The Ultimate Photographer Gift Guide for Christmas

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If you know someone who’s into taking pictures in a big way, then you need this festive photographer gift guide. We have all the best gifts for a photographer – whatever your budget.

Whether you want to buy a small token present for a work colleague or neighbour, or want to treat your other half to a nice piece of photographic kit, check out the following list best photographer gifts for a little inspiration.

We have gifts for beginner photographers, as well as all the best photographer gifts for a seasoned pro. So if you’re wondering what to buy a photographer, look no further. Here are all the best gifts for photographers in Australia this Christmas.

The Australian photographer gift guide

If you want the perfect gift for a photographer, read on so we can help you solve those gift giving dilemmas this Christmas.

A photography mug

Whether it’s for the office Secret Santa or to give as a stocking filler for your loved one, appropriately themed mugs always make good gifts for a photographer. There are plenty of styles to choose from.

Coffee mugs with a slogan make fun gifts for photographers, and you can choose between various options. Pick ‘I shoot people and sometimes cut off their heads’, ‘Oh, crop’, ‘Don’t lose your focus’ and more. Such as ‘I like to flash people’, ‘Warning: could snap any second’ or ‘Just say cheese‘.

There is also a selection of camera lens coffee mugs that make cool gifts for photographers. This style is typically leak proof, made from food grade materials and has a lid. It’s the type that suits outdoor snappers perfectly – or those who are addicted to buying a takeaway coffee each morning. You’re not only giving photography presents here, as your gift might even contribute to protecting the Australian environment.

Whatever their style, there are lots of mugs that make very good gifts for photographers.

Click here to see a range of coffee mug gifts for a photographer

A camera bag

Camera bags make great gifts for the photographer in your life. A decent one could last a lifetime, yet it’s just the kind of thing they might not yet have treated themselves to. There are so many shapes and sizes on the market, so you’re bound to find the ideal type to give as Christmas gifts for photographers you know.

If you want to combine a photography and travel gift, then the Lowepro camera backpack can keep all their gear protected and together in one place – wherever they are. This lightweight, sporty backpack comes in red, blue or black, and has plenty of space for all their kit. Even the cleaning cloth. It also has a weatherproof finish and padded shoulder straps for comfort.

There are plenty of other styles too. Choose between a spacious DSLR gadget bag in black or grey; a backpack fitted with anti-theft protection, waterproofing and shockproofing; or a holster-shaped bag. If they have a lot of gear, there are extra large camera case backpacks too.

Whatever gear they have and style of images they prefer, camera bags make ideal presents for a photographer.

Click here to view a selection of camera bags for photographers

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An instant camera

They may have all the professional kit – but do they own any instant cameras? These make great toys for older kids, teens or adults alike. You can choose between modern styles, or opt for a vintage camera like those they may remember from childhood.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini range is ideal when it comes to this kind of gift for a photographer – and you want a contemporary camera. The Instax cameras come in all sorts of appealing shapes and colours – from ice white to elegant black, metallic hues or pastel pink and blue. There is even a vintage style model in the form of the Neo Classic.

Plenty of other camera manufacturers have got in on the act, however. Polaroid is the obvious one, and you can buy a retro camera that looks just like the one your parents or grandparents might have had back in the day. They make more modern looking instant cameras too.

Other big brands producing instant cameras include Kodak and Canon. Whichever you go for, don’t forget to pop some compatible colour film sheets into their stocking so they can get started snapping right away.

Instant cameras from Fuji, Polaroid and more make really fun and cool gifts for a photographer at Christmas.

Click here to check out a range of instant cameras and accessories

A camera strap

When you want something smaller or more affordable, a camera strap can make the perfect gift. Again there are many styles, so it’s easy to find unique gifts for photographers among those available to buy.

There are vintage style camera straps with leather look ends and quick release buckles. For their comfort, choose a padded shoulder strap, or opt for one of the professional style straps from Peak Design. A serious photographer might also appreciate a harness, a wrist strap or a sling.

From jacquard woven fabrics to soft rope or a leather-effect finish, there are plenty of camera straps to please the snapper you love. They make great gifts for photographers of all ages.

Click here to see a selection of camera straps for photographers

An external hard drive

We know. If you’re just not into tech, then an external hard drive may not seem like the best gift for photographers. Perhaps it seems a little dull, right? The thing is, though, a keen photographer can soon fill up a lot of hard drive space. Especially if they’re into taking lots of video footage too. A hard drive is ideal when a memory card just won’t cut it any more.

In fact the external hard drives available now include some very attractive bits of kit. Take the Samsung T5 portable SSD. Depending which model you select, this nifty little device can store up to 1TB. It really is compact, with a really sleek and streamlined design.

If they need even more storage, the stylish Seagate range of external hard drives includes some cool slimline designs. They are also enabled for simple drag and drop saving of photo files, and feature USB connectivity.

There aren’t many things in life more frustrating than running out of storage space – particularly for those tantrum-prone creative types. That’s precisely why photo hard drives make ideal gifts for any photography enthusiast who’s outgrown memory cards.

Click here to discover some super sleek external hard drives

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Photography books

Whatever you want to spend, there’s sure to be the perfect book for your photographer. Christmas gifts don’t come much more affordable, yet wide-ranging. Whether you think they’d like a how-to guide or a book packed with professional images, books are one of those classic photography gift ideas.

Give them the complete digital photography course in book form, or opt for a coffee table tome such as ‘Vogue: The Covers’. Outdoor types might like a National Geographic beginner’s guide, while a copy of ‘Ballerina Project’ could reflect their love of dance or black and white images.

There are plenty of advisory publications for experienced photographers too. Pick a guide to composition trickery, a photo editing guide or a step-by-step reference book for those interested in capturing landscapes.

Whatever their special interests, the right book makes the perfect Christmas gift for a photographer.

Click here to view all the best photography books

A photo printer

It’s all very well storing images digitally, but what about when you want to show them off? A photo printer lets them access a hard copy of that treasured image instantly, so they can pop it in a frame for display.

Our favourites include the Canon Selphy range, the Fujifilm Instax mini link printers, the Kodak Step and the mighty Epson EcoTank multifunction photo printer. The Canon products allow users to print from an SD card, via WiFi or from AirPrint.

The Kodak Step will connect to any Apple or Android smartphone, iPad or tablet so owners can turn their images into printed images instantly. An Instax printer features bluetooth connectivity, and can also print a still from video footage.

Invest in an Epson EcoTank multifunction machine and the recipient can benefit from up to two years of ink that comes with it. That’s the equivalent of almost 90 separate inks and up to 14,000 pages’ worth. Epson’s mega machine also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The perfect photo printer is one of the best gifts for a photographer you could buy.

Click here to see a range of photo printers for all requirements

A tripod

If they love shooting great images but haven’t yet got themselves a tripod, then why not consider this as a gift for photographers option? In fact even if they do have one – do they own a selfie stick tripod or a bendable, flexible or desktop tripod? Well there you go. Photographer gift ideas sorted.

There are plenty of portable tripods around. Pick from a range of highly-rated options by Neewer, or go for an innovative selfie tripod with bluetooth and a remote control. The range of tripod types is tremendous. Some have slim, stick-like legs while others are much chunkier. Various models can be bent or folded as the user wishes or placed on a tabletop.

Tripods are among the best accessories for photographers – whether they use a smartphone or own some serious photographic equipment.

Click here to find a range of tripods in all styles and price ranges

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An aerial photography flight

Give the photographer among your friends and family a once-in-a-lifetime experience with an aerial photography flight to remember. This incredible helicopter flight takes place with the doors off, so they can snap away to their heart’s content.

Fliers can take in the city skyline, or enjoy the breathtaking spectacle as the helicopter soars over some of the finest beaches in Australia. This is a private flight, and the recipient can either bring their own camera or use the aerial photography lens and Canon 6D DSLR provided.

That hard drive or USB stick may come in handy, as participants are asked to bring their own for storage of all those stunning picture postcard style shots. Imagine the gallery wall they could create in their home with those.

An aerial photography flight is surely among the most inspiring gift ideas for the photography lovers in your life.

Click here for details of this scenic photography helicopter flight

A Vtech Kidizoom

The classic VTech kids’ camera just got better – it now comes in smartwatch form too. If you want gift ideas for a photographer that’s very young, then just buy one of these. Without a doubt, VTech produce the best Christmas camera gift ideas for kids.

There are several versions of the VTech Kidizoom camera. The Duo allows users to play games as well as taking photos and videos, while a deluxe selfie version comes complete with an MP3 player and headphones. Most items come in a choice of blue or pink, and a matching branded case is also available.

As for the Kidizoom smartwatch, it can record video footage as well as taking clear photos. It also features a user-friendly touchscreen, over 50 watch face designs, sound effects and even a pedometer. Perfect for kids on the go.

All these Kidizoom products make cool gadgets for photographers that are just starting out.

Click here to see the Vtech Kidizoom range of cameras, cases and smartphones

A digital photo frame

They love tech and they love images, right? Put them together and you surely have one of the finest presents for photographers. A digital picture frame.

They can show off the results of all that snapping and photo editing with a digital frame. Even if their home is traditional in style and you think a modern black frame might look out of place, there are frames with dark or distressed wood borders. As well as a range of more contemporary frames with black, white or silver edging. You can choose between sharp and rounded corners too.

Some models can be wall mounted, and come in different sizes. A clock and calendar is even built into certain products. Remote controls, meanwhile, make it easy to find the image you want to share.

Digital photo frames make great photographer presents, and there’s one to suit every style and budget. They make great gifts for teens too.

Click here to discover all kinds of digital photo frame gifts

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A GoPro

Looking for the best gift for a photographer family? Then why not think about splashing out on a GoPro? It’s a favourite among photographer gifts, particularly people who travel or spend a lot of time outdoors.

A GoPro is ideal for active types as it’s so resilient. Waterproof and tough, it can be used when diving, skiing or even skydiving. Owners can even live stream footage to their nearest and dearest, thereby sharing that trip or action adventure of a lifetime.

There is a range of top rated models to choose from that are suitable for various budgets and requirements. If anyone among your family and friends is an aspiring vlogger, then this is the pick of the gifts for photography lovers everywhere.

A GoPro is an investment gift that the whole family will treasure – and get pleasure from – for a long time to come.

Click here to view the GoPro range of tough, waterproof cameras

What will you pick from this photographer gift guide?

We hope this photography gift guide helps you to uncover the perfect gifts for photographers this Christmas. With a range of great gifts for people who like photography, the only challenge might be choosing exactly what to buy.

Discover more gifts for the foodie in your life check this guide and the creative types in our dedicated post on buying Christmas gifts for artists.

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