when opening Christmas presents? Offer everyone a chocolate, of course (even if only to make them feel less guilty about indulging themselves). A box of chocolates is therefore a must for any family Christmas Eve box.

Choose between the likes of Cadbury Favourites, Lindor, Maltesers Truffles or Ferrero Rocher. Or opt for a party pack of M&Ms or Maltesers so everyone can share. You could stay Australian in theme with chocolate-coated macadamias, or select something traditionally festive the world over – like a box of After Eight mints or Bailey’s chocolates.

Whether you go for a pack of Toblerone bars, a box of mini treats by Mars or a pretty box of upmarket chocolates, a sweet treat is a must for any ladies’ Christmas Eve box.

Click here to see a selection of Christmas chocolate gifts

A good read

If she loves to relax with a novel, then a new book is a dead cert for her Christmas Eve box. There are all kinds of titles available, from contemporary-style ‘chicklit’ titles to classics.

Choose between romantic novels, crime fiction and classic novels that she may have last read – and loved – at school or uni. If you’re feeling generous, there are some lovely box sets available too – such as a Jane Austen one or a collection of Penguin classics.

Escaping into a fictional world is the ideal way for her to unwind after a busy run-up to Christmas in Australia. Particularly if she’s hosting the family for the festive season.

Click here to see a range of popular female ‘chicklit’ novels

Click here to check out some classic literary fiction titles

A scented candle

We all know a woman who loves scented candles, right? So wouldn’t they be very happy to receive this lovely fragrant gift in that Christmas Eve gift box?

You can choose one large scented candle, or opt for a set of smaller ones. Fragrances range from vanilla, florals or citrus scents to the likes of Belladonna or coastal themes. Some are also Australian made, which are ideal for those who like to support local companies.

The most popular scented candle brands include Scentalicious, Village Candle, Serenity, Mor Boutique and even Distillery Magic. A scented candle is a great idea for any Christmas Eve box, as it helps to create that relaxing, luxurious and twinkling ambience. We have another article on the best Christmas candles if you wanted to see a whole range of options!

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Christmas Eve box

A Christmas movie

Once that Christmas Eve box has been opened and the contents examined and exclaimed over, what better to enjoy time as a family, with a friend, or as a couple, than with a favourite Christmas movie?

Typical titles that women love to watch during the festive season include ‘The Holiday’, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Last Christmas’. With all-star casts and fabulous soundtracks to boot, these are true Christmas classics.

If she’d prefer something funny to watch with the family, then you could go for ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ or ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

Watching a classic festive film is the perfect way to unwind on the night before Christmas.

Click here to see a range of great Christmas movies for her

Pssst… we also have a list of the best Christmas movies for kids, in case you were wondering too!

A Christmas tree decoration

Buying a new hanging decoration for the Christmas tree means giving something that can be used year after year. If you’re wondering what to put in a Christmas Eve box, a well-chosen tree ornament will always remind her of opening her very own box of delights.

There is a great selection available at Christmas Warehouse, who specialise in offering all the Christmas decorations you could ever require. You can choose between wooden stars and glittering snowflakes as well as all kinds of baubles and much more.

Purchasing individual tree decorations is a great way to add character and personality to your festive tree. Over the years, the collection begins to tell your own unique Christmas stories.

Scoopon also have an interesting range of tree ornaments that can feature the name or picture of your choice – ideal for creating personalized Christmas Eve boxes.

Click here to see the tree decorations available from Christmas Warehouse

Click here to see Scoopon’s personalised Christmas ornaments

A bottle of wine

What good is curling up in your new PJs to watch a move or read a book without a glass of wine to go with that box of chocolates? Perhaps the female in your life would beg to differ, but if she does enjoy the odd tipple then a bottle of wine is an absolute must to include.

Whether she’d prefer a rich Penfolds Shiraz or a crisp Riesling from the Clare Valley there’s lots of choice. Christmas is of course the perfect time to enjoy a glass or two of celebratory fizz, too, so you may wish to pick a sparkling red, white or rose to share.

A bottle of delicious wine is the ideal way to toast the start of the Christmas season. Cheers!

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xmas eve boxes

A silk pillowcase

If you don’t keep up with the latest developments in the beauty world, then you’d be forgiven for not knowing about the new beauty must-have – a pure silk pillowcase.

Fans of sleeping on silk credit their silk pillowcase for giving them smoother, sleeker locks that are free from tangles, split ends and frizz. Good quality silk is also great for the skin. Even those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema, acne or psoriasis can benefit hugely from resting their heads on silk each night.

A silk pillowcase also looks and feels utterly luxurious. With a huge range of colours to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits her style. What a lovely gift to slip into her Christmas Eve box – and to make sure she enjoys a great night’s beauty sleep, every night.

Click here to see a selection of the best silk pillowcases

Wine glass charms

A set of wine glass charms makes an ideal addition when you make your own Christmas Eve box. It can be used on Christmas Eve while enjoying a glass or two. Plus it adds the ideal finishing touch the festive table for the next day.

There are all sorts of themed wine charm sets. Pick charms with a travel, animal, tropical or wine lovers’ theme, or opt for something funny as a Christmas day talking point. Sets may typically contain six charms or more, and can come in silver or a range of pretty colours.

A set of wine glass markers hung with charms – or some silicone drinks markers – make a great Christmas Eve gift to put in her night before box.

Click here to see a range of cute wine glass charm sets

Bath soak

For some women, a soak in the tub is the ultimate treat as a busy December nears its end. A pouch, tub or box of bath bubbles, salts or bombs is thus a thoughtful item to add to that Christmas Eve box.

Picture the scene. A scented bath with a glass of wine or book to hand – what better way to unwind after weeks (or even months) of making sure everyone else has the best Christmas possible?

There are all kinds of muscle-soothing, spa style and relaxing formulas. These may come as a tub or pouch of salts, a bottle of bath foam or a set of bath bombs. A carefully chosen bath soak product is a great way to fill – and fragrance – that Christmas Eve box for the woman in your life.

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what to put in a Christmas Eve box

An experience gift

If that box seems to be close to overflowing, there’s no need to worry. It’s easy to slip just one more gift in there when that present takes the form of a voucher for a pampering, dining, travel or thrilling experience.

Cudo, Scoopon and Adrenaline are all good bets for buying someone the ultimate experience gift. Whether they’d prefer to dine out locally, enjoy a hotel stay inter-state, have a spa day or experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of a driving, flying, land or water based experience.

Experience gifts range from smaller, more affordable options to no-expense-spared treats she’ll never forget. Why not see what unexpected adventure you could come up with?

Click here to see a range of Cudo experience gifts

Click here to view a selection of Scoopon gift offers

Click here to find out more about Adrenaline experiences

A Christmas game

Finally, what better way to spend time together than playing a festive game? It’s another of those gifts that can be used every year until it becomes part of your Christmas traditions as a couple, family or group of friends or neighbours.

If you do have kids, it can be a great way to help tire them out on the most exciting night in the entire year. Themed options range from the Monopoly Christmas or ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ editions to Brainbox Christmas or ‘The Very Merry Christmas Game’.

You could even opt for her own set of Lego to build into an ornament to treasure, or a quick-fire card game like Uno or Spot It! The latter comes in various editions, such as Harry Potter, as well as the classic version.

Find the best games to play at Christmas here.

A Christmas teddy

Christmas teddy bears make great inclusions in a Christmas Eve box for kids and adults of all ages. There is also lots of choice when it comes to buying a Christmas teddy. Whether you’re seeking out another toy to buy from the Harrods Christmas bear names list, or want to find a great hanging toy for a baby. Or of course you could always go for a classic Santa teddy – or plush gingerbread man.

We have a detailed guide on Christmas teddies right here.

Which Christmas Eve box ideas for her do you prefer?

We hope this guide to what to put in a Christmas eve box for women has helped with your festive planning this year. A Christmas Eve box is about setting the scene, so it’s all about what would make it most special for her. Whether that’s a soak in the bath, a festive film, a family game or a really good book. Dressed in new nightwear, with wine and chocolates to hand, of course.

For further gift-giving inspiration, why not check out our guides to the best Christmas earrings and our favourite festive dresses for her?

Now that you have her sorted, why not check out our Christmas Eve box ideas for him.

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