Personalised Christmas Gifts for Every Australian

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Why buy personalised Christmas gifts? Giving something that’s personal in some way is to give a unique Christmas present, rather than something everyone else has. This will often mean that the item bears the recipient’s name, initials or something else personal to them.

There’s a great range of personalised gifts out there, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money. So whatever your budget and whoever you’re buying for, this guide should help you find that ideal present.

From a small token gift for a neighbour to a larger present for someone you’re very close to, we list all the best personalised Secret Santa gifts and personalised stocking fillers – as well as larger Christmas gifts.

So grab a mug or glass of your favourite beverage and settle down to discover all our recommended personalised presents for Christmas.

The best personalised Christmas gifts to give this year

Let’s get straight into it! Here are all the top personalised Christmas gifts, so you can wrap up your present-giving this year.

Personalised Christmas stockings

OK, so strictly speaking some might not consider this a gift – more like a fancy gift wrapping, perhaps. But it is something that many people really want for Christmas. It helps decorate the house, and provides a lovely place to put all those little gifts. After all, they are called stocking fillers.

There are lots of personalized Christmas stockings to choose from. You might also like a bigger personalised Santa sack – instead or in addition to the stocking. Personalised Xmas stockings come in various sizes and designs, from bright red and green to more muted patterns. So they’re ideal for adults as well as kids.

They’re great to give as a personalised first Christmas gift too, as they could even be used for the recipient’s entire life. Whoever you have in mind, a personalised Christmas stocking makes a great present. They also double up as personalised family Christmas decorations to brighten up the home.

Click here to see a selection of the best personalized Christmas stockings

Personalised Christmas tree decorations

Again, this is one of those personalised Christmas present ideas that doubles up as a festive decoration. As it can be used year after year, it acts as an annual reminder of the person that gave this gift.

You can buy personalised Christmas decorations in the form of baubles bearing a single name, or there are personalised tree decorations suitable for couples or families, as they can feature a number of names. Often these feature cartoon type characters in Santa hats, with the name of each person displayed on the headwear trim.

There are some pretty snowflake-shaped personalised Christmas ornaments for the tree too. Or for an alternative take on the tree and decoration theme you could even opt for a family tree wall chart, cushion cover or print. These items can be displayed in the home all year round.

Click here to see a great range of personalized Christmas tree ornaments

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A personalised Christmas book

From Christmas books for kids or a version of the classic A Christmas Carol book to tales that tell of the life and adventures of Santa Claus or snowmen at night, a well-chosen tome is something to be treasured – often long after toys and technology have been outgrown.

A book is a great buy for any budget too. Whether you want to buy a single, simple paperback, want to purchase a personalised Christmas story book or to invest in a hardback Harry Potter box set, books featuring fabulous stories, their favourite characters or a hobby will always go down well as gifts.

Read our article about the huge range of personalised Christmas books here

A personalised food gift

Although they’re sometimes referred to as corporate gifts, there’s no reason why a personalised foodie gift couldn’t be given to a friend or family member. It’s an ideal present for that individual or family who seem to have everything already.

Edible Blooms have some personalised food gifts among their tempting selection. These include a chocolate bucket full of lollies and a Christmas tree decorated with filled Lindt balls and luxury Belgian chocolate stars.

If you want to say thanks to a star in your life at Christmas, why not order a festive foodie gift? They can be delivered quickly anywhere within Australia, making this a great last-minute gift option too. Each can also be customised further by adding extra edibles. If you want to push the boat out and see a range of Christmas hampers click here.

Click here to see some sweet gift ideas from Edible Blooms

Personalised presents from Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia offer a gorgeous range of personalised Christmas presents. In fact it wouldn’t be difficult to tick off everyone on your list with just one visit to this elegant and user-friendly website.

They have various dedicated categories, so you can peruse personalised gifts for her, personalised gifts for him, personalised gifts for kids or even personalised baby gifts. You can also search by price, so it’s a cinch to find something that fits your budget. You can also narrow things down further so you can quickly discover the ideal gift. Focus on presents for a baby girl, teeenage boy or toddler if it makes life easier.

What’s on offer? Some of the most popular personalised gifts include monogrammed toiletry bags, jewellery cases, cufflinks, pencil cases, necklaces or luggage tags. If you want a bigger gift, how about a leather overnight, tote or messenger bag with personalised monogram or a complete baby gift box?

With so many gorgeous items choose from, any present from Gifts Australia is likely to be very gratefully received.

Click here to discover the complete Gifts Australia range

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Moonpig personalised mugs

Have you ever checked out the comprehensive selection of personalised Christmas mugs at Moonpig? As well as offering an interesting range of Christmas and other greetings cards, Moonpig are into mugs in a major way.

Visit the site and you can view mugs by occasion or theme as well as according to recipient. These include a huge range of photo mugs that make ideal personalised Christmas presents. If you don’t want to – ahem – upload a mug shot, then you can simply decorate your chosen mug with a name, slogan or greeting.

While you’re there, why not consider creating your own personalised Christmas cards? Any leftover ones could even be cut down to make personalised Christmas tags for gifts – or you could stick them to larger presents just as they are for use as personalised Christmas gift tags.

Click here to see Moonpig’s large personalised mug range

A personalised notebook

Stationery always makes top personalized Christmas gifts for friends who like to scribble or doodle. In the technological age we live in, it can be a refreshing change to write something down using a pen and paper. Just as so many generations have done before us.

A new notebook will always be well received by any stationery fan – and there are lots of them out there. Emblazon their name across it and they’ll probable love you for life. Especially as no one else at home or work would have any excuse for using it.

There are some pretty pink options ready to be customised with the name of your choice – pick a heart pattern or a marble print with gold initial and name. Whether they prefer horses, graphics, flowers, slogans or something super simple, there is literally a notebook out there with their name on it.

Click here to view a selection of personalised notebooks

Personalised wall art

Kids in particular love to see their name in print. So why not grasp that theme and find the perfect piece of wall art to make their bedroom really feel like a space to call their own?

There are several types of custom wall art to choose from. You can order a canvas decorated with their name in a range of rainbow colours, or opt for a wall decal featuring their favourite movie, TV or book character. As well as their own name, of course. Perfect for anyone who dreams of becoming Batman or an Avenger.

Other kinds of personalised wall art are also available – especially for new parents. They make great Christmas gifts for those whose homes would welcome an injection of colour and character.

Click here to see a selection of customised wall art gifts

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A personalised T-shirt

A custom printed t-shirt makes a good change from the festive jumper. Especially when you live in Australia and Christmas happens right in the middle of summer.

You can add anything you like to the front of a t-shirt, and can also select the right size. There are various colours to choose from too. Whether it’s a treasured photo or a slogan that sums them up perfectly, why not let your imagination run wild?

There are existing slogan ideas for various people too – from cricket fans to retirees, little sisters, dog dads, gamers and more. A customised t-shirt is one of those Christmas gift ideas that can be enjoyed all year round.

Click here to see a range of personalised t-shirt gifts

Personalised dog collars

It might not be for everyone – but if someone who know is devoted to their doggy then a new collar makes a great gift to pop into their personalised dog Christmas stocking.

The number of people who search for items like personalised dog tree decorations might really surprise you. If you think you may know one of them, then they’d definitely be delighted to receive a gift for their pooch.

If there’s any truth in the laws of supply and demand, then you only need to take a look at all the personalised dog collar options on Amazon to see how popular these items are. There’s pink or flowery collars for females as well as plenty of more masculine or understated designs.

A custom dog collar makes a great gift for the dog owner who has everything. Or even to give to the animal themselves – though they might need some help when putting it on.

Click here to find a comprehensive choice of personalised collars

Personalise cat collars

Not to be outdone by the dogs, you could also consider a personalised cat collar.

From sparkly collars full of bling, to more subdued cat collars for those less ostentatious, you will find a huge range of personalised cat collars to suit all tastes.

If cats ARE your (or someone you know) thing… check out a huge range of gifts for cat lovers for Christmas here.

Click here to find a detailed selection of cute cat collars

A personalised cheese board

Yes, custom cheese boards are a thing. Instagram fans in particular love them, as they can personalise every image of their latest culinary creations by making sure the cheese board – or chopping board – is in shot every time.

As it’s an item that often stays out in the kitchen – whether that’s because it’s drying, between uses or being deliberately displayed – it gives the home that personal touch too.

Pick between styles with and without handles, and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A ‘Mr and Mrs’ version can make a particularly good Christmas gift for newlyweds, or go for your own choice of name, slogan and date.

Why not gift a personalised chopping board or cheese board this year? If you’re feeling generous, we love the ‘Picnic at Ascot’ set. It’s the gift that can bring culinary pleasure all year long.

Click here to check out some personalised cheese boards

personalised Christmas gift

Which personalised Christmas gifts will you pick out?

Whatever they’re into and however large or small your budget, we hope we’ve given you some food for thought regarding the best Christmas gifts to give this year. It’s a sure-fire way to make certain no one buys the same present as you do.

Why not check out our range of Harry Potter themed gifts for fans of the famous bespectacled boy wizard?

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