Christmas Gift for an Artist – These are Perfect!

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Ticking off everyone on your Christmas list can be tricky. Not least when you have some creative types to buy for, and especially if you’re not really an artist yourself. How do you find the ideal Christmas gift for the artist among your friends and family? By checking out the items in this helpful guide, of course! It’s packed with gift ideas for artists.

Let’s begin with the basics. The best Australian Christmas presents are either useful, beautiful or a combination of both. In this case, practical gifts for art lovers may also help them to create something lovely. That’s why all the art gifts for kids and adults listed here are either practical or pretty. Some even fit both of these criteria.

Whatever your budget, we have the perfect art presents for the people you know and love. Whether it’s gifts for painters or art gifts for kids you’re looking for, we’ve got the lot. Why not take a look through the listings to see what you can find for your arty friend, relative or neighbour?

gifts for painters

Buying the ideal Christmas gift for the artist you know

Here are some of the best gifts for artists in Australia – so you can solve your gift-giving dilemmas this Christmas.

A Pebble Art book

Pebble art is understandably popular in a country with such a long coastline – as well as all that inspiring indigenous Australian art. Anyone can pick a few smooth, curved stones from their closest beach and grab some paints to create all sorts of interesting pieces.

Pebble art expert Denise Scicluna has written a couple of highly rated books on the subject. Rock Art is a general guide to the craft of painting on stones, pebbles and rocks, while Rock Art Critters will delight children in particular with its cute creature ideas.

There is also the ‘Rock Art Handbook’ by Samantha Sarles, which takes readers through various techniques for transforming pebbles into works of art. There are lots of cool project ideas in this one too.

Click here to see Rock Art Handbook: Techniques and Projects for Painting, Coloring, and Transforming Stones

An art set for adults

A drawing or painting art set for adults makes a great festive gift for men or women, and there are plenty to choose from. Kit them out to paint pebbles by buying an affordable acrylic paint set to go with one of the books recommended above, and there’s everything they need to get started. This kit comprises 30 paints, 10 brushes, a palette, paint knife and sponge plus 3 canvases to experiment on.

If pencil drawing or colouring is more their thing, then treat them to one of these gifts for drawing artists. The range of 174 coloured pencils with sketch pad and colouring book is ideal for creating their own personalised art, as it’s sure to supply the exact shade they need every time. Or there’s a similar set with 60 gel pens plus refills instead, if pens are their preferred medium.

If they might like to dabble in wine glass art as well as painting pebbles, try gifting a set of user friendly paint pens that can be used on all sorts of surfaces.

For the grown up or teen painter, there is also a complete set containing plenty of paints, brushes, pads, canvases, palette, knives and even a folding solid wood easel with aluminium stand.

Click here to see the 148-piece deluxe artist painting set

Frida Kahlo gifts

Featuring the famed Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo gifts are very popular with arty types. Frida Kahlo bags in particular make lovely presents, and are more likely to be something you’ll be sure they haven’t got already.

The official licensed Frida Kahlo products are the best quality items to invest in 0 and are very covetable indeed. The stylish and practical cross body bag is a fabulous item, whether they use it every day or save it for special evenings out.

There are also two Frida Khalo backpacks to choose from. There is a small backpack or a larger rucksack, both featuring details like a luxury patent leather-look finish, gold or silver toned zips and arty cartoons of Kahlo herself. The latter also comes with a matching purse and key chain.

A gorgeous handbag completes the collection. This also comes with a matching purse, and is pakced with deluxe touches like a printed champagne satin lining and a large gold-toned tag. The front, back and handles all feature unique, Kahlo-themed artworks too.

Click here to see the full Frida Kahlo licenced range

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Mug Art presents

Mugs are surely among the best gifts for artistic people. A stylish piece of mug art will keep them hydrated while creating their latest masterpiece. A pretty mug can also be purposed as a pen, pencil or brush holder. It’s among the top gifts for art teachers, as well as many others.

A pair of beautiful mugs is ideal – they can drink from one while storing arty accessories in the other. This set of two colour changing mugs makes coffee time more interesting, and there’s a range of attractive, Oriental style designs to choose from including plum blossom, bamboo, peony and orchid.

Or you could treat them to an oversized Van Gogh mug, featuring one of the Dutch post-impressionist’s works. With a 16 ounce capacity, this top pick among Van Gogh gifts holds more than your average everyday drinking vessel. A Frida Kahlo mug is also a great option.

If slogans are more their bag, why not go for a stylised, paint splattered artist mug featuring the text ‘The Earth Without Art is Just Eh’?

Click here to see this ‘The Earth Without Art is Just Eh’ mug

Crayola art sets

If you’re seeking gifts for young artists, then you can’t really go wrong with Crayola art sets. The range covers pretty much everything, and they are all very highly rated by satisfied purchasers.

A set of ‘Silly Scents’ crayons makes a great little gift for a pre-schooler – it’s an ideal stocking filler that will keep them occupied for hours. Being fully washable, the sweetly scented, dual ended marker pens are also good for smaller children.

A similar art set for girls and boys who are a bit older is the Create and Colour Super Tips Marker Kit from Crayola. All held together in a useful storage case, this set comprises 25 markers plus 20 blank and line art sheets of paper to get them started.

You could of course cover all options by giving the 140 piece Inspiration art case. It contains a range of crayons, pencils and washable pens as well as a supply of paper.

Click here to see the Crayola Inspiration Art Case for kids

Name art gifts

What’s in a name? A whole load of name art presents for artists, that’s what. Letter art featuring initials is big news, and such gifts can give you the option of buying a joint gift for one household. This large initial wall plaque is available in the letter of your choice, and can be hung in so many ways and places.

How about a personalised notebook emblazoned with their name? It’s ideal for jotting down notes, composing quick sketches or even writing their own poetry. Available in numerous options, this is among the most practical and affordable name art ideas.

So what do these arty types forget to do? Once absorbed in their latest project, many will forget to take a drink. With the hot summer weather Australia is famous for, that’s not good news. Help to take care of their health while brightening up their studio or office with a personalised water bottle. Available in a range of font styles and colours, this drinks flask holds a litre of their favourite beverage.

Click here to see this personalised name art water bottle

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The best books for art lovers

Arty books make great gifts for creative types – whether they read them from cover to cover or display them proudly on the coffee table.

How about a Man Ray gift? Man Ray: Photography and Its Double is a book all about the pioneering photographer and his life in Paris. With his contribution to surrealism and his observations of the avant-garde movement, this book tells the reader in detail how he captured some of his most famous works.

Lewis Hyde: The Gift is widely regarded as a masterpiece. In this landmark tome, Hyde stresses the importance of all kids of creativity in an increasingly materialistic world. The central idea is that a person’s gift has transformative powers. It’s certainly an inspiring read for fans of all forms of art.

The best gifts for digital artists also include some great books. Rise of the Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book is a must for any Lara Croft fan, while Digital Painting Techniques takes them through the creation of digital masterpieces.

If the film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ by Banksy is more their style, then they may prefer this book all about street art and graffiti from around the world. From early 20th century Latin American murals to the biggest contemporary names in outdoor art, it’s a fascinating insight into this growing global trend.

Click here to see The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Wrapping paper books

Not everyone who loves to create is into drawing or painting. Sometimes the art is in putting pieces together to make a harmonious, visually attractive whole. Where this applies, wrapping paper books are among the best arts and crafts gifts you can buy.

There are so many to choose from. You can buy a book with sheets of luxurious gold and silver wrapping paper, or opt for a patriotic one that features solely Australian designs. From natural history prints to William Morris originals or British Library manuscripts, there really is one to suit everyone.

Though it’s really hard to choose, our number one pick would probaby be Botanicals by Edith Rewa, part of the ‘All Wrapped Up’ series. Flowers are so versatile, and the artist’s work features native Australian flora.

Click here to see All Wrapped Up: Botanicals by Edith Rewa

Picture Frames

Inspire them to show off their creations by buying one or a set of picture frames. It makes a great place to display their pieces made from those art wrapping paper books.

Give a 7 piece frame set so that can create a gallery wall from their photos, sketches or paintings. They could even frame a beautifully illustrated page from a colouring book. These frames can be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf, table or sideboard.

If classic plainly coloured frames seem a little humdrum, go for something in a more interesting or colourful style. Such as a set of 3 turquoise frames with a rustic wooden finish. This one contains one large 8 by 10 inch frame and 2 smaller 4 by 6 inch frames.

A Moroccan style frame looks great with both traditional and modern styles of home decor. The 5 by 7 inch frame is also versatile enough to display anywhere. With 5 colours available, the only problem might be choosing between red, grey, blue, black and green. Art ornaments don’t come much better than this.

Click here to see this Moorish style picture frame in a range of colours

gifts for art lovers

Art colouring books

Perhaps in some way art is their career – and something to hlep them switch off would be a good choice. Adult colouring books make ideal gifts for a graphic designer or writer, for example, as it gives them a welcome break from screen time. It may even provide them with something to frame at a later date.

Secret Garden has almost 100 colouring pages for adults to work on – deciding exactly how to bring each one to life is all part of the fun. As well as colouring in, you can add drawings, complete patterns and solve puzzles.

Thomas Kinkade santa ornaments and other Christmas gifts are very well known. If your recipient is a fan and is also partial to a touch of Disney magic, then why not buy them the Disney Dreams Thomas Kinkade Colouring Book? The black line art page can be completed by copying the colour image supplied, as completed by the painter of light himself.

Delight artists of all ages by gifting a colouring book full of animal images. There are 50 designs to add colour to in this book, so it’s one that’s bound to please every member of the family. Adult colouring books like this can be such a great stress buster too.

Click here to see the Adult Colouring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

A GoPro

Looking for the best gift for a photographer or videographer type of artist? Then why not think about splashing out on a GoPro? It’s a favourite among photographer gifts, particularly people who travel or spend a lot of time outdoors.

A GoPro is ideal for active types as it’s so resilient. Waterproof and tough, it can be used when diving, skiing or even skydiving. Owners can even live stream footage to their nearest and dearest, thereby sharing that trip or action adventure of a lifetime.

There is a range of top rated models to choose from that are suitable for various budgets and requirements. If anyone among your family and friends is an aspiring vlogger, then this is the pick of the gifts for photography lovers everywhere.

A GoPro is an investment gift that the whole family will treasure – and get pleasure from – for a long time to come.

Click here to view the GoPro range of tough, waterproof cameras

If you have more of a photographer than a videographer on your hands, check out our gift guide for photographers here.

Which Christmas gift for an artist will you pick?

Hopefully this guide has provided you with some inspiration regarding what to buy the creative types you love this year. From stress-busting colouring books to a cool mug, stylish bag or mug or a complete art set, there is so much creative stuff out there to choose from.

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