Minecraft Gifts to Buy for Christmas

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If someone you want to buy a Christmas present for is into the mind-blowingly popular game, then buying the best Minecraft gifts you can find makes complete sense for the festive season. Yes, you could go for the easy option and buy a Minecraft gift card online, but there are so many other great options to choose from to. All of which are included in this guide to gifts for Minecraft lovers.

These Minecraft gift ideas aren’t only for kids. There are Minecraft gifts for adults and children listed right here. From affordable Minecraft presents for a teacher, neighbour or colleague to Minecraft Christmas gifts for those with a bigger budget, it’s all covered in this article.

If someone you know is into the building blocks game in a big way, (perhaps they got into Minecraft Education at school?) think of this as the ultimate Minecraft gift shop. So why not settle down with a cuppa, a beer or a glass of wine and get reading? By the end of this post, you could be all sorted.

We’re sure you’ll be surprised by how many options there are when it comes to Minecraft Christmas presents. Well, we know we were! Whether you’re seeking Minecraft stocking fillers, cool Minecraft gifts you wouldn’t have thought of, Minecraft themed gifts for someone who seems to have it all already or even Minecraft birthday gifts, you can find all the inspiration you need.

When you want to source awesome gift ideas for Minecraft lovers, look no further. From a Minecraft coffee mug to truly unique Minecraft gifts, this guide contains 13 of the best Minecraft present ideas for Christmas. Or indeed any other time of the year. Let’s dive on in!

13 of the best Minecraft gifts for Christmas

Any fan of the ultimate mining and building game would love to receive any of these Minecraft related gifts for Christmas! Here are 13 thoughtful ideas that go way beyond the usual Minecraft voucher.

Minecraft money box

Gifting a Minecraft money box is a great way to get kids into the habit of saving up some dollars and cents. They can use it as a way of saving up for a large purchase, or simply to store the coins they’ll need next time they visit Timezone or your local gaming arcade.

Whether they save their money to buy a Minecraft prepaid card, for another new computer or console game, as holiday spending money or to get the latest must-have toy, a Minecraft money bank is among the best Minecraft Christmas gift ideas.

The designs you can buy include a classic square Minecraft creeper money box, a metal storage tin or a 3D Minecraft pig money bank.

Click here to check out Minecraft money boxes

Minecraft LEGO®

Minecraft lego gifts

If they love using building blocks in the game, then they’re going to have so much fun constructing their own Minecraft LEGO® set! The variety of sets you can buy means there’s something for everyone. That applies to all budgets too.

When you wish to give Minecraft as a gift in LEGO® form, the options are broad. Prices range from set costing under $20 to those with a price tag exceeding $100. These recreate various aspects of the game, including battles, characters and buildings.

The Minecraft LEGO® sets with the highest ratings include the Llama Village, the Bee Cottage, the Skeleton Dungeon, the Fox Lodge, the Pillager Outpost, the Rabbit Ranch, the Pig House and many more.

Click here to view Minecraft LEGO® sets

Minecraft mug

A Minecraft mug makes a great Christmas gift for any game fan. There are far more ideas than you might think, too. The Minecraft creeper mug is far from the only option!

When you want to find gifts for Minecraft fans who are older, then a thermal Minecraft coffee mug is the perfect choice. These come in various designs. For a younger Minecraft fan, you could pick a Minecraft water bottle or a sturdy melamine Minecraft tumbler.

Of course there are lots of Minecraft ceramic mug products you can buy. Opt for a regular style with a Minecraft design printed onto it, or choose a shaped 3D mug for a different look and feel. For a teen or adult, you could even buy a set of four glass Espresso cups instead.

Click here to choose a Minecraft coffee mug

Minecraft soft toy

If you’re looking for something super cute, then a Minecraft plush could be the way to go. It’s one of those really good Minecraft gifts for any gamer aged under ten. Or indeed any adult, teen or older child with a penchant for soft toys!

Again there’s plenty of choice here. For kids or grown-ups who love nature, a bee, a panda, a pig or dolphin could be the way to go. Or opt for a green creeper, the grey wolf or an Ender Dragon with lighting and sound effects.

Other adorable options include the baby Mooshroom, Steve from Minecraft Mobs or even a white ghast that doubles up as a pillow buddy. These would be a perfect additional to your new Minecraft bedroom design!

Click here to shop for Minecraft soft toys

Minecraft T-shirt

Minecraft t-shirt gifts
Minecraft t-shirt gifts

Something they can wear is always a pretty safe bet when it comes to Christmas gifts that are practical as well as appealing. If you’re considering Minecraft t-shirts as gifts, then it’s no problem even if they’ve already got one. With so many to choose from, there’s enough for boys, girls, men and women to fill an entire wardrobe!

The t-shirts from brands like Vanilla Underground (one we have personal experience of) are top quality and there are lots of designs and colours to choose from. A creeper print is one of the more obvious ones, but you can buy a Minecraft top depicting other game favourites – or foes – such as Ender Dragon.

Again green is an obvious choice, but there are plenty of other shades to pick from too. How about a comic-strip style print, a monochrome grey or black with a colourful design, or a brighter hue such as yellow, blue or purple?

Click here to take a look at Minecraft t-shirts

Minecraft key ring

Minecraft key rings are also ideal when you want to buy something other than a Minecraft gift voucher. They’re something an older fan can use on a daily basis, and are sure to be a talking point when they’re out and about and bump into other gamers.

A Minecraft diamond pickaxe keychain is subtle and stylish, or you can buy Minecraft LEGO® key rings featuring the most popular characters. EnderToys also offers a set of four small figures that’s perfect for anyone who likes to build a collection.

Some key rings also double up as pop fidget toys. You can buy a bundle of four creepers if you have a bunch of kids to buy for, for example.

Click here to browse Minecraft key rings

Minecraft book

We were nothing short of amazed by the amount of Minecraft books you can choose from! Some of these are, as you might expect, guides and handbooks. But the fact that it goes way beyond that is great news for anyone seeking cheap Minecraft gifts.

Books about Minecraft – in one way or another – cost from under $10 to more than $50. The higher price tags, though, tend to apply to a boxed set of Minecraft books rather than a one-off title.

Whatever they’re into (other than Minecraft, of course), there’s a Minecraft book – or ten – to suit them. How about a Diary of a Minecraft Zombie set, the Minecraft Joke Book, a Bite-Size Builds Guide or even How to Draw Minecraft? You could also go for the Minecraft annual. The possibilities here are ideal for anyone who’s trying to find great Minecraft gift items.

Click here to discover Minecraft books

Minecraft present ideas

Minecraft advent calendar

A Minecraft advent calendar can of course be given as a gift before the run-down to Christmas. But it also makes a great collectible for those who didn’t receive the latest edition last year. Each is packed with covetable items that any gamer would love to own.

The 2022 advent calendar from Paladone, for example, contained 24 collectibles, one for each day between 1st December and Christmas Eve. It’s a great way to build up to the big day – or to acquire a set of cute Minecraft accessories all in one hit.

The latest – or a recent – Minecraft advent calendar is one of the best Minecraft gifts for boys and girls. Of all ages.

Click here to see the latest Minecraft advent calendars

Minecraft game

Next on the list of Minecraft toys for Christmas is a Minecraft game. Of course you can buy the Minecraft game itself should they not actually have a copy already – such as Minecraft for Nintendo Switch. But there’s an array of other Minecraft games they can play too. Assuming you can get them off the console for a while!

Some of the games that make Minecraft gifts for kids include the Builders and Biomes board game by Ravensburger and the Minecraft editions of Top Trumps or Uno. They come from top games manufacturers and are ideal for Minecraft players of all ages.

It may also be worth thinking about Minecraft console games they don’t already have. If the household has just acquired an Xbox, for instance, then the classic game in that format might go down very well. New games are also released at certain times, such as the Minecraft Legends: Deluxe Edition that was released in April 2023.

Click here to explore Minecraft games

Minecraft costume

A themed dressing-up outfit has to be one of the best gifts for kids who like Minecraft. All children love dressing up to become someone else for a short while, don’t they? Then they can have endless fun while engaging in role play that’s centred on their favourite characters.

Pick a jumpsuit and mask set so they can look just like a Minecraft creeper, or opt for the Minecraft armour costume plus a matching sword. They could also dress up as Ender Dragon. In fact the latter makes a great Minecraft gift set to wear for Halloween. As well as at Christmas.

Kids can also dress up as Steve, Alex, a skeleton or the Zombie Pigman. Or if they really want to go all-out, just buy them the ride-on Minecraft pig dressing-up outfit.

Click here for an assortment of Minecraft fancy dress costumes

Minecraft Mattel gifts

Another way to search for Minecraft gifts at Amazon is to look for one of the other big brands that works in partnership with Minecraft. Seek out Minecraft items made by Mattel and you can see at a glance how much choice there is.

Action figures are a firm favourite among fans of the game. Whether they want to play with them, or put them up proudly on display somewhere. The options here include a creeper, a fox, a wolf and more.

The Minecraft Mattel Creator Series also offers the party play set complete with a figure, lights and music. There’s also collectibles like the Mattel Minecraft Nether Story Pack.

Click here to purchase Mattel Minecraft toys

Minecraft hoodie

Minecraft hoodies are always going to be a popular pick among Minecraft gifts for girls, boys and grown-ups. Especially, perhaps, for those who live in chillier states such as Victoria and Tasmania. Or even if you want Minecraft gifts for UK-based friends and family.

As with Minecraft t-shirts, there are lots of colours and designs to choose from. You can also pick between zip-up and overhead hoodies in boys’ and girls’ sizes. Or even find one to fit the adult fan that you know.

Hoodies are among the most popular Minecraft gifts in Australia. Once you see how much choice there is, it’s easy to see exactly why this is the case.

Click here to choose a Minecraft hoodie

Minecraft bag

Minecraft bags are also a practical items that make great gifts for kids who love Minecraft. Adults too. That way they can show the world their fondness for the building blocks game, while carrying around a cool bag that holds all their stuff. What’s not to love?

Many of these are Minecraft backpacks. These are ideal as school bags, and as they distribute the weight evenly they’re much better for their spine, joints and muscles than bags that are carried on just one shoulder.

A smaller option comes in the form of the Minecraft fanny pack or bum bag. You can even buy gas for giving out Minecraft party gifts too. Another option is to treat them to a matching or coordinating set comprising a number of accessories such as a backpack, a lunch box, a water bottle and a pencil case.

Click here to buy Minecraft bags and backpacks

Minecraft gift wrap

And finally – don’t forget about Minecraft wrapping paper. How else are you going to present the perfect Minecraft gift? As well as options like Minecraft diamond wrapping paper, you can also buy a Minecraft present box to fill with game-themed items.

Products like party favour bags, things to out in them and a Minecraft tablecloth might also inspire you when you need to organise the next kids’ birthday party!

Click here to look for Minecraft gift wrap

Which Minecraft gifts will you be buying?

With so many awesome Minecraft presents to pick from, the only problem may be choosing what to go for! We hope this Minecraft gift guide has given you some food for thought.

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