The Best New Baby Gifts for Christmas

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For most Australian parents, having a child means being showered with love and thoroughly spoiled with a range of new baby gifts for the new addition. So what do you do when it comes to the festive season? How do you find the best new baby gifts for Christmas?

After choosing baby shower gifts, and items to give once the new arrival is born, how do you then find the perfect newborn baby gifts to present to the proud parents in December? This guide will walk you through all the best baby gifts online.

From baby boy gifts or new baby gift ideas for girls to unique baby gifts, we’ve tracked down all the cool, special and super cute baby gifts to give this year. So stay right here to discover the best baby gift ideas to suit your taste and budget!

All the top new baby gifts for the festive season in Australia

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it! After all, as any proud parent knows, any newborn baby doesn’t like being kept waiting…

A baby basket with a difference

While it’s widely accepted that baby gift baskets make great baby shower presents or newborn gift ideas, have you considered giving one for Christmas? There are so many kinds available at Gifts Australia, so there’s no need to worry about duplicating a previous present from you or someone else.

Whether you’re seeking baby girl gifts, baby boy gift ideas, cool baby gifts or personalised baby gifts, the range of available baby hamper options is broad. Tick the personalized baby gifts box by ordering a basket containing a first pair of shoes embroidered with their initial, or treat them to a Muhammad Ali, Jemima Puddle-Duck, David Bowie, Jane Austen or Coco Chanel hamper.

If you want to spoil the parents at the same time, several options include a bottle of French Moët. Cheers!

Click here to see a range of Gifts Australia’s baby girl or baby boy gift baskets

Baby teething toys

Just because you’re on a tight budget, or just want a token gift, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to give something that will actually be useful – and appreciated. Baby teething toys fit this description very nicely, and there are all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes to choose from.

Some of the latest teether toys include a range of pink chew necklaces that are ideal as new baby girl gifts. Good baby gifts for boys, meanwhile, include the shark’s tooth chew necklaces made from silicone and featuring a textured finish.

Other more unusual options include ‘Munch Mitts’ and fruit-shaped teethers that might even help to get them ready for weaning. There are also cooling teethers than can be chilled before use, or clip-on ones that won’t get lost when out and about.

Click here to find an interesting range of teething toys for babies

Absorbing baby activity toys

As anyone with kids will know, much of parenting young children involves trying to keep them entertained. Which is precisely why the choice of activity toys make some of the best new baby presents.

The range includes baby rocker seats or swings, soft stick or ring shaped rattles, activity gyms and walkers. Whether they’d prefer neutral tones to complement the home or bright colours to attract the child’s attention, there are plenty of high quality baby boy or baby girl gift ideas to choose from.

You never know – your gift might even help the new parents to see their first smile or emerging tooth, or assist the child in taking their very first few steps. If you purchase a swing seat or rocker, it may even give the grown-ups some much-needed peace too.

Click here to view the activity toys range that we love

newborn baby gifts

An ultra useful storage basket

For a twist on the new baby gift baskets idea, why not buy them exactly that? There are some gorgeous storage baskets available. When chosen carefully, they can enhance the decor of any home – while providing the ideal place for storing nappies, toys, laundry and more.

Bring an entirely new meaning to the idea of baby boy and baby girl gift baskets by gifting one in contemporary grey with leather-look handles and various useful compartments inside. Or you could go for a large, neutral toned tub decorated with a single grey elephant.

Those seeking baby girl gift baskets may love the pink woven cotton tub decorated with pom poms, while styles featuring dinosaurs make great baby boy presents.

Click here to check out some inspiring baby storage basket options

Unique personalised baby gifts

It’s always worth taking a look at Scoopon and Cudo in your quest to discover some of the more unusual baby gifts. At the time of writing, options included a personalised child’s pillowcase available in four designs.

There were also several types of drawstring bag, including a tooth fairy one as well as multi-purpose options in dozens of available designs and colours.

Other personalised new baby gifts include books and movies starring the child. These also make great baby gifts for Christmas, as they’re something parents can start to share with their little ones over the coming year.

Click here to discover a range of baby gift ideas from Cudo

Click here to find the right personalised baby gift at Scoopon

Brand new baby clothes

Given that babies grow so quickly, clothes are always a very welcome gift to those who have little ones. When you want to find unique new baby gifts, though, how do you make sure your present will make them stand out from the crowd?

There are actually some clever tools on Amazon for uncovering real gems, but the trick is knowing where to find them. An easy way to find those ideal baby gift items is to head for the ‘Hot New Releases’ area within the clothing, shoes and accessories category. You can click here – the link in red below – to take you straight there. Once you’re on that page, you can also check out ‘Most Gifted’, ‘Best Sellers’ or ‘Most Wished For’ by clicking on the appropriate link.

Whether you fancy buying them the cutest little pair of shoes, a sweet snowsuit for winter in Tasmania or Victoria or a pretty party dress, you can find all the hot new items on Amazon Australia.

Click here to find all the hottest new baby clothes, accessories and shoes on Amazon

A special baby soft toy

If you want special baby gifts, we highly recommend picking out one of the plush, more luxurious baby gifts available at Gifts Australia. The range comprises a selection of top quality soft toys and teddies featuring all sorts of characters.

Get them interested in books from a very young age by giving a Peter Rabbit, Very Hungry Caterpillar or Spot the Dog plush toy. When they are a little older, they then won’t be able to wait to read the stories featuring their favourite cuddly toy.

Other plush baby present ideas include a ‘Sunny’ or ‘Luna’ rag doll, several ‘Sophie la Girafe’ teethers, a soft toy possum and book set, a Sesame Street Cookie Monster or a ‘Silver Sprinkles’ unicorn.

Click here to view some irresistible soft toys from Gifts Australia

A Christmas teddy

There is also lots of choice when it comes to buying a Christmas teddy for a baby. Whether you’re seeking out another toy to buy from the Harrods Christmas bear names list, or want to find a great hanging toy for a baby. Or of course you could always go for a classic Santa teddy – or plush gingerbread man.

Read our detailed guide to the best Christmas teddies here.

Baby food makers

Let’s be honest here for a moment. Will a baby really know who gave them each gift, or are you buying for a family who really seem to have everything they’ll ever need already? This being the case, why not treat the parents to a baby food maker, rather than searching for gifts for the newborn girl or boy?

The ability to make nutritious, delicious baby food quickly and easily opens up so many weaning options. Babies can eat the same food as the rest of the family from day one (provided a spicy curry or chilli isn’t on the menu), so their tastebuds should adapt accordingly.

A baby food maker may simply blend or puree the meal ready for the baby. Some models can even cook the food from scratch, often using steam to preserve all the vitamins and minerals within as much as possible. Top of the range models like the Babymoov Nutribaby plus can also heat jars, sterilise bottles and defrost frozen food. This clever machine can even blend and cook all at once, via separate units with different functions.

Click here to check out an impressive range of baby food makers

baby gifts

Beautiful baby books

Books always make fabulous presents for anyone, and they are certainly among the best new baby gifts for Christmas too. We love the selection at Gifts Australia, and you can find some great options on Amazon too.

Our favourites from Gifts Australia include the Guess How Much I Love You snuggle book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, the Where’s Bluey search and find book, a Night, Night Peter Rabbit soft cloth book or the Night Sounds board book.

Top picks available from Amazon include Baby’s Very First Black and White Little Library, the ‘peep-through’ book Are You There Little Tiger? and a soft cloth set containing colourful books that rattle, squeak or crinkle.

Click here to check out baby books at Gifts Australia

Click here to view Amazon’s selection of baby books

Unusual items from Lime Tree Kids

If you want to find newborn baby gift ideas – or presents for those fast approaching their first or even second birthday – then don’t miss checking out the range available at Lime Tree Kids. This Australian online gift store specialises in selling educational, high quality and wooden toys.

It’s not only toys you’ll find there, however. They have some great items for babies about to move onto solid food, such as super cute fox, butterfly, monkey, owl or unicorn cutlery. There are also some very beautiful – and practical – divided plate sets featuring space, jungle, Australiana, car or alphabetical themes. For kids going to kindy, there are some lovely little cooler lunch bags too.

Whether you want arts and crafts items, games, science toys, puzzles or push and pull toys, there are lots of great products to choose from at Lime Tree Kids.

Click here to see the exciting Lime Tree Kids range of baby products

One-off baby gifts and keepsakes

When you’re stuck for festive newborn gifts, Amazon can help you out once more. Their ‘Newborn Gifts and Keepsakes’ section lists all the most sought-after new baby girl and new baby boy gifts.

Again these are categorised so you can click to see just what takes your fancy – from mobiles, baby jewellery or printed items to ‘top rated’, ‘most gifted’ and ‘featured deals’. This is great for those who can’t think what to buy – a quick look here and you’ll soon be spoiled for choice.

So what sort of items are there? Expect to the likes of a bohemian cotton crib mobile, a set of monthly milestone cards with a botanical theme, various baby photo albums and casting or printing kits for tiny hands and feet. Utterly adorable!

Click here to discover all the newest baby keepsake and gift ideas

Which new baby gifts will you pick this year?

We hope this list of suggestions for newborn baby boy gifts and baby girl presents will help you in finding the ideal festive gift for a newcomer in your life. Whether you plump for highly practical newborn baby girl gifts, a new baby hamper or some of the more unique newborn baby gifts, we hope you get to enjoy some special Christmas cuddles with the new addition!

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