Christmas Jumpers in Australia to Give and Wear this Year

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As with other places across the world, Christmas jumpers in Australia have become a big thing. There’s no easier way to share the fun of the festive season than by getting all your family, work colleagues or friends to dress up in Christmas jumpers for women, men and kids.

What might surprise you is the sheer variety of garments you can buy for that Christmas jumper day. There are knitted ugly Christmas jumpers available in Australia, or you can buy a men‘s Christmas jumper featuring one of his favourite movie characters in a sweatshirt style.

Whether you want a Harry Potter Christmas jumper for one of the kids who’s into witchcraft and wizardry or you want to find Christmas in July jumpers in Australia for when it really does get a bit chilly in southern parts, this guide will help you track down all the best novelty Christmas jumpers in Australia.

From elegant ladies’ Christmas jumpers for a stylish look to funny Christmas jumpers for him or just really bad Christmas jumpers available in Australia to compete in an ugly sweater contest, read on to find all the Xmas jumpers in Australia you could ever need!

13 of the best Christmas jumpers available in Australia

Here they are – from attractive to downright ugly jumpers available in Australia, these are the top kids’ men’s and women’s Christmas jumper options open to you.

And we reckon these Christmas leggings will match perfectly too!

Ugly Christmas jumpers

Let’s get started with what many people are looking for – novelty Christmas jumpers that you wouldn’t dream of wearing at any other time of the year. Wherever you live, Christmas jumpers in Perth, Sydney, Darwin and Brisbane are a thing – and they’re also worn everywhere from Cairns down to Hobart and way beyond.

It’s far from unknown for friends, family and work colleagues to have competitions, in fact. Who can find the ugliest knitted Christmas jumpers available in Australia? If two or more of you have the same idea, you might even end up with matching Christmas jumpers to wear for work, a party or at home.

Many women’s and men’s Xmas jumpers feature a cartoon-type character of some sort – either in human or animal form. Pick a smoking Jesus or a tattooed or golfing Santa Christmas jumper, or go for Rudolph in sunglasses, a dog or cat in a Santa hat or a ‘Birthday Boy’ sweater depicting a rather Marley-esque version of Jesus.

Whether you prefer bulldogs or dachshunds, there are plenty of down right ugly Xmas jumpers to choose from for that office party or mufti day ugly sweater contest. The question is – who can find the very worst one?

Click here to view a range of ugly Christmas jumper options

Funny Christmas jumpers

You’d be forgiven for thinking that ugly and funny Christmas jumpers are one and the same thing – but searches for each actually reveal quite different results. Of course there are some crossovers, but funny Christmas jumpers available in Australia may feature amusing slogans or humorous images rather relying on pure ugliness.

Slogan Christmas jumpers include ‘I only do mornings on December 25th’, ‘Weiner Wonderland’, ‘Twas the nizzle before Chrismizzle’, ‘Life of the party’ and ‘I’m the nice one’. Most of these are knitted, and some features a nordic style trim as well as the main design.

You can also add a movie theme by opting for the likes of a Batman, Marvel, Superman, Gremlins or Star Wars Christmas jumper. Or go for one with Santa wearing a cardigan – open at the front to reveal his toned bare chest and washboard stomach. There is also a similar option featuring a Santa who perhaps hasn’t been to the gym lately.

If you want to raise a chuckle, it’s easy to find a funny Christmas jumper to inject some humour into your home or workplace.

Click here to see a selection of funny Christmas jumpers

Rude Christmas jumpers

Men’s and women’s Xmas jumpers with naughtier designs or slogans make great alternatives to funny or ugly Christmas sweaters.

Men could wear a knitted pullover featuring a naked Santa reclining by the fire, one showing a partying Christ egged on by the slogan ‘Go Jesus, it’s your birthday’, or one proclaiming ‘I have a big package for you’.

Men don’t get to have all the fun, of course. Outrageous Christmas jumpers for women feature slogans like ‘I put out for Santa’, a couple of strategically placed Christmas puddings in the chest region and even a ‘Jingle Bell End’ t-shirt with an arrow pointing sideways.

Click here to take a look at rude Christmas jumper options

An elf Christmas jumper

It really is hard to go wrong during December with an elf Christmas jumper. The classic red and green design never dates, and is available in various options for kids and adults alike.

Some knitted tops and Christmas sweatshirts are made to look like the traditional elf costume, while others feature cartoon elves or fun slogans. Our favourites include a diamond-patterned sweater depicting an elf climbing a ladder, the ‘#elfselfie’ design and the button-down Elf movie cardigan with ‘Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins’ on one side.

Whether you want elf Christmas hoodies, knitted jumpers, sweatshirts or even a cardigan for him, her or the kids, there are lots of elf jumper options out there.

Click here to explore a range of elf Christmas jumpers

Light up Christmas jumper

You can light up your tree, light up your lounge room, light up your front garden – and yes, you can can also light up yourself by buying a Christmas jumper with lighting built in.

We rate the ones from Forum that come in green with baubles, lights and candy canes or pink with a festive wreath design, not least because they’re pretty stylish as well as being fun. You can also buy a ‘Let it glow’ sweater with a shades-wearing reindeer, and the fairy lights wound around his antlers light up.

In fact the Christmas Ugly Sweater Co who make the reindeer jumper is really good for these light-up jumpers. Their other products include designs featuring penguins, unicorns, ‘Noel’, ‘Believe’ and much more.

Click here to discover LED Christmas jumpers

A sequin Christmas jumper

If you or someone you know is seeking a sparkly Christmas jumper, then you can’t go wrong with one embellished by a few sequins. It adds instant glamour to any festive occasion, and these sweaters also tend to err on the side of pretty rather than ugly.

Tipsy Elves have some great designs available, including Santa or a snowman surrounded by snowflakes or a sequinned Christmas tree on a white striped background. For girls, there’s also a longer sweater dress featuring a festive tree made from green and gold sequins.

You can also pick a Minecraft Christmas sweater with added sparkle, an off the shoulder sweatshirt decorated with a sequinned stag’s head or a sweet teddy bear with sequin trim.

Click here for an array of sequinned Christmas jumpers

Christmas hoodies

If you want to find another kind of Christmas jumpers on sale, why not look out for a Xmas hoodie instead of a traditional knitted sweater? You can purchase these for everyone in the family and they make the best Christmas jumpers for comfortable, casual wear.

When picking a hooded Christmas jumper for sale you can choose between Marvel, Nightmare Before Christmas and Star Wars designs, or even opt for a ‘Griswold Family Christmas’ hoodie referencing National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the incredibly popular Chevy Chase character.

There really are some ultra ugly Christmas hoodie garments too if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for – though neon-light breathing dinosaurs and cute puppies surrounded by a riot of colour aren’t right for everyone.

Click here for an assortment of Christmas hooded jumpers

British Christmas Jumpers

Yep, we do know you want to find Christmas jumpers online in Australia, not the UK. But during the course of our research we found that British Christmas Jumpers is one of the best brands when you’re looking for Australian Christmas jumpers – or at least a really cool range available to buy here.

Their designs are really highly rated and it’s easy to see why – these are not your average ugly Christmas sweaters. if you want Christmas knitted jumpers in Australia and would like something a little more classy, then this is the brand we recommend taking a look at.

Men can dress in a jumper showing Santa flying over the London skyline in his sleigh, or go for various Fair Isle sweaters featuring stags, snowflakes and other festive symbols. The women’s range is equally impressive, with some genuinely pretty patterns she’d be happy to wear throughout the entire festive period. Or even for Christmas in July.

Click here to choose between British Christmas Jumpers

Christmas Ugly Sweater Co

Another brand worth considering is the Christmas Ugly Sweater Co. Particularly, perhaps, when you’ll be taking part in an ugly jumper contest. These guys have that concept totally nailed.

We love the fringed Pacific island style Mele Kalikimaka sweater, complete with blue skies, palm trees and a lady wearing a Hawaiian lei – it’s ideal for celebrating Christmas during the summer season.

Other prime picks include Santa and Rudolph in a truck, a hooded Mrs Claus sweater and a reindeer vest men can wear over a shirt.

Click here to view the Christmas Ugly Sweater Co range

Men’s Christmas jumper

Search for Christmas jumpers for men and you get to see the various sorts of Christmas sweater available. When you want to buy a buy Christmas jumper in Australia, it’s a really good way to get started.

If he’d like to wear something lighter than typical Christmas jumpers for him, you can even buy a t-shirt or singlet proclaiming that it’s ‘Definitely not a Christmas jumper’.

Other options include a Disney Christmas jumper featuring Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a burgundy sweater with a large ‘R’ for Ron Weasley for those who want Harry Potter Christmas jumpers or an ‘Up to snow good’ Star Wars Christmas jumper.

Further products include a ‘Hoppy Holidays’ jumper with braces, a blue sweater with an ‘H’ for Harry (Potter), a Fortnite jumper with a Fair Isle design for dedicated gamers and even an ET deisgn with ‘Going home for Christmas’ emblazoned across the front.

Click here to choose a Christmas jumper for men

Women’s Christmas jumper

Likewise, look specifically for women’s Christmas jumpers and you get all sorts of options to pick from. There are knitted Christmas jumpers with a slim or loose fit featuring all kinds of festive characters, plus a range of plainer or slogan designs.

Would you – or she – prefer the Pop Gear Mandalorian Christmas jumper, the ‘Wifey’ slogan top from FM London, a more subtle, Nordic-style design or perhaps a ‘Dec 25th’ one in red from British Christmas jumpers?

Whether an elf, Ghostbusters, ‘Christmassy AF’, Christmas Ugly Sweater Co or Pokemon Christmas jumper would suit her style best, there’s certainly lots of choice when it comes to ladies’ Xmas jumpers.

Click here to pick a Christmas jumper for women

Kids’ Christmas jumper

If you need a children’s Christmas jumper for that Xmas jumper day coming up at school or for an ugly sweater party at a friend’s place, then there is also plenty of choice. There are lighter sweatshirt-style tops, or knitted sweaters to wear when the air-con will be flowing freely during December.

Pick between a ‘flossing’ Santa, ‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal’ and a Minecraft Christmas jumper for fans of the construction game. Then you could go for a cartoon reindeer or cat Christmas jumper, a cute Fair Isle Christmas jumper, a fun elf jumper or a pink Christmas jumper in her favourite shade.

More unusual options include a Man City Christmas jumper for fans of the English soccer club, a Jack Skellington Christmas jumper for kids and a Bambi sweater that’s surely irresistible for the youngest members of the family.

Click here to check out children’s Christmas jumpers

Matching Christmas jumpers

If you’re the kind of family that likes to go all matchy-matchy, then finding matching Christmas jumpers available in Australia could be ideal for you. It is indeed possible to buy family Christmas jumpers in the same style for men, women and kids.

When looking for the kind of thing, make sure you click on each individual product listing as many items are available in a wide range of colours as well as sizes. Simplee Kids ones, for instance, come in a dozen different options including knitted jumpsuits for children under two years old. They also offer kids and adult sizes right up to XXL.

Other brands offering family or his and hers Christmas jumpers include Jodimitty and N\C. Whether you all want to wear a dinosaur Christmas jumper or would prefer to don more classy Christmas jumpers, you can all wear the same Christmas sweater in your size if you want to.

Click here to find matching family Christmas jumpers

Which Christmas jumpers will you be wearing this year?

Whether you were seeking Christmas jumpers in Adelaide, Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Byron Bay or Coolangatta, we hope this guide has helped with your search for the perfect Christmas sweater.

From cheap Christmas jumpers or family and couples’ Christmas jumpers to a sparkly option or a Fortnite Christmas jumper for a fan, there are plenty of products to pick from when you want to get dressed up for the festive season!

For more clothing ideas, why not check out our guides to Christmas dresses, earrings, shorts and swimwear, or articles on the top festive outfits for babies and costumes for pets?

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