Christmas Flowers That Are Blooming Beautiful

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Christmas flowers might not be the first thing that springs to mind when dreaming up your festive decor. However, introducing some kind of florals into your home can really brighten it up – and in a way that reflects the summer season here in Australia perfectly.

Whether it’s Christmas floral centerpieces for the table, flower-shaped tree decorations, Christmas plants, artificial poinsettias or getting Christmas flower arrangements delivered, this article will guide you through all things flora for the festive season.

Options include items and bouquets made from fresh and artificial Christmas flowers, and you can have Christmas flowers delivered if you like to make life even easier. Surely a godsend for busy people all over Australia.

If you want to know where to buy items like a chocolate Christmas bouquet or wreath, how to send Christmas flowers to a loved one interstate – or even overseas – or simply how to bring some subtle florals into your home, read on to find all the best Christmas flowers for the festive season!

13 creative ways with Christmas flowers

From traditional Christmas flowers and plants to a stunning Christmas flower centerpiece that will wow your guests, here are all the top festive flower ideas to steal this year.

Christmas flowers for the tree

There are two main ways to display Xmas flowers on your festive tree. You can buy hanging decorations shaped like or featuring flowers, or you can purchase artificial silk poinsettias and other blooms to twist onto the branches.

Christmas Warehouse stock some hanging decorations that are displayed on the tree just like regular baubles. These come in glittery silver with blue, gold or white, and are shaped like an exotic lotus flower. Ideal for bringing a dash of drama and touch of the tropics into your home during December.

From the same online store you can also buy a 3D tree star in gold and silver and decorated with diamante. At 13 centimetres wide, you only need a small quantity of these luxury decs to make a big style statement.

Amazon also sell lots of tree flowers than simply attach to the evergreen branches of your real or artificial Christmas tree. Many of these are small or large artificial poinsettias, but there are some other types of flower available too.

These tree decs come in many colours and sizes, so it’s easy to find just what you want. Whether that’s bright red, subtle white or glimmering gold.

Click here to view floral tree decorations at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to see Amazon’s range of Christmas tree flowers

Indoor Christmas plants

Buying an indoor plant for your home opens up lots of festive options. The range of houseplants offered by Edible Blooms is impressive, and they can be delivered direct to your door. Or someone else’s.

You can buy a succulent, parlour palm, money tree or peace lily as a stand-alone gift, or opt for a gift box also containing goodies like beer and sweet treats or Chandon French champagne.

If you had thoughts of arranging a surprise Christmas cactus delivery for someone you love – or even to spoil yourself with – why not take a look at Edible Blooms’ latest range?

Click here to find the perfect indoor plant gift for Christmas

Poinsettia artificial flowers

Why bother looking for fresh poinsettia plants for sale or ‘poinsettia near me’ when you can use artificial ones year after year? The quintessential Christmas flower, poinsettia can be bought as the sort of tree decorations detailed above – as well as many other types.

There are lots of poinsettia wreaths, garlands, centrepieces and tree flowers available from Christmas Warehouse as well as Amazon. What’s more is they come in all shades to complement your festive colour scheme perfectly – from icy blue to elegant silver or deep, dark red.

Whether you want new tree decorations, a table centrepiece, a garland to hang over the fireplace or a wreath to display on the door, why not use some pretty poinsettias in your favourite hue this year?

Click here to explore the Christmas Warehouse poinsettia range

Click here to check out the poinsettias available on Amazon

Fresh Christmas floral arrangements

If you fancy displaying fresh, natural flowers in your home this Christmas – perhaps as a centrepiece for the festive table – then Interflora can deliver whatever kind of arrangement your heart desires, direct to your door.

Is there a simpler way to wow your guests, as well as your family? Nothing on earth expresses a sentiment better than fresh flowers, so why not take a look at what sort of ready-made floral displays you could order?

A fresh floral display will also give your home a luxury touch – that’s why upmarket hotels the world over order regularly from skilled florists. It’s the fail-safe way to a stunning and refined festive effect.

Click here to find out more about Interflora’s fresh flower arrangements

An edible Christmas bouquet or wreath

Say it with chocolate and flowers this festive season by ordering a Christmas wreath or bouquet from Edible Blooms. These gorgeous gifts are every bit as beautiful as a floral bouquet, but have the added bonus of also containing delectable chocolates just waiting to be discovered then devoured.

You can buy a golden flower bouquet with foil-wrapped, fine chocolate stars forming part of the display, or opt for a bunch of blue or red poinsettia with the same delicious centres.

The edible wreaths, meanwhile, have to be seen to be believed. Featuring a generous amount of colourfully wrapped luxury Lindor Swiss chocolates, they come in red, blue or rainbow colourways. If you really want to spoil someone, you can also add a bottle of Chandon champagne when ordering.

Click here to discover a range of edible bouquets for Christmas

Click here for Edible Blooms’ Christmas wreath collection

A Christmas lily display

If you love the scent and sight of glorious fresh lilies, then why not order a Christmas lily display for your home this December? Doing so is also a lovely way to honour and remember someone who’s sadly no longer here to celebrate with the family.

Interflora again come up trumps with their selection of Xmas flower arrangements for sale. Whatever your colour scheme there’s something here to please, from vibrant pinks and golden tones or mixed tropical hues to more understated arrangements in purest white.

The lily displays in containers are ready to place wherever you’d like to, whether you want to remember a loved one or celebrate all that’s good about Christmas in Australia.

Click here to search for your ideal Christmas lily arrangement

Christmas plants

White Christmas flowers

Another way to theme your Christmas floral arrangements or centerpieces is to choose a colour scheme that complements or contrasts with the decor of your home.

Symbolising purity, white is ideal for Christmas wedding bouquets as well as adding an injection of subtle, elegant festive style. It is also a classic and elegant colour for Christmas flowers. You may use white poinsettias, lilies, roses, carnations and orchids. These white flowers add elegance, purity, and innocence to your décor and, at the same time, give a delicate fragrance all over the space.

Again Interflora can supply festive arrangements ready to display in the included vases, boxes or tubs. The more compact options like ‘Devotion’, ‘Serenity’ and ‘Tranquillity’ also make ideal table centrepieces that have been hand-crafted from fresh flowers.

Click here to see Interflora’s range of white Christmas flower displays

Sending a Christmas flower bouquet overseas

Wherever your friends or rellies are based overseas isn’t a problem for Interflora. Via their user-friendly website, you can order flowers to be sent all over the globe.

Whether you want to send native flora to nearby New Zealand, roses to Romania, carnations to Kansas or Gerberas to Germany, the Interflora site makes it a simple case of click, click, send.

First you select a country, then the date. The available options will then be displayed on screen for you to choose from. Ideal when you want to show those you won’t see for some time that they’re forever in your thoughts.

Click here to send Christmas flowers overseas with Interflora

Dried Christmas flowers for your home

If you want the sentiment to last from one December to the next, why not consider using dried Christmas flowering plants instead of fresh ones?

They can be displayed all year round, then you could simply introduce a festive touch by adding a delicate string of fairy lights to the display. Pay attention, though – dried flowers are brittle and must be handled with the utmost care.

You can add dried wreaths on doors or walls, place a dried floral arrangement on your hallway cabinet to welcome guests, or use dried floral ornaments on your tree. Dried flowers are excellent decorations as they come in many variations, so you can easily choose ones to complement the season.

Interflora again offer some attractive dried floral displays that will arrive ready to put out on show. If you want to use real blooms year after year, these could be the best Christmas flower arrangements for you to invest in.

Click here to explore Interflora’s choice of dried flower arrangements

Red Christmas flower arrangements

If a romantic Christmas for two is on the cards, what better way to celebrate than with a floral arrangement in passionate red? You may incorporate some valentine’s flowers on your home decoration to make the holiday feel more festive and romantic at the same time. You may use red roses as they symbolize love and passion, making them perfect for a Christmas flower arrangement. They can be used alone or mixed with other red flowers and greenery.

As you might expect, roses abound, and they can be used to show your eternal love for the baby Jesus as well as your other half.

From small, simple ‘Adore’ to ‘Enchanting’, ‘Desire Deluxe’ or even ‘Wow!’ Interflora have the ideal red floral tribute to show your love for each other – or even the festive season.

Click here to check out some red floral displays for Christmas

A Christmas orchid display

For a splash of tropical style befitting the Australian summer, why not opt for the exotic orchid? As Christmas flowers and plants go this is a slightly more unusual choice, yet it’s still a popular one.

Contemporary arrangements like ‘Fresh’, ‘Serene’ and ‘Virtue’ make great table centrepieces, and all come ready to display in their own containers.

An elegant orchid also makes an ideal Christmas gift for a friend or family member, and can be sent wherever in Australia you want it to go to.

Click here for a selection of Christmas orchid arrangements

Floral Christmas tablecloths and runners

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add a dash of floral beauty to your home this festive season is to order a tablecloth or runner decorated with colourful blooms.

Merry Christmas flowers don’t come much cheaper or simpler, yet a brightly or elegantly patterned floral runner or tablecloth really can make a big impact.

Some are subtle enough in design to use all year round, while others decorated with favourite festive flowering plants scream ‘Christmas!’ to all and sundry. Such an easy way to bring the joy of the season into your dining area.

If your younger guests are likely to make a mess, you could even go for a wipe-clean version for fuss free entertaining.

Christmas table linens with holly, a traditional Christmas plant with glossy green leaves and red berries, can make your table extra festive. Meanwhile, a tablecloth with red amaryllis — a flower with large, trumpet-shaped blooms that come in shades of red, white, and pink — can lend a touch of elegance to your décor.

Click here to see a range of floral Christmas tablecloths

Click here to view a selection of flower table runners for Christmas

Eucalyptus garlands

Want to bring something that’s summery yet subtle and intrinsically Australian into your home? Then you need a eucalyptus garland to hang over a door or twist around the handrail by the staircase.

Eucalyptus garlands are a popular choice for holiday decorations due to their inviting fragrance and elegant appearance. Eucalyptus has a unique and refreshing scent that adds a natural touch to your holiday decor.

You could also run one of more of these garlands along the central section of your table when catering for a festive party, or even during the traditional feast on the big day itself.

Some of these garlands feature foliage only, while others feature flowers dotted among the blue-green leaves. Others even have integral LED lighting for a more dazzling display.

With or without white, pink or red blooms, a subtle artificial eucalyptus garland creates the effect of bringing the Australian outdoors into your home during December.

Click here for a choice of foliage, lit and floral eucalyptus garlands

Which Christmas flowers will you display or give this year?

Whether you go for Christmas plants delivered to a loved one, combine Christmas flowers and chocolates via Edible Blooms or anticipate fresh Teleflora Christmas arrangements arriving on your doorstep this December, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to Christmas table flowers and other floral decorative items and gifts.

From the ideal Christmas table flower arrangements or a bright poinsettia bouquet to the perfect Christmas wedding flowers for a December ceremony, picking out the right Christmas flowers can ensure your festive season is a blooming lovely one.

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