Christmas Teddy Bears for Summer in Australia

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Christmas teddy bears make great festive gifts for kids and adults of all ages. A well chosen Christmas bear is also the ideal present to post overseas, as it’s light in weight and won’t get broken while winging its way to the UK, US, Canada… or somewhere across Australia… wherever your friends or relatives are based.

There is also lots of choice when it comes to buying a Christmas teddy. Whether you’re seeking out another toy to buy from the Harrods Christmas bear names list, or want to find a great hanging toy for a baby. Or of course you could always go for a classic Santa teddy – or plush gingerbread man.

For those who aren’t sure, why not check the suggested ranges at various stores for some ideas? You can access these directly, via the links provided, to speed things up. There are some distinctly Australian soft toys too, which are perfect for sending to people who live abroad.

Settle down with a top cup of tea or coffee – and of course your favourite cuddly toy – while we help you find the best Christmas teddies to give this year!

The best Christmas teddy bears for gifting

Which one will you pick out as my first Christmas teddy for a new addition to the family, or to give as a gift to Grandma? Why not let the following list be your guide – then you can save all that time spent searching around.

A collectable Harrods Christmas bear

The Harrods Christmas bear 2020 was the most sought after type of teddy gift that year. That’s unlikely to change much in the future, as the prestigious brand name has been popular ever since the store in Knightsbridge, London was established during the mid 19th century.

A Harrods bear generally comes complete with a large branded ribbon bow tie, as well as the embroidered ‘Harrods’ on the left foot. Or should we say paw? Options include the 20 centimetre ‘Harriet’ Harrods teddy bear, or the boy version ‘Oliver’ that is double the size.

Whether you choose the Harrods Christmas bear for this year or opt for a more generic teddy, Harrods bears through the years have not only sold in vast quantities – they have also become popular collector’s items. Those who already own a Harrods bear from 2019, a Harrods 2020 Christmas bear or even a Harrods bear from 2000 could well be quids in at some point in the future. As they’d say in London.

A My First Harrods Bear is a present that a child can treasure, even long into adulthood, which might even increase in value over time. Even if that’s not the case, it’s certainly a gift to treasure – and of course to cuddle.

Click here to see a selection of Harrods Christmas teddy bear gifts

Gifts Australia’s cuddly toy selection

Gifts Australia are one of the best options when ordering festive gifts online, and it’s no different when it comes to choosing a teddy bear for Christmas. Their range of plush toys is so appealing, and these high quality soft toys make ideal gifts for adults as well as children.

With its super soft, strokable fur, we love the ‘Bashful Cream Bunny’, the pale pink ‘Glimmer Glitter’ or ‘Silver Sprinkles’ unicorns and the ‘Freddy the Teddy’ range. There are some character picks in there too, including a ‘Spot the Dog’ beanie, a couple of ‘Paddington Bear’ options and a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ toy that comes complete with the accompanying book.

A gorgeous Gifts Australia soft toy makes a fabulous festive gift for kids of all ages.

Click here to view the range of soft toys at Gifts Australia

A special Santa soft toy

A Santa teddy bear is surely a Christmas classic, right? If you want to give a present that can be used during the festive season year after year, then a Santa Claus teddy bear has to be a winner. If they will let go of it, it can be packed away with the decorations to use every summer – but you might well find they want to cuddle it all year round!

Many kids like to decorate their rooms for Christmas, and what easier or more practical way is there to do this than by creating an attractive display of festive plush toys? It gives your children something new to try on playdates too.

There are of course plenty of Santa Christmas teddy bear products in the classic style, but some soft toys offer a twist on this theme. Such as the bright yellow Pokemon Pikachu seasonal plush wearing a red santa hat, or a cuddly stuffed sloth with a striped scarf as well as the obligatory hat.

Click here to find a selection of Santa teddy bears for Christmas

Brighten the night with a plush nightlight

All kids love (or really, really need) a nightlight. So why not combine the Christmas bear idea with lighting for an impressive and unusual festive gift? There are various soft toy nightlights on the market, all sure to keep young kids feeling safe, secure and loved all night long.

We like the Bo, Katie and Max plush toys that play soothing melodies as well as lighting up – each one holds a built-in nightnight held under its left arm.

Other options include a light-up raccoon with coloured lamps hidden all over its body, a glowing musical cow or even a baby white noise toy with an integral nightlight. We also rate the pink Chicco Lullaby Sheep for babies.

Click here to see the soft toy nightlight range available at Amazon

Hanging soft toys for little ones

If you’re buying for a baby that was born since last Christmas, then a hanging soft toy can be a great idea. The smallest children love to watch things move around as they follow them with their eyes. As any parent knows, they also love to reach out and grab stuff!

There are several ways of using Christmas soft toys with the youngest kids. They can be suspended from a mobile above the cot or attached to the bars of their bed. You can also hang toys from their buggy, or combine them with a baby gym where they dangle from a built-in bar above their head. Some people also like to give them a hanging toy to play with in the car.

Some of these hanging soft toys for Christmas have other features too, such as playing music or rattling. This can really help to attract a baby’s attention.

Mobile soft toys tend to come as a complete package including the mobile and the toys, while some crib toys are designed to be wound around the bars. You can also buy a dangling soft toy singly, or purchase a set of four.

Some dangling soft toys, such as the Wild Republic monkey, hang by their own arms thanks to a velcro fastening on the paws. Toys like these are good for kids who are a little older.

Click here to discover a choice of hanging soft toys for Christmas

The perfect plush by Wild Republic

We kind of stumbled upon these when researching this article – and boy, are we glad we did! You only need to look at the high ratings that Wild Republic teddy bears consistently receive to see why they’re so popular.

Whether you want a soft toy for an older kid, a grown-up or someone who lives overseas, you can find the right cuddly toys for everyone, everywhere within the Wild Republic range. From a glittery green Diplodocus or blue spotted Salamander to a stuffed slap bracelet butterfly.

Although they’re an American company, Wild Republic make lots of native Australian stuffed plush animals and birds. These are ideal for people who overseas in particular, as they can find out about our native fauna while being given a gift that may not be available in their own country.

Typically antipodean examples we rate include the blue winged Kookaburra, a stuffed Ostrich, a crimson Rosella, a soft toy platypus or a sulphur crested Cockatoo. There are some fishy options too, including an Eagle Ray, Blue Whale or Mako Shark.

Click here to find the ideal soft toy by Wild Republic

Classic teddy bears from Steiff

If you want to treat the person you’re buying for to an investment piece as well as a Christmas stuffed toy, then take a look at the range from Steiff. Globally, this is probably the biggest name in the teddy bear world.

Like a Harrods Christmas bear from 2019 or that 2020 Harrods bear you’re trying to keep in pristine condition, a Steiff Christmas bear makes a very generous gift. As with Harrods bears, its value is highly likely to increase over time. Making this a great present for adults who are tricky to buy for, as well as kids.

While Steiff teddy bears are not the cheapest toys around, the Steiff soft toy range comes in various styles and sizes so you can spend as much or as little as you like. If your budget isn’t big, a Steiff keyring teddy bear is ideal, as ‘Fynn’ and ‘Lotte’ are more attractively priced. You could also pay a little more for a classic Steiff mini teddy bear on a keyring.

The larger ‘Lotte’ Steiff soft toy is also surprisingly affordable. For new additions, my first Christmas bear options from Steiff include a soft pink or blue stuffed bears. Rather than being a Christmas teddy bear with the year on its foot, each is simply embroidered with ‘My First Steiff’.

The Steiff teddy bear range includes a huge range of options for all budgets – it’s well worth taking a look if you’d like to give a soft toy from the big name German brand.

Click here to browse a large range of Steiff soft toys for Christmas

A Tatty Teddy Christmas soft toy

A ‘Me to You’ Christmas bear, or Tatty Teddy, makes a great Christmas present. This range of themed teddies includes options that are obviously festive, as well as those that are aimed at particular people.

Choose between a bear holding a heart that says ‘I Love You More Than All The Stars In The Sky’, a teddy in a full Santa suit and hat or one for a mum, daughter, girlfriend or grandad. There are more unusual items too, such as a Tatty Teddy dressed as a red dragon or a pair of Me to You themed slippers.

If you fancy buying a teddy themed gift that isn’s actually a plush toy, then Me to You options include a Tatty Teddy phone case, a set with soft toy and socks, a necklace, a baby journal or even a diamond art painting kit.

Click here to see a comprehensive choice of Tatty Teddy gifts

Giant cuddlies for Christmas

When you’re browsing the the teddy bears for Christmas inspiration, why not consider giving a giant teddy bear? If someone you know loves soft toys, then surely bigger will be better. Just make sure they’ll have somewhere to display it before you go ahead. Any corner will do. Even if the toy sits in front of a cupboard door, for instance, it’s soft and lightweight enough to be moved out of the way whenever required.

Some people like to place an oversized teddy bear in front of a large window, as if it’s looking out. Doing this is sure to delight passers-by – as well as the soft toy’s owner every time they head home.

Many of these large teddies come in classic shades of brown, cream or somewhere in-between, but they are also available in subtle colours like pink, grey, purple, white or blue. There’s no need to buy a bear in a bright hue, after all, as the size makes it pretty noticeable just as it is!

Click here to view a selection of huge soft toy teddy bears

A gingerbread teddy plush toy

A gingerbread man soft toy makes a refreshing – yet seasonally suitable – change from the usual Santa or elf teddy bear. This kind of Xmas teddy is a little less obvious, meaning it’s less likely they’ll have one already. It’s also ideal for year-round use.

Whether you want a large or small Christmas teddy, there’s a gingerbread soft toy to fit the bill. You can purchase a set of two or four 10 centimetre gingerbread men, or go for a bigger Shrek gingerbread man to tie in with the Shrek the Halls Christmas movie.

Some of the gingerbread people soft toys also come complete with a hanging loop, so you could also display them as part of your festive decor.

Click here to check out some gingerbread man stuffed toys

Which Christmas teddy bears will you choose?

Whether you were wondering how to find the best ‘My First Christmas’ teddy bear for 2021 and beyond, always wished you’d invested in a Harrods millenium bear or were simply searching for ideas, we hope this guide helps your loved ones to have the most cuddly Christmas ever.

Why not take a look at our posts on dressing up your pets for Christmas or buying a festive gift for a new baby? We also have a huge round up of the best Christmas bedding ideas this year!

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