Best Christmas Ornaments in Australia

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Is this the year of a complete Christmas tree makeover? Are you looking for the very best Christmas ornaments Australia has to make your tree really pop? Or perhaps you’re looking for a few classy ornaments to decorate your home and really get into the Christmas spirit.  If you answered yes, then you’re going to need some help sourcing some of the very best Australian Christmas ornaments!

Regardless of your plan for your Christmas tree or home this year, it’s not always easy finding exactly what you’re after.  Whether you’re completely starting again with your tree or just after a few new great Christmas ornaments, we all have different styles and tastes and sometimes what we’re after is not always readily available in our local stores.

 If you don’t have time to wander the shops day in and day out looking for the best Australia Christmas ornaments, the internet is a great place to look. You can easily scroll through looking at some amazing Christmas ornaments for sale, and once you’ve found exactly what you’re after, you can buy it at a click of a button and have it delivered to your door.

To help you start your search for the best Christmas ornaments Australia has on offer, below we’ve compiled a list of the very best Christmas ornaments and show you exactly where to buy them.

So let’s get into and find you some amazing Christmas tree ornaments Australia has!

christmas baubles

Best Christmas ornaments Australia 

When it comes to Christmas ornaments from Australia, the range is huge!  There are your traditional Christmas baubles Australia has; there are your special themed baubles and even personalised Christmas baubles Australia has. Then, of course, you also have Christmas ornaments like Santas, elves, angel Christmas ornaments or simple messages like “Merry Christmas”, “Jingle Bells”, and the list goes on and on.

In terms of cool Christmas ornaments for decorating your home, the range is just as huge with lovely tabletop pieces like miniature Christmas trees, nativity scenes, stars, flower baskets, figures, train sets and more.

Whatever sort of Christmas ornaments for sale you’re looking for this year, you’re almost guaranteed to find exactly what you’re after from the list below.

Christmas Baubles Australia

christmas baubles

Probably one of the most common Christmas ornaments for tree decorations is the bauble.  The Christmas tree baubles Australia has come in all shapes and sizes, all different colours and are made from all types of products.  

You can buy plain baubles, frosted baubles or baubles with a range of different designs on them.  There are giant baubles Australia has for huge trees or tiny baubles for miniature tabletop trees. In addition, Australia has delicate glass baubles, or pretty much unbreakable baubles, which are ideal for families with kids or cheeky pets.

You can buy Christmas baubles pretty much from anywhere.  The Christmas Warehouse sell baubles all year round, as does Amazon and places like Light in the Box.  If you’d like to get a little bit crafty, you can also buy bauble kits from places like Riot! Art & Craft.

Glass Christmas ornaments Australia

Nothing says class and sophistication quite like a glass Christmas ornament.  The lustre and richness of the colour of glass make these ornaments ageless and the perfect heirloom to pass down to future generations.

The glass Christmas ornaments Australia has come in different designs, shapes and sizes.  There are beautiful glass baubles, glass figurines and even the personalised glass Christmas baubles Australia has which make a lovely gift for someone special.  Brands like Kurt Adler, Miss Christmas or Old World makes some beautiful glass Christmas tree decorations too.

Personalised Christmas ornaments Australia

Personalised gifts Australia

We’ve already touched on personalised Christmas ornaments Australia makes and how they make lovely keepsakes for the family or special gifts.  They are ideal if you’re looking for something special for your kids as there are some adorable Christmas ornaments for children, or there are some gorgeous personalised Christmas ornaments for friends you can buy too.

Generally, personalised Christmas ornaments come in the form of a bauble.  Often these personalised baubles Australia offers will include the person’s name, photo, a special message or even the date of a special event such as an anniversary.

The best place to buy personalised Christmas decorations is often online.  There is a great range of personalised ornaments from sites like Amazon, Scoopon or Cudo.  You can even purchase kits from places like Riot! Art & Craft and make your own.

Disney Christmas ornaments Australia

For families with young children who love Disney or even adults who are big kids at heart, there are some lovely Disney Christmas ornaments Australia has available.  Christmas ornaments Disney style come in all shapes and sizes, from lovely baubles to Christmas snow globes.

Whether you’re after ornaments featuring traditional Disney characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse or the latest Disney characters from movies such as Toy Story or Frozen – there are Disney Christmas ornaments on sale to please all kinds of Disney lovers.

Christmas wood ornaments Australia

Another lovely material for Christmas ornaments is wood.  The wooden Christmas ornaments Australia has, have a beautiful old school traditional look, or some ornaments even provide a more simplistic rustic or modern look to them, depending on the design.

The Christmas Warehouse has a lovely range of wooden ornaments, including beautiful natural wooden Christmas trees, layered stars, reindeer and more.  Amazon and Light in the Box also have some beautiful Christmas wood ornaments or places like Riot! Arts & Crafts have sets where you can make and decorate your own wooden ornaments.

Felt Christmas ornaments Australia

Felt Christmas ornaments often provide a colourful, playful style of decoration for your Christmas tree.  Usually, felt Christmas decorations are made into cheerful characters like smiley snowmen, happy Santas, or cheeky elves, as well as beautiful, stylish Christmas bows.

Hallmark Christmas ornaments Australia

No doubt you’re familiar with Hallmark Christmas movies and Hallmark greeting cards, but did you know they also have their own range of Christmas ornaments.  The Hallmark Christmas ornaments Australia offers are crafted with precision and exceptional detail, making them beautiful little keepsakes or gifts.

Generally, the best place to buy Hallmark Christmas ornaments 2021 Australia has is online. Stores like Amazon have a great range, as they sell Christmas ornaments from around the world, so you can buy Hallmark Christmas keepsakes from the USA and UK, where you’ll usually find a better range. 

Wedgwood Christmas ornaments Australia

You probably remember your Mum or Grandma having special Wedgwood plates or figurines; well, there are even special Wedgwood Christmas ornaments.  The Wedgwood Christmas ornaments Australia has are just lovely for those who like their special keepsakes. 

Wedgwood ornaments tend to be particularly popular for those after a lovely baby’s first Christmas ornament Australia has.  These ornaments are marked with the year and usually feature a pink or blue teddy bear design – something that can be kept in the family for generations.

Like the Hallmark ornaments, Amazon tends to be the best place in Australia to buy Wedgwood ornaments, thanks to being able to buy Christmas ornaments around the world here.

Australian themed Christmas ornaments

Looking for Australian themed Christmas ornaments?  Of course, most of our Christmas ornaments are very much based on Christmas in the northern hemisphere, with snowflakes and characters wrapped up in winter woollies.  So if you’re wanting Australian themed Christmas tree ornaments, you may need to dig a little bit deeper.

For Australian themed Christmas decorations, think natural bush foliage mixed in with some native animals in a Santa hat or two.  Even some nice indigenous inspired baubles make for nice Christmas tree decorations.

Swarovski Christmas ornaments Australia 

If you want to bring a bit of glamour to your Christmas tree this year, how about adding a few Swarovski Christmas Ornaments Australia offers?  While certainly a lot more pricey than most of the other ornaments suggested in this guide, Swarovski Australia Christmas ornaments are made from stunning Swarovski crystal and are incredibly beautiful, bringing a touch of class and glamour to your tree.

Amazon has a stunning range of Swarovski Christmas ornaments.  From beautiful Christmas stars to gorgeous baubles and even reindeer ornaments.  These ornaments are centrally not cheap, but they sure are absolutely gorgeous!

Where to buy Australia Christmas ornaments

Of course, there are all kinds of other beautiful Christmas ornaments, so if you haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for from the above list, below are some recommendations for the best places to buy them from.

Christmas Warehouse: The Christmas Warehouse sell an extensive range of ornaments, whether you’re after cute Christmas ornaments for your tree or ornaments to decorate your home. From lovely miniature tabletop trees, figurines and decorative pinecones to reindeer ornaments, Santa ornaments, elves, angels, stars, bells, candy canes and more!  Whatever Christmas theme you’ve got in mind, you’ll find the perfect ornaments to match. 

Amazon: Amazon has anything and everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to Christmas ornaments.  You can get beautiful glass Christmas ornaments, Christmas wood ornaments and felt Christmas ornaments. In addition, there are bells, angels, stars, or figurines such as Santas, angels, elves and more. Amazon is particularly if you’ve left things to the last minute, because often if you order today, it will be on your doorstep tomorrow.

Riots Art & Craft: If you enjoy making your own Christmas ornaments and baubles for hanging off the tree, Riots Art & Craft is a great store to check out is   This is perfect for the DIYers out there or even those families that would like to get their kids involved in making some cheap Christmas ornaments.

Light in the Box:  When it comes to Christmas ornaments on sale, or any kind of Christmas gear for that matter – Light in the Box is a good website to check out.  They have some great Christmas ornaments at really low prices, so perfect if you’re trying to decorate on a tight budget or even if you have a large Christmas event and need to buy ornaments in bulk.

Scoopon: Scoopon is one of those websites which sell random bits and pieces, usually at heavily reduced prices.  They are great for experiences and discount vouchers for restaurants etc, but they are also a great place to look for cheap Christmas ornaments, particularly rare handmade ones or some of the personalised Christmas ornaments Australia has available.

Cudo: Like Scoopon, Cudo is another one of those discount sites where you never know exactly what you’ll find. However, they offer some great discounted Christmas gear and are a good place to look, particularly if you’re looking for some of the lovely personalised Christmas ornaments Australia has.

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