Christmas Cake Toppers for your Table

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The right Christmas cake topper is the finishing touch to that Christmas cake you’ve spent hours mixing, baking and feeding with a splash of alcohol every week or so since October or November. Or perhaps you don’t enjoy making cakes, but would love to decorate a store-bought one yourself.

Either way, decorative or edible Christmas cake toppers can set the tone for your festive table – or chosen decorative theme or colour scheme. Set against the backdrop of the Australian summer, wintry options like snowman cake decorations leave everyone in doubt about the fact that Christmas is well on the way, all over the world.

You can pick between edible Christmas cake decorations – hand crafted from frosting or other goodies – and items like a Merry Christmas cake topper that’s made from paper or plastic. The latter could be cleaned after use and repurposed every December, perhaps even forming part of your festive family traditions.

Read on to discover the perfect reindeer cake topper, holly cake decorations or Christmas tree cake topper – whether you want ready made edible Xmas cake decorations or fancy crafting your own fondant Christmas cake toppers at home.

Don’t miss the final section too – a quick guide to the best Christmas cake accessories around!

10 of the best Christmas Cake Topper ideas

Find all the finest Christmas toppers for cakes right here. From a Santa, reindeer or snowman cake topper to a simple cake topper saying Merry Christmas, here are the best ideas for crowning your cake this festive season.

A Merry Christmas cake topper

Classics are just that for a reason, so you really can’t go wrong with a straightforward ‘Merry Christmas’ cake topper. There are simple designs in various colours featuring the seasonal greeting only, or you can choose a more elaborate option complemented by festive characters or images.

As you might expect, Amazon has a good selection. This includes large, metallic ‘Merry Christmas’ toppers for cakes in glittery red, gold, green or silver. Often these are enhanced with by small creature, character or scene, such as a single flying reindeer, snowflake or tree, or a compact Santa, reindeer and sleigh scene.

You can also buy a ‘Merry and Bright’ cake topper in the same sort of design, or opt for one with bright colours as well as metallics. Options here include a flat or 3D Santa figure, green holly leaves with red berries, Christmas trees and many more.

Xmas cake toppers wishing everyone a Merry Christmas are available in a surprisingly broad selection of styles, shades and colours. So for some festive inspo, why not take a look?

A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ cake topper

You’d probably be surprised by the number of searches carried out online for a Jack and Sally cake topper, a Jack Skellington cake topper or even a Jack and Sally wedding cake topper or Nightmare Before Christmas birthday cake topper.

Whatever occasion it’s for, there’s no doubt that the Nightmare Before Christmas cake topper is big news. This dark theme certainly makes a for an interesting twist on the usual festive offerings featuring lots of white, metallics or bright red and green.

The options available include a comprehensive selection, from a set of Nightmare Before Christmas cake decorations for cupcakes to a complete scene with frosted trees and a spooky look. A winter wonderland one, meanwhile, allows you to soften the look a little, with a good balance between shades of dark and light.

Why go for a Nightmare Before Christmas edible cake topper when you could buy one that can be washed and re-used, year after year? Some could also be used at Halloween, giving you double the value for your hard-earned dollar.

A reindeer cake topper

The range of available reindeer cake decorations might also come as something of a surprise. Whether you’d prefer a Rudolph cake topper to delight the kids, a set of simple reindeer figures for a subtle and natural look or a fondant reindeer cake topper, it’s easy to find whatever you fancy this festive season when you know where to shop.

Again Amazon comes up trumps with lots of options. These include a ‘Merry Christmas’ topper with antlers and a red nose, sets of two, three or four reindeer to use as a large Christmas cake topper or a pack of ten Christmas cake picks for cupcakes.

If you prefer, go for a twist on the theme with an ‘Oh Deer’ silver sparkly topper complete with antlers. We also love the rustic, contemporary style wooden antlers, which come in a pack of 30. So there’s plenty even for a bake sale or huge batch of cakes.

There’s also a gorgeous set comprising themed Christmas cupcake wrappers and pretty, poinsettia toppers to complement the look. Or you can buy 24 modern antler toppers containing a mix of designs in plaid and plain antlers plus ‘Oh What Fun’ graphics.

‘The Grinch’ cake topper

Another one that’s perhaps ideal for those who are little more ‘bah humbug’ about Christmas. Grinch cake decorations can add a subtle sour note, acting as an antidote to all that sugary sweetness that can get a little bit much for some.

Acid green options featuring everyone’s favourite festive grump range from large packs of cupcake picks to a set of PVC models than can be re-purposed again in future – or even given to the kids tp play with as toys.

Many sets do come with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign, but you could easily add a Happy Christmas cake topper in place of that. Or if you do have a Grinch fan with a December birthday, you could use this type of cake decoration for both occasions.

A Christmas tree cake topper

Christmas tree cake decorations are another festive classic, adding a natural or bright touch of greenery to your December celebrations. Again these come as Christmas tree cupcake toppers, or decorations suitable for topping bigger baked goodies.

The cupcake picks can be used as they are, or to create your own scene for the top of a traditional round cake or rectangular tray bake. These come in a selection of shades and styles featuring the festive tree. Some are made to resemble real pine trees, while others are available in silver, white, gold and of course green.

You can stick with a tree theme if you like, or mix things up by combining with other Christmas cake topper decorations. Variety packs include other festive shapes like antlers, snowflakes, holly, snowmen, stockings or Santa.

Merry Christmas cake topper

A snowman or Santa cake topper

A snowman or Santa Claus cake topper is another one you can’t go wrong with, whether you’re decorating a set of freshly homebaked cupcakes or a big Christmas cake bought from a store.

Some larger topper sets allow you to create the classic Santa-and-sleigh scene, complete with reindeer, while others come with other festive motifs in shades of red and green. The snowman cake topper options, meanwhile, include an Olaf from Frozen cake topper, single figures and complete sets.

We particularly like the ‘Merry Christmas’ banner with a Santa figure either side – possibly the simplest way ever to make your cake truly stand out.

Elf cake toppers

There are also plenty of elf cake toppers to choose from, that are perfect for anyone wanting to create their own Elf on the Shelf cake topper for the kids.

You can buy elf Christmas cake figures, cupcake picks or signs. The latter include an elf-themed Christmas greeting, such as ‘What the Elf is it?’, ‘Falala’ or ‘Little Elf’.

Elf cupcake toppers come as sets of 20 pairs of elf legs to stick out of the top of each cake, or you can buy them as a set with other festive figures like snowmen, reindeer and Santa.

Edible Christmas cake decorations

If you want to have your cake and eat its topping – or have young children who might just go right ahead and do just that – then edible Christmas cake toppers are ideal.

There are two main options available to buy ready made. You can simply use colourful festive sprinkles for a quick and fuss-free fix, or you could buy edible cake topper made from ingredients like rice paper.

Snowflakes are popular, as their delicate, semi-transparent shape translates really well to a papery set of decorations. They typically come in pale shades of blue and white, so are ideal for homes with a winter wonderland decorative theme.

Make your own Christmas cake topping

If you’re feeling crafty, why not create your own Christmas cake topping? This doesn’t have to be at all difficult.

Easier ideas include making simple edible holly cake decorations that are not too tricky to mould, or you could go all out for a detailed nativity cake topper if you are experienced or just keen to learn. A wreath shape would also work well for a round cake, or simply use a cutter to make a series of gingerbread men.

If you do want to get into sugarcraft, it’s best to invest in a book that can teach you the required skills – as well as giving you lots of inspiration. There are lots of cake decorating titles available, from step-by-step or beginner’s guides to books packed with Insta-worthy images of professional looking cakes.

General Christmas cook books also include some sweet ideas, including, of course, edible decorations for festive cupcakes and larger bakes.

A Funko Pop cake topper

The final idea in this top ten list is a little different, so stay with us while we explain. Funko Pop vinyl figures are massive right now – and just so happen to be perfectly sized for the top of the average Christmas cake.

The biggest bonuses of using Funko Pop figures to decorate your festive cake are that you get a really cool, contemporary style topper. Which is then yours (or the kids’) to keep.

Otherwise the huge advantage is that you can source a Funko Pop vinyl to reflect anyone’s interests. Whether they’re into Harry Potter, superheroes, music, sport or movies. And then some.

Simply browse the Funko Pop range by clicking the link below. From music makers like Iron Maiden, Freddie Mercury or Duran Duran to movie characters from Dirty Dancing, the Avengers films or Star Wars.

From sporting stars like Michael Jordan to Dr Seuss’s Fox in Socks or Lemmy from Motorhead, there are Funko Pop vinyl figures to suit any theme you could wish for.

edible Christmas cake decorations

5 ways to complement your Christmas cake topper

Before we go, allow us to suggest a few ideas for showing off your Christmas cake to its best advantage. Here are a few other items that might just make finishing touch to your homemade robin cake decoration, Santa sleigh cake topper or edible holly decorations.

A Christmas cake stand

A Christmas cake stand really can show off your creation, not least because it’s placed close to eye level. You could invest in a timeless and traditional Spode Christmas cake stand to pass down to future generations, or opt for something more modern if you prefer.

Christmas cutters

Invest in some festive cutters and you could easily make decorations from ready-rolled fondant. You can also use them for cookies. It’s an ideal summer holiday idea for baking with the kids.

A Christmas cake tin

Christmas cake tins come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no need to stick to a square or round one. You can even buy a yule log pan, or a gingerbread house or Bundt ring tin will make a feature of your bake in itself. No matter what you decorate it with.

Christmas cake server and knife set

Make the cake seem ultra special by slicing and serving it with a beautiful cake knife and server set. The investment can seem more worthwhile if you choose something pretty that can be used for birthday, wedding or other occasion cakes.

Christmas cake storage containers

Last but not least… surely you want to keep that beautiful Christmas cake looking and tasting fresh? There are all sorts of storage containers available to keep your festive bake at its finest.

Which Christmas cake topper ticks your boxes?

We hope this guide has provided some ideas and inspo for your festive showpiece this year. As you can see, creating a stunning Christmas cake doesn’t need to be difficult – all it takes is a little imagination!

Why not check out our guides to finding the ideal Christmas tree topper, nativity scene or table centrepiece too?

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