The Best Christmas Outfits for Babies – Australia

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When it comes to the best Christmas outfits for Babies – Australia has some super cute options!  Whether you’re looking for a baby girl Christmas outfit, a baby boy Christmas outfit, a cute newborn Christmas outfit or even something fun like baby Christmas costumes, there are some adorable Christmas gifts available.

Cute baby Christmas outfits are great not just to wear on Christmas Day – there are various events leading us to the big day that you can dress your little darling in Christmas baby clothes.  There are photos with Santa, daycare Christmas parties or even the various Christmas school events older siblings may have that you attend as a family.  Babies in Christmas outfits are just so CUTE!

If you’re looking for some gorgeous infant Christmas outfits for your little one, then you’ll love this guide we’ve put together.  In this guide, we show you exactly where you can buy super cute Christmas outfits for babies – right now!

We cover loads of different options from super cute baby Christmas dress options, baby Christmas romper options, Christmas pajamas for babies, my first Christmas outfit ideas, and loads more.  Whatever you’re hoping to dress your little one up in those festive events, you’re sure to find some great Christmas infant outfits in this guide.

The best Christmas outfits for babies – Australia 2023

To help you find the perfect Xmas baby clothes, we’ve categorised them into Christmas outfits for baby girl, Christmas outfits for infant boys, baby first Christmas outfit ideas, newborn Christmas clothes for the super tiny bubs and lastly, super adorable Christmas costumes for babies. 

So just scroll down to the section you’re after and shop away.

Baby girl Christmas outfit – Australia

If you’re after infant Xmas outfits for baby girls – then you’re in luck, as there is a huge variety of super adorable clothes for them.  From cute baby, Christmas dresses to Christmas headbands for babies, lovely bloomer sets, costumes and more!

Baby Christmas dress

If you’re looking for something a little formal for those very first baby photos with Santa, then nothing says fancy quite like the very first Christmas dress.

For a formal look, go for a dress all in red or a green baby Christmas dress – this type of my first Christmas dress can then be used for any other formal occasions you might have coming up as they aren’t necessarily just for Christmas.

However, if you really want to encompass the Christmas spirit, then there are some lovely newborn Christmas dress options like these short-sleeve LittleSpring Baby dresses or this gorgeous romper dress, both just perfect for our hot Aussie Christmases.

Click here to buy a baby Christmas dress now.

Christmas dress and bloomers set

With our hot Aussie summers, it makes sense to dress baby in something festive and cool – which is why Christmas bloomers for babies are ideal!  

These Christmas dresses for babies come with a choice of two different designs – either a light green or red pattern of hibiscus blossoms, holly leaves and berries. The bloomers /  infant Christmas dress set comes with comfortable thin elastic straps on the dress and elastic waist bloomers and is suitable for little ones from around 6 months.

Click here to buy one of these Christmas dress and bloomer set now.

Baby girl 1st Christmas tutu dress

Some baby’s first Christmas dress options aren’t always that practical, which is why this baby girl Christmas tutu outfit is so versatile.  These are Christmas onesies for babies, which also come with a cute layered red and green tutu skirt.  

This baby girl first Christmas outfit allows you to dress her up for all the photos, but if the skirt becomes too much for her, it can be removed.  This outfit also comes with a Christmas headband and leg warmers.

Click here to buy one of these Christmas tutu dresses now.

Best & Less Christmas dresses

Another great place to go for cute Christmas dresses for baby girl is Best & Less.  Each year they put out a great range of cute baby girl Christmas outfits, which are not only adorable, but they are usually reasonably cheap baby Christmas dresses too.

Click here to see the current range of Best & Less baby Christmas dresses.

Christmas headbands for babies

There is a huge range of Christmas headbands and Christmas bows for babies, which are great for finishing off your babies outfit or just for wearing with everyday clothes.

Just like baby Christmas dresses, you could go for a plain red or green headband or bow so they can wear them with other outfits or there are some gorgeous, elaborate headbands that just “scream” Christmas.

There are also some gorgeous little headband sets available so your baby can wear a different headband every day in the lead up to Christmas.

Click here to see a range of Christmas Headbands for Babies.

Baby boy Christmas outfit – Australia

Unlike baby girls, the range of infant boy Christmas clothes is a little more limited in terms of the range available for them.  Nevertheless, if you’re after cute baby boy Christmas outfits, you will find a great range of adorable little onesies, tops, socks and more.

Christmas rompers / onesies

For little bubs, rompers and onesies make gorgeous baby boy Christmas clothes.  

Brands like HOTWON have some really cute ones, like their more subtle Christmas prints, to super cute ones with Christmas ties and braces.

Another gorgeous onesie is made by GRNSHTS, which make a long sleeve onesie with a Christmas tree on the front and the adorable little collar and cuffs on the sleeves.

Lastly, of course, you can’t go past the super cute little Santa like jumpsuits, which come complete with a hat and leggings.

Click here to see a range of boys Christmas rompers.

Best & Less Christmas clothes for boys

One of the best places to go for baby Christmas outfits for boys is Best & Less.  Just like for baby girls, each year they put out a great range of cute Christmas outfits for baby boys, which are super affordable. 

Click here to see the current range of Best & Less infant Christmas clothes for boys.

Baby first Christmas outfit – Australia

A super cute way to celebrate your babies very first Christmas is having Santa photos in “my first Christmas” themed clothes.  The baby’s first Christmas outfit options out there are endless, from t-shirts, rompers, dresses, hats, bibs and more.  

My first Christmas dresses

If you’re looking for baby girl 1st Christmas outfit dresses – you are spoiled for choice!  There are long sleeve and short sleeve first Christmas outfit girl dresses, dresses with big, fluffy tutu skirts, and my first Christmas baby outfit dresses coming with matching headbands, socks and shoes.

Click here to see a range of My First Christmas Dresses.

My first Christmas rompers / onesies

If you’re looking for something a little less elaborate than a dress, or my first Christmas baby outfit for a little boy, then rompers or onesies are a great choice.

You can get fairly simple onesies on their own – either short or long sleeve, with pants or without and a nice Christmas design on the front, along with the “My First Christmas” print.   Otherwise, you can go all out and get a my first Christmas onesie that also come with leggings, hats and even hairbows for the girls.

Click here to see a range of My First Christmas Rompers.

My first Christmas baby bib

If you’re not a huge fan of the “My First Christmas” clothes, then another option is to go simple and just grab a “My First Christmas” bib.

There is a range of different bibs, including your traditional style bib or the modern bandana style bibs.  Plus, you can choose from ones with simple “My First Christmas” prints to those also embroidered with pictures of Santa, Christmas Trees or reindeer.

Bibs are not just a great alternative to a baby’s first Christmas clothes; they also serve to protect those gorgeous little outfits underneath.

Click here to see a range of My First Christmas Bibs.

Newborn Christmas outfit – Australia

Now while all those gorgeous baby Xmas outfits we’ve already listed above may very well come in newborn sizes, often they don’t, and so it can be tricky finding a newborn baby Christmas outfit – particularly if you have a super new, tiny little bub.  So below, we’ve provided details of where you can get some Christmas baby wear for your brand new bub.

Best & Less Christmas outfits for newborns

I know we list Best & Less under almost every category – buts that because they really are a great place for Xmas outfits for babies.  They generally stock Christmas baby outfits starting in 0000, so you’re sure to find a great newborn first Christmas outfit there.

Click here to see the current range of Best & Less newborn Christmas clothes.

Newborn Christmas rompers / onesies

For tiny bubs, onesies really are the most practical Christmas clothes for babies.  The HOTWON range of onesies and the GRNSHTS onesie we listed above both come in newborn sizes right up to sizes for 18 month old babies.  

Other lovely onesies that come in newborn sizes include these girl onesie sets from GRNSHTS or this cute Santa romper by Weixinbuy. 

Click here to see a range of newborn Christmas rompers/onesies.

Newborn Christmas dresses

For those that really can’t go past a newborn girl Christmas dress, you’re in luck as, like always, there is plenty of adorable options for newborn girls.

The red or green formal Christmas dresses listed above come in newborn sizes right up to size 6 – so perfect if you want to dress sisters in matching clothes.  While the short-sleeve LittleSpring Baby dresses go up to size 3.

These romper dresses by Argeousgor are the perfect compromise between romper and dress and are so beautiful – just perfect for a newborn baby during our hot Aussie Christmas.

Click here to see a range of newborn Christmas dresses.

Baby Christmas costumes – Australia

Lastly, if you’re looking for Christmas dress up for babies, there are some adorable options available.  Some outfits include Christmas elf outfits for babies, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, Mrs Clause or even the big man himself.

Just do keep in mind that in Australia, it can get super hot, so don’t expect your baby to wear these costumes too long.  But they would be gorgeous for photos with Santa or those annual family Christmas photos.

A few places to check out for baby Christmas dress up include CostumeBox, and Amazon also has a great range too. If you are looking for personalised Christmas gifts for your baby, check out this article.

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