Buying the Best LEGO® Advent Calendar in 2021

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Surely a LEGO® advent calendar is the best early festive gift ever? The Danish brick based toy giant releases new LEGO® advent calendars every year, so each recipient can build a complete new collection by Christmas Day.

Anyone who had a LEGO® advent calendar last year will be bursting with anticipation to see what this year’s box sets might contain. From the Harry Potter advent calendar for 2021 to the LEGO® Star Wars advent calendar in 2021, there are lots of themed collections to choose between.

A younger child might love to receive a LEGO® Friends advent calendar or LEGO® City advent calendar as their very first, for example. This will introduce them to the exciting world of construction toys – and if they get into it, that should give you plenty of scope for future gift ideas.

Gifting some complementary Star Wars, Friends, Harry Potter or City LEGO® on the big day itself would complement their LEGO® advent calendar beautifully, while options from other brands include a Funko Pop Marvel set as well as LEGO®’s own Marvel advent calendar. A Playmobil advent calendar also makes a great alternative for younger kids. Or you could always make your own – trust us, it’s really easy!

There are some Christmas LEGO® sets worth checking out too, such as the buildable Mr and Mrs Claus brickhead figures, a LEGO® Christmas wreath and more. These make interesting alternative festive decorations for your home too.

The LEGO® advent calendar options for Christmas 2021

Stay right here if you want to check out all the best LEGO® advent calendars for 2021. Whether they’re into Star Wars, Harry Potter or are just getting started with toy bricks, there are plenty of LEGO® sets and advent calendars to give this year.

We even listed LEGO® advent calendars on our best adults advent calendars article because we just love LEGO®!

A Harry Potter advent calendar

As we take a look at one of the most popular types of LEGO® advent calendar around, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to buy this year’s brand new set. Assuming your recipient hasn’t already had it – and it is worth making sure of that before ordering – buying a set from a previous year, such as 2020 or 2019, can mean bagging a bargain. Or even tracking down a rare and most covetable set.

A LEGO® Harry Potter advent calendar makes the ideal gift to give at the start of December for any fans of the books or movies, but is particularly appropriate when you’re planning a Harry Potter LEGO® present for Christmas Day itself.

Toy brand Paladone even market a Harry Potter socks advent calendar. This 12 days of Christmas advent calendar (rather than 24 or 25) contains a mix of short and long socks to keep any Potterhead’s feet clad. There is also a Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar for sale, containing 24 mini vinyl figures, as another alternative to the Harry Potter LEGO® advent calendar.

Top sets to give on Christmas Day, meanwhile, include Hogwarts castle or clock tower kits or the Knight Bus or Hogwarts Express. You can even build Hedwig, Hagrid’s hut, the Burrow, the Great Hall or number 4 Privet Drive – as well as many more.

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The LEGO® Star Wars advent calendar

Rivalling Harry Potter as the most hotly anticipated LEGO® advent calendar of all is the Star Wars LEGO® advent calendar for 2021. Although again you could of course buy an older set for someone who hasn’t had a LEGO® advent calendar before.

The LEGO® 75245 kit from 2019 is still very much sought after, for instance, and it includes 280 pieces to make into figures and other models, plus a playmat to use with them. For 2020, the LEGO® Star Wars advent calendar 75279 had even more pieces, and by the big day the owner would have a 6 mini figure, 12 toy and 6 larger figure collection.

The LEGO® Star Wars calendar 2021 is Mandalorian themed to match the US TV series, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2. It contains a mix of figures, weapons, vehicles and other accessories to construct. Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian are both wearing festive outfits. Cute!

Again a LEGO® advent calendar 2021 for a Star Wars fan can be a tough act to follow, but there are plenty of large and small sets to pick from to give as a main gift. Purchasers can choose an Imperial Shuttle, a Stormtrooper or Boba Fett helmet kit, a Mandalorian Starfighter, a large Yoda figure or an X-Wing – and then some.

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Lego Star wars advent calendar

LEGO® sets for Christmas

A LEGO® advent calendar isn’t the only option for the festive season. The original toy brick company also produce a range of other Christmas LEGO® sets to build. There is even a LEGO® wreath to build before hanging on a door or wall, or to use as a table decoration. It’s certain to be a talking point whenever you have dinner guests, whether that’s on Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or even at New Year.

There is also a LEGO® Brickheadz set comprising Mr and Mrs Claus. These colourful models dressed in red and white are built from 341 pieces, so it’s something to keep adults or kids amused during the run-up to Christmas Day. Once complete, they make ideal festive decorations for those seeking something distinctly different – or for a kid’s bedroom.

Other kits include another Brickheadz option for constructing Elf, Elfie and a reindeer, or a LEGO® Christmas bauble containing a Rudolph figure made from bricks.

If you fancy getting even more creative, the LEGO® Christmas Ornaments Book may provide inspiration. This guide will tell you how to build your own LEGO® pieces for display – whether it’s a flat Santa head or a 3D bauble to hang on the tree.

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A LEGO® Friends advent calendar

Another popular advent calendar for 2021 from LEGO® is a Friends one. This pretty and highly collectible range tends be a favourite among kids aged between 5 and 12, and with the purple colour scheme it can also be used to create an attractive display for children’s bedrooms.

The LEGO® Friends advent calendar 41420 first became available in 2020, but is still selling well. This particular set includes classic festive pieces to build, such as a Christmas tree, elves and Mrs Claus. There are also other items like a skateboard, pet grooming station or cake stand.

For some more Christmas classics, the 2018 set contains pieces like a candy cane, Christmas stocking, mini wreath, snowflake, gingerbread man, candle and a pair of bells. These make great Christmas toys for kids to play with, or can be used for creating a decorative display year after year.

The latest advent calendar for LEGO® Friends fans includes 5 mini figures, complete with gifts for each that reflect each character’s interests. It’s ideal for all Heartlake City fans, and the pieces have been carefully designed to encourage creative play – even long after the construction process is over.

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The LEGO® City advent calendar

The new LEGO® City advent calendar for 2021 makes the perfect gift for any brick fans aged over 5. With a combination of festive and other figures and pieces, it also includes a snowy play mat to use once each item has been built. This is a must for fans of the LEGO® City Adventures TV series, as it includes familiar characters like Bob, Betty, Fendrich, Top Hat Tom, Shirley Keeper and Sam Grizzled as well as a Duke DeTain snowman.

The 60268 LEGO® City advent calendar remains popular too, even though it was first released in 2020. Packed with vehicles including cars, planes, boats and trucks, it also features 6 mini figures including a classic LEGO® Father Christmas.

You can still buy LEGO® City advent calendars from the past decade on Amazon, which tells you all you need to know about the popularity of these sets. If you can’t get hold of the latest one to give this year, why not opt for an older model that came out long before they were of an age to play with it?

Any sets from the LEGO® City or Friends ranges also make great gifts to give fans on Christmas Day, and are ideal after the anticipation caused by opening 24 days’ worth of mini toys.

Click here to pick an advent calendar featuring LEGO® City

A LEGO® Marvel advent calendar

New for Christmas 2021 is a LEGO® Marvel ‘The Avengers’ advent calendar. This is ideal for kids aged 7 and up, especially if they happen to be fans of the characters, games or movies. With the collection included, they could still be playing with the set come next Christmas.

The LEGO® Marvel calendar comes with 7 mini figures – Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Thor and Thanos. The box also contains other Marvel Universe items like an Avengers Tower, Helicarrier, Quinjet, Spider-Man drone and more. A must for those kids who love playing the superhero.

There are some superb LEGO® Marvel toys to buy as gifts too. From a Captain America or Thor figure to an Iron Man helmet or sets to recreate the Compound Battle, Tower Battle or Helicarrier, these are great for wrapping up to give on Christmas Day.

As with Harry Potter, there is also a Funko Pop Marvel advent calendar containing 24 super cute vinyl figures. Agian it makes a great alternative to LEGO® Marvel advent calendars.

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A Playmobil advent calendar

We know – this post is about LEGO®, right? But we discovered in the course of our research that lots of people are searching for a LEGO® Duplo advent calendar for younger kids. And as we cannot track one down… we’d like to suggest a Playmobil Christmas advent calendar as an alternative.

With chunky, smooth pieces, these sets are made for kids aged 4 and up. One of the most popular options is the Playmobil Back to the Future advent calendar, themed around the 80s movie series. Other options include the Playmobil advent calendar with Santa’s Workshop to play with, or Farm, Royal Picnic, Christmas Ball, Toy Store, or Magical Mermaids sets.

Then there’s the Playmobil Pirate advent calendar, as well as boxes filled with horse farm, fire brigade or Thomas and Friends figures and pieces. Playmobil advent calendars are great for young kids who are as yet a bit too small for LEGO® advent calendars with little pieces. As well as existing Playmobil fans, of course. The relatively affordable prices are very attractive too!

Click here to view a selection of Playmobil Christmas advent calendars

Make your own LEGO® advent calendar

Last not not least – if you cannot find the exact 2021 LEGO® advent calendar you want, why not make your own? Though this may sound tricky, it doesn’t need to be. There are all sorts of LEGO® packs offered, containing mini figures and other small items that you could use to make an advent calendar.

There are plenty of Super Mario figure packs, for instance, which are sure to go down a storm with fans of the Nintendo games. If you want to make a LEGO® Minecraft advent calendar for a fan of the digital construction game, you can buy packs of Minecraft LEGO® figures for that too. You can also buy LEGO® City packs containing figures and other small pieces.

A hanging fabric DIY advent calendar is ideal for this – although you may want to hide it away from young kids to prevent peeking! There are lots available on Amazon, and as well as the gifts inside they make a nice festive decoration to hang up at home. Just make sure the pieces you choose will fit into the slots.

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Which LEGO® advent calendar will you choose this year?

If you want to buy a LEGO® 2021 advent calendar for yourself or someone else, we hope this guide has been helpful. These highly collectible sets make great Christmas gifts for all ages. If you cannot find exactly the right one, why not put together your own, or take a look at Playmobil instead?

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