Nativity Scene Ideas to Decorate your Home

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Is it even Christmas in Australia without including a nativity scene in your festive decor? After all, it really is what Christmas is about. Young children in particular will be thrilled to see the story of the birth of baby Jesus brought to life.

A Christmas nativity set can be a far cry from all those gaudy festive decorations out there, so if you like a classic, more subtle look, this type of Christmas ornament should suit you well.

The available options include a ceramic manger scene that’s already put together for you, or a set of separate nativity figures so you can create your own Christmas nativity scene. You can also buy a simpler, wood-toned wooden nativity set that complements scandi-style interior design.

From a small minimalist nativity scene for inside your home to a large outdoor nativity set or even an inflatable nativity scene, there are lots of nativity sets for sale here in Australia. So grab a coffee, juice or glass of wine while we take you through all the best Christmas nativity set options out there.

The best nativity scene options for Christmas this year

Here you are – all the top options for purchasing a nativity scene set to complement your festive decor. Whether you want a minimalist nativity set or a full-on nativity scene for outdoor use, this list contains all the most popular choices for Christmas.

A wooden nativity set

A wooden nativity scene allows you to bring that classic festive look into your home in a low key way. Whether you’re religious or not, it reflects the origins of Christmas without necessarily shouting about it.

Some of the wooden nativity sets are designed to be put together by you, which can be a fun festive activity to share with your kids, grandchildren or other family and friends. You can also buy a pre-lit nativity scene with built-in LED lighting, or more rustic looking wooden nativity scenes.

This sort of nativity set for indoor use can brighten up the dullest corner of your home, or could even be used as a table centrepiece. It makes a great talking point, too.

Click here to see a range of unique nativity sets made from wood

A Willow Tree nativity set

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a willow nativity set must be made of wood, but in fact this is not the case. A Willow Tree nativity scene is incredibly beautiful, and very subtle. The range comprises a collection of figurines designed by US-based artist Susan Lordi, who creates the original for each piece in her Kansas studio.

Some are sold as individual nativity characters such as an angel or praying figure, or sets such as the three wise men, four sheltering farm animals, Mary and Joseph or a shepherdess and two lambs. There is also a Willow Tree 6 piece nativity set including the family complete with the new baby Jesus and several animals.

The Willow Tree nativity scene characters look very much like a ceramic nativity set, but are actually crafted from resin. Featuring subtle tones of coffee and cream, this is one very collectible range. They make great Christmas gifts too. Be warned, though – you may not be able to stop at just one…

Click here to view a selection of Willow Tree nativity set options

Christmas nativity scene

A nativity scene for outdoor display

An outdoor nativity set is guaranteed to attract lots of attention from passers-by, whether they are kids from the local school or the neighbours next door. You can display these on your front lawn if you like, or use the outside nativity scene as a yard nativity set for your private garden at the back of the house.

This type of large nativity set ranges from a plain white nativity set to life size lighted outdoor nativity sets. If you really want to make an impact, you can also buy a 6 foot inflatable nativity set that no one could possibly miss. It’s a really simple way to make a decorative statement – just position it, blow it up and you’re done.

If you want to create an outdoor display this year, a ready-made nativity stable with characters is a really easy yet effective way to do just that. As is a nativity inflatable.

Click here to see a choice of nativity scenes for outdoor use

A Fontanini nativity set

Like Willow Tree, Fontanini specialise in creating a range of pieces so you can reflect the nativity scene as you wish. There are three piece sets including the new family of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, or the three Kings.

Other Fontanini figurines depict farmyard animals such as donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs or oxen, or you can buy a stable with or without figures to create the backdrop for your chosen Christmas manger scene.

With a traditional look, a Fontanini nativity scene is a stylish way to add subtle festive colour to your home. They also make ideal gifts for collectors.

Click here to explore the Fontanini nativity sets for sale

A toy Christmas nativity set

If your kids or grandchildren are learning all about the nativity in preparation for their Christmas performance this year, a toy nativity scene for kids makes an ideal Christmas gift. Big brand names like Fisher Price, Peanuts, Melissa and Doug and and Playmobil produce some lovely play sets.

The Fisher Price nativity set options can be bought as Fisher Price ‘Little People’ nativity set or a complete ‘Christmas story’ set. They also offer an advent calendar so kids can collect the entire nativity scene by Christmas Day, and these are ideal for small hands. Figures can also be purchased separately. A children’s nativity set can be brought out each year, or played with during all seasons.

Playmobil nativity toys include the ‘my first’ Playmobil nativity set, a set of three wise men figures and even an illuminated nativity scene. The Peanuts nativity set contains five figures plus the manger, while Melissa and Doug option comprises a wooden stable and 11 human and animal figures. If they’d love to create their own Lego nativity set, try the ‘Brick Bible’ version of the Christmas tale, told by using Lego bricks!

Click here to discover a range of Christmas nativity toys for kids

Christmas nativity set

A Lenox nativity set

As with Fontanini and Willow Tree, this company also makes their own highly collectible Lenox Christmas figurines, which are subtle enough to display all year round if you wanted to. They tend to be more traditional than their contemporary style Willow Tree counterparts.

Create a Lenox nativity scene by buying individual pieces like the Angel of Peace, or opt for a complete set. These range from a couple of beautiful porcelain figures right up to 7, 10 or even 19 piece sets.

Several styles are also available. The ‘First Blessing’ collection mimics a vintage nativity set, while the ‘Holiday’ range features 24 carat gold accents and delicate holly trim to the figures’ clothing. ‘China Jewels’ figures feature Asian style patterns. Or if you want an illuminated piece, try Mistletoe Park Cottage or a lighted Lenox nativity set in white and gold.

Click here to check out the Lenox nativity sets collection

Paint your own nativity scene

A paint your own nativity set makes a great Christmas activity, and can then be displayed as part of your festive decor. You can buy them from both Riot Art and Craft and Amazon.

Amazon offers a boxed set containing 10 figures, plus everything you need to decorate them. Painting Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the three wise men and a stable boy and animals makes an absorbing activity for adults and kids alike. This can make for a special and satisfying creative and storytelling experience to share.

There are also Christmas stockings to decorate. Made from fabric, these come as a set of three and are ready to colour in with pens or paints.

Click here to explore Amazon’s range of paint your own nativity sets

Click here to discover paint your own nativity scenes at Riot Stores

Manger scene figurines

You can create your own ceramic, resin or porcelain nativity set by buying sets of – or separate – nativity figurines. While we’ve already covered Fontanini, Willow Tree and Lenox nativity figurines, there are lots more out there. Many of which are more affordable than those premium options.

Both Amazon and Christmas Warehouse have a good range to offer. Christmas Warehouse has some great sets of figures that can be combined and displayed just as you like. There is a colourful 11 piece set or a more subtle 9 piece set in ivory. They also sell a complete nativity scene for indoor display with fixed figures inside.

Amazon have a selection to suit all preferences and budgets. Whether you want a modern nativity set, a small nativity set or a nativity set with stable, there’s something there for everyone.

Click here to see the range of nativity figurines at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to view Amazon’s selection of figurines for the nativity

nativity set

Nativity wall art

Displaying a nativity scene as wall art is surely one of the simplest and most effective ways to feature the nativity manger and characters within your home. Excepting perhaps a large outdoor nativity set, it can create the biggest impact if that’s what you want.

If you require something more subtle than a life size nativity set or outdoor lighted nativity scene, you can opt for a nativity canvas instead. Amazon’s range includes canvases depicting Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Studies for A Nativity’ in muted shades, or there are vintage style prints on linen.

For those who like to display textual images, there is a ‘Come Let Us Adore Him’ piece in midnight blue with a gold stable picture beneath, while both modern and traditional canvases are sold in sets of three as well as individually.

You can even show off a black nativity set of wall decals – with or without lettering as well as the stable scene. One contemporary style option also features a twinkling gold star. If you have smooth plastered exterior walls that are protected by a porch or veranda, you could even display these as an outdoor manger scene.

Click here to check out a selection of nativity scene wall art

A Lladro nativity set

Another hugely popular name in fine pottery, Lladro figurines also allow owners to create an elegant nativity scene. Where Willow Tree figurines are contemporary and Lenox or Fontanini pieces tend to be more traditional, the Lladro range stands out because of its gracious curves and attractive glaze.

While Lladro Christmas figurines are at the pricier end of the market, they are investment pieces that can be displayed all year round. They also double up as fabulous gifts for fans of the finely crafted Spanish porcelain.

Choose a simple ‘Lost Lamb’, the baby Jesus himself, a ‘Silent Night’ set or Saint Joseph. Whichever you pick, any of these pieces can be treasured for a lifetime, before becoming future heirlooms too.

Click here to see the range of Lladro porcelain figurines for Christmas

An olive wood nativity set

While we’ve covered wooden nativity scenes in general, an olive wood nativity set is currently a very sought-after item. The beauty of these olive wood nativity scenes is that as they are handmade, they make a unique nativity set for your home at Christmas.

A nativity scene made from olive wood is warm in tone, and as each is hard carved, every piece is unique. There are two main types to choose from. Fixed stable scenes typically feature Jesus, Mary and Joseph plus farm animals, sometimes joined by the three kings.

Sets of separate pieces crafted from olive wood are also popular, and these make great toys for younger children. They can also be displayed just as you wish to create a one-off nativity to decorate a shelf, mantlepiece or sideboard.

Click here to find the ideal olive wood nativity scene for you

Which nativity scene will light up your life this Christmas?

From a creche nativity toy set to nativity art for your home, there are lots of indoor and outdoor nativity sets for sale in Australia. An affordable blow up nativity scene is for some the best way to make an impression outside, while others might prefer the minimalist kind of black nativity scene created by buying a set of wall decals.

Whether you wanted to find an outdoor nativity set that’s lighted or a traditional stable and manger Christmas piece for inside decoration, we hope this guide has helped you find the right historically accurate nativity scene, modern interpretation – or even a plastic nativity set for the kids to enjoy playing with.

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