Christmas Flowers That Are Blooming Beautiful

Christmas flowers

Christmas flowers might not be the first thing that springs to mind when dreaming up your festive decor. However, introducing some kind of florals into your home can really brighten it up – and in a way that reflects the summer season here in Australia perfectly. Whether it’s Christmas floral centerpieces for the table, flower-shaped … Read more

White Christmas Tree Decorations l 9 Accessories & Ornaments

White Christmas Tree decorations

Christmas tree decorating is possibly one of the best activities to do during the festive season. The various colours always bring a touch of fun to your home.  But, sometimes, one must do away with traditional decorations – for a more sophisticated look, consider a Christmas tree with white ornaments.  It may seem bland, but … Read more

Where to Buy Outdoor Christmas Lights Online

Where to buy Outdoor Christmas lights

What Christmas traditions are your favourite? Between watching Christmas movies with the kids and going shopping for gifts, it’s hard to pick just one. But decorating during the Christmas season is surely high on your list.  Kids and adults love to adorn their houses in wreaths, put up Christmas trees, and hang stockings on mantelpieces. … Read more

Where to Buy Outdoor Christmas Decorations

outdoor christmas decorations

Christmas time is a brilliant excuse to bring out all of your best and most festive decorations. There are plenty of ways to decorate the inside of your home, with traditional and unique options available for every taste. But what about decorating the outside of your house? Garden and lawn Christmas decorations bring the festivities … Read more

Christmas Wreath & Garland Decorations

Christmas Wreath & Garland Decorations

Christmas wreaths and garlands can really tie your home decorations together. These green additions to doors, walls, and banisters offer a natural yet striking charm, especially during Christmas.  Of course, many years ago, people would have to go out and find pine trees and other foliage to make their own wreaths and garlands. But thankfully, … Read more

Christmas Decorations: Australia’s Most Festive Offerings

Where to buy Australian Christmas Decorations

A big part of Christmas around the world is decorating. Homes turn into bright and colourful spaces, with festivity oozing out of doors and windows. So making sure you are stocked and ready for the season is important.  And while the Christmas gifts are always nice to have, and the food brings everyone together, it’s … Read more

Find a Christmas Tree Topper for the Festive Season Here

Christmas tree topper

A Christmas tree topper really does add the finishing touch to your festive decor. Whether you prefer brightly coloured or more subtle baubles, a twinkling tree topper crowns it all off beautifully. It doesn’t matter whether you have a gold, fibre optic or white Christmas tree, or prefer to buy a real one every December- … Read more

Where to Buy a White Christmas Tree

where to buy a white Christmas tree

It’s strange how in most parts of the world, Christmas is generally seen as a time to huddle up near the fire and watch the snow fall. But almost half of the world spends Christmas in the warmth of the sun.  Christmas in the summer is marvellous for many reasons. Whether it’s because you get … Read more

Best Christmas Centrepieces in Australia

Best Christmas Centrepieces in Australia

Is it your turn to host the family Christmas this year?  Do you want to impress your family and friends with not only a fantastic lunch but a visual feast?  If the answer is yes, then you’re going to need some help sourcing some of the very best Christmas centrepieces Australia has this year! While … Read more

Christmas Cake Toppers for your Table

Christmas cake topper

The right Christmas cake topper is the finishing touch to that Christmas cake you’ve spent hours mixing, baking and feeding with a splash of alcohol every week or so since October or November. Or perhaps you don’t enjoy making cakes, but would love to decorate a store-bought one yourself. Either way, decorative or edible Christmas … Read more