Indoor Plant Gifts to Give this Christmas

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How do you plan in advance when you want to give indoor plant gifts at Christmas? If you’d like to find the ideal present for the green-fingered people you know, this guide is guaranteed to provide some gifting inspiration.

Is it even a good idea, buying indoor plants to give at Christmas? Maybe not, in some cases – but plants are not the only answer for the indoor gardener. This list includes all kinds of non-perishable gifts for those you know who love to watch things grow, blossom and take shape.

Whether you want a flower gift for a would-be botanist or simply want to see what sort of unique plant gifts are out there, read on to uncover all the best festive presents for lovers of plants. Online shopping for the indoor gardener – sorted. We think these make great gifts for a boss or workmate too!

The must-have Christmas indoor plant gifts list

Here they are. From books on nurturing your indoor flowering plants to plant stands, quirky pots and plant hangers, these are the finest Christmas plant gifts to give this year.

Indoor plant stands

What’s the point of indoor plants, for them? If they love to display the results of all the care and attention they’ve lavished on those potted plants, then an indoor plant stand makes the ideal gift. There are lots of shapes, styles and sizes to choose from.

One thing to bear in mind when choosing is how much space they have at their disposal. Can you think of an unloved corner of their home where that plant stand you have your eye on would fit? Do they have a balcony, terrace or garden? If so, you could consider a plant stand that can be used indoors or out to give them more flexibility.

Some indoor plant stands are very compact indeed. While not significantly larger than the plant they hold, they really do make a feature of any leafy or flowering piece of fauna. You can choose between narrow plant stands for one plant up to tiered shelving units that can house half a dozen or more.

An attractive indoor plant stand makes a great place for people to show off their favourite greenery, making it a prime pick among indoor gardening gifts.

Click here to see some indoor plant stands that make great Christmas gifts

A terrarium

A terrarium – or florarium – makes a top Christmas gift for anyone short on space. Unleash that creative streak by giving them a place to create a living display of little plants. There are various styles to pick from.

Glass-walled, greenhouse-shaped terrariums are particularly popular. Many of these are geometric in design, so they look cool and interesting even before they’ve set to work on filling the inside. These are available in rectangular, square, hexagonal and even assymetric shapes. Modelled on a real greenhouse, they often consist of a black or gold toned metal frame connecting small panes of glass.

Other types include a series of round or test-tube shaped glass holders in a wooden stand, or even a make-your-own unicorn themed terrarium kits for kids. Some hanging terrariums can even be hung from the ceiling or on a wall. For advice on getting started, there are also some great books for beginners.

A terrarium makes a quirky and ultra-stylish Christmas gift for green-fingered folk.

Click here to see a range of terrarium gift ideas for indoor plant fans

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An indoor gardening book

There are tons of great books to give to house plant lovers. Indoor gardening books will always be well received by fans of growing small flowering or leafy plants within their homes.

Whether they lean more towards the decorative benefits of house plants or are more keen on learning all about horticultural care, there are some inspiring titles. Maybe they’d like the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Practical House Plant Book’ or would prefer ‘Plant Style: How to Greenify your Space.’

Some of the top rated, bestselling house plant tomes available include ‘Leaf Supply: A guide to Keeping Happy House Plants’, ‘The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery’ and ‘Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide to House Plants.’

If they have special interests, you could consider titles like ‘The Complete Book of Ferns’, ‘Little Book, Big Plants’, ‘Propagating Plants’, or ‘Plant Therapy’. Those new to the indoor gardening game might even appreciate ‘How Not to Kill your Houseplant’.

A house plant book makes a great gift to give, or send, to a plant lover anywhere.

Click here to see lots of indoor gardening books for lovers of house plants

Bonsai gifts

While you might not think that receiving a live plant delivery is a good idea, there are various bonsai themed gifts that don’t even involve real tiny trees. You can of course order plants online, but there are some great alternatives too.

Such as a range of bonsai tree ornaments that really do resemble the genuine article. These come in various shades, from subtle tones of green to orchid pink or autumnal orange.

Then there’s a second type of decorative bonsai tree. Some are made in a similar way to jewellery, featuring lots of twisted wire and gemstone chips. These may include amethyst, quartz, amber or jade – or even a combination of these to create a colourful mini tree.

A third kind of Bonsai gift is a light. This can look very festive, so it’s ideal for Christmas gift giving in particular. Many have a series of LED lights, and are often powered by battery or USB connection.

Bonsai books and living plants aside, there are some lovely Bonsai Christmas gift options out there.

Click here to see a selection of Bonsai tree ornaments and lights

Personalised plant gifts

For something that’s as much an experience as a physical object, why not check out Scoopon’s range of gifts for the indoor plant fan? An ever-changing selection of options is featured, such as plantable greetings cards for the simplest way to order plants online.

There are also Inside Gardens’ cute plantable origami love vials. The gift consists of a glass vial, an origami star printed with a loving message and some germinated seeds so you can grow your own Swan River Daisy bush inside.

Indoor gardeners can also improve their knowledge with an online mini gardens course, or get creative when you buy them a complete DIY Kokedama kit.

A personalised, plant-related gift makes a grest festive present for any lover of greenery.

Click here to check out Scoopon’s latest range of indoor plant lovers’ gifts

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Beautiful plant pots

While they might lavish lots of attention on their house plants, does your friend, colleague or relative ever treat themselves to a lovely house plant pot to hold their treasures? There are some beautiful plant pot designs out there, and you can buy them singly or as a set.

You could buy a rectangular window box planter or a set of stylish, modern house plant pots in a dark grey sandstone finish. Opt for a marble effect pot to give a touch of glamour, or choose between various trios that feature three plant pots in matching or contrasting designs, colours and sizes.

Whether it’s a set of owl or cat themed pots or a stunning single pot that’s just right for the latest addition to their collection, a pretty plant pot can really brighten up anyone’s Christmas day.

Click here to see a range of plant pots and plant pot sets

An indoor gardening tool set

If they’re seriously getting into nurturing those house plants, how about a set of indoor gardening tools? They come in various designs, sizes and price ranges, to suit their interests as well as your budget.

A typical house plant care tool set will include items like a mini trowel, small fork and little secateurs. They’re far more indoor plant friendly than their larger outdoor counterparts. Some come complete with a roll or bag for simple storage, which is a highly practical touch. After all, it’s no good having shiny new tools if they can’t remember where they last saw them.

If they’re into a certain type of plants – such as bonsai or succulents – read the product descriptions, as they might just reveal that your chosen set is perfect for the intended use.

Indoor gardening tool sets make ideal summer gifts for the festive season in Australia.

Click here to see the best indoor plant tool sets for festive gift giving

A herb garden

If they love food as much as indoor gardening, then an indoor herb garden makes a great Christmas gift. Herbs are perhaps surprisingly easy to grow, and will often crop all year round.

Tossing a few basil leaves over a freshly cooked pasta sauce, adding chopped chives to potato salad or rosemary to all kinds of dishes can add so much flavour. There are kits to grow just one herb, or you can invest in a complete set.

If you really want to treat them, some kits include a hydroponics system so the herbs can benefit from synthetic sunlight. There are herb kits for all tastes and budgets – from a compact pot or larger planter to a luxury AeroGrow indoor garden.

An indoor herb garden is the Christmas gift that will keep giving fresh flavour all year round.

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A grower’s journal

Whether it’s taking place indoors or outside, serious gardening requires some level of planning. How does the house plant fan know when to plant, water, feed or prune unless they keep some sort of record? This is why an indoor gardening journal makes an ideal Christmas gift.

There are lots of cool and pretty designs to choose from. Slogans such as ‘Indoor Gardening is my Jam’ – or ‘Superpower’ are popular. Or would they agree that ‘A Day Without Indoor Gardening is a Day Wasted’?

From florals to succulents, tropical leaves or stylish graphics, there are all kinds of designs to choose from when buying someone a house plant journal.

An indoor plant grower’s journal makes a very practical and affordable Christmas present.

Click here to see an attractive selection of indoor gardening journals

An indoor watering can

There are some super cute indoor watering cans out there – and it’s a fair bet that they haven’t invested in a new one for a while. Choose the right house plant watering can, though, and it may even be a decorative feature in itself.

What would they prefer? Pretty in pink, or a sleek, subtle metallic finish? A round, curved or more geometric shape? Something in galvanised steel, a painted pattern or perhaps even a glass plant sprayer?

There are some really covetable indoor plant watering cans to choose from, and they make perfect festive gifts for any house plant lover in your life.

Click here to see a range of watering cans for indoor plant care

A plant from Edible Gifts

Last but by no means least – how about sending a real live plant courtesy of Edible Gifts? This online gifts company can deliver the potted plant of your choice, direct to your recipient’s door.

Options include succulents, money trees and parlour palms. They can be sent just as they are – in a black or white tin or woven basket – or as part of a gift set. Additions include toiletries as well as sparkling wine, beer and edible goodies.

If the best gift for the indoor plant fan is exactly that, why not head over to Edible Gifts to check out the selection?

Click here to see a range of indoor plants to send this Christmas

Which are the best indoor plant gifts for your family and friends?

What will you pick as the perfect indoor plant delivery for the green-fingered gardener you know? Whether you opt for a cool watering can, a terrarium, a herb garden, plant stand or house plant book, the right plants and flowers gift could last all year round – and way beyond.

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